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Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2005 on The CW

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  • worst episode in tv history

    How the hell do you run in a house at twelve midnight run up to the attic at about 1205 fight some bugs for five minutes and then the sun comes up... wtf man that was a lazy ending... but the rest of the episode are awesome just don't pull this again... atleast lie to me...
  • 10 minutes = 5 Hours

    Well it was how can i say this...? Well since we have the scene in which 10 minutes become 5 hours and i am left wondering what happened that much sums up the whole episode. Oh and the story kind of sucked and it was full of goofs... I think the show is deteriorating
  • Big let down.

    Growing tired of the aimlessness of Invasion I thought I'd give this show another try with this episode and what a damn waste of an hour of my life.

    The set up was fine but the ending? Are they serious?

    They get to the house, it's pitch black, they scuffle with the bugs for a few minutes and then it's daylight? Excuse me, did I miss six hours somewhere?

    No explaination - just a shot of the clear blue sky and that's all.

    Guess what - that's all this show will get out of me if this is the kind of crap they plan to pull.

    Ripping off Kolchak and the X-Files is fine but at least have a story that doesn't bail at the last minute because the writers could not think of a way out for the heroes.
  • Is it me or was this ep the lamested so far...

    To be quite honest i think that this was the worst ep that i have seen so far. i very much dout if i will be watching any future ep\\\\\\\'s (i know that at this point a few of you may be screaming at you screen saying \\\\\\\"you idiot\\\\\\\" along with \\\\\\\"what are you talking about\\\\\\\" but this is just my view. if it makes you feal any better i used to thing that it was amazing and the storyline was creative, but after a while i realised that it was incredably simmilar to other shows that are on at the moment. come on you have to admit that it is pretty similar to other shows that are on at the moment/have been on.

    i havent seen any more eps since this one was aired and from what my frieds have told me (if you dont know i sugest you stop reading) in the next ep they show Dean and Sam\\\\\\\'s dad in several scenes. i mean if that doesent just scream out with stupidity then what does. i mean i thought that the entire first series was about Sam and Dean finding their dad, with the audience knowing as much as the characters on this isue along with killing what ever evil creatures they came across on their quest to find their dad.

    it truly was a let down, and i dout if i will watch any more eps of this show.

    ow and one more thing, since when can spiders crawl through sollid concreat, i mean they wernt even crawling out of the shower head. pathetic, and then she falls throught the glass pannel. only one thing can sum this up.
  • Bugs, bugs, bugs everywhere. Bugs, Bugs, everywhere, bugs. More bugs. Here a bug and there a bug. Beetles, roaches, and more. Scary? Heck no. I kept waiting to see the characters from "A Bug's Life" to appear. Sam and Dean should become exterminaters.Wow

    Sam and Dean arrive in Oasis Plains, OK after a construction worker falls down a sinkhole and has his brain dissolved. Great gross out factor. They arrive at the open house barbecue thrown by the realtors of the new housing development to snoop around and asked detailed questions about the area. The realtor's son, Matt, who is fascinated with bugs, becomes the prime suspect when it come to light that another insect-related murder happens. An investigation into the town's history reveals that the housing development was built upon ancient Native American land. The local tribe's ancestor's cursed it after they'd been forced off it by rapping and pillaging cavalrymen. The curse proclaims that no white man shall survive the sixth night of the spring equinox, which you know, is that night. Sam and Dean battle bug, bug after boring bug.The only saving grace for this episode is when Dean is in the hot shower. He loves hot showers as much as I do.
  • A contracter starts developing houses on cursed ground.

    This one was not very good. The thing that bothered me was at the end, inspite of the bugs swarming in the house, none of them got killed or bitten. Odd.

    Another thing that bothers me is why do they tack on the little thing about them looking for their father? This part is very neglected and needs more than a 2 minute conversation.
  • Was this episode really as bad as we all remembered?

    I don't like bugs. No, let me rephrase that: I HATE bugs. Not normal, everyday bugs like butterflies, spiders, and lady-beetles (although those are pretty foul too sometimes). No, I'm talking about the disgusting bugs such as wasps, termites, and even honeybees. Anything that buzzes and bites or stings is on the HELP-I'M-GROSSING-OUT! list for is not the best position to be in whenever your father is a bee-keeper. But I digress.

    What I am trying to say is that this episode grossed me out by combining my two trigger spots for body horror - eyes/mouth and creepy crawlies. UGH! I don't mind bugs whenever they're just crawling on someone's leg or get them anywhere near the eyes or mouth and suddenly I'm feeling the urge to go hide in an insect-proofed laboratory for the next twenty years or so.

    But despite the fact that it triggered several minor nervous breakdowns, this episode was also a lot of fun. Yes there are some definite problems with the writing (particularly towards the ending of the third act) and the pacing can be screwy at times, but overall it was an enjoyably campy little experience. Except for the bugs, which were gross.

    First thing you should know right off the bat when you start watching this show is that, in the early days, Supernatural stories about Native American traditions tend to be a As in, all the elements of a story would be there, but something would just go wrong in the execution. With this one, I firmly hold to the idea that giving it a longer running time (making it into a two-parter or whatever) to tie up loose ends and fill in plot-holes would have been a good idea. It is bland because there is too much information and suspension of belief flung at your mind in too short of a time span. I actually really enjoyed this one (despite my issues with bugs close to the facial area) and I see a lot of potential in it that was squandered because the writers and director tried to squeeze too large and complicated of a story into too little time.
  • Lazy Writing

    As soon as the guy in the new real estate construction at the beginning falls in the the hole, and is killed by bugs, I think to myself, "If this is a f*cking Indian burial ground plot, I'm done" Well, guess what. Maybe the writers just got done watching Poltergeist. At the end of the episode, the Brothers show up at the Realtor's house, and declare that it is midnight, the bug swarm is coming. The bugs come, everyone hides in the house, the bugs break in, and - PRESTO - five minutes later it is daylight. Absolutely no attempt at pretending hours had passed. It's just morning, and the bugs fly away. The end.

    I'm rating this a 3 out of 10 purely for the unintentional comedic element.

    I love this series but, this was the worse episode I hever saw...

    Not to the fact that I don't like bugs. But to the fact that every single special efect in this episode was horrible. The plot wasn't bad but in other episodes the filming was good the special effects were good... this one the spiders that was just black spots, the bees that dind't sting any off them...

    really really really really the worst episode I've ever seen in this great show.

    but that's just my opinion. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • This was the worst episode of the series so far in my opinion.

    I really like this show, but there is one thing that keeps bothering me and it is the extremely good luck that the brothers always have. They always are in the middle of some supernatural (duh) thing with almost no clue about what to do and manage to get off in one piece.

    This episode made me feel like the writers are playing with me. They enter in the house exactly at midnight, knowing that the indian curse is "no white man will live"... and suddenly, 10 minutes later is sunrise??? What the hell happened there? The brother didn't do anything, they just entered a house in panick and survived with no reason.

    I think that they've could have done it better. The great things that the show has were there as always, the relation between the brothers for example. The bugs were a nice touch, but the ending is really dissapointing.

    Also, there was no moving down the storyline, they are nowhere near to finding their dad and nothing happens in that sense. It feels like a filler episode, a bad one, but i still think that the show is great and has potential for even a lot more towards the end of the season.
  • look is it just me or is this episode a bit to goofy i mean when the 2 victem dies she crashes out of the shower and the glass falls in ??? and then a big pudle of blood just goes \"plop\" straight down. talk about lame special effects

    me and my bro got this off the emule and we were whaching the shower sean and we laghed our heads off come on the spiders loked like blobs\" the blobs are attacking\" and in the scene my bro and i nodiced 3 difrent goofs *1. she runs out of the shower and the glass falls inward????? *2. after the glass a big blob of blood just falls straghit down no splatter *3. when sam and dean our in they see the room and the glass fell out ward like it was soposed to but what did the glass just walk out its self i mean sheh
  • This ep was painful to watch

    I love Supernatural. LOVE it. But this episode was just painful. I just couldn\'t focus on it at all, it took me three or four tries to actually sit and watch the whole thing, and even then it felt like a waste of time. The plot was very thin, the story moved really slowly, and it was just...uninteresting. I did, however, enjoy the Native American element of the episode. Too bad the writers didn\'t use it to its full potential. All in all, not a memorable episode for the series, I\'m sure I could have skipped this episode and waited for the next one without missing a thing.
  • It's not my favorite, but they could do worse. Worth watching at least once.

    Again, not my favorite episode. Actually, it probably ranks all the way on the bottom of my list, or at least second to the last. But there were some good things about this episode too. See, that's why I love this show. Even at their lowest, it's still good!

    We finally get to see that Sam and John weren't on the best of terms, never really were. Oh, and the native american man cracks me up to no end!! "I tell you what my grandfather tell me, and what his grandfather tell him."

    Wow, I love those dudes. They tell a story better then anyone, even better then Sophia Patrillo from Golden Girls.

    Oh, and the boys first encounter with people thinking they're gay That was funny, too. But, let me tell you, if you're squeemish about bugs, this will have you paranoid for weeks! Especially the spiders...*shudders* Not cool.

    Another good thing is, we get a hint that Dean may or may not watch Oprah! Hahaha

    So yeah, okay episode, worth watching at least once...but they could do better...

    My fave quotes:

    Sam Winchester: They're saying it's mad cow.
    Dean Winchester: Mad cow, that was on Oprah.
    Sam Winchester: You watch Oprah?

    Dean Winchester: Growing up in a place like this would freak me out.
    Sam Winchester: Why?
    Dean Winchester: The manicured lawns. 'How was your day, Honey'. I'd blow my brains out!
    Sam Winchester: There's nothing wrong with normal.
    Dean Winchester: I'd take our family over normal any day.
    (Not totally true, as we learn in 2.20 that's exactly what he dreams of having.)

    [Sam and Dean are posing as potential homeowners]
    Lynda Bloome: Well, let me just say that we accept homeowners of any race, religion, color or...
    [looks at Sam and Dean]
    Lynda Bloome: sexual orientation.
    Dean Winchester: Hmm, right.
    [to Sam]
    Dean Winchester: I'm gonna go talk to Larry. Okay, honey?
    [slaps Sam on the ass]
  • This episode was fantastic up until the ending, which kind of killed the story for me.

    "Supernatural" has very few episodes I would consider unenjoyable, and this one is no exception. The storyline follows strange deaths (as do most of their episodes in season one) that are related to, as per the title, bugs. While exploring the mystery of the strange deaths in a newly built subdivision, Dean and Sam are twice mistaken for a couple, which provides humorous moments. The familial tension between Dean and Sam is apparent in this episode as they meet a 16-year-old boy who doesn't get along with his father. Sam advises the boy that he can leave home in 2 years, and this angers Dean who is still upset that Sam left home for college.

    As usual the tension between the brothers is apparent but not over done, which adds to the story nicely and while developing the characters of Dean and Sam a little bit more.

    I scored this episode fairly low for a couple of reasons. The first is a small complaint that I almost never have with Supernatural, and that is the special effects were pretty cheesy. The spiders in the shower are blatantly CGI, and the spiders that fall from the towel are obviously rubber spiders. I can easily over look these problems. However, the most glaring problem I noted was towards the end of the episode when Sam and Dean are at the house to rescue the family. They say it is midnight when they arrive, so they obviously have several hours (around 6 or so) before dawn. Then they are chased throughout the house by the bees and Wham/Ta Da! it is dawn. I even watched this episode a couple of times to make sure I wasn't missing some allusion of time passing, and I am sad to say that I didn't miss it because it wasn't there. Not cool, and a problem that could have been easily fixed a million different ways. It was a cop out ending that left me disappointed.

    Other than the last few minutes, it was a great episode, but shoddy writing for the ending really mars the overall quality of the ep.
  • Review

    Dean and Sam arrive in a town checking up a report of a mysterious death, and stop at a realtor's open house barbecue. Sam meets the realtor's son Matt, who is fascinated with bugs. Soon the town is invaded by swarms of deadly bugs, and there may be no way out. This episode kept my interest in no way. I tried going into the episode with a positive mind, seeing that this was the lowest rated episode to this point of the first season - but yea... The ball was most certainly dropped here on this episode. No depth, no interesting story - that's about all you can say about it really. Just a bad bad episode from the Supernatural team.
  • 108-"Bugs

    After a construction worker for a new housing development dies in a sinkhole, his brain dissolving within minutes, the brothers head to Oasis Plains, Oklahoma, to investigate. There they learn of mysterious, bug-related deaths in the town. After doing research, they discover that a Native American tribe used to live in the area, but its members were murdered by cavalrymen, with the tribe's chief placing a curse on the land as he died. Sam and Dean determine that the curse will reach its climax that night, and race to warn the family living there as swarms of insects attack. They are able to fight off the bugs and survive through the night, and the insects leave at sunrise. The site is shut down temporarily as the boys discovered an unmarked Native American grave and the developer, who's family they saved from the bugs, decides to make sure it remains shut down.

    written by: Rachel Nave & Bill Coakley:

    Directed by: kim Manners

    my thoughts: worst ep so far nothing really good about this ep...meh and its still not moving the story along.

    Ep. rankings

    1.)'hook man"


    3.)"Bloody mary"


    5.)"Dead in the water"

    6.)"phantom traveler"


  • Crazy indian curse makes bugs go all psycho and kill people on some forbidden burial land. A typical, unoriginal plot and weird execution made this episode pretty lame. At least we got to see some Sam-Dad relationship development...well sort of.

    Was this episode supposed to be funny? Because I thought it was pretty funny when Sam and Dean tried to fight off those bugs. They were pretty useless in their efforts to do so. They sort of just stood around then ran away and sprayed some bug junk which hit like .1% of the bugs. The bugs weren't realy scary, they were just sort of gross. And the cursed burial grounds plot - definitely used by a million other TV shows already. I did like Sam's relationship with that kid and how it related to his relationship with his Dad. The plot was executed alright, I think the idea itself was the lame part.

  • Seriously … seriously?!!

    Ok, with such boring episodes as Dead in the Water, Bloody Mary, Hook Man, now Bugs, and not so great episodes in between, how I stayed a fan of this show is beyond me … maybe watching two scorching hot guys made it all the more bearable :D
    The good news … it all gets better … really soon (like next episode maybe ;) )

    Anyhow, BUGS, hate 'em, even butterflies are icky to me! The Indian curse idea wasn't so engaging, all conversations and arguments involving their dad were too blatant, and really the entire episode was ill-constructed and tedious. (Except for the scene where Sam finds out about his dad swinging by Stanford to check on him, that was very emotional) The endscene was incredible, and not in a good way.

    Jim Byrnes (the actor who played the college professor), I really wish they kept him for a bigger, more important role in days to come, I love this guy ever since his WiseGuy days (re-runs) he's a good actor. On a different note, this episode marks the beginning of the gay jokes" on the show, it was funny seeing how the boys reacted to them, especially Dean, but by the time we got to Playthings (season 2 episode 11) they became ridiculously redundant. It was still amusing at this point though.

    The episode's most interesting moment: "wasn't that on Oprah" … "you watch Oprah?!"
  • Huge Supernatural fan think this is my least favorite episode. (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    So far in Supernaturals rather young career this is my least favorit episode. The episode follows Sam and Dean as they try to discover the source of deaths in a start up community. The source is a curse which is apparently, as talented as the Winchester boys are, something that they cannot banish for good. The indian curse is revenge carried out by nature in the form of bugs (hence the title) I feel that this episode never really got going until the end when a giant swarm came to kill the remaining people in the town. It seemed like Sam and Dean defended them (with flamethrowers made of a lighter and aersol can) for a very short time and were bailed out by an early sunrise which ended the curse for that year. Maybe the other episodes in this series have built me up so much but I didn't much care for this episode.
  • I hate bugs. Seriously.

    If there’s one thing that never fails to leave me with that creeped-out feeling, it’s swarming bugs. I seldom have nightmares (scary things rarely scare me), but I’ll admit, swarming bugs would qualify. It’s that sense that there’s nothing you can do but pray for survival, because there’s no way to fight back. So this was an episode that I wasn’t particularly looking forward to, if you know what I mean.

    This was more about character than the bug invasion itself, which is the preference, from my point of view. The bugs were actually incidental to the main thrust of the episode, which might explain why the resolution of the bug invasion was somewhat lacking. That had to be the fastest midnight-to-dawn transition ever seen. Also, I find it hard to imagine that the spiritual bug swarm, which had previously run amok during daylight hours, would simply disappear with sunlight. Killing humans on the land seemed more to the point of the actual curse, despite the time limit.

    Anyway, that didn’t bother me so much, because I was too busy enjoying the tension between Sam and Dean. Previous episodes focused on Dean’s bitterness with Sam and the idea that Sam left the family behind. Sam has never hidden his feelings about their father and his very different personal philosophy, but now the writers have shown us how that colors his impressions of family in general.

    Dean does a great job of clamping down on his resentments, even if he uses that negative energy in less than perfect pursuits. Dean runs deep, however, as his handling of Sam’s emotional state demonstrates. If Sam’s point of view has been covered rather well, we’ve seldom gotten to hear their father’s side of the equation. Either Dean has a twisted perspective on how things went down before Sam left home, or Sam is a bit too good at holding on to bitterness and anger.

    I’d vote for something in between, since Dean tends to romanticize the whole “hunting” to compensate for the lack of much else in his life. Sure, Dean believes in what he’s doing, but one gets the sense that much of his life is distraction. Distraction, in this case, from the fact that he didn’t have what Sam had: the potential for something more. Dean had to focus on his family, so when Sam didn’t, it was a betrayal.

    This episode did stray from the typical format in the sense that the primary guest character was not a nubile young woman with an eye for one of the brothers. Sure, there was the realtor, but she was a minor aspect of the overall episode, almost like a token attempt to stick with the style of the series. While the series could do with occasional episodes like this without the eye candy, I personally think that it’s part of the style and concept, and it does much to establish and reinforce Dean’s escapist psychology.
  • It's A Bugs Life

    A prime piece of real estate, has just one downside; it is built on cursed Indian land. People who live or work on the development are turning up dead, and the culprit is [insert dramatic music here] bugs.

    Supposedly, the bugs are being told to kill by nature, to collectively punish the white man for an act of genocide committed by some, long dead, white men.

    The brothers talk about the relationship they had with their father - Sam is able to relate to a smart, socially awkward teen who doesn't get along with his dad - and the climax involves the brothers fighting off bugs, while protecting a family.

    The fight just sort of ends, after what seems like a few minutes, with the bugs leaving. This is probably the weakest part of the episode.

    The bugs were going to attack for several hours, but it only feels like a few minutes. Was this bad writing? Not having enough time in the episode?

    It does not help that the curse involves killer bugs, as opposed to say, the ghosts of the murdered native Americans. If nature is powerful enough to assemble an arm of bugs, and command them to kill, why not assemble an army of snakes or something a bit more vicious?
  • A Bug's Life

    Given the content of this episode, I was more than ready to state how much the storyline bugged me (I simply couldn't pass it up), but I really liked this one. It's not must-watch TV or anything, but it's a brief preview of the kind of formula Supernatural perfects in later seasons – a mix of stand-alone fare with the overall arc streaming through it. Sam empathizing with Matt's father issues gave the overall storyline a bit more gravity, although some of the Dean/Sam dialogue felt rather hammy. The budget clearly couldn't afford the effects the show needed to make the bug attack in anyway threatening (we see thousands of unrealistic bugs one minute and then only a few real ones the next); having said that, when the show uses real spiders and roaches – yeeesh!! The late Kim Manners did a wonderful job with the material given; adding depth to a story that could have crumbled in the hands of a less capable director, some of his shots looked amazing. I also got a giggle out of the realtors assuming Dean and Sam were a gay couple, with Dean calling Sam 'Honey' and patting him on the bum. A solid episode.
  • Killer bugs...not the best plotline

    Every show has to have an episode that tanked, and this was Supernatural's, in my opinion. Witty banter aside (which is always great), "Bugs" didn't have a lot going for it.

    People are dying mysteriously from bugs - beetles, spiders, etc. So far, the medical examiner has gone with human mad cow disease, but Sam and Dean aren't buying it.

    Turns out, a housing development is being built on sacred Native American land. There is a curse that should any white man live there, a horrible death will befall him. Oops, hate it when that happens!

    There's also a major fault in the timeline for the conclusion. Somehow we make it from evening to daybreak in five minutes during the big conclusion...that was the deal breaker for me.

    So if you missed this one, don't worry - you didn't, not really.
  • A decent outing with a fairly good creep factor, but everything was wrapped up far to simply.

    'Bugs' was an okay episode, nothing special, and not nearly as interesting as prior episodes. The introduction of the 'indian burial ground' myth was kinda fun, and a standout performance in this one came from a Native American actor, playing a curmugeonly old wise man helping the boys out. The idea of bugs as the enemy was done decently, though not as effective as in prior 'X-Files' episodes. I thought that the crisis in the episode was wrapped up far too easily and painlessly, and I've never seen a sunrise happen so quickly before (watch the episode....nighttime lasted around 1 hour in the plot). It was a decent go, but I know there's better to come.
  • Gross

    this episode was not as good as all the others. the bugs freked me out and i was looking around my room for an hour to make sure that there werent any bugs in there. the ending sucked and i wasnt consistant. the sun rose at like 12:05. totally unrealistic. but at least we saw dean with a towel on his head. that was funny that and the gay insinuations were hilarious. "im gonna go talk to jerry now, okay honey" i sincerely hope the next episode Home is good. it looks good.
  • Possibly the worst episode so far.

    I'm not a big fan of this episode at all. Now don't get me wrong, it's not awful. It's worth watching simply for the banter between Sam and Dean, the witty remarks and learning a bit more about Sam's relationship with his Dad. But aside from that, the episode isn't exactly one of the best.

    All tv shows have at least one bad episode, and i feel that this is Supernatural's. I'm never a big fan of the killer insect type films, so this was never going to be one of my favourites. The opening scene was pretty good, but it went downhill from then.

    For starters, there are numerous things wrong with this episode. Firstly, the special effects aren't all that. Now i don't mean they should be up to the standard of those in Star Wars etc, but they could've done a lot better. The bees etc flying around the house didn't exactly look real, and they could've made the spiders in the shower a lot more convincing.

    Speaking of the shower scene, the glass fell inwards at first?! Do the laws of physics not even apply here?

    And finally, the big conclusion. It went from night to day in around 5 minutes, yet when Sam and Dean got to the house, it was just after midnight. I think that's what did it for me, that finally scene just pushed me over the edge.

    Like i said before, the worst episode so far. If you missed it, it's not the end of the world. I'm sure you'll survive.
  • Ewwwww, Bugs!!!

    Alright, I admit the bugs turned me off a bit in this episode. But I guess it would be expected that they would make a bug episode eventually. The fact the Occhi tribe put a curse on their land did make it interesting though. This is the episode where nature fights back!
  • A nice episode, hampered by a bad ending.

    When I first watched "Bugs", being a severe insect-phobic myself, I was pretty scared and horrified. Then, I recently watched it again and, even if it still creeps me out, especially the shower/spider scene, I must say that I found it rather watered down, in comparison to other stand-alone, Monster of the Week episodes. What it lacks is some serious tension and the original twist capable, in other episodes, like "Bloody Mary", to add an unexpected layer to the story. The plot here, on the other hand, is quite banal and straight-forward (Native Americans' massacre, curse, realization of the curse), and the end felt to me totally unrealistic and contrived: the salvaging dawn comes out like an artificial deus ex machina, and a pretty rushed one since the episode went from midnight to dawn in less the four minutes.

    Fortunately, Kim Manners' touch was right there to elevate the episode from its mediocrity and the script - faulted in regards to the main storyline - did instead a great job in exploring Sam's relationship with Matt, his childhood memories and his conflictual approach to the family's legacy. This backstory further enriches Sam and Dean background, which will takes a huge step forward in the next episode, one of the very best of the season, "Home".
  • A buggy episode. Pun intended.

    If there was an award for most unoriginal title, this episode would win it. It's about bugs. So they named it bugs. Ah well.

    Sam and Dean arrive at a new housing project, where a construction worker was killed by bugs eating his brains out, or something like that. Fishy, right? Well, this is not a single, isolated incident. Later on, more people are killed by bugs, including a chick being attacked by spiders in the shower. It would've been so much more hot if she was attacked by Spider-man, right? The reason? They're building houses on an ancient Indian graveyard. Or something like that.
    Anyways, while the first death is creepy enough, considering it's all very real, the second one here, with the spiders is just stupid. I mean, spiders crawling out of the walls is creepy, but why the chick completely froze, before throwing herself through the shower door, made out of glass, beats me. Also, the spiders are very clearly CG. Now, if you have a phobia of little bugs, you'll hate this episode. Mainly because of the huge amount of spiders, roaches and bugs in general.

    Even though the episode isn't very good, it still builds a little on the characters, the Winchesters. We learn that the father never was angry at Sam for wanting to go to Stanford, but rather worried for him, considering all the dangers out in the world. It also shows that Dean understand both sides, which is something we usually don't see, behind his perverted, childish behavior. Jensen does a good job!

    We also get to meet a family that resembles the WInchesters in this episode. The father doesn't understand his son's love for bugs, and Sam manages to see something of himself in the kid. Then again, the family we meet in the story fixes their problems by the end of the episode. As the "teaser" says, this is a buggy episode. The highlight of this episode is obviously, when the family is boarded up in their house, under attack by thousands of bugs. They try to keep them out, but it doesn't really work very well. They run up to the attic, where it doesn't take long before bugs eat their way through the roof. The only protection they have is an improvized flamethrower that spews out what, a few inches of fire. Obviously, the writers thought that it'd be enough to keep thousands of bugs away.
    Also, the brothers arrived at the house at approximately midnight, and the bugs are going to be attacking all throughout the night. After like, 20 minutes in the house, the sun rises, for some reason. Only good reason I can think of is that there are still some Indian spirits roaming, and they decided to timelapse 7 or 8 hours ahead.

    Not a great story, but it builds even more on the characters, which is a good thing.
  • They're losing their touch...

    By far, this was a big disappointment. I don't unerstand, the other eisodes were amazing but when I saw this, I was traumatized at how boring it was to watch, I watched the whole thing to see if it would improve but sadly it got worse. Hopefully they will make a comeback...
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