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Supernatural has always had a small cast of regulars, with the focus remaining on our favorite Winchester Bros: Sam and Dean. But the show has had plenty of recurring characters rotating in and out throughout the past eight seasons, and many of them have been great hits. So which recurring characters were your favorite, and which would you like to see again? Here are my top picks:

1. Garth

There are so many things to love about Garth. He gets drunk off one beer, is "the new Bobby," owns a sock puppet named Mr. Fizzles, and is so laidback and anger-free that he was immune to possession by a specter (a spirit that possesses those with grudges, in case you've forgotten). We haven't seen Garth since the early part of last season, though there has been plenty mention of him. With a bigger focus on the Men of Letters next season, it would be great to see Garth and his network of hunters play a role in that somehow. But, mostly, it would just be great to see Garth again, period. I don't really need a very good reason. So long as he's there.

2. Ellen & Jo

Who doesn't love Ellen and Jo? All right, so Jo wasn't very popular when she was first brought on back in Season 2. But for some reason, she grew in popularity when she turned up again in Season 5, and both her death and her mother's won the both of them a lot of points, given the heartbreaking way they sacrificed themselves. I personally started liking Jo a lot more way back in "Born Under A Bad Sign" (Season 2), once the show stopped writing her like an annoying teenager (and once they stopped dressing her like one). Her latest visit as a spirit in "Defending Your Life" was short but sweet, and even though "My Heart Will Go On" wasn't a stellar episode, it was worth it just to see Ellen again (who, I think we can all agree, has been awesome from the start). Yeah, yeah, I know, they're both dead. But things are a little screwy in Heaven right now, so how hard could it be for a couple of souls to stroll out the door?

3. Bela

All right, so, I may be alone in this one, I know. Bela wasn't super popular either. I thought she was great, though. "Red Sky at Morning" might not have been the best episode ever, but how much fun were Bela and Dean playing socialites and sneaking around to steal things together? I wouldn't say her character arc wasn't resolved, but I was always a little disappointed that Sam and Dean never found out why she'd made her deal. And since things are as wonky in Hell right now as they are in Heaven, again, who's to say she couldn't sneak out? Or she could return as a demon. I mean, I don't know how much time one has to spend in Hell before they go black-eyed, but let's face it, Bela was halfway there already anyway. Bela the demon could be seriously fun.

4. Ash

Do I really have to explain my love for Ash? I mean, his hair alone. "All business up front, party in the back!" Look, you've probably realized by now, but I loved the whole Roadhouse angle in Season 2, I was super bummed when Ash bit it in the final two episodes. Again, things are messed up in Heaven right now, and we've already seen Ash in Heaven, owning all the angels' butts. If anyone could slip out, he could. (Or maybe he could lead a rebellion in Heaven against Metatron? Too crazy?). Either way, he better bring Jo and Ellen along with him.

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So, which recurring characters would you like to see again? You can talk about anyone you like, but I do plan to do a similar discussion on some of the best one-time guest stars.
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