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Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 2006 on The CW

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  • Erratic but still good.

    So far season two has done a great job of developing the ever continuing bitter taste of John Winchester's death as Dean has not been himself the past couple of episodes clearly agitated. The beginning of the episode portrays this well as one of Sam's premonitions reveals him killing what appears to be an innocent boy. Midway through the episode this seemed like it was going to be a survival horror esque episode with them being trapped within the clinic, but all of that is ruined when we find out the real reason for this case, and it felt a bit anticlimatic. Still the build up of the real storyline with the demon is enough to still make this a solid watch.
  • Demonic virus...and whats up with Sam?

    In this episode Sam and Dean are faced with a demonic virus that infects people and turns them murderous. It even shows up in their blood.

    Sam looked like he was infected and everyone wanted to shoot/kill him before he started to try and kill them but Dean wouldn't let them. Turned out that even though Sam had contact with the blood into his blood the virus didn't affect him like it did the others. Dean was scared about that but he didn't really want to show Sam.

    They were also blocked off from the other town and whoever drove the Impala when Dean drove away from the people shooting at him was good driving. I thought it was a good episode and it made you think why the virus didn't affect Sam...
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show supernatural dean and sam are going to this town after sam has a vision of dean shooting a defeceless man and so they go and check it out and it seems people are being effected by a virus in the water supplie this was a very interesting ep and it was very intense and with the virus happend it made it even more better and that is why i gave it a 9 for its story and for making it so interesting with the vision happeing and that is why i think season 2 is really getting good
  • There is something very, very wrong with this episode.

    The premise draws inspiration from Roanoke, a colony whose occupants vanished without explanation in the 16th century. That's a pretty neat mystery. And yet the episode itself is the most disjointed, uninteresting thing. The mystery, like Roanoke's, is never explained, but in this fictional world that leaves only a sense of profound dissatisfaction. Not ideal.

    There's also a flavour of zombie flicks in the mix - which is nice - but these zombies don't eat brains or tear people apart. The only thing any of the infected seem to want to do is spread the infection. They don't kill anyone. Only the heroes kill in this episode. Yes, I'm sure it'd be bad to want to attack other people and spread the disease. But a lot of people get blown away for such a comparatively minor reason (and since the mystery of the disease is never explained, of course we NEVER have full justification that they needed to die. In fact, the infection is simply gone at the end of the episode, inferring that nobody had to die.) Dean's putting multiple bullets in people all over the place, to the point where his "...awkward..." joke about killing both the kid's parents is actually awkward itself, instead of funny.

    I really don't understand the point of this episode. Even the reference to the test at the end makes it seem more confusing than intriguing.
  • Demonic virus

    Sam has a dream of Dean killing a boy, so they go and investigate. They discover that in the town people are getting violent, thanks to a demonic virus. At the end, the boy get's possesed by Meg.

    This one was so impressive. A demonicn virus, Sam's possible evil side, Meg's back... great. This episode is one of Season 2's best. I love this season. I only gave a 9.5 because of the ending, I think they got rid of the virus too easily, but the rest was perfect! If the ending would have been more stunning it would certainly have a 10. But the ending was good: Meg's back. This episode is amazing!
  • A little bit of Quarantine,a little bit of The Stand makes for a great Supernatural episode.

    The saving grace for this episode, at least for me, was the mythology of the Roanoke tribe. I've always thought that was an interesting thing, and the fact that Sam and Dean focused on that as the possible explanation was awesome. It was even cooler that they gave some sort of answer to the Roanoke tribe in a way that makes sense (at least for the world of Supernatural).

    I got a very "The Stand" and end of the world feeling from this episode, without all the unnecessary buildup and drama. Starting off the episode with Sam's vision was probably one of the better ideas, and it kept the suspense very high, since we were waiting for the other shoe to drop the entire time. We knew what the outcome was; it was the waiting game to the moment it happened that made the episode so tense. I loved the intensity that Dean showed, which fit in with his current progression from sarcastic and dangerous to dangerous and obsessed. It's always nice to see tension between Sam and Dean, and by the end of the episode, after Sam is supposedly infected, they're able to forget about anything they had standing between them and get along.

    The ending also left something to wonder: What was it that John Winchester whispered into Dean's ear right before he died? They've kept it a secret from the audience since the first episode, and about nine episodes in, we get teased a little with what it could've been. It had to do with Sam, but then cut to credits.. I was screaming at the TV.

    This was just a great episode, one of the best from season 2. It seems as if it's easy to say that for a lot of the season 2 episodes, but that just says a lot about the season as a whole. There's just one thing I've been trying to figure out for a little while now.. What is the cast around Sam's hand? I just noticed it right now, and I can't remember when he had that put on..
  • A diptych with "Hunted" (2x10)

    I consider this episode, "Croatoan", and the following one, "Hunted", to be a diptych closing the first half of Season Two: we have seen the boys cope with the loss of their fathers and now - with these two episodes - we are delving into the very heart of Season Two's myth-arc, that's saying the Psy-Kids and the Yellow-Eyed Demon's plan for them. In this episode - written by John Shiban and directed by the always great Robert Singer - we get a chance to see that Demons are preparing to war, and, as they did before in the Roanoke Colony, they are spreading a virus to infect people with their hellish taint. But what we most importantly find out was that the experiment conducted in Rivergrove, Oregon, was more prominently a way to test Sam's resistance to such a disease. We know that he is supposedly the YED's favorite in its race to find a leader for his army, and it's plausible that the YED want to make sure that its "Boy King" (as Pride refers to Sammy in "The Magnificent Seven", 3x01) was safe and sound from this menace.

    The episode has a great, "Night of the Living Dead"-y atmosphere, a gripping mood and many frightening scenes. It had a great supporting cast and an heartfelt, moving moment between Sam and Dean, who refuses to let Sammy die after he has been infected by the Demonic Virus. Most importantly, "Croatoan" ends with Dean revealing what his father had told him before dying (more on this in the next episode's review).

    The only think to prevent me from scoring 10/10 this episode is that the ending (I mean, the ending to the supernatural case of the week) was rather abrupt and a little rush. In hindsight, it's also a pity that we didn't see the virus anymore, making this whole plot point rather unnecessary to the main storyline.
  • Roanoke Island.

    This episode left me totally breathless, it connected to the English colonies, it all pieced together in the end, everyone disappeared just like in the first English colony, Roanoke Island. The end was chilling, Dean telling Sam finally about what his dad told him before he died, it was a to be continued, that really must of got a lot of lot of views in the next episode, I like how the virus is going around the town, finally a new formula in the Supernatural setting. my favorite out of all three was the hospital surgeon, I loved how she played that character so well, an amazing episode.
  • "This is the one that got away" … trust me we're all gonna lose sleep over this one!

    Croatoan … what can I say … I love, love, LOVE this episode, one of the best. There was so much torment in this story that I can't help but feel for the boys every single time I watch this episode, and every time I discover something new (which must be over a thousand times by now!). Incredible. That scene in the clinic after Dean locks the door on himself and his brother is truly heartbreaking, you could see two extreme cases of desperation, one forced, one by choice. It was Dean's choice to stay with his brother, and die with him. After all if he couldn't save Sam nothing else is worth living, and I believe that as he was trying to joke about the situation he could see himself having to kill Sam when he turns, and then killing himself … he can't live without Sam … he doesn't want to.

    Dean's desperation puzzled Sam and hurt him in ways no one could imagine, he was seeing his brother, his protector, his savior, giving up on life, and that almost killed him even before the virus set in. I honestly don't know how many times I can praise these boys without becoming redundant, but seriously, with every new episode they bring an amount of depth that I've never seen before on television.

    The end scene was a hell of a cliffhanger, what is it that's been weighing on Dean for so long? We're about to find out…
    That final scene also contains one of the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen, the wonders of God's creation … Finally, this line will haunt me for a very long time …
    "You can still go on"
    "Who says I want to?"
  • Dean and Sam enter a small town following one of Sam's visions. Their hunting leads them into the middle of a mystery strangely reminiscent of the past . It all centers around Croatoan.

    Pretty good episode. There were a lot of funny moments as always, the usual drama, and expected action. The cliff hanger at the end had me clinging to the edge of my seat waiting for the next episode. The character development was really good in this one too. I feel like dean is a much rounder person in my mind now then he had been previously (not that he wasn't fully developed before). There was some excellent acting on Jared Padalecki's part. I seriously wanted to hug him when I saw him tearing up. So overall a pretty satisfying episode. However, i did feel like it lacked something. It didn't feel like it flowed really well. It seemed to be lacking some of the essential parts of a story, so that at the end I was kinda feeling like it hadn't even hit the middle yet. Of course, it's a continuing story, so I guess I couldn't really expect an end. But it would have been nice to feel a little more closure I guess (though I am torn on that point, because the characters didn't feel closure so I'm assuming the author didn't want the audience to feel closure either).

    Favorite Funny Moments/Quotes:
    Man at Barricade: Say, why don't you get out of the car and we'll talk a little?
    Dean: Well, you are a handsome devil but I don't swing that way

    The facial expressions Dean uses when telling the doctor that they aren't really federal marshals

    Sam: This is the dumbest thing you've ever done.
    Dean: I don't know about that. Remember that waitress in Tampa? Brrr....

    Sarge: My neighbor, Mr. Rogers…
    Dean: You've got a neighbor named Mr. Rogers?

    Sam: Roanoke? Lost colony? Ring a bell? Dean, did you pay any attention to history class?
    Dean: Yeah. The shot heard 'round the world, how bills become laws....
    Sam: That's not school; that's Schoolhouse Rock!
    Dean: Whatever.

    Duane: Has anyone seen my parents?
    Dean: Awkward...

    Dean: I don't know man...I think we just oughta...go to the grand canyon...
    Sam: What?
    Dean: Yeah! You know all this driving back and forth across country, I've never been to the Grand Canyon!

    Favorite Dramatic Moments/Quotes
    Sam telling Dean to leave

    Sam: No. You can keep going!
    Dean: Who says I want to?
    Sam: What?
    Dean: I'm tired, Sam. I'm tired of this job, this life, this weight on my shoulders, man. I'm tired of it.
  • Another fantastic episode

    I thought this episode was awesome. And very different from the other episodes. There is no demon for the brothers to hunt. Everything that's happening is due to a demonic virus. In which Sam is immune from. Weird. The one thing I hated about this episode is at the end. Dean is about to tell Sam what their dad told him before he died. But, then the show went on hiatus. I was so excited to hear what John had told Dean. And then nothing. Stupid hiatus. I loved this episode. It was very well written and very different from the norm. I loved the scene where Dean and the Sarge are pointing their guns at each other and yelling, you could be one of them, so could you, you could be lying, so could you. That was funny. And then when the Sarge mentioned he had a neighbor named Mr. Rodgers. That was funny. Also when they were in Dean's car with their guns pointed at each other, Dean said, this is going to be a relaxing drive. All in all, I thought this was a fantastic episode. I loved every minute of it.
  • Awesome. Love the idea about the colony.

    I really loved Croatoan, it was a very good story, and was well thought out and written. Sam was awesome, and so was Dean, especially Dean when he told Sam he was tired of the job. That was so beautiful and special. (I am such a sissy!) Anyway, I thought it was great. The whole disease thing was really cool too. I love plagues, because they are so interesting and fun to watch. Croatoan is probably the most intriuging and 'keep you watching the whole way through' episodes. It was just full on awesome! Loved it! I really loved Deans work as I said earlier. *is very Deanie at the moment!*
  • Sam has another vision, one of Dean killing someone tied to a chair, leading them to a town where Croatoan is written on one of the lamp posts.

    This is a really fantastic episode of Supernatural for too many reasons to list. The story is well written, the acting is top notch, and this forwards not just the overall mythology but we get more on what is going on with Sam. I love that the Marine Master Sergeant had a neighbor named Mr. Rogers.

    First off, I can't say enough about Dean. From his assurance that if he "ventilated" some guy then he had a good reason for doing so to his escape in the Impala at the roadblock, he really kicks ass in this episode. He has some super slick moves in this episode and it is impressive to see. The fact that Dean considers the man who pulled a gun on him, and KEPT a gun on him, as the "only sane person alive" would be funny if it weren't true.

    Dean is ice cold in this episode. "You sure she's one of them?" and Sammy's yes is all he needs to kill a sobbing woman. While this causes Sam concern over morality, Dean does what he sees as necessary. If Sam hadn't stopped him from killing the guy, then the Master Sergeant wouldn't have gotten killed in the end of the episode - not that they have any way of knowing that, but still.

    The scene with Sam and Dean at the end is just heartbreaking. Jensen Ackles earned his paycheck in this episode. Dean's tired and suicidal and it really comes through in this scene. Great acting here from both Jensen and Jared. The scenes with the two of them – regardless of episode – just shine as fantastic. The two of them play off of each so well its scary.

    I like the twist on the Roanoke legend here, although I am iffy about a demon virus as far as a plot device. We will see if they try to play out the demon virus angle in future episodes.

    The episode was scary, and had the feel of a zombie movie as they are all trapped in the clinic. Very nicely done.
  • Although ignoring the first rule of zombie-flicks – never open one’s door to a stranger – The Boys fight to survive the same type of demonic plague that claimed the Roanoke colony.

    Overall, definitely a great episode. I am feeling some directorial desire to move away from the quintessential Supernatural opening from the exploration that’s gone on in “The Usual Suspects,” “Crossroad Blues,” and “Croatoan.” I’m not complaining. This particular opening, for some reason, actually reminded me of Memento, although I’m not entirely sure why – I guess in my head, slow-motion now is the same as filming in reverse. By the end of the episode I did wonder if the demonic virus had some affect on the camera crew, but as long as the Supernatural Powers that Be don’t make a habit of including Battlestar Galactica-esque “camera work,” I think I shall be happy.

    I don’t really know what “Jumps the Shark” means, I was having quite a difficult time deciding how to classify this episode, so we’ll just go with it. Previously, I talked about how one of the things that turns me off about Jo’s performance in “No Exit” was that I have a – um, this might not be the best time for me to be writing this review, as I can’t think of the English word for Russian it’s “nastoiashij” – we can say real, although that’s not the word I want – I have a real fear being in situations where I won’t have enough oxygen, yet I didn’t feel particularly scared by her imprisonment. The same holds true for “Croatoan.” Watching zombie-flicks (which is how I will classify this episode even though there were no tottering corpses, Inferi, brain-eating creatures, or however else you personally categorize zombies), I always get that little chill that comes from thinking “there’s no way that you could actually fight against this, were it to happen.” There’s SO MUCH potential inherently built into an episode about zombies. At one point, I wrote a note that said “gross, Cabin Fever?” referencing of course the horrible movie about the campers whose water is poisoned – I think that this episode had its priorities confused. The major complaint I have about that is that I can’t for the life of me think of something that actually was taking up the episode’s time; for most of it, it seemed we were chasing red herrings. Perhaps, after watching next week’s episode, I will feel differently about “Croatoan,” taking it as part one of a two-parter, but I do think that such a portrayal is allowing the Powers that Be to cop out.

    The “fear factor” of this episode could have greatly increased by much more exposition of the monster. Of course, Lovecraft is hailed as a master of the genre because he never fully unveiled the monster, but that is different than the hearsay that occurred in the episode. Watching neighbor turn against neighbor would impart a much greater fear than listening to secondary characters describe the situation. I thus felt that the scenes imparting the best “fear factor” were when the Stepford Wife was held captive and infected, and the shock of the demon’s throat slitting. (Incidentally, he tells the chalice that there were no survivors; does that mean that the doctor was involved as a secondarily-possessed demon, or that he is going to go back to clear up loose ends with her?)

    Intellectually, there really weren’t any scenes in which I said yes, this is a great portrayal of The Boys, and I think that’s why I am having a problem with this episode. I have no problem with the fact that they lost; c’mon, I’ve talked about being an English major before. Sadism at fictional characters’ plights and all that. What bothers me is that there was something missing in this episode, and I won’t even call it my je ne sais quois. I think the flaw goes all the way back into the writing of the episode. This affects the lack of exposition of the virus, the possible continuity issue with “no survivors,” and the overall way in which the boys were talking to each other. I wrote down this dialogue for example. Dean: “I dunno, man.” Sam: “Whatever.” (Which was expressed phonetically in a way reminiscent of Cartman: “Wateva [it’s mah hot body].” The tone of The Boys’ dialogue was much more in the social dialect I’m going to call “polite teenager,” meaning the way in which teenage males who are trying to prove their coolness talk to each other, filled with “dudes,” “mans,” and other “cool” remarks. It felt out-of-character and awkward to me; we, the audience, already perceive the Winchester boys as cool, or we wouldn’t be watching the show. Also, seeing as we’re halfway through the second season, we’ve had quite an exposition to their speech patterns, and prior to this they have never fallen into the “polite teenager” dialect except when they are posing for someone they’re questioning – certainly never when just speaking to each other.

    Finally, I noticed again that it wasn’t a Biblical God raining plagues and pestilence down upon the Egyptians, but a virus brought about by, conceivably, by the Yellow-Eyed Demon. I also found it interesting to note the moral gymnastics The Boys had to go through in order to kill those infected. At the end of season one, when Dean killed Cade Foster (sorry for the First Wave reference; I mean the Meg Master’s demonic brother, wasted by the Colt) he suffered much regret for killing a human, and it was the Yellow-Eyed Demon’s mistake on John’s reaction that allowed Sam to recognize the possession. I don’t think that the disinterest herein contained is an effect of character growth, but I don’t want to categorize it as poor writing, either (although I do have my suspicions). When all has been said and done, obviously this was Supernatural so it was a great episode – I have yet to watch an episode that I haven’t liked (well, that’s a lie – we’re going to ignore “The Benders” when I make this statement), but there were some problems that were quite recognizable.
  • Sam and Dean come across a town that might pulling a disappearing act like the Roanoke colony.

    I liked this episode. I wondered when a Supernatural type of show would tread in the missing colony. I love how "Supernatural" did this. How ironic. Anyway, I absolutely love the beginning of this episode. I love how Dean starts off fierce even though it's a vision/dream. I like the sort of fear when he sees Sam laying on the floor. It's pretty cool. The acting was EXCELLENT! Also love it when Sam bumps into the pole that says "Croatoan" on it and Dean has no idea what it is and Sam has to re-explain things to him. Dean's facial expressions are HILARIOUS! The overall connection between the brothers was great this whole episode. How Dean wouldn't leave Sam's side even though he might be infected was great. Great job!
  • Very exciting.

    This is the reason I watch this show, no joke at all. It had suspense, brother bonding and all of the elements that make the perfect supernatural episode. It had the perfect suspense points, I personally thought that Duane would be the one that attacked Sam, and fear that runs through each episode. I thought that even though the Roanoke theme was a bit underplayed it was a little obvious but still an excellent theme nonetheless. There was a lot of character development going on in this episode. Dean was slightly out of character or maybe he's finally just showing he's human. Sam showed to be just as rock solid as Dean. I hope this tells that the rest of the series will be as good.
  • Sam and Dean visit a town where the locals act like they're possessed. They find out the locals have a demonic virus, and one of the brothers becomes infected.

    This episode was awesome, especially the ending with the Croatoan demon. I loved the history of this episode, the facts about Roanoke. It really pushed the characters to new places; the brothers have to make decisions about killing and about the job. And the cliff-hanger with Dean about to tell Sam what John said; I couldn't wait for the break between the episodes to be over. Also, it progressed the Sam-psychic-demon thing to a higher level. As I said, it was one awesome episode which brought up a lot of new questions and problems. It's the one that got away.
  • great episode!!

    After Sam ( Jared Padalecki ) has a vision of Dean ( Jensen Ackles ) killing a young man who seems to be possessed by a demon, the two brothers head off to Oregon to search for answers.

    They come across a town infected by a deadly virus that drives a person to kill. Sam becomes infected by one of the locals and prepares for his deadly fate, but after nothing happens to him, Dean decides to come clean and reveal what John ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan ) whispered to him before he died.

    John Shiban wrote the episode directed by Robert Singer.
  • I loved this episode.

    I remember when I first read the title of this episode "Croatoan" I thought that word sounds familiar to me but I just did not know why. When Sam was telling Dean about Roanoke, the light bulb finally went on. I learned about in history class. I did like how the writers used that event in history to tell a Supernatural episode. In this episode you find out that the yellow-eyed demon is testing Sam and this demonic virus outbreak is just another test. They wanted to see if Sam was immune to the demonic virus. I also liked how Sam and Dean always stick by each other no matter what. Jared and Jensen act so well together that you would think that they were brothers in real life. The end of the episode left you wanting more. Just when you thought that Dean was going to tell Sam what their father had told him the episode ends.
  • Marvellous

    How good was this episode? I absolutely loved it.

    Sam and Dean are in a town where the people are being infected by a virus. Anyway, long story short; Sam gets infected but he doesn't present symptoms. That's strange.

    Anyway, the best bit of the episode was the bit where they both thought Sam was going to dies and Dean refuses to leave him. That was such a sweet scene and it just shows the love that Dean has for his little brother.

    The end of the episode was good too. I wasn't expecting that man to be possessed by a demon, that shocked me. And the scene between Sam and Dean!!! I can't wait to see the next one now; I wanna know what he's going to say.

    ten out of ten
  • Could this show get any better I don't think so.

    Super episode right up there with my favorites.
    Dean looked so hot in this one I could just
    eat him up. The funny part was when the told
    him he had a neighbour named Mr. rogers the look
    on dean's face was priceless. I think it's his expressions that make him so cute and when he
    said about school house rock to sam about
    what he learned in history. And the ending was
    so sad the look on both their faces made me cry.
  • One of my favorate episodes.

    Sam has another one of his weirdo visions this time of dean shotting an unarmed inoccent man.Sam and dean search far the town were the vision took place and find a town were there is a weired virus going around that makes the people in the town act in a zombie like way and atack each other. the illness is spred by blood and when sam is infected dean must decied if he can do the unthinkable and kill his own brother. When dean thinks that sam is going to die he revals that he is tired of this live. But for a reason that no one can explain sam has an amunity to the virus and while everyone else in the town disappers sam is fine. And in a great twist we find out that the yed is involved. And it finally looks like its time for dean to revale the biggest secreat on supernatural, the truth about what jhon told dean befor he died.

    one of the best episodes of the season so far even with the anoying cliff hanger
  • One of the best so far.

    This may no have been the most original episode but it certainly was one of the best so far this season. This episode was fantastic. The story was about Sam getting a vision of Dean killing someone in a small town. Because of a virus outbreak.

    The boys go to the town, and the virus is begins to take over, Dean is falsed to kill some people to save himself and Dean. Meanwhile corned in the doctors surgury they try to come up with a cure. But are unsucessful. Sam gets infected and begins to turn into one, an so far the only cure is death. Dean stays with him to die but somehow all the infected towns people vanish, and Sam is left cured. Everyone is unsure what happened but it is realeaved that it is the work of the deamon, and it looks like h has a new solider to do his work now than Meg's gone.

    This was a fastastic episode that was left on a cliffhanger, so what did there father tell Dean about Sam?
  • The boys find themselves in the middle of a town filled with virus-infected people that causes them to act in a zombie-like manner.

    Croatoan was revealing and different. This was a special episode because it momentarily steps out of the boundary. When the boys find themselves as main targets to a town filled with virus-infected people, the situation requires quick thinking and sure actions. The suspense in this episode caught my attention. The game of who's-infected must be constantly played by Sam and Dean, as there is no sure way to detect an infected person until he or she has turned. Many events were surprising, especially when Sam, himself, is infected with the virus. Sam's attitude was expected, encouraging Dean to leave his gun and flee with the others. Dean's reaction was interesting and revealed much about his loving character. It showed his true loyalty to his brother, someone whom he has been protecting since their toddler years. This episode was both mystifying, suspenseful, and revealing. The character development took a leap after this one.
  • The boys travel to the town of River Grove after Sam has another vision.

    This episode is loosely based around an old colonial town in America where all the citizens mysteriously disappeared without a trace except for the word Croatoan carved into a tree. When Sam has a vision of Dean shooting a seemingly innocent man the two brothers travel to the town of River Grove, Oregon to see what has caused this vision and to perhaps prevent it.
    On arriving in the town the boys investigate the man in Sam's vision fnding his location from an old army Sargeant. After this the boys discover the word Croatoan carved into a tree and Sam remembers the old legend about an American town where all the citizens mysteriously disappear. It seems the myth could be happening again...
    This episode started off well in my opinion and I had heard lots of good things about it. The legend was interesting too. I think if this had been a movie length episode (hear me out) then it could have been much better as the ending was a complete let down, the only thing that made up for it was the final scenes between Sam and Dean and the scenes where Dean begins to reveal certain things to Sammy about what their Dad said before he died. But as with the case of most of the episodes from season 2 there seems to be way too much empathasis on this bloody secret. I much rathered the whole hunting evil first, find Dad when we do of season 1. Season 2 is Sam then, how you feeling Dean? oh wait a bad guy well I guess we'll kill it if it's convienient. I'm still a huge fan of Supernatural but what can I say? Bring back the gore! :)
  • Kind of...

    I really liked this episode. I studied about the Roanoak colony at uni last year so this whole episode sucked me in, I found it all really interesting. I loved the humor in the episode even as the boys had to make some of the toughest decisions they’ve ever made, they still had me cracking smiles even as I sucked in my breath in apprehension.

    I loved this part:-

    Dean: Sam, we've still got some time.
    Sarge: Time for what? Look, I understand he's your brother and I'm sorry. I am. But I got to take care of this. (prepares to shoot Sam)
    Dean: I'm gonna say this one time, you make a move on him and you'll be dead before you hit the ground. You understand me? I mean, do I make myself clear?

    I love when Dean gets all protective of Sam. It’s one of the main reasons why I love this show so much.

    I love bad boy Dean too, this line made me snort coke up my nose:-

    Duane: You were gonna shoot me!
    Dean: You don't shut your pie hole, I still might.

    As did this part:-

    Dean: I just think we ought to go to the Grand Canyon.
    Sam: What?
    Dean: Yeah, you know, all this driving back and forth cross country, you know, I've never been the Grand Canyon. We could go to TJ, or Hollywood...see if one of us can bang Lindsay Lohan.

    And this bit:-

    Sam: This is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done.
    Dean: I don’t know about that. Remember that waitress in Tampa?

    And omg most classic line of the entire episode was:-

    Sarge: My neighbour, Mr. Rogers…
    Dean: You’ve got a neighbour named Mr. Rogers?
    Sarge: Not anymore.

    Lol:) The cliff hanger was ruined here in Australia as stupid Channel 10 showed what John told Dean in the preview for next week but I've already seen most of it so I didn’t mind too much but I bet a lot of people were miffed.

    Another great episode that gives us more questions than answers but it kept me hanging on, I can't wait for more!
  • A very good episode, though the ending was a little disappointing

    While the ending of this episode isn't as abrupt as the one in "Bugs" and Dean at least references the unsatisfying ending, the suspense just leaving was a bit disappointing and hopefully they reference the Croatoan again, which may happen.

    A new villain, much like season one's Meg, arises in this episode, giving it a great twist and showing that Sam's premonition was what should have occured and we find out that Sam's immunity has built up against viruses and possibly possession.

    The plot was very cool, the deadly virus turning people into irreversible evil being yet another original idea and Dean finally having to come clean since he tought Sam would die anyway, which is great suspense which I for one will watch next week's episode for, though I think ending the episode with the revelation would be more suspenseful than starting the next one but either way, this episode is one that's certainly worth watching.
  • Sam has a vision of Dean shooting a defenseless man, and they go to the town of River Grove, where they find the townspeople have been possessed by a virus that makes them violent.

    Sam has a vision of Dean shooting a defenseless man, and they go to the town of River Grove, where they find the townspeople have been possessed by a virus that makes them violent. I really don't know what to write about this...

    Sam: That wasn't school, Dean. That was Schoolhouse Rock! Dean: See if one of us can bang Lindsay Lohan ok i just added 2 quotes..they're kinda funny!
  • lol just kidding guys. this was a pretty interesting episode not like all the rest. People out of the blue start acting really wierd and killing ppl and Sam gets infected with this "virus" will Dean have to kill him??

    nope Dean dosent have to kill him thank goodness!
    Dean actually desided to stay with Sam and make sure he was ok and was also willing to have Sam kill him inorder to do that. Cause once infected with this virus u do weird out of the ordinary things often involved with killing ppl. Near the end Sam finds out that the virus had no effect on him and we learn latter on that every thing was planed so that the yellow eyed demon could see if Sam was immune to the wierd demon virus.
  • another great story

    even if i did not like the ending it was a good episode. The brothers are drag to a town following a drema that one of them was going to kill an inocent human been. They did not know that this was a plan to see if they were inmune to some type of virus that has hit hte town. I think that hte writers should have choose a better ending
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