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Supernatural is making a huge mistake in spinning off with characters we really couldn't care less about. I constantly refer to the show "Angel" as the gold standard as to how spinoffs are done. We have a character that takes several seasons to flesh out, build a fanbase, and finally, once his arc on the parent series is done, send him out on his own to do some serious ass-kicking. (The additions of Cordelia and Wesley as his sidekicks for the first three seasons was a plus as well, given that they really didn't do much on Buffy but were given new purpose in Angel.)

When I was told that Supernatural was getting a spinoff, the candidates who I believe could carry their own weight were Castiel and Garth. Cas is already beloved by all the Supernatural fangirls but in order to exist after season 4 he was CONSTANTLY given handicaps to his power. Metatron turning him human and him having to steal a random angel's grace to get up to 75% power is just one of the handicaps. If Cas were to, say, use up ALL his energy killing Metatron and forced to live the rest of his life as a human, THAT could be a way to spinoff the show where a human Cas fights biblical-type monsters. Season 5 was awesome and most of the monsters were straight from the Bible, but the canon has LOTS of demons and beasts that now seem inappropriate to where the parent show is now but could do very well as antagonists for an angel-centered show.

Garth would work too, but perhaps not as well now that the writers turned him into a full-fledged werewolf. But there is potential. Having an episode where a monster kills Garth's new family and Garth looking for revenge would be a very interesting plot for a spinoff, especially since Garth is a werewolf AND a hunter. Fighting monsters while at the same time fending off hunters who misunderstand him would make for at least two seasons of solid storytelling, ESPECIALLY if they keep it lighthearted like it was during Garth's pre-werewolf episodes. Also, they should bring back the Alpha Vamp as the chief villain of season 1, since he was strong enough to fight a LEVIATHAN but hasn't done a damn thing since.

But as to this, only spending one episode with the people that will be our protagonists to Supernatural: Tribes... no. GOD no. Even NCIS knew to at least give us two episodes with the characters who would become the protagonists of NCIS: LA and NCIS: New Orleans. I predict that Tribes is gonna suck as badly as "the Finder," which made the exact same mistake of giving us characters we don't care about barely meeting with the characters of their parent show and then sending them out on their own. NEXT!
I agree with most of this. Cas in his first entrance was amazing. The power of heaven and absolute faith in God. His character arc up to the end of season 5 was awesome. Now he's worse than a side kick. I love Cas, but he needs a stronger role than what he has. However, I don't think Cas as he is now would be strong enough to hold a spin off. Maybe if they put him in bloodlines, it would help. A bit like Originals, make a strong story line and put in a popular main character that isn't going anywhere and make a new show with a new feel, but with a popular main character from the parent show. A Garth spinoff would likely fail, because his tone as a character is so grating compared to that of almost everyone else, I doubt it would capture the main audience from the parent, and he doesn't have enough global appeal to attract a large new following.
i miss Angel. :[
I think it's good that they're doing a spinoff but yes with Cas it would have been a better choice of character because he doesn't get enough screen time in Supernatural episodes because the story is supposed to be about Sam and Dean. So to have a pretty much seperate tv show about him and his battles would be really cool because I feel like Cas and his struggles need to be shown more often. But with the characters they have chosen, although not ideal, will still, in my opinion, be a pretty big hit. Because Supernatural is on its 10th season and most tv shows don't last too much longer after 10 seasons, so to kind of keep the Supernatural series alive after it's gone is to have a sort of spinoff, like this one, that could maybe even bring in Sam or Dean references(or episodes about them in Bloodlines).
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