Season 5 Episode 16

Dark Side of the Moon

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 2010 on The CW

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  • Our beloved boys are hunted, literally to death giving them a rare opportunity to find out exactly where God stands amidst the mess his "children" have created. In the meantime our boys learn a few things about each other and the meaning of "Heaven".

    Thank You Krip! Thank you for giving us a realistic idea of just what heaven could possibly be! I figure your take on hell is pretty much the same. At last, something that makes sense! Awakened by hunters out for vengeance Sam and Dean find themselves hunted to death, and their souls now freely roaming heaven. This Magical Mystery Tour takes them through each others' best moments or "Greatest Hits" as the boys put it, resulting in a few sad surprises for Dean when he realizes that some of Sam's most heavenly moments don't even include him. But heaven isn't all its cracked up to be when they realize they have an extremely P.O.'d Zachariah (turns out he's 'petty', huh, who'da guessed that what with the stomach cancer and the breaking of Sam's legs, and the was it sealing? or removal or his lungs? Hmm...) willing to ream them both seven ways from Sunday for little else than sticking to their guns and not wanting to serve as pawns. (gee... go figure, not a whole lot of incentive for playing along... being left as a drooling idiot or trapped in your own meat with Lucifer himself riding you day and night... well surprisingly, those options lack allure. So, Stick to your guns boys!) We had several wonderful guest appearances, certainly the most entertaining being Ash who's heaven would of course include a means of translating heaven! How Awesome is that? Ash, you just plain rock! Certainly the most diabolical guest appearance would be Dean's second flashback to home with all his own doubts spewing like projectiles from his own mothers' mouth, (courtesy once again of Zachariah, who I'm certainly ready to believe is an even greater threat than Lucifer himself. [Sam how's about you just point Lucifer at Zachariah and see what happens... could be entertaining]). The most revealing thing about Zacharia's Puppet-Mary's tirade was Sams reaction to it, the pain on his face as those horrors were hurled at his big brother was beautifully telling. It was lovely to see Pamela with real eyes, and to know she's just as frisky in heaven as she was on earth even if she has been stepford wife'd. But hey, who can blame her, if you're in your own ideal heaven you're supposed to rejoice and be at peace, not question whether or not its real or whether or not it matters. And yet, conceptually, being content in your own heaven to the point of not wanting to leave it or caring what goes on beyond it... rather lends itself to the idea of being imprisoned by your own ennui. And any prisoner will tell you, the first obligation of a prisoner is to escape. And truly, if heaven is such a great place then why does life matter? (oh and yes, apparently the boys have both been to heaven before but had the memory erased... kinda like that whole past life, starting the new one with a clean slate thing... makes sense.).

    At last our boys are once again saved from Zacharia's nefarious intent only to find out that God isn't interested in playing this game. He's really not even interested in refereeing it, but to a degree he has, and now he's gonna go sit out the second half and just watch his kids beat the snot out of each other and see who wins. Is it a test of faith? Of personal responsibility? Of virtue? Is God just another absentee father that Dean has to clean up after? Is this a lesson in self reliance straight from the 'heavenly father' himself? Maybe he just doesn't want his skee ball game interrupted. Maybe he needs another margarita, and maybe he just doesn't care. Sadly, upon their return, and sharing what they've learned with Cas, Dean and his angelic buddy's faith is sorely shaken, Sam's resolve seems to have steeled a bit. Cas returns Dean's pendant and again the look on Sam's face as Dean's lost faith is reflected in the simple act of him throwing it away tells us far too much. Maybe it was because so many of Sam's 'heavenly moments' were of times without even Dean, maybe he's just too tired to believe in, or hope for anything anymore. I hope Sam pulls that pendant from the trash and keeps it safe (around his own neck) for when Dean is ready to take it back. (Let's also hope that when the time comes that sucker glows hot because the presence of "The Lord" winds up in one of the boys... now that would be an interesting twist). I have a new addition to my top 10 fave Supernatural Episodes and Dark Side of the Moon is it! Beautifully conceived, written, acted, directed, edited... just plain beautiful! Thanks as always to Kast and Krew for such an excellent ep! As always special love to Jensen and Jared. Thanks boys.
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