Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2005 on The CW

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  • Dean and Sam investigate strange incedents involving bugs in a newly developed neighborhood, only to find out the area is cursed.

    While not the best episode, Bugs was still highly entertaining and adventurous. While there was no visible demon or evil creaure to kill, the bugs were creepy enough to make up for it. Similarily, while the wonderful humor may not have been quite so present in this particular episode, it was still there, and still creative, memorable, and as hilarious as always. I really liked in this episode that the brothers were able to stay in a proper house for a change (even if they weren't supposed to be there) instead of yet another motel room. I think they deserve such small comforts once in a while, especially with the life they lead. Such as the steam showers, as funny as that scene was, it was nice to see Dean relaxed and happy and enjoying something simple and normal like that. I found it odd, though, the slight descrepancy in the time frame. At the point where the house is being swarmed with bugs, the time from midnight until sunrise lasts an unbeleivable small amount of time! Obviously they can't show the whole time on the show, but there is no point to indicate a longer space of time has gone by than what is shown. A small point, but it bother me every time.
    However, this is still a great episode, not one of the best, but brilliant nonetheless.