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By now you Supernatural fans know that The CW has ordered a pilot for a Supernatural spin-off called Supernatural: Tribes, and by now hopefully you've gotten over that unfortunate title (Kaitlin sure hasn't). Why a new Supernatural spin-off? Probably because Jensen and Jared are no longer in their 20s and The CW needs to restock its collection of young hotties (kidding mostly!). The new series would exist in the world of the Winchesters (Sam and Dean will make appearances, without a doubt), but unlike its country-crossing source material, Tribes would stay put in Chicago. Borrowing from the Windy City's history of mafia families, Tribes tells the story of five warring monster families and one pissed-off hunter. 

But who will these monsters and hunters be? Now we know, thanks to some digging by the folks at TV Line

At the center of the action is Ennis Roth, a human cop-turned-hunter in his mid-20s (of course). He'll be our window into this world as Sam and Dean tell him the truth about Chicago and the five monster families that run it. Casting agents are looking for an African-American male to play the part, and I'm just going to go out on a limb and guess that he'll be above-average in the attractiveness department. 

So far, we only know the "species" of two of the show's five monster families: shape-shifters and werewolves. From the shape-shifter clan, we'll meet David Hayden, an early-20s (duh) shifter who's been living a normal human life until something terrible happens and then *BAM* it's back to shape-shifting. His sister Margo Hayden is also in her early 20s (obviously) and has a bit of a wild streak in her past, but now she has her eyes on taking a position of power in the family. 

We'll also be hanging out with two members of the Durants, a powerful and wealthy werewolf pack. Violet Durant is in her early 20s (what else did you expect?), probably hot (I think we can strike the "probably" part), and has a thing for Ennis. But their mutual attraction becomes a  problem because werewolf-human making out is frowned upon by lycanthropes. Violet's brother Julian Durant is totally sexy and in his 20s (I'm shocked). He's Ennis's chief rival. 

And finally, Freddie Costa is a cop who mentors Ennis and has his own secret. And this will blow your mind, but he's ANCIENT, DUSTY OLD. He's in his 30s. 

How does that sound, Supernatural fans? I love Supernatural, and this sounds... well, it sounds like everything else on TV, actually. Also, what types of monsters do you think the three other families will be? Definitely vampires, right? But what about after that? Leviathans? Wendigos? Masturbating oversized suicidal teddy bears? Let's hear your thoughts!

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