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One sign that we're in the middle of pilot season is the seemingly never-ending stream of news about a hundred different potential shows that you'll probably forget about unless they actually get picked up to series. But one of the more high-profile projects is Supernatural: Tribes, the (poor) title of which betrays its status as a spin-off of The CW's long-running Supernatural (which itself was just renewed for Season 10). At this point, I'm pretty fully on the record as being extremely skeptical of the endeavor, but since the news about it just won't quit, I'm giving in: It's time to embrace Tribes and whatever messy fruit it might bear, especially given the odds that it'll be good-looking, model-esque fruit. Another reason for my change of heart? We now have some casting news that's bound to make at least some of you pay closer attention to the Chicago-set, Winchester-adjacent drama.

Supernatural: Tribes explores the Windy City's history of mafia families and tells the story of five warring monster families and the hunter who hates them, and according to TV Line, the show has just put faces to two of its major roles. 

In the spirit of time-honored CW traditions, Nathaniel Buzolic—who recurred on The Vampire Diaries for two seasons as Original vampire Kol—will play David Hayden, a shapeshifter from one of Tribes' five monster families who's been living as a human. The CW is famous for recycling pretty faces; Arrow's Stephen Amell appeared as a werewolf in the second season of TVD before he was cast as Oliver Queen. Phoebe Tonkin was the best part about The Secret Circle before joining TVD—and ultimately The Originals—as werewolf Hayley. I imagine Buzolic's casting will make those fans who were devastated by Kol's demise very, very happy. Or they'll be really pissed, I don't know; I'm constantly confused by TV fans' reactions to stuff.

But The CW isn't only a big factory of familiar faces, as it's cast a relative unknown as Tribes' primary hunter, Ennis RothLucien Laviscount (EpisodesSkinsThe CW's failed pilot The Selection) will play the Chicago police officer who's drawn into the world of hunting following a family member's death. Roth is said to be "likable," "strong-willed," and "resolute," with "a strong sense of justice." I don't know if Laviscount will be able to fill those shoes, but he certainly fits the typical CW profile of being very attractive.

Does this new casting news have you looking at the spin-off—which will be Winchester-lite if it's not completely Winchester-free—any differently?

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