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Well, it's been a while. so let's wrap up the first contest. Here's the new photo

As always:

1) Keep it PG-13

2) The winner gets points. The losers get less points. The points don't matter.

3) Remember, jokes don't have to be funny. Sometimes they tell us about ourselves.

As for the winners, they were all good, of course. :)

Winner from Contest #1:

Do I have a shoe stuck in the back of my head? I FEEL like I have a shoe stuck in the back of my head.

Ummm, no. You're good. - libra113


Just stick the other one next to it and say "There´s no place like home" - StefaniaCryn

These heels are killing me. I should have worn my crocs. - larrydavid

No, I said TOTO, not Toe Toe!!!! - BillTheCat005

You're doing it wrong... it's "foot in MOUTH" - kanniballl

And top vote getters, with 4 votes each:

The Wicked Witch was a shoe-in for best villain of season 9. - Gislef

"By the holy power of 9 West - You are HEELED!" - Whiskey3030
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