Season 8 Episode 9

Citizen Fang

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 2012 on The CW

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  • stupid sam again.

    I hope Mr. Broots(don't remember his SPN name) dies horribly. he did :D now Dean has to kill Benny b/c someone let that unstable creep out.

    Sam irritates me so much that I had to stop watching when this episode aired last year. I haven't watched it since. Trying to start up again but my Sam-annoyance-meter is about full
  • I Miss the Brotherly Bond

    I miss the early episodes of Supernatural. I loved the relationship between Sam and Dean. It seemed they would do anything for one another. When Dean went to hell for the year, Sam tried to find him and save him. Sam went into the pit with Lucifer in order to give his brother a chance at a normal life (along with saving the world of course), but as soon as Sam comes back, Dean leaves his normal life to be with him. This season, the brotherly love just doesn't seem to be there and this episode showcases that. Sam doesn't trust Dean's judgement about Benny and cares more about his girlfriend than his responsibilities, such as Kevin. Plus Dean seems to have the same relationship with Benny as he used to have with Sam or Cas. I'm all for plot twists, but I hope it's not at the compromise of their relationship.
  • Fix Sam or get rid of him.

    The Samelia flashbacks are not fun. They are not interesting or enjoyable. They are boring, stupid, and take time away from the stuff we actually care about. I may not have liked Lisa and Ruby very much, but Amelia is the first love interest who's actually managed to make me resent not only her, but the Winchester she's in love with.

    At this point Sam's not even a heroic character anymore. He doesn't care about right or wrong, he doesn't care whether Benny is innocent or about finding the real killer. He's just one more obstacle for Dean to deal with while HE saves the day.

    Sam abandoning Martin the second he gets a text from "Amelia" just shows how far gone he is. He up and leaves Martin, a mentally unstable hunter, on a case alone to fight a vampire they believe is responsible for several deaths, because some girl who Sam doesn't even know is in immediate danger asks him to come help her? He doesn't even think about trying to contact her until he's several hours on the road. What if she needed him for something completely trivial, like helping her move after a breakup with Don? Remember, Amelia has no idea who Sam really is or what he does, so she'd have no reason to go to him (instead of, say, the police) in a real emergency. Sam's actions ultimately lead to Martin getting killed when he goes off the deep end and Benny is forced to kill him in self-defense. I really hope the writers let Dean or Benny call Sam out on this in the future, because if anyone is responsible for Martin's death, it's Sam.

    I did enjoy the Dean and Benny parts of the episode. I think Dean was completely justified in sending the fake text. Remember, Sam knocked him out and handcuffed him to a radiator only hours before. Dean managed to get Sam off an innocent man's case, and he did it without actually hurting him. I don't think Dean realized Sam was just going to abandon Martin like that, but Dean tried to take care of him too by telling him the real killer was dealt with and that he needed to find a new line of work. Again, no violence, at least not until Martin kidnapped Benny's granddaughter and got himself killed.

    This episode would have been a solid 10 if Sam and Amelia were not in it. I admit I've always liked Dean more than Sam, but this is the first season I have believed Sam to be an active detriment to the show. The writers need to scrap Amelia and start trying to build Sam into a likeable character again, because at this point if we ever come to a Sam vs. Benny confrontation, I'm going to be rooting for Benny.

  • Why are you making me detest Dean?

    It is not that I dislike Benny, I even understand why Dean clinges to teh bond they forged in Purgatory but it doesn't make what he did to sam any less cruel. And while I understand how hurt he must be over Sam not searching for him, not trying to move heaven and earth to get him back, his pssive-agressive BS is starting to get too much for me to take. He is becoming more Like John and I don't think I would be able to stomach that. And it wasn't just what he did to sam, but also Amelia. It's like he just doesn't care about collateral damage as long as he feels a bit better afterwards. And the fact that using Amelia was his back up plan makes me a bit sick. I do understand why Benny killed Martin but I also think the brother should take a long break to go through their own issues because if they stay together they very well may end up tearing each other to shreds, irreparably.
  • Great Segway to 2013

    For most of the season, we've been treated to flashbacks of Sam and Dean's previous year. With both storylines seemingly being caught up now, it'll be nice to have everything happening in real time. Other than that Great episode! I love Benny! I think everyone saying he's the next Ruby is a crock of shit. Benny really is trying to be different from other vampires. Martin left him no choice but to kill in order to protect his great granddaughter. Yes, we hate when Sam and Dean fight, but this is another test of the brothers' relationship and I think they're going to have knuckle down and accept the fact that they're both constantly changing with the coming of every season. I'm loving season eight so far and glad the story will move forward from here. Anxious to see what happens with Benny, as well as the Gates of Hell storyline. And as for all the people hating on this season, I'm only going to say this once more: SHUT THE F**K UP! If you're so upset with this show, just stop watching already. You make the rest of us die hard fans depressed when you constantly berate the show. Jeremy Carver is no Eric Kripke, but he's no Sera Gambe either. Let's cut the guy some slack. He's doing his best and frankly, it ain't that bad!
  • The Other Louisiana Vampire Story

    Benny is now working in a Gumbo Shack in Louisiana with a hunter (Matrin Creaser from Season 5) keeping an eye on him for Sam's sake. When a body comes up Martin gives Sam a call and the brothers head out to Bayou for investigating. Dean doesn't believe that Benny would do that since he's never let him down. While on the trail of Benny who has disappeared Sam gets a text from Amelia telling him to get to Kermit Texas right away and he leaves Martin high and dry while Dean handles Benny. According to Benny a vamp named Desmond wants him to join his coven and he refused since he's gone clean and doesn't drink from humans anymore but Desmond is causing trouble by killing innocent people until Benny joins him. Apparently the Gumbo Shack owner whom Dean got on with flirtatiously is Benny's great granddaughter who Benny wants to get to know better. Dean and Benny go after Desmond and part of me didn't believe Benny's "other vamp" story at first and that Sam would have been right and that Benny had gone off the reservation and killed those people but Dean couldn't see that so it was nice to see Benny remain true and not just be a run of the mill "Dean was wrong because he trusted a monster" thing. Benny telling Dean to lay off the junk food after Desmond got the upper hand in their fight was amusing back and forth, those two really make a good team. We are also treated to flashbacks of Sam's time with Amelia and she finds out her husband is indeed still alive and the guy isn't a jerk about it and will leave who Amelia wants to be with as up to her. Sam decides to leave though and let them stay together even though he left her in the pilot in bed so I'm still interested in how he got from there to there still. But he goes to Texas and sees that she's happy and after Dean wraps up the whole Benny thing Sam realizes that Dean altered Amelia's number to trick him to leave Louisiana so that Dean could handle the Benny thing alone. Martin goes crazy, as we were told he would, and holds Elizabeth (Benny's great granddaughter) hostage and gets Benny to come back to town. Benny's altruism for his kin was nice to see as a different side to his character and him baring his neck for Martin slice was the ultimate illustration of how protective he is of his own flesh and blood although she wasn't aware of that fact until Martin said it out loud. But Martin brought his death unto himself and Elizabeth calls Dean and he finds Martin's body and Benny gone, if Martin had just left it alone when Dean had settled it he would still be alive. This reminded me of the hunter killing off the Rugaru's wife in Season 4 and not wanting to come back to kill it later and how nasty some hunters can be as they become the monsters rather than the actual creatures. Anyway not a bad episode and Amelia approaching Sam in the bar saying she "knew that it was him" isn't exactly the best cliffhanger to leave us on for the six weeks or so until new episodes start up again but I'll take it cuz I'm at least interested to see Sam act with her not in a flashback scene.
  • end the sam story line please

    I liked this episode we got to see the bond between dean and benny grow. i would have given this episode a 10 if they would have left the flash backs of sam and amelia out of it the writers need to end this sam/amelia story line quick or this season may be supernatural last come on guys bring the old sam and dean back.

    ps where is Castiel?
  • Citizen Fang

    Really enjoyed this episode but I do think Sam's character has gone a little offline - the Sam we've always known wouldn't abandon another hunter in the woods to chase after a girl - especially not a vulnerable guy like Martin, however annoying. All in all though, I like this season so much more than the Leviathan arc and Jeremy's doing a great job as show runner.
  • This ep doesn't deserve a title

    Right off the bat:

    The only things about this ep that were worth noting, are, in order of impact, Benny's battle with his destiny and Benny and Dean's story arc.

    I realize that the writers are doing everything in their limited imaginative power to re-boot this series by de-constructing the last seven seasons and, in the process, reducing Sam (who, if I recall correctly, has been through bloody hell, lost his soul, been separated forcefully from his only reliable family (Dean) after watching Dean be pulled apart by hell hounds, not to mention being used, as was Dean as a tool of the angelic AND demonic sides of a burgeoning Apocalypse) to the level of a teen ager suffering Gilmore Girls level angst and soap opera troubles.

    Amela is pathetic. And not in a bad way - she does self-aware, co-dependent enabler very well. I should know - I am a recovering one and will be for the rest of my life. The entire plotline is trivial and trite. And Sam deserves far better.

    Castiel is a pawn (surprise). The plot is familiar even though the details are slightly different. Keep the Winchesters Alive. Oh why, we ask? (We don't, but the writers are hoping we do).

    The only rating I can give this story is for the Benny dealing with his fate and the Dean/Benny trust situation. For that I go with a 7.

    For the rest of the episode? A one, and that's going some.

    I watch and love ONE show on TV. ONE. And it's breaking my heart to see a bumbling attempt at a re-boot and a deft trivialization of everything the brothers have been through over the past seven seasons.

    Shake it up, guys, and deal with the fact that the fan base for Supernatural is on the rabid side and remembers almost every ep line by line. Don't reboot. It's not going to work.

  • Citizen Fang

    This episode was so great with character development that i didn't care that the Sam flashbacks were in this one 2. I now get why Dean bonded wit Benny he is more like a brother to him than Sam ever was and if i was him and that crazy hunter killed him i would try to go back to Purgatory and get him back in anyway because he didn't betray him once and killing that hunter was the best thing because he was so annoying and he deserved it for doing what he did. Now we have to wait till January for the next episode which will be long.
  • Good episode, where is Castiel ?

    No Castiel in this episode (where does he go when he's not with the two brothers anyway ?) but it was a good episode. I was just starting to ask myself "What about Benny?" and I like that we got to learn more about him. I didn't like the episode with his girlfriend but I loved this one with his great great grand-daughter, how he was looking at her when she got caught by Martin.

    I won't say something you but I hate Sam's storyline and I was surprised to see that absolutely noone likes it. And I was asking myself "Why is that?" I mean I liked it when Dean had a "family break" during Sam's absence but this don't know it just doesn't ring true. I don't look forward seing what's going to happen between the two of them.

    Anyway, in all. Good episode.
  • Citizen Fang

    Citizen Fang was a very entertaining and exciting episode of Supernatural. I really enjoyed watching as Sam played guard dog to Dean's ally from Purgatory. The story was well written and the actors were all superb in their parts. The character and plot development were phenomenal and I liked how every thing played out. The conflict between Dean and Sam over Benny was engaging and deserves credibility. I liked how every thing played out and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Citizen Fang

    Benny is very different. His standards are high like Dean's. They make a great team. But I also like Sammy's view.
  • Hate Sam's Storyline

    I really hate the Sam storyline. There are so much disconnect. I cannot wait to see Castiel's storyline being played out.
  • Is this the mid season final?

    Well then. Let me start off by saying that the past 9 episode have had their issues, but I personally think season 8 so far has been brilliant. I'm really looking forward to each episode every week, a damn sight more than I was last year and even more than during the first half of season 6. The fact that, for me, I'm almost as excited for a new episode now as I was for season 5 speaks volumes. Jeremey Carver, it seems, has listened to the fans. Season 7 suffered without Castiel. We've had heaps of him. Season 7 suffered because it made a very interesting new villian, the Leviathans, rather dull. We've only seen glimpses of them, and every time they've been damn well cool. Season 7 desperately needed more Crowley and demons in general. Again, season 8 delivers.

    Of course, we've also had a new character flung into the midst this year: Benny. I've really enjoyed his episode so far and it's nice to have an episode still entwined into the overall arc. I knew straight away he wasn't the guy behind the killings, but in true Supernatural style nothing is quite as it seems and I was expecting some sort of twist. It seems that Benny really did want to stop himself from feeding, returning to a familiar town and spending time with his family to do it. It took hunters coming after him to finally make him give into his blood lust and kill once more. Though it was kind of cool seeing Martin again, I think it wouldn't have mattered which hunter it was. I guess they brought back Martin because we know he's crazy, and thus how he acted could make sense. Of course, we have seen a hunter take a human hostage to get to a monster before on Supernatural, the difference here being that Benny was more of a match for him.

    So what happens now? Will Benny become a bad guy for the Winchesters to hunt? His blood lust will be back now he's drunk, yet Dean still desperately wants to trust him. It's easy to see why. Every friendship Dean has had he's been betrayed in some way. Cas betrayed him by making a deal with Crowley. Bobby betrayed him by not telling him Sam was out of the Cage. His Dad consistently betrayed him, telling him he might have to kill his brother 5 minutes before going to his death. And Sam... well they've betrayed each other more times than I care to count! Benny stuck by him and got him out of Purgatory. And Dean's not ready to let that go.

    As for the B, or should I say capital A plot...

    Sam and Dean have some serious issues this season, which I think is what the theme they are going for is. Dean is still angry at Sam for leaving him to rot in Purgatory (and, let's face it, he's not the only That's why he stole Amelia's phone, just to rub it in Sam's face. Sam for his part has given us no explanation why he did it. Both us and Dean still think it makes no sense. Once again, we return to Sam's happy history to discover that he left Amelia so she could be with Don, who turns out to be a normal decent guy who came home to find his wife has shacked up with a stranger. I think that kind of explains why he left her so suddenly at the start of the season, but not how he knew where to find Dean. Maybe I'm naive, but I'm still really, seriously hoping the writers give Sam a reason to have acted the way he did. We are 9 episodes in now, and a frankly not so interesting story arc has only just been wrapped up.

    So, yeah. Major issues between the brothers, which I hope they explore a little bit more next year. But an enjoyable episode capping what has been an enjoyable start to the season so far. Sure, they've had their duds such as Bitten, but Blood Brother and A Little Slice of Kevin show this show can still pull out top quality episodes and make it look easy. Roll on 2013 and a potential season 9. Boom.
  • Where is my show and what the heck is this?

    I thought this ep was terrible. Both Sam and Dean were acting so far out of character I barely recognised either of them. They act like they can't stand each other, but for no credible reason that I can see.

    We are asked to believe that Sam didn't look for Dean but that is completely out of character, so many fans have been waiting for the twist in the tale, the messing with perceptions Carver has been talking about all season. And what did this ep tell us? That there is no twist. No Amelia isn't in Sam's head. She is real, and the supposed mystery about Sam's year off isn't a mystery at all. It is just what we have been shown. Which begs 2 questions;

    1) Why bother with the flashbacks if they are so straightforward? We don't need all these flashbacks to tell us what we already knew - that Sam met a girl, settled down with her and abandoned Dean.

    2) Why show Sam in such an unsympathetic light? If he really didn't look for Dean for no better reason than we've been shown, then his character is irretrievably damaged as is the bond between the brothers.

    As for Dean - who is this cruel, mean spirited, calculating character they are showing us? Throwing Benny in Sam's face in the most cruel way possible. Absolutely trusting a vampire to stay on the wagon on earth who he has only known in a human temptation free Purgatory? changing Amelia's number weeks in advance just in case he needed to ditch Sam? Who is this person.

    And as for what has happened to the brothers bond this season. It looks to me like the writers are all excited by new characters and relationships and have forgotten to pay any attention to the one that is the heart of the show.

    I found this episode one of the worst ever in the show's history. I wonder what Jeremy Carver is thinking if he really believes this is good writing.
  • Super friggin Awesome!!

    Though i thought it was too much too early for mid season final; this episode has it all. The tension between the Winchesters emerge bigger now. And i got to say, Ty Olsson brings such an inner depth to his character. Last but not least, this episode has some good old fashioned musical moments.