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I have flip-flopped so much on how I feel about Supernatural: Bloodlines that if I ever run for political office, this is definitely going to be what brings me down (well, that and my internet-browsing history). The CW has released the first trailer for the spin-off's backdoor pilot, which will air as a regular episode of Supernatural next week, and I have to be honest, I'm back to giving the potential series major side-eye, guys.

According to the official episode description, Sam and Dean are drawn to the Windy City on a case, at which point they find out about the monster mafia running the city. Et voila! That's how baby spin-offs are made! But it seems to me that Sam and Dean should've known about Chicago's situation before now, considering they've been hunting monsters and demons for their entire lives. They've criss-crossed the United States more than Forrest Gump. How is this news to them?

Anyway, the quick promo gives us a look at Lucien Laviscount (Skins) as Ennis Ross, a police academy trainee who's roped into the monster war at the heart of Bloodlines after a loved one is caught in the crossfire. And you can tell he's not having any of it because he specifically yells, "Oh hell no!" in the teaser: 

So, uh, what'd you think? Hit the comments with your own thoughts, reactions, and suggestions as to how The CW can make this possible spin-off better, because right now it looks about as well-done as an early Ghostfacers hunt.

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