Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2005 on The CW

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  • A decent outing with a fairly good creep factor, but everything was wrapped up far to simply.

    'Bugs' was an okay episode, nothing special, and not nearly as interesting as prior episodes. The introduction of the 'indian burial ground' myth was kinda fun, and a standout performance in this one came from a Native American actor, playing a curmugeonly old wise man helping the boys out. The idea of bugs as the enemy was done decently, though not as effective as in prior 'X-Files' episodes. I thought that the crisis in the episode was wrapped up far too easily and painlessly, and I've never seen a sunrise happen so quickly before (watch the episode....nighttime lasted around 1 hour in the plot). It was a decent go, but I know there's better to come.
  • Gross

    this episode was not as good as all the others. the bugs freked me out and i was looking around my room for an hour to make sure that there werent any bugs in there. the ending sucked and i wasnt consistant. the sun rose at like 12:05. totally unrealistic. but at least we saw dean with a towel on his head. that was funny that and the gay insinuations were hilarious. "im gonna go talk to jerry now, okay honey" i sincerely hope the next episode Home is good. it looks good.
  • First episode I've ever seen; the bugs creeped me out a LOT, especially the spiders, but I still enjoyed it.

    I've never watched Supernatural before. I got to watch it because my friend loaned me her tape with Gilmore Girls on it, and she had Supernatural after it. I'd always wanted to see it so I watched it, and I'm very glad I did, bugs aside.

    The first scene with the guy falling in a sinkhole and getting devoured by beatles was gross. I hate bugs a whole lot, so I basically had my eyes covered. And the issue with the tarantula and the spiders... also eye-covering moments. *shudder* Even so, it was a good episode.

    I was a bit unclear about what was going on with their dad other than him being missing, and that Sam's relationship with him was troubled. But I liked how Sam concluded he wanted to find their dad and apologize. And everything Dean had to say about their relationship... good stuff. I like it a lot. And Dean in that shower... LOL. He and his brother are very different.

    Unfortunately for me, I'm used to Jared Padalecki as a Dean, not a Sam. (Dean from Gilmore Girls of course.) Must adjust because I want to watch more of this.
  • They're losing their touch...

    By far, this was a big disappointment. I don't unerstand, the other eisodes were amazing but when I saw this, I was traumatized at how boring it was to watch, I watched the whole thing to see if it would improve but sadly it got worse. Hopefully they will make a comeback...
  • Dean and Sam are investigating mysterious deaths involving bugs, and they realize that an ancient Native American curse is becoming a reality right before their eyes, and they have to save everybody they can.

    Bugs are creepy, so this episode didn\'t really do much for me. But I love this show, so of course I had to watch it. But the bugs were creepy, and gross. Now I\'m going to be afraid of any little bug that I see, just cause of this show. But still good. Some funny one-liners.
  • Bugs Gone Wild

    I think that deep within the human DNA is an inherant dislike for bugs. It's possible that Westerners are more afflicted with the aversion than those in the rst of te world but since I'm a Westerner, this episode creeped me out. Instead of monsters, the baddie is a righteous Indian curse. Ewwww best describes the episode.
  • EWWWWWWWWW !!!!!!!!!!

    EWWWWWWWWW this episode wuz so gross

    even though i hate many bugs at one time i still watched the episode even though through the house pppl heard screams of" ewwwwwww" and me pretendig to get sick cuz the first death that we saw wuz so gross it wuz so creepy but it really defined the relationship between sam and his father.
  • The brothers\' current gig is to evacuate a newly-established neighborhood before an old curse kills all the residents. And then the sun rises.

    This has probably been my least favorite episode. The special effects were kind of disappointing after Skin (a torrent of spiders just suddenly seep out from behind the showerhead?), and it wasn\\\'t scary at all, unless you\\\'re creeped out by bugs.
    I was especially disappointed with the conclusion. It\\\'s barely midnight, the bugs are coming, the tension\\\'s building, and all of a sudden the sun comes out and everything\\\'s blooming daisies. Way too quick n\\\' easy - seemed like the writers just needed a solution.
    I still enjoyed watching it, though. There was good character development. You see some of the bitterness Sam harbors towards Dad, and the tension between the brothers. There\\\'s also the usual humor and banter between the brothers.
    Expecting a lot more from next week\\\'s episode!
  • its a exciting episode that gives more info on the history between sam and dean

    its a exciting episode that gives more info on the history between sam and dean.well written it was good because of how the plot acutally made sum sense and was a bit nerve racking. it was needed to find out more about the family history and this episode did it for you.
  • Fathers and sons...and a town full of bugs.

    I gotta admit that I was somewhat reluctant to watch this episode with high expectations. I mean, small town...big bug problem...heroes save the day, etc. etc. etc. But as usual with "Supernatural", I was completely blown away. This episode could have been so cliche, but in fact the bug story was, in my own opinion, kinda secondary to what the episode was really about. Quite simply, last night's episode was about fathers and sons and their relationships (or lack thereof).

    Finally! We get some great back story of Sam's relationship with his and Dean's father. Yes, Sam was forced to face some demons (metaphorically, this time at least). Evidently, Sam and John (the Winchesters' dad) have had their fair share of differences which, if I heard correctly, one point of which resulted in Sam being kicked out of the house. But after Dean explained that, despite everything John and Sam had done and said to each other, when Sam went off to college that John would stop by and check up on him. Now THAT'S a father's love. It's hardly the most heartfelt thing in the world, but given everything this family has been through I feel compelled to emphasize that. It seems that John wants his sons to be safe HIS way after the horror of their mother's death and the bizarreness surrounding it, which is clearly why he raised his sons to be like warrior ghostbusters (or Slayers, for lack of a more humorous reference). Therefore he feels it more appropriate to keep his sons safe by turning them into monster killers. But it's also understandable that Sam just wants a normal safe life. However, as much as he's tried to do this, it just ain't meant to be. His girlfriend died the same horrible death their mother did and now Sam sees he really has no choice but to join the 'family business' of spook hunting. Side note: I still think the mystery of all this is related to Sam, but more on that as the story unfolds. Anyway, both Sam and John are right in their arguements, but they disagree with each other, even though Sam ultimately had to give in to the whole thing.

    Obviously we were meant to see a parallel between Larry and his son Matt to John and Sam (and even Dean in that respect). That's pretty much what started the whole 'worm can opening' from Dean about Sam and John, and it also explains why Sam was so easy to befriend Matt. I was so glad to see Larry genuinely show how he was wrong and admitted how much he cares for his family at the end. He could've come off as the typical hard-headed, stubborn, domineering father, which he started off as portraying, so it was nice to see him soften in the end. Kinda reminds me of 'Hook Man', where the suspected dad was in fact a victim instead of instigator. Yet another reason why I'm loving this show, I am really liking all these one-time secondary characters. I so hope we get to see them again in the future.

    Now, about Dean. It's interesting that Dean kept emphasizing the word 'family' to Sam. And the way he said it. I kept getting mixed emotions during all of Dean's scolding to Sam over their father. Part of me felt that Dean just wanted to berate Sam for leaving and abandoning the family just out of spite and possible jealousy, and the other part of me felt that he did in fact do it to simply show Sam how much he cares about his brother and his well being. Like I said in my review for 'Bloody Mary', I think there's more to Dean than he's letting on at this point, but again more as the story continues... It is also interesting that Sam told Dean that John said that Dean was the 'perfect one'. This could just be simply that Dean had seemed (I guess) more enthused about monster hunting with his dad than Sam was, and therefore John thought of Dean that way. Clearly, in John's eyes, Sam wanting a normal life is not perfect. I have one problem, however, with Sam wanting to apologize to John when they find him. He shouldn't be the only one. John should apologize too. And not just to Sam, but also to Dean. Don't misunderstand, as justified as John is to find the thing that killed his wife, he really shouldn't have gotten his children involved, especially against their will. He obviously took that choice away from them, although Sam took a rebellious turn from it. Which leads me to wonder what kind of choices Dean would make if he were not in the bizz. He's the family wild man, so go figure. But then again, Dean had said that he would choose their family instead of a normal one any day. So he must've chosen to go along with John on his own to some degree. But that statement Dean made about choosing anything over normal makes sense in so many ways if one really thinks about it. But I'll leave that open for debate another time.

    Before I finish I have to say at least something about the bug story. Wow! I had never heard anything supernatural about bugs (short of just the usual sci fi stuff anyway) but this story actually had me interested. A Native American curse with references to biblical plagues and such. Fresh, yet...not. But still very cool. The climax left a tad to be desired, although it was a neat idea to not have the bugs completely destroyed (again would've been cliche) but I thought it was a little too strange that they were attacked at MIDNIGHT and a couple of minutes later it's dawn. Well, it WAS cut during a commercial break, so maybe they waited out a whole night during that time. Silly, I know, but because I love this show so much I'll let it slide.

    Bits and pieces:
    Loved the 2 scenes where Sam and Dean were thought to be gay by Larry and the lady realtor. And after the 2nd time Dean calling Sam 'honey'. Just hilarious and, crazy as this may sound, just a little bit sexy. (Must be my pregnancy hormones talking.)
    The deaths of Dustin and the realtor were pretty classic gruesome horror. Loved them.
    As always the special effects kicked serious bootay.
    Loved Dean's 'encounter' with the old Native American man calling him a liar.
    Dean telling Matt "I thought we had a plan" in front of Larry.
    And, of course, Sam's friendship with Matt.

    Giving this episode a 9.7. Great, but lacking in just a few minor areas. The WB promo for next week's episode states that it will be an unforgettable event. The Winchester boys return to the ol' homestead where it all started. And boy, does it look like it WILL be unforgettable. Hope we get tons of more back story material. Until then....
  • A contracter starts developing houses on cursed ground.

    This one was not very good. The thing that bothered me was at the end, inspite of the bugs swarming in the house, none of them got killed or bitten. Odd.

    Another thing that bothers me is why do they tack on the little thing about them looking for their father? This part is very neglected and needs more than a 2 minute conversation.
  • Sam and dean find out about a native american curse that is put on a land and are infested by bugs.

    Well first off the 2 brothers are so different and reconcile about their father after they see how the realtor treats his son. Sam feels what the 13year old feel because of his experiences with his father and how they didn't really get along. His father wanted him to learn hunting skills for solving a supernatural mystery and he wanted to join a soccer team and have a normal life. Dean tells him that their dad is proud of him just if he would have called he could have told him that he was proud of him and that he should follow whatever he pleases to do in life.
    The memorable scene of the realtor thinking both brothers were gay was funny as when dean slapped sam in the butt just to get a kickout of it. Another memorable scene was when the brothers sneak into the house and dean tries the sauna and comes out of the bathroom with a towel on his head looking like an idot but funny. I can't wait till next week when sam and dean go back home and dean seems like of akward going into thed house where their mom died because it brings back bad memories for the guys well more for dean because he saw what happened to his mom and was young when he witnessed that event and sam was just a baby and didn't remember anything just that his mom died.
  • bugs is lot better than I was expecting, because there was a big buzz that it will be a filler episode. I think not!!!!!!

    Bugs episode was more focused on about the relationship between Father and sons. Bugs has a kind message that no matter how much we may differ with our parents. In the end, they want best for us.

    Sam and Dean as brothers are doing phenomenal job, the way these two worked together make them very beleivable as brother. This is the beauty of this Show, sometimes script may be less creepy or scary but Sam and Dean 's relation make show very interesting to watch.

    Bugs and Wendigo are quite similar to each other in the sense they reveal true emotions of the characters.
  • I hate bugs. Seriously.

    If there’s one thing that never fails to leave me with that creeped-out feeling, it’s swarming bugs. I seldom have nightmares (scary things rarely scare me), but I’ll admit, swarming bugs would qualify. It’s that sense that there’s nothing you can do but pray for survival, because there’s no way to fight back. So this was an episode that I wasn’t particularly looking forward to, if you know what I mean.

    This was more about character than the bug invasion itself, which is the preference, from my point of view. The bugs were actually incidental to the main thrust of the episode, which might explain why the resolution of the bug invasion was somewhat lacking. That had to be the fastest midnight-to-dawn transition ever seen. Also, I find it hard to imagine that the spiritual bug swarm, which had previously run amok during daylight hours, would simply disappear with sunlight. Killing humans on the land seemed more to the point of the actual curse, despite the time limit.

    Anyway, that didn’t bother me so much, because I was too busy enjoying the tension between Sam and Dean. Previous episodes focused on Dean’s bitterness with Sam and the idea that Sam left the family behind. Sam has never hidden his feelings about their father and his very different personal philosophy, but now the writers have shown us how that colors his impressions of family in general.

    Dean does a great job of clamping down on his resentments, even if he uses that negative energy in less than perfect pursuits. Dean runs deep, however, as his handling of Sam’s emotional state demonstrates. If Sam’s point of view has been covered rather well, we’ve seldom gotten to hear their father’s side of the equation. Either Dean has a twisted perspective on how things went down before Sam left home, or Sam is a bit too good at holding on to bitterness and anger.

    I’d vote for something in between, since Dean tends to romanticize the whole “hunting” to compensate for the lack of much else in his life. Sure, Dean believes in what he’s doing, but one gets the sense that much of his life is distraction. Distraction, in this case, from the fact that he didn’t have what Sam had: the potential for something more. Dean had to focus on his family, so when Sam didn’t, it was a betrayal.

    This episode did stray from the typical format in the sense that the primary guest character was not a nubile young woman with an eye for one of the brothers. Sure, there was the realtor, but she was a minor aspect of the overall episode, almost like a token attempt to stick with the style of the series. While the series could do with occasional episodes like this without the eye candy, I personally think that it’s part of the style and concept, and it does much to establish and reinforce Dean’s escapist psychology.
  • By far this was the worst episode of the season.

    We do learn more about Sam's relationship with their father. We also learn a little more about how they get money to keep on driving. The plot of this week was kinda week though at least I should say the conclusion of it. They wrapped it up way too quickly for what they said needed to happen. This week's episdoe does set up next week a little bit once I saw the preview. Next week's episode though looks great I hope that things are just darkest before the dawn.
  • Big let down.

    Growing tired of the aimlessness of Invasion I thought I'd give this show another try with this episode and what a damn waste of an hour of my life.

    The set up was fine but the ending? Are they serious?

    They get to the house, it's pitch black, they scuffle with the bugs for a few minutes and then it's daylight? Excuse me, did I miss six hours somewhere?

    No explaination - just a shot of the clear blue sky and that's all.

    Guess what - that's all this show will get out of me if this is the kind of crap they plan to pull.

    Ripping off Kolchak and the X-Files is fine but at least have a story that doesn't bail at the last minute because the writers could not think of a way out for the heroes.
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