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It doesn't matter how hard I try to pretend The CW's horribly titled Supernatural spin-off pilot isn't happening; it just keeps finding new ways to ruin my day. We already know that the Chicago-set Supernatural: Tribes will follow a cast of non-Winchester and non-honorary-Winchester characters battling five warring monster families, and thanks to TV Guide, we now have a few more details about its impending debut: The backdoor pilot will air later this spring as the twentieth episode of Supernatural's ninth season, with the Brothers Winchester traveling to the Windy City for a case. Once there, they'll run into Tribes' protagonist, Ennis Roth, a human cop who's been pulled into the world of hunting following the death of a family member—much like the Winchesters were so many years ago. Ennis also has some deep-seated daddy issues, because daddy issues are the hot, sticky blood that runs through the veins of the Supernatural world. Would it kill The CW to give Tribes its own style and flavor, or am I going to have to sell my soul at a crossroads to make that happen?

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