Season 6 Episode 10

Caged Heat

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 2010 on The CW

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  • Super

    I love meg, cass, and Crowley seeing that trio plus Winchester boys at their most badass was awesome
  • Castiel's back !

    At last we see our Castiel. Not the sel centered dick he's been since the beginning of this season, but the funy angel who whatchs porn and tries to understand it. To be honest, I really don't like this new season, but I'm watching it because of Castiel.
  • I learned that from the pizza man

    It was a terrific episode with some good laughs from castiel who finds a thrill in watching porn and dean mocks him for having a boner, altogether it was a really good episode with a surprise appearance from meg and a twist at the start where you wonder which person is the crowly. i rate this episode a ten out of ten, because it was funny and it had a great sense of suspence and it made you wonder what was up with castiel, with his odd makeout session with meg, keep up the great work writers of supernatural!
  • The best

    This episode is, I believe, the best one of this season. The winter finale was awesome, but I think that this one topped it. If it had a problem, I believe that it was the manner in which the Alpha Shifter was killed off. This show seems to have started the fan-unfriendly habit of building up the hype and then killing it (in the most anti-climactic way possible) with one discussion or one five-minute scene (like how in season 5, Dean was played up as the true vesse, and in the end, Adam was made it in an offscene dialogue or how the Michael/Lucifer thing was made to be so important and in the end, it was solved by a discussion from Dean). No more war preparations for him, I suppose (though it would have been good to see what he looked like in reality for once). The demon alliance with Sam and Dean made for a very good episode and throwing an ANGEL in the mix and setting it in monster Gitmo was SPECTACULAR work on the part of the writers. The boys have the demon-killing knife back (though I don't recall how they happened to lost it). Several plot strides were made. Sammuel is revealed to be a self-serving butt who's willing to sacrifice his own grandsons for his daughter back. He's now out there somewhere (perhaps in hiding because of Dean's threat) and likely doesn't know that Crowley is dead and that the demon will never be able to make good on his deal to bring back Mary. Crowley is now officially dead (as is Christian [who I never really liked anyway], who Dean shanked in hilarious fashion), a move that I thought Bobby should have made the moment he had oqwnership of his soul back. And finally, Sam has made his decision regarding his soul- he doesn't want it back. It seems that because of the likelihood that its mutilated state will kill him (because of how Michael and Lucifer are hate-banging it out of frustration and boredom), Sam has made the executive decision that he no longer wants his soul.... And we know how good he is at protecting what he wants. Let's see how this plays out next episode.
  • Back on track!

    I was so worried that Dean was going to start liking his Grandpa. I knew he was a bad guy from the first episode and I was hoping Dean saw that too! I loved when Dean told "Grandpa" that the next time he saw him that he would be dead. That is the old Dean the Hell defying rough neck that kicks a**, even his Grandpa's. Samuel will hopefully get his a** handed to him in one of the next few episodes. Then I will be fine with never seeing him or his nieces or nephews again. I was so happy that Dean and Sam's extend family are no longer going to be in the show. I hated the idea of Dean and Sam riding around, hunting with them. That would have sucked.
  • Sam, Dean and Castiel try to find Crowley after they learn he can't get Sam's soul back.. they get some help from a familiar face as well

    I think Supernatural might be immune to that whole theory that a show gets worse over time. Some people might still believe the earlier seasons of this show are better than its later ones, but personally, I think they're all on an equal level. This season started off slow and has built into just as interesting of a plot as any other season before it.

    In this episode, Sam and Dean continue working for Crowley but grow to doubt that they'll ever get Sam's soul back. Dean's ready to give up but everything changes when Meg, an old familiar face that stretches all the way back to Season 1, returns to try and force the brothers to give Crowley's location. They don't know it, of course, but they realize they need Meg's help as much as she needs their help. So once again, the brothers team up with a demon, this time to destroy another more powerful demon.

    And there's plenty of supporting cast here. We get Castiel, the closest thing the show has had to another main cast member, to try and help them sneak into Crowley's base, which they learn the location of via Samuel, their grandfather, who is one of the most irritating hindrances the show has seen to date. Mitch Pileggi is a fantastic actor, and I love him in The X-Files, but boy, he gets on your nerves in this show. His reasoning for doing everything is honorable, but Dean is right: he's choosing demons over family, even if it is family he's trying to save by doing so.

    By the end of the episode, things are in turmoil: Sam decides he doesn't want his soul back because there's the possibility that it's damaged and will destroy him for good, Castiel disappears once again, not before killing Crowley, who was one of the best guest stars the show had. This season has evolved pretty quickly, from one that felt hesitant and lackluster to one filled with classic episode after classic episode. Let's hope the last episode before the winter break will be just as good.
  • Caged and Confused

    Caged Heat-Sam and Dean make a deal with Meg to find Crowley and force him to return Sam's soul, but the plan starts to fall apart when Castiel helps, and can't abide working with a demon. Oh Meg, how we've missed you. Well, I missed her at least, considering she's the longest female recurring character in show's history. Seriously, it has been expressed before hand by some fans and I need to say it again: what's with all the female characters dying off on this show? Anyway, Meg always shacks things up and her unlikely alliance with the brothers was fun to watch, especially with Cas in all his glory. Misha out did himself in this one with the comedy. The scene with Cas watching the porno and asking questions about why the pizza deliever guy would attack the other girl to Sam and Dean was hilarious, not to mention he gets a boner. I also loved how he randomly made out with Meg, I couldn't stop laughing for a while after that one and Cas' line "I learned that from the pizza man" was priceless. I also loved the bit where Sam fooled Castiel to come down with the Raiders of the Lost Arc plot! lol Although, Sam's relentless threats were just creepy, certainly another moment where this New Sam just puts me off, I mean killing an angel, let alone Cas....come on!!!

    It was great to finally get into the thick of things with Crowley part of this arc. I like how the episode opened up with Crowley seeming as if he was torturing himself. It was an excellent scene full of menance and great comedy moments. I just wish we could have seen more episodes with Sam and Dean getting more alphas/demons for Crowley, considering Crowley bits the big one in this episode. But I can't be too disappointed considering the rollercoaster ride once everyone gets into the demon holding cells. Jeeze, we had hellhounds, demon torturing, demon captures, fight scenes, Crowley swinging Dean and Sam into walls with just a flick of his finger, Castiel being badass and owning Crowley at the end. What more could you want out of an episode of Supernatural!? Although, my only beef was with Samuel once again, it seems the writers don't know which side to put him on....or maybe that's the point. One week he tries to get close to his grandsons, the next he betrays them, almost getting them killed. Honestly, I don't care if Samuel was just trying to save his daughter, he should know his daughter wouldn't have wanted her sons to be sacrificed to bring her back! The character just comes off shady and duplicitous with no real substance to back it up. For a man whose been fighting demons for years before his daughter was even born, Samuel is rather guiable for an man with experience, even Bobby would know well enough to get out a deal with Crowley instead of sacrificing Dean and Sam...hell, Bobby actually did that a few episodes back! The character could die off for all I care. Anyway, "Caged Heat" was action-packed, fast paced and very entertaining. Love almost every bit of it!
  • Like every ones thought this was the best episode for this season.. and Props to Rachael Miner

    If you read other people's comment, many has said this is the best episode of the season and I for one concur, but my post is really about Meg..
    When the new Meg was 1st introduce not many liked her.. many thought she was to lippy or something around those lines.. I for one thought she did alright... but over the next episode she was in.. you gotta admit in the "Abandon all hope" and this episode she really rocks, I have found a new interest on her and hope to see her again in another episode..
    So Big Kudos to Rachael Miner for her portrayal of Meg...
  • Excellent...but..

    Excellent episode. I was concerned with the quality of the first couple but this one and the previous episode were quite good! I hated to see Crowley go, though...he was the kind of villain I love to hate!! (I hated to see Lucifer go, too...the actor looked like he was having way too much fun with that role!) I have to wonder who they're going to come up with to take his place. Meg doesn't have the chops for it and the boy's demon relatives don't cut it either. I guess we'll see. Grandpa? Him I could just do without. Anyway, I hope they keep it up. The season gets progressively better with each episode.
  • Caged Heat was perfect. Castiel was his hilarious self and Dean is back.

    'Oh great, he's got a boner' If that wasn't funny I don't know what is. I was beginning to doubt if the writers had it in them to make my favorite series what I know it to be. Dean wasn't whining too much, which is a relief. And Sam continues to be interesting. I'm glad they kept everything constant as we know it .... i.e. Sam's soul is in Lucifer's cage with Michael AND Lucifer. Two of the most powerful angels, and they'll be really pissed off at him. So the writers did not pretend he'll be fine. I am a litle suprised Dean wants sam's soul just so Sam can be himself. He doesn't seem concerned that his brother is being tortured. And Samuel just brought back the dean we know. 'I'm the guy who's gonna kill you'. All in all ..... I loved this episode.
  • 610

    So can we talk about how awesome Meg was in this episode? She wasn't the only thing that was outstanding about this episode. This episode was easily the best episode yet this season. I was beginning to think that SPN was losing it's ability to deliver an episode like this, but this episode proved me dead wrong. The dynamic between Sam, Dean, Meg and Castiel were just great. And we got so much memorable Castiel moments which really goes to show that he's one of the best additions to the cast.

    From Castiel watching porn to an angel making out with a demon, we just got some really great moments with him here. We got a bit of a cliffhanger, and the fact that we have yet another episode next week just gets me excited.

    Supernatural has been building for something big, and I just can't wait for the payoff with Sam's soul up for grabs and Crowley's death. Hoping to see more of Meg, I've gotten used to her new "meat suit" and this group dynamic is definitely something I'd like to see again. Great tie in with Castiel finding the bones.

    Just when you think the brother are in an impossible to get out of situation, they always find a way. I had the same feeling with the scene with the hell hounds, which was another great scene by the way. Amazing final scene, can't wait till the next episode.
  • I learned that from the Pizza Man...

    This episode really kicked things up a notch, contuing the whole Purgatory thing which still remains mysterious the episode rises lots of questions. Mainly who is going to take over Hell now that Crowley is dead? I'd like to think Meg would make a play for it but maybe the writers will introduce a new Big Bad for the season or even the series. And on the subject of Meg, at first I really didn't the new actress they got to portray her but this episode has had her grow on me, she has proven to be menacing and a little reliable. Grandpa Samuel continues to tick me off. Like why would he want Mary back over his wife? And would he really think Mary would forgive him for screwing over her sons? He's one of the most interesting parts of this new season and I can't wait to see where they go with him. Castiel showed his innocent hilarious side once again which will go down as a classic in Supernatural history. We will all be talking about the 'Pizza Man' scene. Overall this episode turned out to be the seasons best so far and raised more questions with us fans. Let's hope there's another big pay-off episode down the road.
  • Agendas and enemies

    As much as I liked the intensity of this episode, from the showdown between Sam and Castiel, the choices of Samuel Campbell, the return of an old favorite nemesis, and a great deal of Crowley, I felt like it was almost too stuffed full of plot. Nearly everything that happens in this episode is classic story complication, it left me with a vague sense of dissatisfaction.

    This is the classic example of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", but there's certainly more to it. If Castiel's side of the angelic civil war is losing, then the last thing anyone needs is a strong and focused King of Hell. But as compelling as anarchy in Hell might sound, giving a demon like Meg an opportunity could be a bad idea. After all, she is aligned with Lucifer, and if Raphael is trying to re-stoke the Apocalypse, he could very well align with Lucifer's "faithful" to make it happen.

    For that matter, now that the nasty truth surrounding the status of Sam's soul has been addressed, at least on some small level, that could factor into how Raphael and/or Lucifer's "faithful" like Meg could try to get Michael and Lucifer out of the cage. For all that Sam is now wavering on the idea of getting his soul back at all, Dean is still focused on that goal. But what if opening a crack in the cage to let Sam out has a few other, bigger, unfortunate side effects?

    Perhaps some of my disquiet with this episode is the complete lack of trust. No matter who is working with whom, all of them are knee-deep in their own agendas, and they have no problem betraying each other to achieve those personal goals. The closest thing to a solid team is Sam and Dean, and that alliance is about as uneasy as it gets right now. Conceptually, I love the idea, but it's tough to watch as a loyal and devoted "Supernatural" fan.

    And I'm also going to miss Crowley. It took a long time for his endgame to be revealed, so while I'm not shocked that he turned out to have no idea how to restore Sam's soul, I figured that was either a lie or just another complication. But killing Crowley once and for all renders all that slow reveal about Samuel a bit moot. If the writers can redirect the trajectory of the story to make this a prelude, rather than a red herring, I'll be less critical in the end.

    This was another great appearance by Castiel. We haven't seen him this determined in a long time, and the writers reminded us that he can be very dangerous. And his clinical and confused interpretation of cheap hotel porn was classic Cas, even if his sudden passion with Meg didn't quite make sense (despite my personal appreciation of Rachel Miner).

    I was initially annoyed with the overall treatment of Samuel in this episode, until I realized that it fits within the pattern that we've seen of putting family over common sense and the greater good. That said, Dean presents the world's most obvious counter-argument, so I just don't understand why Samuel chose to stick to his guns. I don't think the character beats for Samuel have been as strong or consistent as they needed to be, so I hope a future appearance clears up the confusion.
  • This episode is indeed full of heat. You may say it "ruined" my week!!!

    What an awesome episode; it kept me on the edge of my seat literally, specially in the second half of it; Leaving me hanging, not able to think of any thing else; which means that my week is "ruined" x)

    Where to begin, The final scene?? Was Sam walking away from Dean as ending the discussion, or leaving him to be on his own?
    In my opinion, I think it's the first but things will be VERY interesting if Sam decided to be on his own, even if it was for just one episode. If this happens, wonder how it will be!

    This new Sam, particularly in this episode, is brutal. As when he bit his hands I just felt as Katiki; but it's not just that it's the feeling I got from the whole episode. I miss old Sammy.

    There is also Samuel who sold his grandsons out; I never really trusted him, but you never know what might happen in the future. Though, honestly, I can't wait to see Dean killing him. Since Crowly now is dead, the "king of hell" position is empty. Who would take it and will he be able/ willing to help the boys? That's a way to think of how things would go or maybe Meg will have a role to play in helping them.
    That will happen of course if Sam changes his mind back; or will it be like, Dean working behind Sam's back concerning this particular subject. Which brings me to Meg, OMG, it's actually the first time for me to enjoy the new Meg. I don't know why, maybe because Rachel Miner had a chance to do something with the character.
    As for Cas, I really can't add something new. He's great and funny as usual.
  • "I learned that from the pizza man." -- Castiel

    I had mixed feelings about this episode. On the one hand, it was riveting to watch and a lot went down of note, so I feel like my 9.5 rating was well-earned. After all, Supernatural is better than most other shows, even when it's not at its best. That said, I had problems with a few elements. Mainly I had issues with the characterization of Samuel. I mean, it's not impossible that he would be such a short-sighted DB, but I just didn't buy it. I mean, he's so desperate to get his daughter back--what about his wife? He doesn't want her back? Plus, how is his daughter going to feel that her dad sold out her sons? Not happy. It just doesn't make sense to me.

    Other issues: 1). That Cas would make out with demon Meg. It just struck me as weird. For one, what was her motive? Also, doesn't he find her kind disgusting? I guess he could have let his host body's human urges take over, but it just felt like a bit of forced comedy to me. I'm not saying it wasn't amusing, I just was a bit taken aback by it. 2). Now that Crowley is gone (and no, he is not coming back, people), what was the whole point of the Purgatory storyline? I'm hoping the writers don't make that storyline feel like wasted time. I have faith though. This show's writers have left me feeling pleasantly surprised many many times!

    Overall, though, it wasn't a bad Supernatural episode; It was actually quite good in many ways. I just don't think it felt as fully fleshed out as some others. I will miss Crowley, but I just can't see how they could resurrect his character. Of course, SPN is good at finding loop holes to bring characters back to life, so I guess never say never. Again, I'm left feeling bad for our boys! It just seems like an impossible situation, and I don't see where they can go from here. I'm interested to see where next week's episode takes us.
  • Caged Heat

    Caged Heat was a perfect episode of Supernatural, blending a great story with superb acting. I really enjoyed watching this episode because we learned more about what is really happening within each of the characters. I thought the main story of the episode was very intriguing, and the characters played their respective parts well. I like how this episode had a little of good and evil working together more or less. I also think this episode gave us more insight into what was happening with Sam. There was some good action, drama, and intrigue within this episode. I can't wait to see what happens next!!!!!!!
  • A pivotal, well written and well played out episode.

    I used to hate Meg, but she's starting to grow on me for the last couple seasons. Soulless Sam has his perks, and a very uneasy alliance is born. I must say that I do still sometimes miss the fights - physical, but mostly the insults - between Dean and blonde Ruby. They were great hating each other, and I secretly hoped that this would be something like that. This episode ties some loose ends together, and tells us why Samuel helps Crowley. Ofcourse, the theory about bringing back Sam and Dean's mom was previously suggested by multiple fans, so this didn't come as a big surprise to most of us. Dean's speech to Samuel was very well written and shows Dean from his best side. What I love about Dean is the two sided part of him. On the one hand he understands that demons use their love of family against them, and knows very well when Samuel or Sam crosses a line. Yet, he is never willing to listen to his own advice - or even remember it - when he is talking about Sam. Castiel's warning about the state of Sam's soul confirms that. Dean's hope of him being fine is typical of Dean.

    I don't like to not know about heaven. Is it meant to be that we'll nto know what actually goes on there? Or are we yet to weave that thread into the pattern? I would like more clarity on this. It seems that every time Castiel comes back, he repeats the same lines over and over. I don't mind it staying obscure (there are already so many plotlines), but I would like some variation on the info we get about it. Now it just seems they don't know either and just keep falling into generalisations of "I'm busy" and "you don't know what it's like up there" "it's a war" etc.
    What was the kiss supposed to mean? Castiel turning less angelic? He has been on that road from the first time he chose Sam and Dean over his orders in heaven, but this seemed like a very bold move. I don't dislike it, don't get me wrong, but perhaps too obviously unexpected? I don't see it going anywhere and I am a firm believer of everything being part of everything - even the filler "Changing Channels" was related to the Trickster actually being the archangel Gabriel.

    I love Dean and Samuel standing opposite each other. Their disagreements about what family is came to a very good culmination point this episode. In a way, this does bring us back to the promised "first season(s) feel" (as does the bringing back of the demon killing knife, a very nice touch by the way). It is all about family - what is it, how do we define it, and what do we do to protect or defend it? Who is in and who is out? What betrayal is too far? And how far would you yourself go? These are questions portrayed in Supernatural time and again, not only in the first seasons, but throughout the show. It is one of it's key elements, and it is a big part of what makes this episode supurb.

    The showdown with Crowley was a game changer. He is not the almighty ruler Lucifer was - and ofcourse, they are right to show he never could be. He is not powerless, ofcourse, he has been around for a long time. But he is an adversary to be seduced, blackmailed and tortured. It is much more workable, but not a true adversary for the Winchesters, who have seen so much more. So, Castiel taking care of Crowley was unexpectedly sudden, but fitting. I found this a very strong episode, very capturing. It brought some loose threads together and put things in order for us and the Winchesters. Soulless Sam seems to be here to stay and I'm starting to agree with him about it being right. I never have been before, and I like that feeling. What Dean gives in passion, is ofcourse not the same as being right, no matter how he puts it. He has always been more hope-based than Sam - even with a soul - ever was. Very good episode, please keep it on this track, I'd love to see more of it! It felt like it's finally beginning to show the entire picture, so hopefully, this will continue. Agree/disagree? Tick the box above, please.
  • Definately the pick of the season

    Well, what a fun ride that was! Several plot points again converged and one major storyline ended. The main focus of course was on Sam. I think he did everything he could to make sure he didn't get his soul back. He dosen't want it back. He would never have made that deal with Meg if he had his soul, which turned out to be the thing that needed doing. This Sam is practically brutal; biting his hand like that for blood for the Devil's trap. Fantastic. I know this show has tried to stretch its mythology this season but this episode proves its at its strongest when it focuses on Angels and Demons, mainly because they have had the most development on screen. The one downside was the death of Crowley. An awesome charactor but with the purgatory storyline I don't think we have seen the last of him. Or Azazel for that matter. With his death concludes a massive part of the season. Who is the big bad now? Is it Rafeael? Or even Sam?

    Was also good to see Meg again. She dosen't seem to die does she. It's good that 6 seasons in the origonal villian is still around. And as for Samuel; I kind of guessed that he wants Mary back, and he's proven he dosen't care who he hurts to get her. He better watch his back. Dean looks like he'll make good on that promise. All in all a very strong episode. Well done!
  • Down and Dirty: A Winchester Brothers Alliance (Spoiler Alert)

    This week's episode was the strongest yet in my opinion as the boys hand over a Rugaru to Crowley's boys and they decide to make an alliance with Meg and a few other demons to take down Crowley and get Sam's soul back for payment and then give him to the other demons so that they can rule Hell. But Samuel, who we finally learn his real motivations this week, gives them the location and ends up double crossing them and Dean promises to kill him if he ever sees him again. Castiel's involvement and the episode as a whole is one of the darkest Supernatural outings since "Abandon All Hope" of last season. But the episode more than makes up for that in character development and enough action to blow the top off of a mid-season episode that is absolutely no filler. I always like Crowley, and seeing him fall to the "you didn't hide your body that well dude" felt kind of lazy to me, I mean wouldn't he keep them with him after Bobby's encounter if the Alpha prison is so super secret? But that's my only problem.
  • Breathless!

    sensational eps! if this is not the best this season, will be among the top ten in the series. The only thing I really feel is that crowly gone or almost gone cuz nobody dies in the words of the superantural by eric. But it was great to see him, meg, which by the way I think she is rocking back ready, not counting cas as always with another good performance from misha. Are the features that were then followed it too, but one thing was obvious Samuel was being moved by someone else and it was clear that Mary, but now with the death of his hopes crowly over? or it goes behind another demo and make another deal? Its hard to understand, but a certain way sam is right misery as having a soul? the fact is that Dean will not give up!

    kiss cau!
  • Better than expected

    **********Spoiler Alert****************************

    I was hoping that this episode would be good and I wasn't disappointed. The beginning of the episode was a little slow but once they arrived at the jail the pacing improved. Caged Heat was funny while at the same time moving along the storyline of trying to get Sam's soul back. The viewers finally discovered what Crowley had promised Samuel. To bring Mary back. I was kind of surprised by this revelation. I was thinking that Samuel would want his wife back more. Having Meg, Cas and The Winchesters team up against Crowley ended up being a good combination. I loved the interaction between Meg and Cas and Cas and The Winchesters. What happened between Meg and Cas was definitely unexpected but I think it was more of an experiment for Cas after watching the porn movie. He wanted to experience some of what went on it. I was sorry to see Mark Sheppard go. I felt that he was one of the better villains that Supernatural has had. I do not know what to think of Sam walking away at the end of the episode. I was hoping that there would be a way to bring Sam's soul back to his body but that really seems highly unlikely in light of speculations by Crowley, Meg and Cas about Sam's soul being damaged beyond repair. Getting Sam's soul back was the driving force for the first half of this season so it will be interesting to see where things go from here. It should be an interesting ride.
  • AWESOME!!!!!!

    This episode really impressed me. Supernatural is and was always my favorite show on t.v but this season im not loving sam. i miss old sammy but i hope dean gets his soul back. this episode was amazing and couldn't have been better. i wonder if the finale can top it? Supernatural is the best. i never found one episode boring. This show deversers more love and jensen and jared are doing a nice job :) Caged heat was my fav this season i loved it.I LOVE SUPERNATURAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone think this season sucks? i do not but season 4 was my favorite aside from season 2 and 1
  • Angels and Demons working together... it's got to be armageddon! Oh wait! we did that last season!

    Now This ep is a butt load of "What I'm Talkin' About!" I truly didn't have much hope for it when I learned that they were bringing Meg back but, I am proud to say I was wrong! This ep was everything this whole season should have been! And the boys, souls or not, were exactly who they're supposed to be, Hunters On a Mission! Sam's clarity (as it has a few times before) really came in handy when it came to choosing 'The Enemy they Know' in an unholy alliance to get at Crowley. (who for the first time since this season began actually garnered a little respect from me for a half an instant as a potentially Really Bad guy). I was a little disappointed by how short sighted both Samuel and Dean were when it came to the discussion about bringing Mary back to life. (Thankfully Dean did eventually explain that sometimes people that are gone are better left gone) But... If Mary's spirit went up against a poltergeist in the season 1 ep Home, and the energies of the two 'cancelled each other out' then Mary's spirit is no longer 'haunting' anything which means her soul should be at rest. So, if her soul is at rest (in heaven? presumably) why would anyone want to bring someone back?? Obviously none of these guys have ever watched Buffy. And Dean... be still my heart but NoW the Dean Winchester I know and love is back! "I will get out of this and I will come after you!" to his own grandfather for selling them out! You Go Boy! And Gotta love a shoutout to all the Dean lovers out there with Meg's little snicker even as she was being tortured, "What're you laughing about?" he asked, and of course We All Knew! "Dean Winchester's right behind you." Bliss! and beautifully delivered. Curious? What's Cas going to do with a jail full of evil creatures? nuke it? just curious. And I'm really really glad they brought up the uncertainties about Sam's soul and how well or how badly he might react to getting it back. (Also loved that Cas said, "I want him to survive". He may not like Sam but he doesn't want to see him crushed. That is cool! And make no mistake, I don't think Crowley deserved to be 'all that and a bag of chips' I would've liked to see him suffer a bit at Meg's hands. But, then again I am a proponent of the 'get 'er done' school of evil eradication so,best not to waste time and possibly risk his escape. so.. Good on you Cas!

    I'm actually very excited about next weeks ep, it looks like it could be another engaging and intriguing one. So all that said, Great job to everyone! Well written, well executed, well planned, and just plain well done! Thanks to Kast and Krew for their hard work. And as always special love to Jensen and Jared. Oh yeah, one other thing... When Sam chewed open his hand (thanks for that by the way, it was very happy making)... I'm glad he drew the devil's trap, but, I'm still curious about his psychic abilities. We know it's in his blood thanks to Azazel, but we also know that when Lucifer rose and "God" interfered and put Sam and Dean on the plane then cleansed Sam of his 'demon blood addiction' did he also strip him of the ability to destroy demons psychically? The two issues are exclusive from one another and I am curious as to whether or not, esp since he's soul-less, the writers are afraid it would have the audience believing he's one step closer to being/becoming a demon. It's just a thought...
  • Who ever thought there could be such a hilarious thing as an angel trying to figure out the plot of a porno?

    The boys are back after a week off and this episode was the absolute monster that I hoped for after the brief step into random fairy tales the week before last.

    The hunt for Sam's soul is back in full swing and our two favorite hunters are now hunting the big game, Crowley. I was a little worried at the start as they seemed to break into the same philosophical debate over Sam's soul as we have seen almost every week this season but it was nicely cut off from the appearance of Meg who is out to take Crowley down.

    Leave it up to Sam version 2.0 to see the benefit in her appearance and from there magic happens. This episode was fast paced and pushed every plot line forward leaving me glued to the television and hungry for more.

    SAM'S SOUL - This episode has made it abundantly obvious that this problem is going to be hanging around a while longer, and to be honest I couldn't be happier. Sam with out his soul is a strait talking, hard hitting, hunting machine and his constant lack of emotion brings almost as much comedy to the screen as Castiel. However it seems that things are due for a shake up with Sam in the next episode as this episode left us with Sam not only realizing that he might not be able to get his soul back, but that he doesn't really want it back even if he could get it. I wonder if him walking away at the end of this episode meant he was cutting ties with Dean and going it alone or if he was simply ending the argument they were having by walking away.

    SAMUEL - Well this story line couldn't have got anymore juicy if it tried. It is evidently clear that he is almost as damaged as Sam and for now at least it seems that he is almost as evil as the things he has been hunting all season. Yes he has his reasons for it and things might change now that Crowley is dead but what ever happens we can't deny that he is not fighting for the home team in this season. After all he gave up human relations to demons no matter what the reason. However, I do expect to see a turn around in this towards latter episodes in the season as I see Samuel as a Darth Vadar character, not necessarily evil but simply confused. He might come through in the end after all, though I couldn't be more interested to see what happens with him and Dean when they meet again.

    CASTIEL - Finally a status update on the war in heaven. This has been bugging me all season as whilst what is happening on earth is important, the idea of an all out angel war seems utterly epic and I couldn't help but feel curious. I have come to really like Castiel on this show and I am routing for him to win his war so he can get back down to our plane of existence and bring more on screen magic like what he brought this week. Every time he is on screen Castiel seems to steal the show. Overall this weeks episode was awesome and has once and for all put to bed any fears that might still have been lingering that the show couldn't hope to match the kind of presence it held when the villain they were trying to stop was Satan himself.

    Good job Supernatural, keep up the good work.
  • Who would have thought that Friday nigts would become my favorite TV night?

    Seeing Smallville and Supernatural on Friday nights is almost a sensory overload for me because there is so much action and excitement in both shows, and last night was no exception. There were so many twists and turns in this episode that you never knew what to expect next. I am upset that Crowley is (apparently) dead for good, but it will be interesting to see what happens next. Who will be in charge of the Underworld now that Crowley is gone? Meg? Also, I will be interested to see if Dean does indeed kill his grandfather now that Crowley is out of the picture. Overall, it was a perfect episode. I will be upset next year when Smallville is no longer the lead-in, but hopefully they will find a show equally worthy of being Supernatural's Friday night lead-in.
  • That was so intense I kept forgetting to eat my gummi bears.

    That was so intense I kept forgetting to eat my gummi bears. There were so many twists and turns it was dizzying. Grampa backstabbing his grandsons, Meg working with the boys, Crowley lying about being able to return Sam's soul, and Sam's soul being too tortured to be returned even if he could. When Sam was biting his own arm, I thought "Oh my God, can he now drink his own blood to gain powers?" But no, it was just a brilliant plan to draw a devil's trap. (Sam is so completely bad-ass now, it's fun to watch, and Jared is so convincing in the role. Though I do hope the poor boy gets his soul back. The thought of Lucifer torturing it for all eternity is very disturbing. I hope that consciousness returned with Sam's body and the soul isn't aware at least.)

    I love how, even in such a dark and dramatic episode, they still include moments of humour--and Castiel always delivers in spades. "Is this what you boys do? Sit around watching porn with angels?" --"We're not supposed to talk about it." Misha is just a master at delivering these lines with a hilarious straight face.

    There were some great lines in this ep. "The difference between you and me is, you know how to live without her." I had never thought about it, but for Samuel, it would be like he had just lost her. Also: "I'll tell you who I am. I'm the guy you never want to see again." The look on Dean's face was chilling. Dean has been pushed into the softer role from his stint as a domestic animal and being ying to Sam's much harder yang. But it's good to know that hard-ass Dean is still in there, and Jensen as always does an amazing job with all his character's layers.

    My only criticism is that they continue with the naked torture when it comes to women, and it's a gratuitous double standard. They never remove so much as a shoe when a man is on the rack, and they should treat women the same way. Other than that, though, this episode had me on the edge of my seat. I was surprised they killed off Crowley--and I'm going to miss him, I really loved him as a bad guy. But on the other hand, I have always admired them for never dragging things out, and never letting the same bad guy implausibly fail to kill the heroes and yet successfully get away time after time after time. In a way, it will be nice symmetry if Meg is the last big bad demon standing, seeing as she is the first the boys tangled with in season one. I have always gotten a kick out of Meg. I also appreciate them not just bombarding us with questions, but also providing us with answers at a good storytelling pace. I quickly got pissed off at Lost for always teasing me with the story rather than telling me the story, and I really liked Kripke (and now Sera) for deliberately deciding not to string the viewers along ad infinitum. There is always plenty of mystery left even if they don't hoard it all. Now I really want to know how the hell they're going to get Sam's soul back if even the King of Hell couldn't manage it, especially since Sam doesn't want it back anymore, and they don't even know if it's still in viable shape. They really upped the ante on that one.
  • another great episode yay about crowly that castial found his bones and he's gone meg may have turned good hopefully have to say sam sam sam now doesn't want his soul back i hope dean stops him next week from doing something to bobby hope he does!!!!!!!!!

    first off awesome episode have to say though sam man what are we gonna do about his soul problem and its getting worse now he doesn't want it back but as dean says he needs his soul and I fully agree with dean next week i hope that dean stops him from hurting bobby is sam really that far gone doesn't know right from wrong dean needs to get his brothers soul back as fast before sam does anything else i miss sam its time he has his soul back no matter what condition his soul is in we need sammy back before its too late who agrees with me