Season 9 Episode 14


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 2014 on The CW

Episode Recap

At the bunker, Dean is listening to music on his headphones. Sam is in his room and hears his brother yells. When he goes to investigate, there's no sign of dean. Sam grabs a sword from the armory and then searches for Dean in the main room. As he looks around, a ghostly figures move up behind him, and Dean shoots it with rock salt, disrupting it. The Winchesters realize that the bunker is haunted and Sam points out that no ghost could get past the wards. Dean makes some coffee and the coffeemaker starts to beep when he insists that Kevin, who died in the bunker, can't be the ghost. In response to Dean's words, the coffeemaker starts beeping and a nearby coffee mug explodes.

Castiel goes to a funeral and spots an angel, Eliah, walking away. He grabs Eliah and demands to know why he's there, and Eliah explains that the dead woman was the host to his friend, Rebecca. Castiel notes that Rebecca and Metatron were once friends, and Eliah insists that those times are long since over. Rebecca created her own faction of angels, the Penitents, who vowed to live humbly among humans. However, Bartholomew killed Rebecca and all of the other Penitents.

Sam and Dean figure that Kevin is trying to penetrate the veil and contact them, and Dean sits vigil in the kitchen, waiting for another sign. He figures that Kevin can hear him and apologizes, blaming himself for Kevin's death. The lights flicker and Sam returns just as Kevin's spirit appears. He tells Dean to stop indulging in self-pity and tells them that because Metatron sealed away Heaven, all of the spirits of the dead since then are trapped in the veil. Kevin wants the Winchesters to find his mother, and that another spirit named Candy said that she saw Linda in Wichita a week ago. Kevin starts to fade away and tells Dean that he can make it up to him by finding Linda.

As Castiel leaves the cemetery, two of Bartholomew's angels capture him. They demand to know where Eliah is and Castiel tells them that the Penitent has already left. Seemingly satisfied, the angels tell Castiel that Bartholomew wants to see him.

Sam and Dean follow Kevin's directions and drive to a train trestle in Wichita: the spot where Candy died. The brothers unpack their summoning gear and go to work.

The angels take Castiel to Bartholomew's office and Bartholomew takes Castiel's angel blade. Once he's satisfied that Castiel is harmless, Bartholomew hugs his former commander.

While they wait for Candy to contact them, Dean calls Crowley and gets his voicemail. He tells Sam that he was hoping that Crowley might help them find Linda since he was the last one to see her, and that Crowley has been helping him recently. The radio they brought bursts into static and Candy finally manages to talk to the Winchesters through it.

Bartholomew reminisces with Castiel about how they served together battling Raphael. Castiel isn't as thrilled to see his old comrade and reminds him that he tortured the captives that he left with him after the battle. Bartholomew insists that he was merely following orders and he was ordered to kill them, and now he gives the orders.

Candy tells Sam and Dean that she was locked up in a cell with Linda, a cell with a corrugated metal door. Two men held her and one of them had an accent like Crowley. Candy overheard Crowley say that she was worth more alive than dead. After Crowley left, Candy managed to hit her other captor with a bucket and escape. She made her way through the forest to the trestle, but her pursuer found her and killed her. Candy admits that she doesn't know what happened to Linda, but hopes that she's dead rather than alive and tortured.

Linda cowers in her cell in fear as her captor enters the cell.

Sam and Dean figure that Candy was kept at a storage unit, based on her description of the corrugated door. As they drive toward the nearest units, Sam checks the Internet and discovers that Candy was a Congressman's mistress. Since Linda was connected to a powerful prophet, the Winchesters figure that Crowley was gathering hostages for leverage. Dean wonders why the captor killed Candy if she was so valuable, and figures that he disobeyed Crowley's orders. When Sam wonders why his brother is defending Crowley, Dean insists that he's just talking out the case, business-like.

Bartholomew shows Castile around Boyle Enterprises, his base of operation, and explains that his angels took over Buddy and his colleagues Castiel finally asks if Bartholomew plans to kill him, and Bartholomew insists that they're friends. He assures Castiel that he's free to go, but points out that he won't find Metatron on his own. Bartholomew also wants Metatron dead and insists that he killed the Penitents so that they wouldn't threaten his faction down the road. He then suggests that Castiel team up with him so that they can dispose of Metatron together.

Sam and Dean check out several storage units and end up at one run by a clerk, Del. Del has his co-worker Barry bring the rental binder and Dean reads through it. Meanwhile, Sam notices a group of three storage units on Corridor Q on an isolated spot in the compound. They check the records and discover that it belongs to a D. Webster. They figure that it's an alias for Crowley and Del says that the renter is owning another unit. He offers to show it to Dean and Dean goes with him while Sam checks out the other three units. When he gets there, he opens up one of the units and finds Linda inside. He goes to her and someone seals the door behind him and monitors him on the security camera. Meanwhile, Linda warns Sam that they have to get out before her captor returns.

In the other storage unit, Dean searches the place while Del watches Sam and Linda on his iPod. Dean finds a bill confirming that Crowley doesn't own the unit... just as Del hits him with a blackjack.

Bartholomew shows Castiel the room where he's tracking Metatron's appearances on Earth. Castiel suggests that they use the information to anticipate Metatron and lure him out of hiding, and Bartholomew admits that he's been too busy dealing with the day-to-day business to apply his tactical expertise to the situation. Bartholomew's angels bring in Eliah and Bartholomew says that he's going to torture the prisoner and find out if there are any surviving Penitents... and Castiel is going to help him.

Sam frees Linda, who points out a box with the electrical wiring for the door. As she works on it, she asks if Kevin is somewhere safe. Sam doesn't have the heart to tell her the truth at first, and Linda cuts him off before he can explain, suspecting the truth. Focusing on the task at hand, Linda opens the door and tells Sam to take her to Kevin.

Dean wakes up on the floor, tied up and lying next to Barry's corpse. Del, a demon, has slit Barry's throat and is trying to contact Crowley with a bowl of the blood. As he tries, Del complains that Crowley offered him a demonic internship but won't answer his calls and left him there to rot, keeping humans alive for his master's plan. Dean plays along, claiming that he and Crowley are now friends, and warns that Crowley will be pissed when he learns that del attacked Dean. Del falls for it and angrily declares that he's quitting.

Bartholomew tortures Eliah until he admits that he's the last surviving Penitent. Castiel finally says that Eliah has enough and Bartholomew tells him to finish Eliah off. When Castiel hesitates, Bartholomew explains that their leaders order him to kill the captives because they knew that Castiel wouldn't do it. Castiel insists that he's no murderer but Bartholomew points out that he's killed thousands of angels since then. Now he wants proof that Castiel has what it takes to join him and dispose of Malachi and the other rebels. Castiel realizes that he was never free to leave despite Bartholomew's claims and refuses to cooperate. He gives his blade to Bartholomew... who uses it to kill Eliah.

Del thanks Dean for reminding him what he really is and prepares to cut his throat. Before he can, Sam barges in and Dean takes advantage of the distraction to trip the demon. Sam then steps forward and knocks the demon unconscious.

Eager to prove his superiority, Bartholomew drops the angel blade on the ground and tells Castiel to attack him. Castiel refuses, insisting that someone has to stop the fighting between angels, and Bartholomew attacks him. At first Castiel doesn't put up a fight, and Bartholomew grabs his blade and prepares to cut Castiel's throat. Castiel finally fights back, disarming him, but refuses to kill him. As he turns to leave, Bartholomew draws a second blade and tries to kill him, and Castiel kills him in self-defense. Castiel then to the door and orders Bartholomew's guards to let him pass. One of them starts to attack but the older one gestures him back and Castiel leaves.

Sam and Dean chain up Del, who is worried that they're going to turn him over to Crowley. The Winchesters inform him that they have something worse in mind, and then usher in Linda. She kills Del with and then orders the brothers to take her to her son. When they go to the bunker, Kevin reappears and they warn him that his mother is there just as Linda comes in.

Later, Dean and Linda go through Kevin's belongings. She finds his father's ring, and explains that the man died when Kevin was young. Linda figures that the ring has a close enough tie to Kevin so that she can take her son with him. Dean warns him that ghosts that hang on in the veil often go insane, but Linda insists that she has to keep Kevin safe.

Castiel goes to the cemetery to pay his respects to Rebecca and apologize for all the harm he's caused. The older angel from Boyce Enterprises approaches Castiel and thanks him for giving him a choice. Now the angel wants to make that choice and choose Castiel. Castiel warns him that he's no longer a leader, but two other angels approach and the older one says that they will follow Castiel.

Kevin says his goodbyes to the Winchesters and assures Sam that he knows that Gadreel was possessing him when "Sam" killed him. As Kevin starts to go, he tells them that he's heard and seen everything between them at the bunker and that all of their fighting and drama is stupid. Kevin makes them promise to give it up and then leaves with his mother. Once they're gone, Dean turns to Sam only to discover that his brother has gone to his room. A disgruntled Dean goes to his room and puts on his headphones again.