Season 4 Episode 15

Death Takes a Holiday

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 2009 on The CW

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  • Dead Winchesters walking

    This was a very neat episode. We get all kinds of tidbits here. The return of Tessa, the Reaper beauty from season 2's ‘IMTOD’; another great appearance - and sadly, death - of recurring fave, Pamela; the return of presumed-dead Alastair; and more Winchester rivalry peppered throughout.

    The biggest thing that got to me, of all things, was the Reaper deal. So the demons are out to kill Reapers, which is one of the seals to break. But completing the task was a wild adventure indeed. See, the bros had to become ghosts - very literally - in order to stop this next attack on a seal. Along the way they encounter another ghost, the one of a young boy named Cole who was hanging in the veil, not wanting to leave his grief-stricken mother. But with a little guidance and encouragement from Dean, Cole was released from this “prison� in order to pass safely on to the other side. It helped that Tessa was on board to lend a hand, too. But not before Cole helped the bros with some pretty nifty ghostly fighting maneuvers and tricks, something that will undoubtedly help in their hunting in the future, making them more aware of how to protect themselves and fight against the enemy by knowing a bit more of how this sort of thing works in a supernatural perspective.

    The boys’ passing into the other side was reminiscent of last year’s ‘DALDOM’, but instead of walking in dreams, this was a little more riskier and definitely more controlled as they roamed freely about in the world but just through the veil, hence the risk. Then there’s Pamela, who sent the boys into the veil to begin with but could’ve pulled them out at any time. And for the record, I am sorry to see the death of her character. I loved Pamela. I really wish we could’ve gotten more with her, she had such great chemistry and humor with Sam and Dean. Still, it made for an exciting climax to the ep.

    As I said above, thanks to our little friend Cole for teaching the boys some wild ghost moves for fighting, moving things by sheer concentration, and even teleporting. But they also get a taste of the not-so-pleasantries, too. Such as being repelled by iron and rock salt. Always loopholes, huh? But, like I also said, it should give them more perspective on how they deal with future enemies of the dearly departed variety.

    So Alastair didn’t perish after all, huh? Dude’s back and nastier than before. Plus he’s got a yen to kill Reapers - 2 to be precise - as this is the breaking of one of the seals. And, of course, Tessa is in town so naturally she’s an unwilling contender/victim. But something interesting happens with Alastair in this episode: he has depleted in his immunity to Sam’s powers. Actually, Sam has grown more powerful on his own, so it makes sense that Alastair starts to waver at least a little under Sam’s weight. But he’s not entirely beaten yet. Sam has obviously still got a ways to go before he can do any real major damage to Alastair. Speaking of Sam’s powers, Pamela’s dire warning to him at ep’s end was really freaky and ominous. Even she can feel that Sam is headed towards darkness with his growing powers, so things are definitely starting to get goosebumply regarding him.

    I gotta give Dean a major kudos this time around. He has really turned some corners this season, and this ep showcases a lot of this about him. The most being the whole miracles thing. While he and Sam were discussing possible causes of their case at the beginning, he seemed really quick to jump on the whole ‘miracles happen’ train. I mean, Dean is the one who started out the series as the skeptic, and because of his experiences with angels this season - as well as everything that lead up to that point - his faith has done a total 180. In a way, I believe this has helped him understand Tessa’s job. She stated that people lie to themselves whenever they deal with death, but that is because people are scared of what’s on the other side. He encouraged Cole to go with Tessa, and even stated that he wanted to go with her way back when he first met her. Any other time he probably would’ve done all he could to stop her. But he realizes that staying behind would be worse than watching living loved ones in pain. And then, Tessa had to lessen it by telling him that there were no such things as miracles. It’s possible he already knew this deep down, but from his perspective, he more than likely used it as a device to ease Cole’s and even Pamela’s fears of passing on. And perhaps even his own for future reference.

    Dean’s interactions with Alastair were interesting, too. It’s clear there is some very unfinished business here, which will make for some really intriguing viewing later on. Makes me wonder what Alastair’s plans for Dean are, other than the obvious. Because we now have a powerful demon and a pair of angels all jockeying for Dean’s soul - or just Dean, period, whatever. Either way, this is important as it was made blatantly clear that Dean is destined for something special also, much as Sam was always slated to be something special. And speaking of little bro, no surprise that Dean still harbors some resentment over the events of the last ep when they fought while under the siren’s spell. Sam seems to want to get past it (no surprise there, either) but Dean obviously still bears a grudge. It seems Dean feels his importance to the job is, well, not, even when everything he goes through tells him different. And I believe his feelings of self-inadequacy stem from his inferiority to Sam. Let’s face it, Sam is his whole world right now, but he’s far from inferior to him. If anything, being helped out of the pit by an angel should at least warrant a one-up over Sam’s powers at this point. And even Tessa, being a mere Reaper, told Dean that she knows that great things are in store for him. As well as Castiel, who surprisingly shows up at the end to capture Alastair, makes a point to Dean about how Dean always does the opposite of what Cas asks of him, hence the deceptive skills of Cas to imitate the earlier call from Bobby in order to “enlist� the brothers’ help in stopping the breaking of the seal, claiming it a victory. Further showing Dean’s importance after all.

    Bits and Pieces:
    - The new actor playing Alastair was an extremely wise choice. Very creepy flavor added to the character.
    - Dean’s reaction in the cemetery scene where he and Sam were working the mojo to having no answer for once to what they were up to was hilarious and delivered just right from Jensen Ackles.
    - The way the bros’ - in ghost form - saw those demonic signs on the side of that building was a cool new twist to the mythology of the show: only being able to see them while walking in the veil.
    - R.I.P. Kim Manners. Very tragic, my heart goes out to his family, friends and the rest of the cast and crew of “Supernatural� who had the utmost privilege of working with such a talented man.

    I’m rating this ep a perfect 10. Next ep looks like Dean has a showdown with Alastair. That has definitely gotta rock. Until next time....
  • Something about it was... simply amazing!

    Firstly... YAY PAMELA! I loved her from the first moment she was introduced to the show, how she played with the boys on their level! Then, her blind really made me feel for her! I will definitely miss her! But... she did help the boys out, again! But them as ghosts was something I couldn't have ever predicted! (Dean's arm going through Sam's body... that was priceless!) And seeing Tessa again... admittedly, I never really did like her, and the sexual tension between her and Dean was a little annoying (even though there wasn't that much). But it was still nice to see her again and get Dean's memory back.

    Anywho, over all... I LOVED this episode. Definitely goes on my top favourites!
  • Sam drifts further out to sea...

    Sam's character is really changing. He doesn't have any trepidation about using his power, and seems to be feeling superior to Dean. He practically started ordering him around at the beginning of the ep - I don't think I've ever seen him do that before. He seems to have given up whatever misgivings and scruples he had about using his powers. Now he's quite pleased with himself about what he can do. I guess we saw that attitude brought out with the siren's spell - we all know there were lots of grains of truth to the things he said while under the influence. The episode was good, although I would not put this up there in the top ten episodes.
  • Let's face it, the central premise of this one is just damn cool.

    A return to the season-spanning narrative after several stand alone hours, 'Death Takes A Holiday' benefits greatly from a highly sophisticated script by Jeremy Carver that manages to sustain a prominent level of unpredictability while also advancing several character arcs and tugging at the heartstrings in more ways than one. Pamela's death is certainly unexpected but it's an absolute corker: the scene is shockingly gruesome and, better still, pays off as more than simply the casual slaying of a dangling plot thread by tying the whole thing into the advancement of Sam's (presumed) descent to the dark side. On the flip side of this sudden departure is the prolonged death of the 'limbo child', which becomes more morbid as the episode progresses. Kudos to casting for an inspired choice here - the kid does a highly commendable job of invoking our sympathies while remaining believably flawed, never traversing into the mawkish. And on top of all this, let's face it, the central premise is just damn cool. Another corker to add to a season chock-a-block full of them. Scary, gripping, moving and fecking epic. They don't come much better than this.
  • Good episode

    Sam and Dean seek help from Pamela, who sends the brothers to the spiritual realm. They discover Alastair attempting to break the seal causing mayhem in the mortal world by stopping death from occurring in a small town. Tis episode had its moments it was good seeing Sam and Dean as ghosts but I dont totally understand what happened there. There was a great scene where Sam and Dean learn how to use there ghost powers. There was lots of action but not enough fun. Castiel was awesome, glad to see him again been so long. It gets a 9 out of 10.
  • A very unpredictable episode with plenty of surprises, both good and bad.

    Must say I was surprised – and shocked – for many reasons in this episode, starting with the fact that Dean isn't trying to keep the peace like every other time they fight, he actually says something! I thought for sure they were going to do the whole denial thing. Good on Dean to remind Sam of what he said. Sam meant every word and Dean knows it. Look at Dean's face, he's barely tolerating Sam right now.

    Then the obvious: Alistair couldn't touch Sam!!! Then Sam yanked Alistair out!! What on Earth has Ruby been teaching him?! No nosebleed, nothing! Granted, Alistair was back a couple of hours later (seems he knows where the back door to Hell is) but it did result in Castiel catching Alistair off guard and capturing him!! Woo-hoo! One for the home team at last! And they saved a seal! A historic day indeed.

    So happy to see Castiel again, and he's back being all distant and mysterious again. He really is getting a handle on how to give Dean orders – pretend to be Bobby! He made an excellent point – Dean refuses direct orders just on principle.

    Despite the success, we lost Pamela and who can blame her for being bitter at the end? They made her blind and got her killed. What were they thinking leaving a blind woman alone to protect their unconscious bodies?! Not their finest moment.

    The only question now is whether Sam will listen to Pamela's dying words and finally accept that the road he's on can only lead to him turning evil. I doubt it, I think Sam is too far gone. The boy we loved disappeared completely when Dean died and he's too into the power now, I think he actually enjoys how powerful it makes him feel. Why Dean hasn't walked away is beyond me, his brother cannot be saved and Dean has to start preparing himself to kill him, and it's probably going to be someday soon.

    Wonderful to see Tessa again, loved her at the time and she was great here. Nice twist for her to restore Dean's memory, I always wished he remembered and now he does. Interesting that she kissed him to do it, just like a demon uses a kiss to seal a deal.

    A very strong return after the latest break with plenty of shocks and a surprise success. I'm really irritated with these interruptions – there better not be any more to the end of the season!
  • the winchester boys investiage when a small town seems to be cheating death. in turn, they are forced to become someting they normally fight, ghosts.

    well worth the wait. supernatural returns with a bang! first and foremost, SAM! how amazing are his powers? wowee. when he started tossing the demons around and sucked them out with such ease, my mouth just hung open. it was amazing. this ep was revealing in that there was a lot tension between the brothers from what sam said to dean while he was under the siren's spell. they both know that deep down inside sam did feel that way even though he normally wouldn't say it out loud. now it's out in the open and they can't really put it completely behind them. bobby tips the boys to a job, a small town seems to be cheating death. no one there had died for a while, against the odds. they come to find that the reaper is no where to be found. they try to summon the spirit of the last person that died in the town,a boy named cole. dean's former mentor in hell, alastair, shows up. alastair knocks dean out and it's sam to the rescue. his strength has grown monumentally and quite easily casts out the demon from it's host. the boys figure out that the reapers are in danger and the only way to save them is to become spirits themselves. pamela is called in. in their spirit form, they finally come across cole, who is relunctant to leave his grieving mom, and tessa, the reaper who tempted dean when he was near death at the beginning of s2. in order to stop the demons from killing the reapers and opening the next seal, dean and sam need to learn how to be ghosts. cole teaches them how to make physical contact w/the living world, which was quite amusing. after dean and sam defeat alastair again and save the reapers, pamela battles a demon as well and is stabbed, sam wakes from his spirit state and dispatches that demon as well. castiel reveals himself to dean and admits that he impersonated bobby in order to get him to do this job. dean and tessa convince cole that the only way that his mother will ever find any peace is for him to go w/tessa. he agrees and mom instantly feels the weight lifted from her broken heart. pamela wakes dean as well and just before she dies she whispers to sam that she knows what he did to the demon and tells both of them that she curses bobby for introducing her to them. sam is also disturbed that pamela also told him that his good intentions don't matter and keeps this from his brother. pivotal episode. sam will do whatever it takes to prevent the apocolypse and it's dean who has doubts about whether they will succeed. dean also knows that sam is keeping something big from him, his ever increasing powers.
  • Just when you thought they'd done it all, the Winchesters pull another rabbit out of the hat: The Brothers Go Ghost!

    Anytime I tune in to watch Supernatural I'm rarely disappointed. We see the return of Pamela - the wonder woman who verbalizes on screen everything fan girls are thinking ("You've got a nice ass!"). It was a well paced episode and brought back memories of "Dead Like Me" with the highlight on Reapers. The return of Dean's special Reaper made the episode all the more memorable. Also, the brothers got an education on ghost business - from moving objects to causing severe bodily harm to the maniacal Alistair. The episode certainly had a heightened sense of foreboding. Dean and Sam seem to play a bit of a role switch - back in the day, Dean was the one who kept all the secrets to protect his brother while Sam did everything he could to cajole the information out of Dean. But since Dean's big reveal about his time in hell, it's been Sam keeping secrets and Dean who's been looking for answers. There are times I wonder if the reason(s) for Sam not telling Dean is: 1) Sam wants to protect Dean
    2) Sam doesn't want to be judged or criticized by Dean and wants to prove he knows what he's doing
    3) whatever Sam is doing is affecting him mentally that he no longer sees the line between good and evil when it comes to his own actions

    The episode also registered the loss of Pamela whose death and her bitterness and regret at ever having met the Winchesters possibly echoes the thoughts of those who came before her and dared to become involved in the Winchester's lives (don't forget what happened at Harvelle's Roadhouse). Pamela verbalizes what many don't say to the brothers and her criticism hits them hard. Castiel makes a sudden appearance, as always, to lead Dean in a particular direction. But there is a suggestion that as Dean begins to acquire a certain blind faith in what the angels have asked of him, he is also being led astray.

    As each episode concludes, we're beginning to realize, as viewers, that while the brothers once worked independently to save others from forces beyond their understanding, they've now become pawns in a very dangerous war. As Sam becomes more dependent on his powers, we see a man driven to edges of hell to save heaven while his brother, pulled from the fiery pits relies on bidding from angels to do the same. Who is being played and by whom? Remember, Yellow-Eyes still had plans in the works. Is Sam becoming part of a self-fulfilling prophecy? And is Tessa the Reaper right? Are the promises the angels make to Dean empty? For everything we learn, there is a lot that's not being said. We're in for a bumpy ride folks.
  • Sam's keeping secrets, big secrets, about his abilities. We knew things were not all good between the boys after the last episode and this episode showed that.

    What a great way to come back from hiatus. I absolutely loved this episode. There was so much tension between the boys this episode. From the beginning in the diner when they were getting ready to leave and Dean was like are you sure you want me to go, I wouldn't want to hold you back. To when they got back to the motel after the cemetery scene and Sam just flat out lies to Dean about what happened, which is becoming increasing easy for him, and Dean tells Sam that if he wants to keep his little secrets he can't stop him but not to treat him like an idiot. They are obviously not good with the things that they said to each last episode and it really shows this episode. Then the cemetery scene…..OMG!!! Our little Sammy is all grown up! I knew his powers were more than just pulling demons but to see him use his powers like that was just so good. Jared plays evil so well. I loved the entrance made my Castiel this episode. I just wish we could have seen more of him. The fight scene with Sam, Dean and Cole was so funny. And the movie references were all over the place this episode: House, Fight Club, New Jack City, Amityville, and The Karate Kid. I loved seeing Tessa and Pamela again this episode. They both had warning for the boys. Tessa's warning to Dean about trusting his instincts about why he was brought back and the fact that miracles don't exist. And Pamela's warning to Sam at the end about knowing what's inside him and to watch himself, even thought we know he won't listen. I can't wait to see more.
  • the stakes get high again

    It's been since last December since the angels have been on Supernatural. It's been over a month since last episode. I loved this episode and love that Supernatural is back, from the millionth break, so before I review: CW, learn how to space out Supernatural better and Eric Kripke, regarding the angel/Apocalypse gap, since Supernatural officially has a Season Five, never do that again. Now on to my review. Some time has passed since Sex and Violence. Dean's still pretty upset over Sam's little "truth" despite Sam's protests that he meant nothing by it. Yeah right. Their next case takes them to a small town where no one has died for over a week. Pretty heavy stuff. What would you do if death no longer applied? I'm kind of surprised the town was still standing since how is it that no criminals have caught scent of this? A little too much chaos theory for me, I guess. A man Sam and Dean interviews believes it's an act of God but Dean understands that at least God's angels don't have that kind of pull. A tip from "Bobby" has Sam explaining that the reason everyone's not dying is due to the fact that the reapers are getting yanked. By who? And what? A vague passage in Revelations points to the fact that if someone aka demons destroy death under a special moon, they can destroy a seal. Apocalypse. Finally. To get answers, Dean and Sam decide to communicate with the spirit of the last boy who actually died when they encounter their old "friend" Alastair. Anna destroyed the host but not Alastair, a fact Alastair smirks at. Evil. This host seems a little too passive, so maybe Alastair's newest possession is uncomfortable for him. Dean is less than thrilled to see his old "buddy". Sam and Dean fight him. Alastair pulverizes Dean but Sam is unaffected. Whatever Sam has been doing with Ruby for the last several weeks has made him stronger and all the more dangerous. He flings Alastair and yanks him from the host. Whoa. Dean is surprised that they got away and Sam slips in a terrible lie. Dean tells his brother that it's okay that he has secrets, Dean's too fed up dealing with Sam's BS, but stop treating him like an idiot. Agreed. Dean questions if no-death is actually a good thing. If they do win, people will die again. Dean feels he shouldn't be the only special exception. Dean doesn't want to be special, is tired that he is special, and doesn't feel entitled to specialness. Sam has to coax him that life has to be this way. Sucks. Dean deduces that they have to find the reapers and warn them about the demons and to do that, they have to walk in the spirit world. They call in old friend Pamela to help out. Pamela mood-swinged from last time and is tired that Dean and Sam keep calling her for bad situations. Getting your eyes burned out by an angel and almost getting pulverized by a reawakened angel will do that. She will help only because Dean informs her that it's end-of-the-world-proportions. Sam and Dean plunge into the spirit world, Pamela whispering to Sam that she still loves his butt. Tee-hee. Sam and Dean find spirit-boy, hiding out in his house. He stayed behind because a reaper got yanked and he wanted to comfort his mom. He does know where the reapers are going, he's just not telling. In comes another reaper and it's an old friend: Tessa. Wow. Good to see her. Dean of course doesn't remember her, his mind got wiped after he was yanked back by YED, but Tessa fills in the blanks by making out with him. Is the way to Dean's memory always getting smooched? Better hope he doesn't forget about Sam:}. She comes hoping to balance the death-rift and get things back in order. Her job outweighs survival. The boy refuses to leave, he loves his mom, and Sam goes upstairs to persuade him to at least give up where the demons are going. Lying doesn't bother Sam much anymore and he makes an outright lie that if the boy helps them, the boy won't have to leave. Sam's lie is so heartfelt, you almost want to believe him. Downstairs, Dean confides in Tessa that he wishes he went with her because his suffering after that wasn't worth it. Tessa knows about Dean's angel connections but is mum over the full details. Sam and Boy come downstairs and the boy reveals the reapers are being yanked to a church. Tessa looks to collect him but is swept away by a demon. Sam and Dean realize how useless they are as spirits so the boy helps them access some nice poltergeist activities. They barge in the church after noticing some weird symbols. Tessa and a male reaper lie in a summoning circle. Dean-Sam make easy waste to some poor demon-sap but are roundly defeated by Alastair in yet another body and very much acting like his old self, voice and all. Deliciously creepy especially with the rock-salt. He sacrifices the man-reaper, sends the defeated-demon to destroy Sam-Dean's bodies, and almost finishes Tessa but Sam and Dean combine poltergeist-power to slam a chandelier and Tessa whisks them away. Pamela senses the demons coming and tries to send Sam back. She is attacked and stabbed. Sam regains consciousness and whisks the demon away from the host. Dean runs to find his way back but Alastair won't let him leave. He 'likes' Dean a little too much. In a badly-needed divine miracle, Alastair is banished by a stroke of lightning, cast by none other than Castiel. YESSSSS! Really good to see him again. Dean is reasonably pissed that Castiel decided to show up at his own convience but Castiel's no fool. Turns out Sam wasn't talking to Bobby, he was talking to Castiel, telling him about the reapers. He couldn't go into the church because the symbols were to ward off angels, so he needed Dean and Sam to go in for him. Okay, but why didn't he just ask? Says Dean but Castiel smartly replies that Dean would be resistant if he knew Castiel steered him on the mission. Major developments for Castiel: he shows a greater regard to Sam, at least not as much as the AntiChrist plague, and he's willing to trust Sam and include him in the bigger-picture and he understands and respects Dean's limitations. Not too bad. Unfortunately, now people will die again. Dean pleads with Castiel to give these people another shot because he got one, why can't they? Castiel refuses. One, Dean's return was high-divine intervention. Two, Castiel replies before poofing that Dean is different from everyone else. Dean and Tessa return to spirit-boy. Spirit-boy finds out that Sam lied and he has to go. He's doesn't want to hurt his mom. Tessa gently tells him that his haunting is causing her more pain. Dean assures him everyone's afraid but heaven is better than the "hell" Dean feels the world is. Spirit-boy accepts his fate and is whisked away by Tessa. Before she leaves, she informs Dean something of what she knows: nothing is an accident, there is no miracles, only actions, the battle will worsen, and Dean has to open his heart and see the truths about himself and Sam he's trying to hide from himself. With death back, Pamela bleeds in the bed, dying. Another death for Sam and Dean to feel guilty for. And Pamela's tired of dealing with them and says she wishes she never met them. Before she dies, she imparts the truth of what Sam is doing. It was vague to me but what I got was something about her feeling the demon inside her and what he is doing will undo him. Wow. So many good things about the episode. The Apocalypse is in full swing, Castiel is back, and the new Alastair is brilliant, still the diabolical sadist we came to revile. Revealations pile in with surprising and old friends return. I will miss poor Pamela. The action will continue to heat up as we discover what Sam is doing, how he plays into the Apocalypse, and just why he and Dean were chosen by angels and demons for their bidding. Just please, more angels, Anna is due to return soon, and keep up the suspense.
  • I See Dead Brothers...All the Time!

    Death Takes A Holiday-Sam and Dean seek help from Pamela, who sends the brothers to the spiritual realm. They discover Alastair attempting to break the seal causing mayhem in the mortal world by stopping death from occurring in a small town.

    Ohh Supernatural, how I've missed you! "Death Takes a Holiday" starts just like any other episode with Dean and Sam investigating another routine supernatural event, but it ultimately leads to another plot involving Alastair and his demons trying break another seal to unleash Lucifer. What really loved about the episode was the mix of dark comedy and sinister storytelling that Supernatural is so great at doing. I mean, you have a scene where Dean and Sam are getting teased and slapped around by a ghost boy then you have people getting stabbed to death, lol.

    One thing I loved about the episode was Dean and Sam becoming ghosts. It's refreshing and great idea to have the brothers become the one of the things they hunt down on a daily basis. It's both hilarious and ironic watching Sam and Dean learning all the powers of being a ghost and being venerable to iron. You can tell Jared and Jenson were having so much fun playing ghosts, especially during that ghost training scene with the kid. HA! Not to mention, the Sixth Sense reference was priceless! The guest stars were strong as usual with 2 recurring characters. First, there's Traci Dinwiddie as Pamela Barnes who has been so great throughout this season with her flirty banter with the brothers and her smooth attitude. It was sad to see her not make it at the end of the episode as she's been a great ally and why do all the great female character always leave or die? Then there's Lindsey McKeon who returns as Tessa, the Reaper who almost took Dean away during the Season 2 premiere. What I love most about these 2 women's appearances is that they serve as guides for both Sam and Dean. Tessa tells Dean about his importance to the Angels of Heaven and Dean doesn't take that news likely. Then before Pamela dies, she warns Sam about her growing demonic powers, that he might have good intentions, but what he's doing isn't good at all. These 2 events in this episode reaffirm the division that going on between Dean and Sam. There is still a rift in the brotherhood of the Winchester brothers and it couldn't come at a worst time. Last episode, we saw brothers' true feelings unleashed thanks to that Siren and it was a shocking turn of events. Sam and Dean tried to deny their words saying they didn't mean it and do the same in this episode, but it's clear how they men truly feel about it other. Again, it's hard to watch the relationship between Sam and Dean starting to fall apart, especially with Sam continuing to use his powers excessively behind Dean's back and lying to him about it. Both heaven and hell have chosen their champions and these boys are now at opposite sides, whether they like it or not!

    It's was great see Alastair again and Christopher Heyerdahl is a fine (maybe even creepier!) replacement in the role. Also, great to see Castiel back, even for just one scene. I glad he tricked Dean into using him to get Alastair, it's cool way for Castiel to still work with Dean and not exactly be on the same page when it comes to how they deal with the upcoming Apocalypse. "Death Takes a Holiday" is great episode with some hilarious moments and really dark moments. Next week has me all excited with Dean going to torture Alastair for information. I also very excited to see how this season will end; this apocalypse storyline is the best storyline of the series so far with the king of Hell about to arrive on Earth. I wonder if the theory of Sam being Lucifer's vessel when he comes to Earth is an accurate assumption by fans. But after the way he owned Alastair and that other demon in this episode, it only proves that theory might be right! We'll see!
  • All God`s glory fit to blog! ... lol And by the way... what kid doen`t know who mister Myiagi is?? Like seriously...

    And Supernatural is back.... This is a fine example of why we fell in love with the show. Great comebak guys! Witty, with a great plot and awesome character development.
    It`s great to see how Sam and Dean evolve, they aren`t just a couple of boys saving people, killing things. They make choices and think about the consequences they might have to face. They realise that nothing is as black and white as they thought and that they can`t save everybody. I have to wonder if Sammy will become bad at some point in the story or he just grew up to be a cinical, do-whatever-it-takes kind of man. The dynamics between the two changed because Sam has a strong darkside, has secrets that haunt him...
    What will happen next I wonder?? It doesn`t look like there will be a heavenly ending... but in this show who knows??
  • Sam and Dean go undercover as Ghosts

    This episode was hilarious and very revealing all at the same time. I liked the part where Sam goes, "Get out of me." and Dean replies, "You're such a prude." Haha!! So funny!

    I thought Sam's power was pretty badass at first, but now I know it's only going to get him into trouble. I just want Dean to find out and bust him for it before the angels do.

    And they finally stopped a seal from being broken! I swear when Castiel showed up after Alastair, my stomach flipped! He's so gorgeous and for some reason I know nothing will happen when he's around. Such a fangirl, right?

    Great job Cast and Crew. Rest in Peace Kim Manners. You will be greatly missed.
  • Dean and Sam go to a town where no one is dying. They learn some important things to know going forward and the true meaning of collateral damage is revealed.

    Happy to say that I was finally able to get my new episode fix of Supernatural for what seemed a very long time. That made it two for two on this Thursday night with a new Bones.

    It seems that Angels are not above manipulating things the way that Demons do if it is for their own purposes.

    Sam and Dean hit this one right on as they must face some of their most dangerous foes to stop a seal from being broken and restore the balance of death.

    A great cast of supporting characters is involved in this episode. We get to see Traci Dinwiddle (Pamela Barnes) for probably the last time as she loses her life instead of the use of her eyes in support of the bothers and the human races cause. She does a great job in her scenes of acting facing what ends up being her mortal end. I have really enjoyed this actresses appearances in all of her episodes of Supernatural.

    Lindsey McKeon (Tessa) reprises her role as the reaper from Episode 23 In My Time of Dying. Her performance and the dead boy Alexander Gould were both excellent.

    People aren't dying in a small town and Dean and Sam must stop Allister (who is played by a new actor) and a group of Demons from killing two Reapers they've captured in a ritual to break a seal. They ask Pamela Barnes to help them and in the bargain she loses her life, but helps keep the seal from breaking. This episode really brings to a stark reality what is meant by collateral damage and that's got to weigh heavy on the boys hearts.

    Also Dean learns a big lesson that Castiel manipulated them into doing this "job". It seems the methods of the two sides may be a little similar than we like to think.

    Sam and Dean learn a lot about Reapers, Ghost's, Angels, and each other in this well written episode.

    It's good to see the boy's back in town.

    Thanks for reading...
  • Gets better with every viewing! Kripke, you are one evil bastard! *Glomps* I love you!!!

    Okay, so I won't bother with a synopsis because all of that is above and beyond. I will give you my two (or three) cents, for what it's worth.

    First off, I just have to say that I'm really pleased that they didn't just drop the issues from the past episode. That's a bit too Full House for my liking. And it wasn't just in the beginning. It was all throughout the episode. Good on you, Kripke and Co!

    Next thing is Sam! *In faux british accent* You naughty, naughty boy! Been toking from that mojo bong, huh? I have to say, the whole Hand of Ipecac was getting a bit stale, so I was glad to see that a new "weapon" has been added to his fracked up arsenal. The Hand Wave of Doom FTW!!! And I also love how Jared delivered the line, "I'm infected with demon blood. You've been to Hell." He was very spot on this entire episode. Hell, both he and Jensen were. Actually, everyone was now that I think of it. But more on that in a sec. So, I wonder how he's going to take those last words from Pam. I doubt it'll really change his mind about anything, but now he absolutely cannot say he wasn't warned. Man, talk about demon p*ssy whipped! But hey, I'm kind of loving this, so, bring it on!! Oh, but he was a douche when he lied to the kid. That was cold. I may have gotten a bit tingly *horns pop out* Mwuahaha!

    So...the Angels plans may not involve a comfy big chair upstairs and a house of gold, eh? Well, honestly, that's no surprise there. How I interpreted Tessa's words was that they didn't resurrect him out of the goodness of their hearts. They have something planned, and they are the kind of beings that are willing to go to great lengths to win a war. So what does this mean for Dean? Who the hell knows (well...other than Kripke and Co.) but what I do know is that whatever it is probably will do the world good in the sense of saving it but will probably do Dean some major damage. And I like a damaged Dean, so this one I'm also looking forward too!

    Speaking of Angels, I was kind of (okay, pretty) disappointed that Cas was in it for such a short amount of time. Yeah, in a sense he was kind of always in it because he was behind the whole thing (in the sense of being the informant) but I wanted more interaction and dialogue from the "man" himself. Though I guess next episode (well, the next couple if spoilers/interviews are any indication) will make up for it. Now, I think it was just me who noticed/interpreted this but when Dean said, "Yeah, no thanks to you," I could have sworn Castiel seemed hurt, hence his defensiveness. Did our little Castiel experience hurt feelings??? :D I think he did! Strangely, out of all the character developments that are/will go down, his is the one I'm the most excited about because...I don't know, he's that shiny new toy at Christmas and he's evolving and growing and it's so amazing and breathtaking watching his story. I think his is the most interesting next to Sam and Dean's.

    If I'm gonna talk about Angels then I guess I better mention demons. Can I just say that the new Alistair (the second one that got smited by Cas) was creepy as Hell!!!!!!!! God help me for what I'm about to say but...dude was kind of hot in an extremely creepy, Bundy/Dahmer/Hannibal kind of way! The acting was so solid! The accent that has become Alistair's trademark and the calm demeanor and just everything! He looks like how I would imagine a demon looking like if they were in human form. But moving on from the shallow end of the firey pit, I loved that last line of his. "You can't run, Dean. Not from me. I'm inside that angsty little noggin of yours." See, I don't think he was talking about himself specifically. I think he was referring to Hell in general. Dean may be out of Hell, but Hell is not out of him. It is and probably always will be in his mind. This is going to cause some major breakage for our poor Dean. (Well, what the hell are you waiting for?? :D) Anywho, totally looking forward to seeing Alistair again next week.

    Last but not least, Pam. Pammy. Pamela...why!! Damn you Kripke!! May you have uncontrollable flatulence for a week!! How come whenever we get a great, strong, (rarely) excellent written and acted female character, you kill her off?? I get that she was necessary in showing that there is/will be some major collateral damage (touch Bobby and die) but still, Pam!!! Though, I do kind of have to admit, she was becoming a bit of a deus ex machina, so maybe this was for the best? I don't know, it was just such a shame to see such a great female character wasted like that. Man, you suck. I'm not talking to you until the awesomeness that is next week happens. So until then...pffffffttttt!!!

    Great episode. I honestly wasn't sure how I felt about it at first. Okay, I was sure. I didn't really like it. I was underwhelmed. But I have watched it a few times now and I just can't seem to take my mind off of it, so that must mean it struck a chord, aka it was good, so...yeah. I'm done. :D
  • The ghosts between them

    With the excellence of "Lost" and "Battlestar Galactica" of late, it's been easy to forget how long "Supernatural" has been off the air. Granted, it's only been several weeks, but this series always ranks highly with the rest of the character-driven shows, and the absence has been palpable. It feels a lot longer since the brothers were at each other's throats.

    As one would expect from these writers, the events of the previous episode aren't forgotten. Dean certainly remembers Sam's rant about how Dean is holding him back, and Sam continues to delude himself regarding his good intentions for his demon-spawned abilities. Carrying that baggage into this particular battle in the longer war meant that every action had a deeper context.

    On the face of it, the Brothers Winchester are still working together, but the reality is that the rift between them has grown. Dean doesn't like the fact that Sam is lying to his face, and Sam doesn't seem to have a problem with keeping Dean in the dark. On Dean's end of the equation, it's not particular surprising. Castiel told him that keeping Sam in line was his responsibility, or the angels would deal with him along with the rest of the threats. Logically speaking, just because the angels are willing to use Sam to stop Lilith and the release of Lucifer doesn't mean that they'll let him live.

    After all, Sam is no longer just slipping down the slope, aware of the consequences of his actions. Now he's taking giant leaps down into the abyss, clinging to self-delusion along the way. Like Pamela says in her dying moments: he knows better than to play at good intentions. It's always been clear that Ruby's goals had never changed, only her methods, and Sam is definitely on the road to becoming a semi-demonic overlord in his own right.

    Which is why Tessa's warning to Dean hit all the right notes. Dean has little doubt that he and Sammy were manipulated into fighting the battle against Alastair, because Castiel didn't even try to hide it. Yet if Sam is deluding himself into believing that his intentions are pure and he can remain himself while embracing his demonic legacy, Dean is equally deluded into believing that the angels have a wonderful second chance waiting for him at the end.

    Some will see that as continuing a poor and even blasphemous depiction of the angels, but it's in keeping with the Biblical and early dogmatic depictions. The angels were warriors, and they used whatever means necessary to achieve their goals. They didn't flinch at using people and exacting consequences on human weakness. If winning the way meant using the Brothers Winchester to the bitter end, that's what they'd do. And while that might trouble Castiel a bit, angels like Uriel wouldn't bat an eye.

    It definitely sucks that randy Pamela had to die, but she became a symbol of the cost of the war. I doubt she'll be the last sacrifice to be made on the road to victory (if victory is even in the cards). I have the very bad feeling that Bobby may not last much longer, either. This season may end with Sam and Dean at each other throats, and if so, it's been a long time coming. Perhaps the best thing about this series and how it's been handled is this slow march towards near-inevitable doom.
  • It's back!

    Supernatural is finally back and they delivered with a great episode. I really liked how they picked up that plot point from they beginning of season 2 with Tessa and the reapers. It was a great way to bring back an old "villain" if you look at her that way. I'd have to say that it was so funny when the kid was smacking around Sam and Dean, I expected Dean to hit him back but no such luck. I thought castiel was going to be in more of the episode but since he's coming back in the next episode with a larger role to play it's all good. I have to admit I was disappointed when they killed Pamela. Her character was so funny, with the way she talks to the brothers. It make ya wonder what is going to come out of what she said to Sam. I'd like to end this review the same way the episode ended. Rest in Piece Kim Manners. This whole season is dedicated to you.
  • Talk about a taste of their own medicine!

    Man, I loved this episode. It manages to address Sam and Dean's rocky relationship following their run-in with the siren, while keeping it small and not adding too much angst into the mix; all while making an amazing episode.

    So - the boys becoming the thing they hunt? Sure to spell trouble, no? Well, that's true, but it was also a source of great humour in such dark times in the Supernatural-verse. "Get out of me" cracked me up, I'm sure some weird fanfic fangirls have gone insane over that one. Ahem.

    Then we see Tessa! I liked her, because Reapers are something neutral that was added into a world of black and white. She's just doing her job, she's not causing harm. I'm glad Alastair didn't get her. I hope we get to see her again, somehow. She was badass, in a kind of nice way. I just feel sorry for Dean about what she said to him.

    I love this new Alastair actor too. He's really creepy. And when he has Sam and Dean trapped, and he goes shooting them? He sure knows how to give people a taste of their own medicine, no? I'm sure that was quite an experience for the pair. Poor things. I'm just glad that Castiel caught him, can't wait to see what happens next.

    And onto Sam. Telekinesis and increased immunity? What HAS he been up to? Naughty boy. At least he'll be able to hold Alastair off... For now. I bet he'll end up going dark side soon enough.

    And poor Pamela. Being dragged into all this, losing her sight, only to be killed by it? She was rather harsh to the brothers, but I believe she had a right to say what she did, although what she said to Sam was quite a spooker for him.

    Overall, this episode was bloody amazing. The character (and plot) development was awesome, and the amount of humour was just right for an episode of this theme. I can't wait to see the next one. Rock on, Kripke!
  • Fight club with a 12 year old.

    Awesomeness. Although there is simply no excuse for the interminable break between episodes, the wait was not for nothing, as Supernatural comes storming back with a fantastic episode.

    Angels are back: Heavens yes. Castielle certainly had my heartbeat going through the roof. Amen to that husky, husky voice. My worship is not worthy.

    Dean and Sammy make funnies: top form - the two are back doing what they do best. Some nuggets:

    Dean the mature: "I don't know. Wouldn't wanna be holding you back."

    Dean on politics: "Joe the plumber was such a douche!"

    Dean, when asked how they will fight as ghosts: "With style and class"

    Dean, with his hand inside Sammy (delicious!!!): "Am I making you uncomfortable?"
    "Get out of me!"
    "Such a prude."

    Sammy: "I'm not getting into a fight club with a 12 year old"

    Castielle, on witholding info from Dean:
    "Whatever I ask, you seem to do the exact opposite"

    Horror: Not so much in this one, apart from that old reaper being sacrificed. Looking forward to the next installment with torture, though.

    Dean: What was the reaper alluding to? What is the "something nasty down the road"?

    Sammy: Why was he given that parting shot on good intentions? What else can the poor guy do with his demon blood?

    We await the answers and more.
  • Show time boys!

    Hi evereyone, this a been in while, but we're back thanks god!

    A good episode! the brother's winchester it's not like anymore that's before the liears destroy their relacionship. Sam go so far in the his dark side, the words by pamela in the the end so cleary, of course she's talk about ruby and how that deimond becomes sam a evil thing.

    This a interesting story, the boys all the time hunting ghosts, now they're a ghosts, the little boy so cute! the big chief it's back alaslitar, ho my he really creapy.

    The reaper tessa that's nice to see her again,and I like that she said about dean and angels, she wants to opens the dean's eyes for the plans by angels, sometimes a angel it's not good, be careful dean!

    The memmorays by kim manners so cute he deservers!

    so guys kiss cau!
  • i'm sorry for you guys, all the supernatural fans.

    how could you do it guys? watch this for four years? wait a week for each episode? wait a whole summer after dean dies? i've got all the episodes so far last month. i've watched them all within two weeks. and when they were over i was hungry for more and checked and see that i had to wait till march 12, which was like 2 weeks away.

    and how long have you guys been waiting? wish i've never started watching for another year or atleast till season 4 ends. this is one of the most brilliant shows on tv.

    this episode was no exception. good story which adds something to brothers. tension between them is not nice but i'm sure it's gonna bring lots of nice "we love each other so much" moments, which i love. sam getting all powerful was the best moment of the episode and i hope he doesn't lose his powers for the rest of the show. (he was always alittle too weak next to dean)i hope it goes as dean accepting his brother as he is and keeping him good and powerful instead of sam accepting that it is wrong and giving them up. (its nowhere near wrong as long as he's still sam helping good people.)

    What's her name, the blind chick. why kill her off? she was much fun to watch. why didnt they rush her to a hospital at least?

    nice job. can't wait for the next week.
  • The wait was so worth it. The writing and acting were amazing.

    This should have been a +10 episode. The whole episode was brilliantly put together. For all of those Castiel fans, his timing was great. I do hope that the Angels aren't lying. I am so sad that Pamela died. I hope that she may be coming back. I hope to see more of Tess. Pamela knows exactly what Sam had been doing. Dean has to question his loyalties. No one lives for long in Supernatural. There is a similarity of this show and 24. Sam may be going down the evil path. I am not sure if Dean can fight his own brother.
  • Dean might actually believe in Miracles now, Sam is untouchable, and the brothers continue to drift. Oh and yeah, the world might be one step closer to hell.

    I loved this episode for so many reasons.
    The brothers are notified to go to a small town where people are supposed to die but just walk away from it. A terminally ill man with cancer walks out of the hospital...a man who gets shot in the heart doesn't die... A boy named Cole who is the town's last member to actually die help the brothers out. He teaches them how to use some 'ghostly' powers so they can fight any demons they come across while taking a trip to the astral plane. I liked the kid in this and felt bad for obviously good writing and acting by that boy. The plot in this episode was great. The introduction of one of The Seals was very well done. It took a hunt that Dean wasn't even sure was a hunt and turned it into a pivotal moment in the brother's lives. The first Seal that they stop from being broken. Dean and Sam's conversation at the beginning of the episode reveals that Dean knows his brother's keeping more secrets from him. One of which is that he resents his older brother, and the other we can guess Dean thinks is about Sam and Ruby's alone time together. We can tell Dean is hurt over this and it's a little surprising that Dean doesn't try to mask his disappointment. It was good though because we can see that he's developing a little and is picking his battles. Arguing with his brother isn't a good use of energy.

    We finally get to see how far Sam's powers are developing. His powers have grown so fast and so much that it's a little freaky. Sam's getting creepier the more he uses 'em. Sam still thinks he's doing good work with his abilities but even Pam can tell it's evil. One of the things that I think was cool with Sam's powers is that Alastair couldn't hurt him when he tried to 'flip' him at the beginning. Sam seems almost untouchable.

    Castiel's part in this episode was huge even though he was on screen for only a couple minutes. If he didn't pretend to be Bobby, the boys wouldn't have found the town and saved a seal. Angel 1....Demons 0. Yey! I thought this was cool arc to the episode, showing Cas doing a lot of work despite his limitations. Dean's stubborness being one of them.

    The writing of this episode was well thought out. The writers placed equal emphasis on character development (of Sam, Dean, Castiel, Pamela, and even Tessa a little) and the main plot of the episode...and of course it turned out to be amazing.
  • Amazing return to the show! Warning spoilers ahead.

    So the show is finally back, and I couldn't be more excited! In this episode the brothers go into the spirit world with the help of Pamela, which was a very interesting twist. And to make it more interesting, the reason they went to the spirit world was to save a reaper. The other interesting thing about the brothers being in the spirit world is they had to re-learn how to fight, but in a different way, since they are now spirits. The episode was amazing, but the end of it scared me. It wasn't Pamela's death that scared me, it was what she said to Sam. I really hope Sam doesn't become evil, but nothing really seems clear anymore. The Angels for one, what do they really want from Dean? And what is to come of Sam? I am just really happy that this show will end like the writers wanted and that it is not getting cancelled like some other good shows I have come to love.
  • Season 4 keeps getting better and better.

    Wow this was another great episode. When the boys get a call from Bobby telling them to check out a town where people can't die, they go and find out that the reapers are reaping. Why? Alastair has kidnapped one and is planning on killing it to break another seal. The boys get Pamela to help take them to the spirit world. They find the last person who died, a boy that doesn't want to leave his mother. Then Tessa comes back and tries to fix the problem of no one dying, after reminding Dean about their last time together, she too gets kidnapped. Alastair needs two reapers to break the seal. Dean and Sam get a crash course from the ghost boy on moving things while dead, and go to save the reapers. It is a trap set up by Alastair and he kills the male reaper. Just as he is about to kill Tessa, Dean and Sam stop him and Tessa helps free them from their trap. Sam is pulled back into his body by Pamela, who has been fatally wounded by demon that was trying to kill the boys. Sam exorcises the demon with his powers, which are growing stronger. Dean, still in the spirit world is confronted by Alastair and just as Alastair is about to go at Dean, Castiel makes another spectacular appearance and snaps Alastair away. He then tells Dean that he, not Bobby got the boys to the town to stop the seal being broke, which they did, and he disguised himself as Bobby since Dean always does the opposite of what he asks. Then he leaves and Tessa comes to Dean and both go to the ghost boy and convince him that it is best for him to leave. Before Tessa leaves she tells Dean to quit lying to himself about the angels, that their path isn't a miracle, it is dangerous. Dean is brought back by a dying Pamela. Before she dies she whispers to Sam that she knows what he did to the demon and that his path isn't a pure path. It is evil. Sam looked disturbed. At the end is a tribute to Kim Manners, who was taken from us to soon.
    This is a rather sad episode, with plenty of angst. Dean is upset with what Sam said while under the siren's spell and is letting Sam know it. It was great to see Tessa and Pamela again. Plus always great to see Castiel. Losing Pamela was disappointing, I liked her character. This is one of the best episodes this season.
  • wow can I say wow what an episode first to start out with sam using his powers he is getting stronger and is he turning to the dark side a possibility dean has to ask him poor pamela had to die she gave sammy a final message will he listen hope so!!!!!!!

    wow can I say wow what to say how to start this review I guess first things first sam using his powers getting strong still training with Ruby and Dean doesn't know I know dean has to know sam is keep this a secret but dean doesn't know how strong sam is now and the possibility of sammy turning evil maybe he does have good intentions but this blood he has is from yellow eyes the same demon who killed their mother and father twice. Will dean have to kill his brother in order to save him like his father told him before he died in the end will it be brother against brother it would kill dean to have to do what his father ordered him to he couldn't take it the first time sammy died we all remember how upset dean was how devastated that is why he made the deal in the first place how can he kill the one thing he has raised since he was four years old since the night his mother was killed by yellow eyes and their father putting baby sam in his brother's arms and asking him to run. And it looks like Sam next week is still using his powers why use the powers that a demon that killed your mother that tainted your blood will see what happens the rest of the season and season five time will tell all will be revealed and I hope for both dean and sam that dean can save his little brother
  • SPN comes back with a phenomenal episode!

    This episode was well written and thought provoking. Jeremy Carver is fast becoming one of my favorite SPN writers. It covered the widening rift between Sam and Dean and the Angels and Demons war well. Both Jared and Jensen did a superb acting job as usual. I loved the continuity in this episode using the same reaper who almost took Dean at the beginning of Season two. It was nice to see Traci D back as Pamela. Maybe her dying words will give Sam a wakeup call that he desperately needs but judging from the previews for next week's episode I think her words fell on deaf ears. I can't wait to see how the rest of this season unfolds. I hope Sam sees the light before it is too late.
  • Our boys delve into a town sans deaths and find a lot more than they bargained for.

    Okay the halfway point has been breeched... and may I say Dearest Krip, Krew and beloved Kast... Oh My Freaking God! First off I Loved seeing Tessa again! that was just a truly wonderful surprise and that she refreshed Dean's memory and was for him, someone to talk with that wouldn't remind him of his baggage, what a beautifully done segment! And Sam, saying whatever he had to to the kid... man good play Jared, real good! OOoh man... the church scene... I had a fleeting second of serious scardey-ness when Alastair pulled out that little sling blade that he was gonna use it on Dean for a few minutes but... thankfully ... not to be the case... Loved being able to see the wards while in the veil too! That's a really nice touch! And yeah Alastair, we know you're inside Dean's head we know... and now I seriously have to wonder if maybe that wasn't part of the plan after all? And maybe Dean's going to hell was exactly as it should have been to mollify him as a soldier for the Upstairs team. I knew Castiel was going to be in the ep, but I underestimated how glad I'd actually be to see him. (Looking Good Mischa) Oh man... Pamela.. had to go all cryptic... sheesh man... The whole season was dedicated to Kim Manners... and well it should be. The Kast and Krew aren't the only ones who miss you Kim, your vision helped make Supernatural something truly Extraordinary. Oooh! DUDE! i wanted to see Dean stick it to Alastair!... uh... is that wrong? I am stunned at this point... and barely starting to breathe again. This ep was everything (almost) I hoped it would be, and yes truly just a little more.. though I will rather delight in watching Dean have at Alastair... no matter that the coming attraction did show Alastair perhaps once again in the Teacher's seat... we'll have to see... Darn You Krip! *shakes fist* and your confounding tortion of what's to come! *eeeveil sadistic bas***d!* *mutters* "Booger*. Truly one and all, a nearly perfect ep... (I might be saying that cause I've been [i]Jonesing[/i] for a fresh ep but... time will tell and only Nicky controls that... ooh sorry I blipped into my own little world there for a sec)... If this is an indicator of waht the rest of the season holds... dude I'll gladly go all supernatural smack addict and try not to die from the withdrawal over the summer! Excellent, excellent job once again to one and all. Thank you all for your hard work and your incredible dedication. And as always special love to both Jensen and Jared.