Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2005 on The CW

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  • A buggy episode. Pun intended.

    If there was an award for most unoriginal title, this episode would win it. It's about bugs. So they named it bugs. Ah well.

    Sam and Dean arrive at a new housing project, where a construction worker was killed by bugs eating his brains out, or something like that. Fishy, right? Well, this is not a single, isolated incident. Later on, more people are killed by bugs, including a chick being attacked by spiders in the shower. It would've been so much more hot if she was attacked by Spider-man, right? The reason? They're building houses on an ancient Indian graveyard. Or something like that.
    Anyways, while the first death is creepy enough, considering it's all very real, the second one here, with the spiders is just stupid. I mean, spiders crawling out of the walls is creepy, but why the chick completely froze, before throwing herself through the shower door, made out of glass, beats me. Also, the spiders are very clearly CG. Now, if you have a phobia of little bugs, you'll hate this episode. Mainly because of the huge amount of spiders, roaches and bugs in general.

    Even though the episode isn't very good, it still builds a little on the characters, the Winchesters. We learn that the father never was angry at Sam for wanting to go to Stanford, but rather worried for him, considering all the dangers out in the world. It also shows that Dean understand both sides, which is something we usually don't see, behind his perverted, childish behavior. Jensen does a good job!

    We also get to meet a family that resembles the WInchesters in this episode. The father doesn't understand his son's love for bugs, and Sam manages to see something of himself in the kid. Then again, the family we meet in the story fixes their problems by the end of the episode. As the "teaser" says, this is a buggy episode. The highlight of this episode is obviously, when the family is boarded up in their house, under attack by thousands of bugs. They try to keep them out, but it doesn't really work very well. They run up to the attic, where it doesn't take long before bugs eat their way through the roof. The only protection they have is an improvized flamethrower that spews out what, a few inches of fire. Obviously, the writers thought that it'd be enough to keep thousands of bugs away.
    Also, the brothers arrived at the house at approximately midnight, and the bugs are going to be attacking all throughout the night. After like, 20 minutes in the house, the sun rises, for some reason. Only good reason I can think of is that there are still some Indian spirits roaming, and they decided to timelapse 7 or 8 hours ahead.

    Not a great story, but it builds even more on the characters, which is a good thing.