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Dear writers and producers of Supernatural,

First off, I’d like to thank you for 9 seasons of an awesome TV show. You’ve had a few missteps along the way, but generally you’ve done a fantastic job. And I want you to know that the following list comes from the heart of a true fan.

What I’d like to see in season 10:

1-10. Please have Sam and Dean truly make up and get along again. I know that DRAMA makes for good TV, but come on, the boys have never gone this long without really getting along. They are 99% of the reason I watch this show. I’m not suggesting you gloss over the whole Demon!Dean thing at all. Give it justice, but bring the boys back together soon.

11. Please have some more creepy, spooky MOTW shows again. Bloody Mary, Asylum, Family Remains, and heck even Party On, Garth, come to mind.

12. Please have a couple of really funny episodes like Changing Channels and The French Mistake.

13. And speaking of Changing Channels, how about another recurring bad guy, although this time make it a girl, that’s sort of like the Trickster/Gabriel. Someone powerful and clever, who likes to screw with (metaphorically only) the boys, but isn’t actually EVIL.

14. Please re-hire Ben Edlund.

15. Please more classic rock.

16. Please, please, please, please somehow deal with Adam. You don’t necessarily have to rescue him, just deal with him in some way.

17. The Men of Letters mythology is awesome. Use more of it.

18. Some guest stars I’d love to see again: Missouri, Jesse the Antichrist, Aaron and his golem, Meg (yes, I know she’s dead), stoner Cas, the Alpha Vamp, Benny.

19. How about another back-in-time episode like Frontierland and Time After Time. I love me some Dean in costume!

Thank you for your attention.

wwcpd, a fan

(Ok SPN Community, time for your 2 cents.)
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