Season 8 Episode 9

Citizen Fang

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 2012 on The CW

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  • The Other Louisiana Vampire Story

    Benny is now working in a Gumbo Shack in Louisiana with a hunter (Matrin Creaser from Season 5) keeping an eye on him for Sam's sake. When a body comes up Martin gives Sam a call and the brothers head out to Bayou for investigating. Dean doesn't believe that Benny would do that since he's never let him down. While on the trail of Benny who has disappeared Sam gets a text from Amelia telling him to get to Kermit Texas right away and he leaves Martin high and dry while Dean handles Benny. According to Benny a vamp named Desmond wants him to join his coven and he refused since he's gone clean and doesn't drink from humans anymore but Desmond is causing trouble by killing innocent people until Benny joins him. Apparently the Gumbo Shack owner whom Dean got on with flirtatiously is Benny's great granddaughter who Benny wants to get to know better. Dean and Benny go after Desmond and part of me didn't believe Benny's "other vamp" story at first and that Sam would have been right and that Benny had gone off the reservation and killed those people but Dean couldn't see that so it was nice to see Benny remain true and not just be a run of the mill "Dean was wrong because he trusted a monster" thing. Benny telling Dean to lay off the junk food after Desmond got the upper hand in their fight was amusing back and forth, those two really make a good team. We are also treated to flashbacks of Sam's time with Amelia and she finds out her husband is indeed still alive and the guy isn't a jerk about it and will leave who Amelia wants to be with as up to her. Sam decides to leave though and let them stay together even though he left her in the pilot in bed so I'm still interested in how he got from there to there still. But he goes to Texas and sees that she's happy and after Dean wraps up the whole Benny thing Sam realizes that Dean altered Amelia's number to trick him to leave Louisiana so that Dean could handle the Benny thing alone. Martin goes crazy, as we were told he would, and holds Elizabeth (Benny's great granddaughter) hostage and gets Benny to come back to town. Benny's altruism for his kin was nice to see as a different side to his character and him baring his neck for Martin slice was the ultimate illustration of how protective he is of his own flesh and blood although she wasn't aware of that fact until Martin said it out loud. But Martin brought his death unto himself and Elizabeth calls Dean and he finds Martin's body and Benny gone, if Martin had just left it alone when Dean had settled it he would still be alive. This reminded me of the hunter killing off the Rugaru's wife in Season 4 and not wanting to come back to kill it later and how nasty some hunters can be as they become the monsters rather than the actual creatures. Anyway not a bad episode and Amelia approaching Sam in the bar saying she "knew that it was him" isn't exactly the best cliffhanger to leave us on for the six weeks or so until new episodes start up again but I'll take it cuz I'm at least interested to see Sam act with her not in a flashback scene.
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