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Supernatural S09E06: "Heaven Can't Wait"

"Heaven Can't Wait" was one of those odd Supernatural episodes that ended up caught somewhere between being a case-of-the-week episode and an "important" episode, and as a result it felt neither complete enough to be an open-shut case, nor important enough to get our panties all in a twist about the impending not-apocalypse part IX.

Well, except for that whole Crowley shooting up someone's (Sam's? The interwebs seems to think Sam? IDK?) blood because WUUUUUT was that. I can't handle C-dog being chained up in the basement anymore. I can't. He's going to escape and he's going to blow it up and then we're not going to have a Batcave anymore and I just don't think I can take that much disappointment in my life right now. Help!

How's he even getting a hold of it? Sam would like, impale Kevin with his moose antlers before Kevin could get anywhere near him with a hypo—and OMG look at those things, they're like the scariest most stage-propy hypos ever. So is it Zeke? Are Crowley and Zeke secret besties? It wouldn't be the first time Crowley teamed up with an angel.

I know this was supposed to be a Castiel episode—and I'll get to the awesome Cas-feelings in a second—but there was quite a bit of interesting Crowley stuff in "Heaven Can't Wait," too. I enjoy a villain with a strict-but-slightly-off moral code. Part of what was so delightful about Lucifer back in the day was his creepy but still genuine interest in Sam's happiness. Demon contracts on Supernatural get a bad rap for obvious reasons, and I'm not condoning the practice of selling one's soul by any means, but Crowley's pride in his contracts and horrified outrage that Abaddon is collecting on deals prematurely was a nice moment—even though he screwed Bobby over that one time (sort of) and I'm not convinced that he's telling the truth about the angel spell being irreversible. Crowley said he always keeps his end of a bargain, but what if he wasn't talking about the arrangement he had with Sam and Kevin, but a deal made with someone else? 

Outside the bunker, we learned that the actually-homeless-WTF-Dean-REALLY? Castiel had settled in Idaho and got a job at a convenience store, where he delights in (or at least tells himself that he delights in) the human dignity of demeaning work and his ability to accomplish something, anything, despite no longer being a celestial being of incredible power and influence. He had a crush on his boss, who suckered him into babysitting her spawn even though he's like a crazy homeless dude who lives in the supply closet (totally babysitting material!). And he had sad feelings, which was unfortunate because our baddie-of-the-week was just a misunderstood fallen angel medic who didn't realize that humans can be sad without being suicidal. I actually felt really terrible when Cas and Dean shanked him. I mean, he was just trying to help. I know time was of the essence, and Cas gave us the rationalization speech about how he's been hanging with the mud monkeys for years and still doesn't always understand emotion so how can we expect a bunch of super-powered baby angels to not be overwhelmed, but IDK, I just felt bad for Ephram. 

So let's talk about something less sad and more WTF: Apparently Dean just kicked Castiel out of the bunker with no food, money, clothes, shelter, anything? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?

I'm fine.

I'm just really sick of Dean Winchester's self-righteous hypocrisy. The Dean-as-a-sad-stalker-ex-boyfriend scenes made me LOL, though. You keep sitting in the parking lot watching Castiel through the window, Dean. That's totally healthy. 

"Heaven Can't Wait" was strong where it was strong (Cas and Crowley) and weak where it was weak (Sam and Dean and nuance) but it still made for an enjoyable installment of Supernatural, complete with ten seconds of deranged Abaddon because she's perf. 

What did you think of the episode? 


– Dumb Winchester/Tran sighting: Did you really just let Crowley make a phone call to hell FROM YOUR SECRET BATCAVE BUNKER? Or make a phone call at all? It's only the sixth episode of the season, guys, no need to get that desperate yet. 

– I'm also revoking Sam and Kevin's Batcave privileges. (I revoked Dean's awhile ago). 

– "You're human now. It's [the angels' problem] not your problem." SAYS THE HUMAN. 

– Cas singing feels. 

– Cas touching a baby feels. 

– Cas panicking about the baby's fever feels. 

– Guys, I really like Kevin. 

– What are your Crowley blood junkie theories? Is it Sam's? If it IS Sam's, is it entirely human? Do you think Crowley knows about Ezekiel?  

– Cas vs. the slushie machine was priceless. 

– Classic Supernatural: Loved the reveal that the hot-pink Barbie-esque leftovers from Ephram's visits were actually pulverized people residue. Yummy. 

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