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In my opinion Supernatural's first season alone has provided more scary episodes (The Asylum, Bloody Mary, The Girl in White to mention a few. The fourth season's nailbiter: Family Remains which most likely goes down as the creepiest episode of Supernatural ever.) than the last few seasons. Which I'm fine with, they have a story that they want to tell and obviously not as much time can be spent chasing ghosts. But it saddens me that we get a "Monster of the Week" kind of an episode and I'm only amused. The latest episode "Bad Boys" didn't have a single scene that made my pulse race, which is weird as the MotW actually looked terrifying. They just didn't take proper advantage of it.
I'm going to take a wild guess and say that most people who were drawn to this show have visited sites that list spooky creatures from folklore and urban legends. Because who'd want to sleep at nights anyway. I have read a few lists that claim to include the most terrifying creatures from urban legends and mostly I have been disappointed. However I have noticed a pattern. It seems like the scariest monsters come from the east. Here's my list of the few (only one from the far-east. otherwise the whole list would be full of them) that I think have a lot of potential (even though there have been a Japanese movie or two about them).

  1. Tek-Tek or Teke-Teke. (Click-Clack is an American version of this, I think)
    Pretty straight forward. A spirit. Died a painful death (got hit by a train, lost her legs. Story varies except for the part with the leglessness). This would be something we have never seen in Supernatural. Basically a torso that walks on its hands and is supernaturally fast at that. Looks for the her bottom part (scratch that. Tek-Tek just kills/wants legless friends, another Japanese urban legend involves a spirit looking for her legs, not this one.), get in her way and you might end up losing about 50% of your body. Sometimes carries a scythe with her. Named after the sound she makes when her ribcage hits the ground... Eeeww... Japanese urban legends are super creepy.

  2. Huldra

    What would be scarier for men than a monster that uses your... Urges.. against you. Those who satisfy her stay alive. Those who don't... She kills. Though this is not an original idea. (The Woman in White seemed to punish unfaithful men) Huldra is a part of scandinavian folklore. Their origins goes like this: Eve was washing her children, God appears, ashamed of her dirty children, Eve hides them, God says that those that are hidden from him would be hidden from mankind. She might kidnap infants and replace them with her own children. Or force you to marry her if she gets pregnant. Child support is out of the question appearently... She also has a tail. I don't know why.
  3. Ajatar

    Part of Finnish folklore. Said to be the Devil of the Woods. Has a lot of abilities in fact. If you look at her you become ill. She causes nightmares. She leads hunters into the woods (I'm not entirely sure if she kills them or just leads them on so they'll get lost). It suckles serpents. Because why not. It can shapeshift into a serpent.
So a list of one generally scary looking spirit that inspired two japanese horror movies. And two monsters that I included because of personal fears (so not universally scary... Just for me). I'm like... Extremely scared of getting lost in a big forest. And using sexuality to get your way with someone is just rude...

Has anyone else hoped for some specific monster to appear on the show? Or hoped for more truly scary episodes?

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