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I have heard this debate before. While I love me some additional seasons of Winchester ass-kickings. the season 5 finale was as close to perfection as a series can get. The scene tacked on the end (where Dean is having dinner and out the window, the street light flickers... and there is Sam) has to be ignored and the Series ends it's amazingly planned and executed 5 year arc with Chuck, dressed in white, "Ascending".

If you listen to the actor himself, it sounds as if that was the general motivation Eric Kripke gave him prior to filming the final scene.

It makes perfect sense and maybe Chuck was vessel that didn't even realize God was within him until the end. "The Winchester Gospels" may not have been just the Chuck Testament, but literally the Word of God. The song sure got this lyric right, "Just a slob like one of us".

What do you think, folks?
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