Season 8 Episode 9

Citizen Fang

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 2012 on The CW

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  • Is this the mid season final?

    Well then. Let me start off by saying that the past 9 episode have had their issues, but I personally think season 8 so far has been brilliant. I'm really looking forward to each episode every week, a damn sight more than I was last year and even more than during the first half of season 6. The fact that, for me, I'm almost as excited for a new episode now as I was for season 5 speaks volumes. Jeremey Carver, it seems, has listened to the fans. Season 7 suffered without Castiel. We've had heaps of him. Season 7 suffered because it made a very interesting new villian, the Leviathans, rather dull. We've only seen glimpses of them, and every time they've been damn well cool. Season 7 desperately needed more Crowley and demons in general. Again, season 8 delivers.

    Of course, we've also had a new character flung into the midst this year: Benny. I've really enjoyed his episode so far and it's nice to have an episode still entwined into the overall arc. I knew straight away he wasn't the guy behind the killings, but in true Supernatural style nothing is quite as it seems and I was expecting some sort of twist. It seems that Benny really did want to stop himself from feeding, returning to a familiar town and spending time with his family to do it. It took hunters coming after him to finally make him give into his blood lust and kill once more. Though it was kind of cool seeing Martin again, I think it wouldn't have mattered which hunter it was. I guess they brought back Martin because we know he's crazy, and thus how he acted could make sense. Of course, we have seen a hunter take a human hostage to get to a monster before on Supernatural, the difference here being that Benny was more of a match for him.

    So what happens now? Will Benny become a bad guy for the Winchesters to hunt? His blood lust will be back now he's drunk, yet Dean still desperately wants to trust him. It's easy to see why. Every friendship Dean has had he's been betrayed in some way. Cas betrayed him by making a deal with Crowley. Bobby betrayed him by not telling him Sam was out of the Cage. His Dad consistently betrayed him, telling him he might have to kill his brother 5 minutes before going to his death. And Sam... well they've betrayed each other more times than I care to count! Benny stuck by him and got him out of Purgatory. And Dean's not ready to let that go.

    As for the B, or should I say capital A plot...

    Sam and Dean have some serious issues this season, which I think is what the theme they are going for is. Dean is still angry at Sam for leaving him to rot in Purgatory (and, let's face it, he's not the only That's why he stole Amelia's phone, just to rub it in Sam's face. Sam for his part has given us no explanation why he did it. Both us and Dean still think it makes no sense. Once again, we return to Sam's happy history to discover that he left Amelia so she could be with Don, who turns out to be a normal decent guy who came home to find his wife has shacked up with a stranger. I think that kind of explains why he left her so suddenly at the start of the season, but not how he knew where to find Dean. Maybe I'm naive, but I'm still really, seriously hoping the writers give Sam a reason to have acted the way he did. We are 9 episodes in now, and a frankly not so interesting story arc has only just been wrapped up.

    So, yeah. Major issues between the brothers, which I hope they explore a little bit more next year. But an enjoyable episode capping what has been an enjoyable start to the season so far. Sure, they've had their duds such as Bitten, but Blood Brother and A Little Slice of Kevin show this show can still pull out top quality episodes and make it look easy. Roll on 2013 and a potential season 9. Boom.
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