Season 8 Episode 9

Citizen Fang

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 2012 on The CW

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  • Great Segway to 2013

    For most of the season, we've been treated to flashbacks of Sam and Dean's previous year. With both storylines seemingly being caught up now, it'll be nice to have everything happening in real time. Other than that Great episode! I love Benny! I think everyone saying he's the next Ruby is a crock of shit. Benny really is trying to be different from other vampires. Martin left him no choice but to kill in order to protect his great granddaughter. Yes, we hate when Sam and Dean fight, but this is another test of the brothers' relationship and I think they're going to have knuckle down and accept the fact that they're both constantly changing with the coming of every season. I'm loving season eight so far and glad the story will move forward from here. Anxious to see what happens with Benny, as well as the Gates of Hell storyline. And as for all the people hating on this season, I'm only going to say this once more: SHUT THE F**K UP! If you're so upset with this show, just stop watching already. You make the rest of us die hard fans depressed when you constantly berate the show. Jeremy Carver is no Eric Kripke, but he's no Sera Gambe either. Let's cut the guy some slack. He's doing his best and frankly, it ain't that bad!
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