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Supernatural S09E03: "I'm No Angel"

What could've easily been a cheesy mess of an episode somehow managed to be, well, a slightly-less-cheesy-than-feared non-mess of an episode. When the producers of Supernatural teased that there would be bathroom jokes for the recently humanized Castiel, I, um, I threw things. I might've sulked a little. I've never been a huge fan of Castiel as the "baby in a trench coat" because for goodness sake, he's a millennia-old celestial being who spent a lot of that time watching and smiting humans. Dude should not be incompetent, even without his wings. 

That said, our recent romp with the former angel featured a solid lineup of learning experiences that highlighted Castiel's blind spots and his struggle with the loss of his grace, while also being kind of hilarious. "Do you ever tire of urinating?" ALL THE TIME, CAS. ALL THE TIME. 

Also awesome: badass, angel-smiting Castiel. See? NOT A BABY. 

There was, however, some cheese. It happens. And it's okay. Castiel marveling that humans who have the least tend to be the most generous had me eye-rollin', and while I can see what Supernatural was trying to do in the scene with Castiel and the praying lady, I don't know that they fully succeeded. While the idea of Castiel losing his own faith and getting cynical about how heaven is run and how God has abandoned his creations has the potential to be one of Castiel's most promising storylines for the season, the scene in the church just felt kind of obligatory and trite. 

Calling himself "Clarence" (OMG MEG MISS YOU COME BACK), Castiel wandered the country avoiding bad angels and trying to make friends with good angels. He wised up and got an angel-warding tattoo that made him invisible to our latest potential Big Bad for Season Fiiiine, Bartholomew, forcing Bart to outsource the hunt to some freelancing reapers. How long 'til Bart and Abby are BFFs, do you think?

In a race to find Cas before the reapers did, Dean and Sam wandered around with Dean tuning Ezekiel's angel radio as though Sam was some sort of human multi-tool and Ezekiel getting increasingly creepy and weird. Can we talk about how he's acting like some kind of Dean-groupie stalker angel? From his "See Dean, I'm useful!" to his healing of Castiel just to turn around and tell Dean to kick the former-angelic third of Team Free Will to the curb while also dangling the everlasting Winchester trump card—Sam's safety—to really get his point across. I mean, Zeke has Dean in quite a pickle here. If he leaves, Sam dies (or so Zeke says), and if he leaves, ain't no one around to resurrect Castiel the next time he bangs a reaper and gets shanked with his own sword. Also, raise your hand if "angel sword" is the new euphemism of choice for guy-junk in your house. 

It's obvious that Ezekiel is growing increasingly at ease in Sam's skin, though, popping out for a chat mid-sentence, with Sam not even pausing. Jared Padalecki is so crazy-good to the point that we didn't even need the glowy blue eyes to figure out when Zeke was in control. Zeke also seems to have his own agenda in the works, but as for what that actual plan is, and why he's like ten seconds away from going all Annie Wilkes on Sam and Dean's asses, is still largely unknown. What are your theories? I was really hoping he wouldn't be a douche. At this point, I'm just crossing my fingers for "misunderstood and kind of unbalanced," because straight-up villains are so boring. Unless we're talking Lucifer. Are we talking Lucifer?

Soooo Cas made a friend, but she's dead now (way to tear one out of Sam's book, Clarence!). Dean soldiered on despite the severe Sammy whiplash that he (and we) all suffered this week. Kevin and Crowley were MIA, and Zeke is such a weirdo. Usually, this is the part of the season where we lose momentum until the mid-season finale, and I just spend the next two months sulking and binge-drinking and being bitter about things, but Supernatural is proving rather spry in its old age. Thanks, Viagra! Here's hoping next week's apparent case-o-the-week episode doesn't slam the brakes on this love-fest. See you then, darlings! 


– Lol @ how inept the angels actually are. I was half expecting the Benny Hill theme to play during that scene where Bartholomew's gang accidentally blew up their vessel. 

– Guys, if you have Twitter and you're not following Jared Padalecki, Osric Chau, and Misha Collins, you need to change that because they live-tweet and it's hilarious. <3

– No really, my fiance won't stop calling it an "angel sword." Plz send help. 

– "I do that." Dean on lying made me lol. Also Jensen Ackles' FACE. 

– "I read 'pie.' The rest is 'blah blah blah.'" 

– I like how every time Sam takes an interest in jogging, it freaks Dean out. Lesson? Morning people are secretly dead inside.

– I was kind of hoping that Castiel would notice Ezekiel hanging out in Sam's meat. Oh well.

– Return of Dean's dead guy robe! *save the batcave*

– SO NERVOUS, YOU GUYS. Castiel is cast out. Sam is completely oblivious about Zeke. Dean's starting to realize he made a mistake and can't do anything about it. I can't do this. I CAN'T DO THIS. Hold me. 

What did you think of "I'm No Angel"?

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