Season 8 Episode 9

Citizen Fang

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 2012 on The CW

Episode Recap

Carencro, LA

Benny is working as a chef named Roy at a diner when the waitress, Elizabeth, comes over and tells him that she's leaving for the night. He assures her that he can handle closing up and Elizabeth leaves. One of the two remaining customers, an old coot, talks about Elizabeth and asks Benny if he has any designs on her. When he learns that he doesn't, the old coot half-jokingly asks if he can take a shot. The other customer, former hunter Martin Creaser, calls Benny over for a coffee refill.

When Benny heads home for the night, Martin follows the vampire into the swamps. Martin hears signs of a struggle, draws his knife, and runs down the path. There's no sign of Benny, but the old coot is lying on the path with his throat torn out.

When Dean comes back from getting food, Sam tells him that Martin called to inform him that there's been a vamp kill in Carencro. Dean reminds his brother that Martin was in an insane asylum but Sam assures him that Martin is doing much better now and the doctors released him. When Martin got out, he asked Sam for some hunter work and Sam had him watch Benny. Now there's been a vampire killing and Sam figures they should investigate. Much to his surprise, Dean calmly agrees without an argument.

The brothers drive to Carencro and go to Martin's hotel room. He explains that he was watching Benny for a week without incident and then the old coot turned up dead. Dean confirms that Martin didn't actually see Benny kill the man but Martin points out that he was only seconds behind the vampire when he heard the struggle. Dean wants to make sure they have the right target and Martin realizes that he knows Benny, and Sam reluctantly agrees to give Dean a couple of hours to check things out. Once Dean leaves, Martin complains that they should dispose of Benny immediately. Sam disagrees and tells Martin that it's not always easy to see things like they really are.


Amelia comes outside to see Sam a short time after receiving the news that her husband Don is alive. She tells Sam that she's not ready to give up on what they have and Sam agrees, but Amelia asks for a few days alone to clear her head.


Dean goes to the diner and chats with Elizabeth. As she goes to check on the pie, Dean notices several photos of Benny and Elizabeth posted on the counter. When she comes back, Dean asks for Benny and Elizabeth says that he took a couple of days off to go fishing. Dean leaves his number with her and leaves, leaving a voice message for Benny saying that it looks like he's killing people.

That night, Benny checks his cell phone and sees he has a message from Dean. He ignores it and instead looks at a woman's bloody corpse.

The next day, Dean finds Benny burying the body. As Dean holds a knife behind his back, Benny insists that he's not the killer. He ignored Dean's calls because he didn't want to involve him given the situation with Sam. Dean finally reveals the knife but refuses to put it down, and Benny explains that a vampire from his old nest, Desmond, arrived in town. Desmond was hoping that Benny would give him some cred in starting a new desk by joining up. When Benny refused, Desmond decided to route him out by killing locals and making it look like Benny was responsible.

Benny vows that no one is going to drive him out of his hometown and explains that he found a family member, his great-granddaughter Elizabeth, to keep him accountable. Dean admits that he met her but assures her friend that he didn't hit on her, and Benny explains that he doesn't want Elizabeth to know who he really is. He also knows about Martin but figures that he has nothing to worry about. Dean warns him that Sam is involved but Benny figures that he can handle him if he has to. Despite that, Dean tells Benny that he has to stay out of it while he tries to convince Sam and Martin that Benny had nothing to do with the murders.

Back at the hotel, Dean tells Sam and Martin Benny' story. A frustrated Martin doesn't believe it and is eager to finish Benny off. Dean insists that he knows Benny would never let him go and an angry Sam says that it's good he's finally found someone he can trust. He tells his brother that Dean's too close to the case and they'll handle it, but Dean warns them that Benny can handle both of them. Realizing they're getting nowhere, Martin coldcocks Dean and tells Sam that now they need to do their job. The handcuff Dean to the radiator and leaves, and Martin complains about how John would be ashamed of Dean's attitude. Sam shoves him against the wall and tells him to follow his lead. Martin, taken aback, agrees but says that he knows how he'd feel if his brother chose a vampire rather than him.


Don finds Sam drinking at a bar and assures him that he isn't there to fight. Don admits that he understands why Amelia didn't think he was coming back and agrees to respect Amelia's decision about who to stay with. He says that Sam will do the same if he loves her and Sam agrees.


Dean picks the lock on the handcuffs and calls to warn Benny. The vampire is in the woods near his lair, looking at a photo of himself and Elizabeth. When he take the call, he tells Dean that he's not worried about Sam and Martin. Benny does want to go after Desmond, and offers Dean the rogue vampire's location in return. The vampire plans to fake joining Desmond's new nest to get close enough to kill him, and asks if Dean is in or out.

That night, Sam and Martin drive to Benny's location. As they get out and search, Sam receives a text message from Amelia asking for his help right away. Martin finds the photo of Benny with Elizabeth only to discover that Sam has driven away.

Benny takes Dean to Desmond's hideout inside an old boathouse and they go inside. They split up to search the place and Desmond ambushes Dean and throws him to the ground. When Dean tries to stab him with a syringe of dead man's blood, Desmond crushes Dean's hand and then cuts at his throat. Once the blood starts dripping, Desmond prepares to feed... and Benny steps up and decapitates Desmond. As he helps Dean up, he stares raptly at the blood on Dean's neck for a moment, but then turns away and assures Dean that he's fine. As they leave, Dean warns Benny that he'll have to move on. If he doesn't, the hunters will come looking for him and Dean will have a problem with his friend if he kills any of them. He figures that guys like them don't have family, but reminds him that he has Sam. As they go, Benny says that he has one last thing to do.

Sam tries to call Amelia but no one picks up.


Amelia comes into the bedroom and finds Sam packing. She assumes that Don threatened him but Sam says that he's just trying to do the right thing. He suggest that she give Don a chance just like she gave Sam a chance, and says that she saved him.


Benn tells Dean that he's going to the diner to see Elizabeth one last time before he leaves and thanks his friend for standing by him. Once Benny drives off, Dean calls to tell Martin that they disposed of the vampire responsible for the murders and that he's to stay away from Benny. Martin is walking down a country road and says that he's already long gone. Dean advises him to find a new line of work and hangs up. Instead, Martin goes to the diner and borrows Elizabeth's cell phone, He then calls Benny's number from it and tells him where he is and who is with him. Benny warns Martin to stay from Elizabeth but the hunter tells him he has 45 minutes to make the 60 minute drive back to the diner.

Benny arrives 45 minutes later and goes into the diner. Martin has tied up Elizabeth and is using her as a shield. He refuses to let her go and Elizabeth wonders what is going on. Martin realizes that she doesn't know who Benny is and gives her a shallow cut on the throat. Benny watches the blood, hunger on his face, and Martin tells Elizabeth to watch. After a moment, Benny gets control and Martin tells Elizabeth that he won't feed on his own flesh and blood. When she wonders what he means, Martin tells Benny to tell his great-granddaughter all of the people that he's murdered. Benny asks what Martin wants and the hunter says that he wants him dead. The vampire puts his head down on the counter and Martin prepares to decapitate him.

Sam arrives at Amelia's house, gun drawn, and scouts the outside. He looks in the window and sees Amelia and Don sitting peacefully, watching TV. Satisfied, Sam goes back to the car and drives away.

Dean is driving when Elizabeth calls him at the number he left earlier. She's in shock and can only ask Dean to come to the diner. When he returns, he finds Elizabeth on the step, covered in blood. The diner is a shambles and Martin is dead on the floor, his neck ripped to pieces.

Sam goes to a bar and checks his cell phone, and then calls the number on the text message from Amelia. Dean answers it and Sam realizes that Dean used one of their burner phones to lure him away and keep Benny safe. He asks what happened and Dean says that Benny killed Martin. Before he can explain further, Sam hangs up and turns to go... and finds Amelia behind him.