Season 9 Episode 14


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 2014 on The CW

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  • Not sure about the wardrobe changes

    Dean in check pants being beaten down by a . I get the required Fed suits but flat front,narrow leg check Jensen snag these from his last photo shoot? Get back to Jeans and please! Oh and while I am at it, the soldier shirts on Dean are getting a bit obvious aren't they?
  • Bah! No Crowley.

    Sam and dean set out to find Kevin's mom, who isn't dead now, as a favour for Kevin, who is still quite dead. Would have been a million times better if Crowley was in it! I kind of switched off during the rest of the story with the Angels, I watched it, but my mind was busy watching paint dry.
  • Closure.

    Wrapping up some of the lose ends before heading to the back to the main plot for this season which are stopping abbadon and metatron. Its nice to see a somewhat happy ending for the mother and son. As for the Angel front... its just getting morbid... there is no clear direction. Is Castiel being setup to become the villain again? Anyway, all in all it was a solid episode.
  • A little better

    This was one of the better episodes of the season, however the show must have new writers, writers that need to be fired. They are just awful. The episode should have been much better than it was, being an episode with Kevin's ghost. And you'd think they would show something about how all the ghosts stuck on earth would be causing trouble.
  • Either Winchesters grow up or I quit (SPOILERS)

    The episode would have been awesome. I really liked that they brought Mrs. Tran back and how they decided to continue Kevin's storyline a bit. Under other circumstances I would have hated this (like it was with Bobby) but with heaven closed not only to angels but to souls also, this makes sense and can lead to interesting situations (like Kevin's). Although this probably means that they will have to solve heavens closure storyline soon because there will be ghosts all over the place otherwise.

    Also, it was an awesome idea to get rid of Bartholomew this soon because he was a douche and not a very interesting character.

    But now to the the hell is this continuing?? By "this" I mean the childishness of Winchesters. I'm starting to hate everything about them and the writers really need to stop with these boring conflicts. It's the SAME every season. Stop it - it's not interesting anymore. Probably it's the writers who need to grow up first to stop pouring all this teenage angst into the show.
  • dan and sam - still at loggerheads

    finally. we have an episode which was at least watchable. nowhere near as gripping and interesting as majority of supernatural episodes are, but still not bad. watching it felt that the writers and producers and directors think t is still worthwhile to spend some of their intellectual abilities on the making of this show. kevin and his mother were quite interesting to watch. so was the arc of Bartholomew and Castiel. keep it up.

    what i still fail to understand is why are writers so keen on aggravating the conflict between sam and dean. what will it take? how many episodes? they are family. even if, and i repeat because i dont think dean did anything wrong, but even if sam is angry that he was not allowed to die, time to move on. accept this is how dean is. instead of expecting others to change for you, time to adjust and accept. and why is it sam forgets this is the same dean who went to hell for him, whom he so conveniently forgot in purgatory, over whom he chose a demon. dean cares, period. it is not sam's individuality that dean is trying to encroach upon, its just that he cares for him. and sam is being presented as such an arrogant and self-centered person that all he cares for is his feelings and his actions. he's hurting dean. this divide has actually reached the point of no return all ready. in the previous episodes it did. now at least some consideration for his brothers feelings. even if he things that he has no reason to show consideration, sam has to be grateful to dean anyways. that was really the lowest point in the episode. i still watch the previous episodes season 1, 5 and so many others. the highlight of the episode always is the beautiful relationship these two brothers share. when that is missing what is so special about this show?
  • Till we meet again

    I'm glad to see some closure for Kevin as a character. Mrs. Tran is badass
  • This was actually interesting

    So far this season the angel "war" hadn't been so interesting but I think this episode changed my mind, especially with the ending where the angels came up to Castiel and told him they would follow him. I'd always envisioned Heaven having an army in season 4/5 to fight against the Devil and hopefully they'll do something good with this idea.

    I'm also glad they didn't forget that Heaven is "closed" because of the spell Metatron used. It makes sense it would be closed to EVERYONE including spirits. I'm pretty sure I said in a previous review everyone that "dies" shows up in some form on SPN. So glad to see Kevin and his mom.

    As for the Sam and Dean angst, Kevin's right. Get over it. But I'm also glad the writers are making this "not brother" thing last longer than one episode. All in all this was a much better episode than last episode in my opinion. On another note, can't wait to see the 'Ghostfacers' again.