Season 2 Episode 4

Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2006 on The CW

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  • We dealt with vampires, now zombies!

    Can we expect werewolves, maybe even Frankenstein next? Anyways, an excellently executed episode that was running on all four cylinders throughout the entire episode. From the start we had no idea what the supernatural enemy was going to be, and it wasn't until we actually found out that we discovered what it was--unless you read into the episode title. The only weak part of the episode was the conclusion leading up to the defeating of Angela, but everything else about the episode was definitely solid. Loved how well Dean's sidestory about how hard he's taking his dad's death intertwined with the story. Beautiful acting, in fact his and Sam's acting seems to get better by the episode.
  • Biggest contrast of performances, most unexpected MotW and another one of my all-time SPN guilty pleasures.

    I often find myself going back to specific scenes in this episode: Dean's admission "I'm being an a*s" and the subsequent monologue, Sam's innocent smile at the line "right now we've got a frickin' zombie running around …" and his "our lives are weird man!" … Touché!!

    The other scene I always go back to is the final scene, it was extremely emotional and heartbreaking seeing Dean like that, and Jensen did such a marvelous job … his face, his voice, the tears, it was perfect. Especially that slight fading of his voice when he said "so tell me, what could you possibly say to make that alright?" that line was enough to make me melt!

    On the other hand this episode marks Jared's worst performance to date (except the scene at Mary's grave), don't get me wrong he's an incredible actor, but with the high standards he set throughout this show this was at least mediocre! There were scenes where he was barely saying his lines, he looked out of place and incoherent, for the first time you can tell he's "acting". Other scenes his reactions were just … off, not right somehow! I've said that before in a forum -BIG MISTAKE- and people took it the wrong way, I did some acting back when I had time for it so I know a little about this, and in this episode I didn't … FEEL Sam, does that make any sense?. (The best thing about this show has always been the credibility of its characters regardless of how insane the story is, this time Sam didn't seem so credible, didn't seem real)

    The plot was ok, with everything we've seen on this show I guess the zombie idea is plausible, but still I never thought they'd go there, they did it well enough. And that Neil character had "guilty" written all over his face, turns out he's into necrophilia too *gag*.
    Considering everything it was a good episode, and it gets extra marks for Jensen's brilliance.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show supernatural dean and sam are driven and they come across this case of a college student that crashed and died and the only thing is there seems to be stuff growing around were the crash happend and dean and sam must figure whats happening and what is causing it this was a good ep i thought and it was very intense and interesting and i thought season 2 is really getting good since season 1 and that is why i gave it a 9 for being really interesting and really good it shows that supernatural is keeping its rythem
  • Yet another solid Season 2 episode

    One thing that I noticed right away from Season 1 to Season 2 was the hunts that Sam and Dean go on. They're no longer simply about finding out about a hunt and then accomplishing it. Usually, the hunt was just something they were doing that really had no relation to what they were doing. They were side plots that filled in the time until Sam and Dean found their father (at least that's how I see them, some people may disagree, but I feel like the overall arc of the story is about the Winchester's and the events that occurred in their life that lead them to where they are now).

    However, with Season 2, the hunts relate more to Sam and Dean. With Bloodlust, Gordon's talk about "black and white" ended up connecting with the moral dilemna that Sam and Dean found themselves in. And in this episode, the hunt for the zombie was very related to Dean's guilt over surviving while his dad died. This makes the hunts more emotional and personal, instead of just seeming like an episode of Buffy or something (not that I've ever thought the show was exactly like Buffy; I think this show covers the stuff better).

    The aftermath of John Winchester's death remains the focus of the episodes up until this point, and I really enjoy seeing how the brothers cope. Dean's way seems to be as rude as possible and get the answers as fast as he can (which leads to some pretty funny lines) while Sam is following his heart and doing what he thinks his dad would want. The interaction between the two brothers is superbly written. There could be a whole episode of them just discussing everything that's happened in the past year and I'd be pleased, just because the connection between the two actors is great.

    So far, Season 2 has yet to disappoint. If anything, the tension and suspense is being kept at a steady boil and I'm just waiting for it all to over flow.
  • The perfect pair with "Bloodlust" (2x03)

    Alongside with her former partner Sera Gamble (the two of them wrote several episodes together, in Season One), Raelle Tucker is one of my favorite writers on the show, because she is just as great as her co-worker in delivering strong, meaningful, deeply emotional character-driven episodes. Jeremy Carver and Cathryn Humphris are wonderful when dealing with myth-arc and plot-driven episodes, like Eric Kripke, and Ben Edlund's unique touch is evident in the most comedic, sarcastic episodes, but probably Gamble's and Tucker's episodes are the ones I can relate the most to. And this one, "Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things", is another great example.

    A clever reinterpretation of the classic zombie figure, very far from Romero and Boyle and - at least in my opinion - even from "Pet Sematary", which is even mentioned during the episode (obviously by Dean), the script was particularly brilliant in uncovering Dean's emotional scars and his sense of guilt over his father's death. At the end of the episode, when he finally confesses to Sam his feelings, the tension between them was really painful: we viewers know that, even if he can't be happy for John's demise, Sammy can't be without his brother (as Season Four premiere demonstrated), and yet he can't tell so to Dean, at least not now. But we know this, and Dean also know, since Sam saved him in "Faith" (1x12). This unsaid between them - thanks also to Kim Manner's direction, which gave us a truly stunning shot of an azure valley, beautiful and sad - was more convincing, more endearing and more moving than million words.

    Aside from the in-depth character elaboration, the episode works really well as an horror tale, scaring, effective and suspenseful. Tamara Feldman did a great job as Angela, like Serge Houde as his father. Plus, the cemetery scenes were extremely atmospheric, very creepy and gloomy. In the end, I rated "Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things" 9.5 and not a perfect, round 10 (like I did with "Bloodlust") only because I'm more keen on vampires. That's a minor quibble, and both the episodes are perfect.
  • Sam wants to visit his Mothers "headstone" because she isn't buried there. Dean doesn't............

    Sam and Dean are going to visit their mother's grave, well Sam is. Dean doesn't see the point. So when they are at the cemetary Dean wanders off from Sam and finds a grave with dead flowers (not so unusual but she was only just buried) and then a circle around it where the grass inside is dead. Sam puts John's dogtags with his mom's grave. Dean starts talking to the grounds keeper and there has been no over done furterlizer like Sam sugests. So they start investigating. They figure out that Angela (the dead girl..or not so dead) is now a Zombie. Dean hits up her father for bringing her back and that shes not human anymore and things that are dead should stay dead. Sam sees they very much alive plants and drags Dean out. Dean then figures out that it's Neil that brought her back. Angela has killed her boyfriend and is now about to kill her room mate and bestfriend but Sam and Dean save her. They then go to see Neil and tell him what she has done and they Dean sets Angela up and walks away to the cemetary. Angela then comes out of the closet and talks Neil into taking her to the cemetary to kill Sam and Dean before they can kill her. She figures out that he isn't going to do it and breaks his neck. At the cemetary Sam and Dean are setting up for a fake ceremony type thing. Angela falls for it and they use Sam as bait. Sam then says that Angela "broke" his wrist. (Next episode he has a cast. Jared broke his wrist in a stunt). They put Angela back in her coffin and seal it shut, she wont be going anywhere for a while.

    Dean and Sam are then talking and Dean says that they both know what John did, they have no proof but it's obvious. Hence the things that are dead should saty dead, meaning Dean shouldn't of been brought back. Its a sad part in the episode when Dean finally cries over his dad. But it's about time!

    Great episode!!
  • one of the best of Season Two

    Returning to their mothers' grave after their father has recently past, Sam discovers a patch of decaying grass. Since that's usually associated with a vengeful spirit or a zombie, Dean and Sam decide to investigate. Their search leads to a tragic story of a girl who untimely died and her best friend, who always harbored a secret crush on her, he decided to bring her back. But as everyone else, who has tried this in movies or books or tv, etc., the friend slowly realizes what he has brought back is more than he can handle. This episode updates nicely zombie lore and it's fun to kick back and take notes. Plus, it is the episode where Sam "breaks" his arm, written in to explain the accident that happened on-set and his cast he will have for several more episodes in the season. And Sam and Dean continue to cope with their father's death and what it means for their future because their father was the instigator to bringing the two together again. It is a well written episode, tightly paced, and is one of the series classics.
  • Zombies!?

    This episode was very well written, with a lot of key points about zombies, something that Supernatural hasn't done ever. I liked the character Neil how he summoned that girl from the dead, I also like how she died, how stupid can she get? Anyways another key element is how they trapped her. That was so amazingly planned out, to bad Neil got killed, I wanted him to live, I like how she tried to kill her roommate, she's hilarious when she is killing. When she gets trapped & when she's running & which is unintentionally funny. A great episode which reveals some of what the dad told Dean.
  • When Sam and Dean go to see their mom's grave, Dean crosses a grave of it own, where everything around it seems to be dead.

    I thought this episode was just, amazing. Normally you would think of zombies of something little kids believe in, but this episode showed that they're much more. I thought it was confusing a little, because it didn't show exactly how Dean figured out what happened to Angela, or Angie, it just showed him randomly going up to the dad and telling everything. I could of missed something, but it was a good episode anyway. It was a little sad at the end, but it made it a pretty good episode. I don't know if it was just me, but Dean seemed to be funnier in this episode..
  • Sam and Dean go after a zombie. Dean finally admits his guilt after father\'s death.

    This was an extremely good episode. I was glad that Dean finally started admitting his feelings after his father\'s death. i had thought that the girl this week would be a zombie and not a ghost. I was happy to be right about that. I am pretty good at predicting this sor of thing. Sam is starting to understand where Dean is coming from. He needs to be patient with him though. Dean is going through an extremely tough time at the moment because of the father's death. I though that they shouldn't have used Sam as bait though. That could have been dangerous for him. That was just plain wrong. Zombie girl was totally creepy. It is just too bad that they had to use a girl who was so nice in life as the zombie. She did not need to be remembered like that. I think that it would be better to have made a slightly less nicer girl the zombie.
  • A guy brings back a girl from the dead.

    This episode had a lot of action in it. After the death of a girl, a guy brings her back from the dead. Now she is a zombie, and is now a killer. Sam and dean investigate, and learn that the guy is using necromancy to bring the girl back from the dead. The only way to kill the zombie is to put her back into her coffin. the brothers succeed and the girl is back in her coffin. Dean then admits that he wished john were alive instead of him. He really misses his father, john, and he wants to see him again.
  • Sam visits his mother's grave with a reluctant Dean. Monster of the week ensues.

    This episode starts off with Sam and Dean on their way to visit their mother's grave. Dean's refusal to let Sammy out of his sight is pretty cute. You can read the discomfort on his face at the idea of going somewhere without Sam. Nicely done. I imagine after everything they have been through he would be overprotective.

    I appreciate where Sam is coming from in this episode, but Dean's instincts when it comes to hunting are usually dead on. Sam wants Dean to deal with death the same way that Sam is dealing with death. Sam is trying so hard to force Dean to emote, but really he just succeeds in pissing his brother off. He thinks he is helping, but at this stage of the game it is like pouring salt in a wound.

    However, Dean's rage really is out of control. The way he goes off on Angela's grieving father is pretty hard to watch. The poor guy. It is good that Sam is there to temper Dean's recklessness in this episode. One of the things that they do well is argue – neither brother is so set on being right that they won't concede a point. Sam admitted he was wrong about this being a case and Dean admitted he was being a jerk. Nicely done.

    As for the monster of the week, hooray for zombies! Or in this case, zombie. I like the reference to Romero as well as the fact that there is too much lore about how to destroy a zombie. That is too true, and when trying to kill it how do you know which lore to go by? Good problem for them to run into.

    Throughout the episode Dean's says that what's dead should stay dead. At the end of the episode, this is shown to be the root of his problem. He knows that his dad made a deal to save his life and its killing him. He knows that he should have stayed dead. This is such an emotionally powerful scene, especially as it is really brought home that Dean knew all along, through simple deduction, why his dad was dead. No wonder he's angry and slightly crazy. Poor, poor Dean.
  • Yeah... this episode was okay, I guess.

    It's a good storyline – the innocent girl wronged by her cheating boyfriend and her traitor of a best friend; comes back and exacts revenge on the two of them and is assisted by her well meaning but deluded male friend who brings her back by the dead. I think it displays really that we watch these programmes as much for the individual stories as the meta-stories running through the entire seasons or series. This is a nice feel-good example of identifying evil and destroying it but it has none of the angst and emotion of the previous three episodes.
  • It was indeed a very special episode. I loved it!!!!!!

    Raelle Tucker always writes a great episode. She does the ones that are, you know really meaningful to the series, and this is no exception. I especially love this episode because of the Dean factor. The ending is just exceptional. I also love it when Dean is saying 'What's dead should stay dead' throughout the episode. That is also very meaningful. So I guess I am a sucker for the mushy parts of an episode. But I can't help it! Sensitive Dean is just so beautiful, and very well played by Jensen I might add...
    So I cant go out without mentioning Sam. I love the fact that he cares so much for Deans emotional status. He wants to help his older brother so much. and I thik that it is very sweet. So these are definitely the episodes that I love, and want to see more of in season 3!!!
  • The Winchesters hunt a zombie.

    Like in all my reviews...I will always say the acting is always good. They key into their roles very well. It's like they aren't "Jared who is playing Sam" on film he's "Sam". Which is odd to say or explain but that's how it is. Same with Jensen Ackles playing Dean Winchester. We think of him as "Dean" not "Jensen playing Dean". At the end of this episode, I heard that Jensen had an emotional breakdown after his lines and had to walk down the road they shot the scene on to calm down and Jared caught up with him and calmed him down. That's really cool. I wish I had a friend like Jared. Poor Jensen. Good job you guys!
  • Dean and Sam investigate the death of a young college student who died in a car accident, but whose grave is now surrounded by a circle of dead plants.

    Hunting a zombie that's a new one for the boys. I was a lil upset with the way they were Sam was acting towards Dean and then how Dean was losing it a bit. But you gotta love the angst. Dean is carrying such a big burden and its hard for him to share it. He's a good soldier but his heart is full of surrows. The episode had its funny moments like usual and I have to say living guy making out with dead girl, it's twisted, disgusting and creepy. Then again that's part of what makes this show awesome.
  • The Boys take on a Weird Science-esque zombie. ...C’mon, you agree, right? That mid-80s flick was all I could think about!

    Nevertheless, I quite enjoyed this episode. I thought it was superbly portrayed, and even things that would seem to be clichéd (such as Neil’s unrequited love for Angela, which I’m sure we all saw as soon as he spoke the opening lines) were handled very nicely. I was anxious that the ‘sub-plot,’ the overarching character building of Dean specifically, was still unresolved when it was first introduced, but all of my fears were erased after seeing the way in which the “critter-of-the-week,” if you will, was handled. Plus, you've gotta love the bullseye shot in the middle of Angela's forehead from Sam that did...absolutely nothing.

    Before I say anything more on that I do just have to go a little bit off on the pro-feminism handle and say that I don’t find Sam watching porno to be exactly in character. Yes, he is a guy in his mid-twenties. I can understand the reasoning, especially in contemporary society, for portraying Sam as releasing sexual urges through pornography – which, I assume, is rather than going on one-nighters as his brother does. But time and again the series has demonstrated that he is having trouble getting over the death of the woman to whom he planned to propose. Time and again the series harps upon the fact that Sam is the empathic and intuitive brother, while Dean is much more aggressive. I’ve seen too many speeches about the dehumanizing effects of pornography on the male view of women to be able to just brush it off here. Obviously it’s not something that seriously hampered my enjoyment of the episode, nor will it be something that makes me disavow watching Supernatural as a whole, but again, there are too many connotations for me. If you are interested in learning more about feminism and antipornography, there is a great video on “Gail Dines' Presentation to the Feminist Antipornography Conference.” This is a life-changing speech and it is one that I began to watch not knowing that I was a feminist - one that I began to watch thinking that I would do my best to punch holes in Ms. Dines’ argument and thus congratulate myself. Perhaps there are some holes, but they are nothing compared to the logic intrinsic to her speech.

    Moving on. Whew. It’s kind of hard to catch my train of thought, but luckily I wrote four bullet points. This episode obviously was focused on Dean. I think we should take care to notice (I don’t know why I write things like this, all y’all have already seen the rest of season 2, huh?) that the past three (four, really) episodes have been primarily about Dean, with little to no mention of the Yellow-Eyed Demon (barring his participation in John’s death) nor of Sam’s powers. It kind of makes me nervous. I had the same feeling when I first saw “Home,” and then “Nightmare;” you get all sorts of information about psychic ability, and then silence. And then all of a sudden BAM there’s a huge leap in his potential, and then silence. I have the feeling there’s another “bam” coming up.

    I’m also worried about Dean’s fate. Twice now he’s been near to death – first in “Faith,” and then obviously during “In My Time of Dying.” Seems to me like he’s living on borrowed time, while Sam is living more of a charmed life. Then again, maybe I’ve just watched one too many Final Destination-esque movies; maybe that indicates that Sam is due up for a near-death experience. Again, I feel vaguely silly theorizing here since I’m behind everyone else.

    There was the recurrent comment from Dean in tonight’s episode, “What’s dead should stay dead.” Obviously at the end it’s clear that he means it self-deprecatingly, but I thought it was an interesting path. What I mean is this – Dean is taking their father’s death much harder than Sam, yet he has a very clear differentiation between poorly going through the process of grieving and doing something irrational, such as summoning John’s spirit or zombie (which, I know, would be hard since they cremated him). Dean is rational to a fault, and even though he can see some shades of grey, a la releasing the non-hunting vampires from “Bloodlust,” he has clearly defined boundaries and rules in his life and obviously “Thou shalt not perform necromancy” is one of the commandments ingrained in him. It could have been interesting to see him floundering through the episode as to whether or not it could be morally acceptable to want to communicate with or raise the dead – however, I’m not complaining because that was not the path chosen for his character.

    I’m interested to see what path is in store for the Boys’ relationship, especially in regards to Dean’s ultimate comment, “What could you possibly say to make things right?” There was a lot of aggression obviously embedded in that; after all of Sam’s hounding, he finally vocalizes the insecurities and worries that have been plaguing him, and there’s absolutely nothing that Sam can say to be conciliatory. Just getting it off of his chest may have been enough; I wonder, though, if there may not be friction down the road because Sam wasn’t able to provide help that Dean may have expected. I just pictured Dean sitting in a therapy session (and then promptly remembered an episode of Sliders...) – it’s never gonna happen.
  • 9.3
    overall a very good eppi, many twist and turns, i thought the girl who played the zombie did a great job.
    this was i thought a very revealing episode, you find out why dean is really shaken up about john's death, the dreamatic irony ( i think that's wat it is, you know when the audience knows stuff that the characters don't) was taken away in a stunning preformace by the lovely jensen ackels, and then sam realises that he really can't help dean, he realises how bad it really is. i'm glade that they did a more generic idea, because it gives new ideas.
  • Dean and Sam investigate the death of a young college student who died in a car accident, but whose grave is now surrounded by a circle of dead plants.

    Dean and Sam investigate the death of a young college student who died in a car accident, but whose grave is now surrounded by a circle of dead plants.

    wow...great episode again! can they actually make a weak one?! it's scary somehow and i loved it!
    that girl was creepy and the scissors part was absolutely discusting! but as dean says: what's dead should stay dead!!
  • I thought tonight’s episode was overall excellent, but I feel as if the show has gone a bit off coarse since the death of a major character.

    I thought tonight’s episode was overall excellent, but I feel as if the show has gone a bit off coarse since the death of a major character (John Winchester). Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, but I would like to see some answers to questions left unanswered and I would like to see something happen to explain more on what’s going on. Maybe some hints, but it seems that the demon is just gone, and I would think that a demon would not keep its word. Also, what is the demon going to do with the colt, what did John say to Dean before he gave up his life. Questions like these should be at least touched on soon because I would like to at least know that they are not forgotten, or have some reassurance that we will have something more to look forward to for viewing later episodes. But so far I like what I am seeing, the show is not going as fast paced as near the end of season 1, but it is the start of season 2 and we do need a break from the fast pace. That said it wouldn’t hurt to bring in something to up the tension in the show again.
  • How to kill a zombie!

    It was only a matter of time before this species of the undead came to Supernatural and it was dealt with very well as it shows both the death of the girl and the personality change when she becomes ressurected.

    The subplot of Dean still dealing with his father's death, realising it was his fault and John made some kind of deal was alson dealt with well, subtly starting with not visiting his mother's grave.

    Overall, this is a very entertaining episode and shows that hunting evil is a way of life for the brothers but clearly not for the people Dean so rudely interrogates.
  • Emotional ending.

    I love how this show has a simple structure and yet it has good storylines that actually allow character development. And that's what we saw in this episode. The plot about the zombie girl was actually average, but it was well made and well acted. But what really sold me on this episode was the way we saw how conflicted Dean is about his father's death and what he must have told him about Sam. I really liked how they showed that through a wide range of emotions, from rage to silent suffering. I loved the last scene in which he apologizes to Sam and tells him what he really is thinking and feeling. I was heartbroken. And I cried with him.
  • What can kill all the flowers?

    What would you do for those you love? What would you be willing to do to keep your loved ones from dying? It is a recurrent theme on this show. We know John exchanged himself for his son's life to the demon who had killed his wife. From Faith, we know Sam would turn the world upside down to find a way to save his brother from death. It seems Dean would be the only one prepared to let go of those he loves when all hope of them staying alive would be lost. Because what is dead should stay dead, and that is how things should stand.

    This episode shows us Dean attempting to deal with his grief and guilt the best he can, that is, by action. And now we also know how little Sammy entertains himself when he is alone in hotel rooms...
  • This episode was creepy, funny and revealing! Not to mention a bit sad!

    The whole girl being brought back from the dead and kissing the 'living' guy that was obsessed with her....that was a little creepy!

    The funny part was when Sam said the zombie girl broke his hand...and Dean told him that he was too fragile!
    That was hilarious!

    The sad part however, was when Dean said what's dead should stay was sad especially because he was talking about himself!
    I feel so sorry for him...having to shoulder such a burden...the sacrifice his father made to save his life, plus having to protect Sam from the demon after him. Its too much for Dean to bear!
  • i did not like this episode at all

    this episode i think is not the right one for this series. I think that there are much better stories to be told and i also think that the writers and directos have shift the main objective. They need to include some new actors to fill the role left by the fathar that was the inspiration on seasson number one
  • Sam and Dean come across a zombie girl here. The episode where Sam got his arm broken and where Dean's bottled-up emotions start to get the better of him.

    This episode is where Dean get to stake a zombie. And I must say I liked the scene with Sam using himself as bait for the zombie and then running to where Dean was waiting for the undead-girl--with Dean doing the whole \'homerun slide\' into the coffin! I wonder how many takes that took?

    And Dean finally breaks down in this episode. I liked the tender moment there between the brothers. And the scene with Sam telling their mom that he loves her--was heart-tugging.
  • Sammy broke his wrist.....that is soo cool. Great episode.

    Battling zombies is sooooo cool. Sammy breaks his wrist. dean sounded as if he didn't even care. This was a sad episode because Dean finally broke down. He is really hurting inside because of both his parents deaths. He won't even go near his mom's grave. It was cute how Sam gave his mom's grave the dog tags that were from his dads days in the army. I cannot believe that some guy would summon some one who was once dead. I agree with Dean, What's dead should say dead. Great episode which shows the soft side of Dean. Awesome.
  • "What's dead should stay dead!"

    This week "SN" take on the zombie-lore, and the result is nothing short of excellent. The story is well written and the spook-of-the-week is scary. The Winchesters have to stop a manipulative and evil zombie on a killing spree. At the same time there's a huge character development. We get to know more about Dean and the fact that he's not dealing with John's death very well. (The understatement of the year.)Really good acting from the two stars. This is the first time any of the brothers dare say what they've both been thinking. The Demon was involved in Dean's miraculous recovery and John sacrificed himself in order to make that happen. Someone should nominate him for the "Father of the Year" award. The final scene is one of the best, if not THE best, so far.
    Dean: "I never should have come back, Sam. It wasn't natural and now look what's come of it. I was dead and I should have stayed dead. So tell me, what could you possibly say to make that all right?..."
    The similarities between this storyline and the zombie-story are many and cleverly written.
    But it's not all sad, there are some hilarious scenes and snappy comments from Dean (as always)
    -Dean walking in on Sam watching TV..."Awkward!" It cracked me up.
    -"Damn, that dead chick can run."
    -"It's your grief consellors. We've come to hug"
    They managed to get all the right components into this episode; scary, funny and tear-jerking. That mix is the reason I watch this show.
  • Coming to terms with Death

    "What's dead should stay dead" is the moral of this episode. Dean becomes engrossed in a quest to find and kill a zombie that he thinks a college student brought back out of love, but the real reason is he is just trying to keep busy so he wouldn't have to think about or deal with John's death. Although Sam would like to talk about it, Dean still acts all cool and represses all of his emotions, pretending like everything is still alright. It's obvious that he is not. Sam knows something is wrong with his brother and he questions Dean's motive for hunting this zombie. In the end, after the zombie is killed and all goes back to normal [Winchester normal], Dean finally comes to terms with his near-death experience and tells Sam how he feels guilty about being alive when he is supposed to be dead. It's not natural, he says. What's dead should stay dead.

    This is an excellent installment, it's beyond words. The last scene is just so great I don't even have the words to describe it.
  • Dean and Sam battle a zombie and Dean finally breaks down

    Oh my goodness, this episode made me cry at the end. I felt so sorry for Dean when he finally figured out what his and Sam's dad did when he made that deal with the demon. I hope this is the end of Dean's anger stage and he can get on with his life, though it won't be easy. I wonder if Sam will eventually break down too? I loved that the brothers got to fight a zombie. That was really cool. I hope we get to see more of those in future episodes.
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