Season 8 Episode 22

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Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 08, 2013 on The CW

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  • Memory Lane

    Hello again,

    Not reviewed anything in a while. Not because I have stopped watching, but I simply was too busy. I don't want to go too much into recent events, as I'm saving that for a massive rambling Season 8 in full review next week, so instead I'll simply focus on the events of this episode.

    For the Penultimate one, it was definitely enjoyable, taking all the elements that have worked in season 8 and showing they were all leading somewhere. It was nice that, once again, the bad guys are targeting old cases that Sam and Dean have been on to get to them. Those books that Chuck wrote have returned to bite them in the arse and I'm glad they haven't been forgotten about. Crowley can have a field day with them! I can jus imagine him getting all excited when he reads that scene he appears in, apparently, in season 3. You know, the one we didn't get to see :(, where Lillith gives the Colt to him (a gun long absent!!!). While I wished they could have gone more into this, there was a hell of a lot happening in this episode so it didn't really have much time to breath. I felt especially sorry for Martin, who's awful experience with the Wendigo had left him petrified to step into the woods. Poor, poor sap. As for Sarah... well this is an interesting one. Does anyone else feel like this was originally going to be Amelia? Like they came up with this idea ages ago and intended to bring that arc full circle by having Crowley kill her instead? Except, the fan reaction to that arc was so negative they quickly changed their minds? It would make sense, considering the whole bad guys going after past cases thing they've done quite recently, and it's not like Supernatural to deliberately repeat itself. So, they created this storyline and brough back Sarah... the only living girl Sam has slept with in the past 8 years aside from Amelia. Poor bloke. Just can't catch a break.

    But, there were issues with this episode, I'm not going to lie. Season 8 has 23 episodes, guys. So, why the hell did it feel like they crammed FAR too much into this one? All the ideas in it are great, but there is just too much going on!!

    Take the Cure a Demon storyline. Love it as an idea! It's something they've never tackled before and it finds yet more ways to keep demons fresh. However, for the first time this week the Men of Letters stuff was actually the weakest part. So, the brothers need to cure a demon, something they didn't even know was possible? No problem. The Men of Letters have notes, videos and even a bloody provided dungeon for them! I've really liked this development this year... in fact I've loved it, yet if they make it too convienant I can't see it lasting that long, and I think there is much more that can be done with it! Ultimately, it seemed that they didn't have a lot of time to get this idea going properly, which is why they used the Men of Letters a little too much here.

    But, even that pales, literally PALES in comparison to the Human/Angel child. Another really intriguing and brilliant idea... wasted on one episode, and not even the main plot of it. Aside from Dean and Anna (when Anna was human) we've never seen any indication of Angels and humans falling in love. Castiel is useless in that department and the rest of them are mindless soldiers made so by Naomi. Besides, before 2009 Angels were not even supposed to be on Earth. So, how did this girl come to be? Why? A human with Angel powers, who kicked the collective arses of 2 full angels, could have been a superb addition to the fold, at least as a recurring character before they ultimately killed her off. And yet, this massive shake up to the Angel mythology was, again, footnoted in a much too busy episode.

    So, that is my major issue. Too many brilliant ideas struggling for room, creating an okay episode that could have been much better. The final awaits, as does season 9. I have a feeling that there will be a lot of plot points left overhanging into the new season which is fine as long as there is some sort of closure next week. Each season of Supernatural has always had its own storyline, even if each storyline was connected to the previous seasons. Season 1: Find Dad. Season 2: Stop Azazel's Children. Season 3: Save Dean. Season 4: Stop the Seals being broken. Season 5: Defeat Lucifer. Season 6: Finding Purgatory. Season 7: Stop the Leviathons. Season 8: Close the Gates of Hell. Therefore, Season 9 does need it's own identity, and not just be Season 8 part 2. Still... let's see what happens.