Season 8 Episode 22

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Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 08, 2013 on The CW

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  • Don't like where this is going (Spoilers)

    After so many great (some perfect even) episodes this was a big let down. I liked the concept of making the stakes much higher from Crowley and the beginning of the episode (Castiel shopping but that's pretty much it. The scene with Abaddon - her escape was just stupid writing - the brothers would have never left her alone in an open place (especially when they have just discovered their own dungeon - why the heck would they put her back together in some hangar in the first place). And the deal with Metatron - why are we going down the same road as before? If Metatron ends up corrupting Castiel this will be just stupid because this kind of thing was already explored THREE times - with Crowley, Leviathan and Naomi. In the previous episode I really wanted Metatron to be a new character - but now I hope he will just be killed off in the finale so we don't have to watch the same thing the fourth time.