Season 7 Episode 10

Death's Door

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 02, 2011 on The CW

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  • Drowning in our tears :'(

    My whole family watches the show religiously (self, hubby, 2 teen dtrs) & let me just say, the tears were flowing quite freely during this ep! We have all grown to love Bobby like family and to lose him is just <3breaking!!! Cannot BELIEVE he's gone.
  • I want Bobby Back

    Please, I want Bobby Back in show
  • Touching and Moving

    This show had me tearing up and thats rare. Great writing to show Bobby life and pains and how much he loves the Dean and Sam and how much they love him. As the reaper tries to take his life Bobby must give Dean and Sam a message and to do that he must go through every painful memory just to stay ahead of the reaper. It shows how incredible Bobby really is and I consider him to be a masterpiece when it comes to a character. This show will have you crying and show you what love really is.
  • This episode has made me cry.


    It's been a while since I've last been crying watching Supernatural. This episode was moving, beautiful and very, very sad. Bobby reliving some of the most painful stations of his life was done in an amazing way and we got to know him better, than we had ever known him before. It was touching to see, how much Sam and Dean meant to him and how he managed to give Dean the chance to be a child for a change, contradicting John by that. It was great to have Rufus back, supporting him on his difficult journey. To see Sam and Dean at the hospital was heartbreaking. Dean (totally understandably) almost losing it and Sam putting on a brave face even though he's not suffering any less.

    I'm not too sure that this has been the last, we've seen of Bobby, but if it should have been, it would have been a worthy farewell.

  • You gotta love Bobby

    Bobby is as centric as San or Dean, this episode was way out of Supernatural's comfort zone, but it was still moving, entertaining and a joy to watch, there's a reason why Supernatural is my favorite show.
  • Death's Door


    Death's Door was a perfect, entertaining and beautiful episode of Supernatural. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it picked up where the last one left off and the story was well written, the production was executed perfectly in every aspect and the ending was satisfying though some questions remain unanswered. It was great to see Bobby's past and what made him who he was. It was also nice to see Rufus again. There was a ton of great character development and I certainly look forward to watching the next episode to see what will happen!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm enjoying some of these earlier season callbacks. While one could argue this episode is a complete copy of Dean's S2Premiere. But I think it's extremely interesting to see it from a Bobby perspective. Face it, w/o Bobby; they'd be Totally Screwed.


    He is the brains of the operation and is always prepared for just about anything. Quick example: when his house got burned down and all those one of a kind books got lost. He didn't sweat it because he had Xerox copies of them all over. Only Bobby would be smart enough to do something like that, because it's about the information not the special rareness of the book. That and the fact that he runs Logistics for just about Every Hunter there is.

    So it was interesting to see a Rufus guided tour of the memories that make Bobby Singer who he is. I also enjoy the Rufus coming back like I enjoyed seeing Joe again (except the Joe guest star annoyed me as the entire episode was filled with people getting cut off right before they were about to finally say a secret or how they felt).

    And don't forget that this show isn't just Supernatural Action. It's about People that are stuck what seems to be a never-ending cycle of Destiny. Or just plain Bad Luck combined with their Inability to do nothing, knowing what they know.

    I think it's Extremely Important for them to return to the roots of what made the show so great. And try to find the proper blend of great stuff from season 1-5 without trying to Extend what was planned out as a 5-season arc ending in the apocalypse by Kripke.

    So far season 7 has had its hits and misses and while I'm still on the fence about whether it should have ended after season 5...

    ... To Quote Neil Young, "It's Better to Burn Out, Then to Fade Away."

    This episode however I think was Extremely Important if the show is going to escape the perils and trappings of season 6. And it really puts the Winchesters up against the wall but in a different way then the 5-Season-Arc destiny thing.

    This is a Good Thing if you ask me.

    We don't want Supernatural to run on for so long that it becomes one of those bad joke rock bands where all you remember is the crappy years where they just wouldn't STOP PLAYING! [*Cough*Aerosmith*Cough*]

  • wow i like this show

    usually hate these kinds of shows but this one is real good. storys good always and the bros have good chemistry
  • This review of Supernatural season 7 episode 10 was interesting, sad, and powerful. Deaths Door has us in Bobby Singer's brain where a bullet is doing damage. Dean and Sam can't do a thing to help him or each other. The coma Bobby's in gets so strange.


    I thoroughly enjoyed this labyrinth about more than one door. Brain doors, real doors, and those other doors most don't encounter unless you have lived Bobby Singer's kind of life. He can tell the difference between realities, recognizes who he sees, and remembers what happened in his past during an unconscious teetering existence in the hospital.

    The more this episode revealed about his hidden past and regrets, the more his pragmatic attitude makes sense. You understand that personality of being the man who gets things done. The Winchester boys are lost as he lays in the emergency room bed surviving within a doll house of horrors seeking an exit.

    In Deaths Door the Leviathans menace in the background as a component of Bobby's dilemma of helping himself survive and giving Dean and Sam an important key to their enemies plan. The karma card plays heavy, but what do you expect from Supernatural, hopscotch and tiddly-winks?

  • What can I say - fantastic. another emotion filled episode that Supernatural does so well.


    This episode (for me), is up there with Swan Song as one of the best episodes ever, and episode that made tears course down my cheeks, whilst staying true to the typical Supernatural style. I don't know how I'm going to wait till the next episode. Supernatural is the most under-rated programe I have ever have the joy of watching. The fantastic acting, the inspired writing, the whole perfect casting, tears, laughter, scares, fear, worry, bittersweet moments, Supernatural has it all and so much more. Season 7 is most definitely not letting my expectations down, and is much better than season 6 (which I still loved), but this season has the more TYPICAL supernatural feel. I'm hopeful that given whats happened in the past, that things that seem dead wont necessarily stay dead :-) If not then I guess the boys are back on their own like they were in season one, either way I know the writers and cast wont disappoint.... plus Crowley was a crossroads demon, surely he owes the boys a favour considering his own hate for the laviathons!

  • Bobby does good but takes a big hit! Spoiler Alert!!! Please don't read my short review/idea if you don't like spoilers and hypothesises...


    Spoiler Alert!!!!

    Great, great episode... 9/10 bc I don't like the Bobby out of the mix... nahh... ain't gonna happen. You know why?

    Because - this is what I reckon - the return of Castiel!

    ... Yup - I reckon poor old Castiel has been "doing time" for playing God and now is being sent back to "clean up the mess he created".

    So, back as an Angel he can probably save Bobby but he'll certainly need help to take on the Leviathans... as will Dean and Sam will need help...

    So... after much ado the team can be back together!

    Lord I Stand Against the Faceless Men!

    ... of course I may be wrong...

  • I just had to de-lurk to add my love for this episode. It deserves so much love!!!


    It was nothing short of magnificent! Everything about it was superbe, the writing, the acting, the directing = the perfect equation.

    It was incredible, all the memories fit together so perfectly to shape a magnificent tableau. The little boy who said God will punish you ran through the memories andled tothe final scene with Bobby`s father when he said he adopted two boys. The memory with Ruphus that helped him find his way out also had the woman ghost who went after men who broke hearts that led to the memory where Bobby broke his wife`s heart, that led to why he didn`t want children. The broken glass of wine and the broken glass of milk showed how Bobby is supposed to always break things. The doors were good links between all the scenes without being too heavy symbol. I watched it again, andi now can`t even say all the ways all the memories fit together to paint a beautiful story. The writing was superbe!

    I will admit that i did cry. It was so emotional and so sincere.

    Now i`m really divided. It was such a beautiful goodbye i don`t want to belittle it by bringing Bobby back. But i love Bobby and will miss him so!

    I am happy to know Cass will be back at least, he did not get such a beautiful goodbye. Andi hope it will mollify the angry fans of Cass. (I hope that mollify is the right word i got it from the dictionary for amadouer. Google translate said coax but that didn`t sound right. I mean to make happy and less angry.)

    I don`t know how Sam and Dean will be able to go on without Bobby. I can`t wait to see thefollowing episode!!!

    In passing,i have read reviews here for a very very long time but thought you had to be someone special to write one. But anyone can write one all you have to do is press write a review. Et voilà!

  • Wow - what an episode!! (Spoiler: Episode details are mentioned)


    If you didn't cry (or at least tear up) watching this episode, you would have to be heartless! :) Every "Bobby-centric" episode is always so well done. This one was really brilliantly done. I wish they had done something similar for Castiel's send off.

    I really enjoyed the focus on Bobby's history and choices, like not having children, but then having him realize what a great father-figure he ended up being for his "adopted" boys. I was glad that he seemed to have reconciled his fear of being a bad father (like his own) by seeing how well he did as a father for Sam and Dean. To top it off, his last memory being of something so simple and mundane as listening to the boys arguing over Chuck Norris and Jet Li, was heartbreakingly touching. "Saved the best for last".

    I don't know where this leaves Bobby but I got the impression that if he didn't go with the Reaper, he would become a ghost with no memory of his life (since all the memories were disappearing). And that would make him a nasty ghosty. At least, that's what I thought the Reaper was implying. If Bobby ends up dead, I hope that he will be able to somehow interact with the boys and continue to be there for them.

    This was such a great episode and definitely re-vitalized my interest in Season 7.

  • And the story goes on . . . (ending discussion, so yeah, spoiler alert) One of the beauties of this episode is it gives us the opportunity to talk about Death, Life, and the End.


    We really don't know Bobby's decision. Did he move on, is he a ghost, or something else? Will God have someone bring him back?

    We have to face the facts that when dealing with the supernatural nothing is ever settled until God, himself, settles it. (Please see comments about God and Death at the end.)

    Whether this is the end of a chapter in the book of Bobby or the end of the book of Bobby, I don't know. What I'm sure of is if it is a chapter end, then the book is not over. If it is end of the book of Bobby, then the series is not over. Why? How? For as God, himself said . . .

    "The story goes on . . . " and Bobby can and will return (in some form).

    After all he resolved why didn't want to be a Father. He's now ready to be a Father and by the end of series having Bobby be a Dad would be great wouldn't it?

    - - God and Death Comment - -

    Death says he'll reap God, but he's wrong . . .

    Given that the God (of this story line) writes the story and the story is life, itself, and given what he writes must come to pass, we know God need never die - unless he agrees/desires it. He can end Death, in but a sentence, such as:

    For mankind (through the Winchesters and other hunters) passed all the tests placed for it by God, so God raised man and made him immortal and that (s)he can never die, so Death lost his hold on Creation and vanished with all of his servants never to return.

    another possibility: so God thanked Death for his work and gave him rest and Death and his servants vanished from all of Creation never to return.

    The is the beauty of how the creators of the Supernatural series created the universe of Supernatural. Vanished is and can be a powerful word.

  • So moving. An episode that transmits such emotion is what television is all about!


    When a story makes you cry like a baby you know it's doing something right.

    Marvellous show and so underappreciated.

    It keeps giving us such great performances from the actors and Bobby's was up there with the best of them. If he does die for good he will have gone out with the greatest of send-offs.

  • awesome!


    John or Bobby? which would be without the two boys, but it is clear that our Uncle Bobby gave them what jonh's left behind in his thirst for revenge: a father's love. I guess I never was touched that so since the death of Ellen and Jo. It was good to see that Bobby kept secrets, nothing that his relationship with his perfect wife, the abusive father he killed (do not know how Bobby became a cute, those with a parent). But what marked me was the relationship of his father with the boys especially with Dean (dean until a child is ahaaha hot). Do not know about you guys, but something or someone will get there in time for the reaper to take Bobby and I have certain gifts that will be Ellen, who knows. I was intrigued with those numbers that Bobby gave the boys? rufus almost forgot how good he voted, but I really wanted to know what led Bobby to fight rufus and ugly, would ever be revealed?the way next year is expected to cry again ahahahaPS: I've said before I loved when Bobby called the children of my boys!

  • I always love the Bobby centered episodes and this was the best.


    Bobby Singer has always been one of the best characters on the series and this episode just proves it. Last season we had Weekend at Bobby's where we got to see just a day in his life. Here we got to see his past and his real feelings.

    Despite the show focusing on supernatural elements, the best parts of the series is when it focuses on the very real and human elements of its characters. Bobby's best and worst memories were very human. Not killing his demon possessed wife, but telling her that he did not want to have a family because he feared becoming his father.

    The best scene was when Bobby confronted his darkest memory of his childhood when he killed his father. The dialogue was strong here. Telling his younger self that this was when he realized that the ones he saves will not always say thank you.

    And the depiction of Bobby's relationship with the boys was amazing in this episode on both sides. Bobby remembering playing catch with Dean and defending himself to John. In the real world Dean refusing to even think that Bobby is going to die and basically calling out Dick. And my favorite part was Bobby telling his father that while he never had children on his own that he basically adopted two boys, referring to Sam and Dean and that he was proud of them seeing them as his sons. A touching end was that his final surviving memory was just sitting and watching a movie with them.

    I was also happy to see Rufus make an appearance. It is fitting that his memory would be the one to help Bobby. He taught Bobby how to hunt and was basically the closest thing he had to family.

    I see this episode as a focus on family. Not biological family, but the family you choose and sometimes care about just as much, if not more, than your blood. One of the best written episodes of the series ever.

  • A World Without Bobby Singer (Spoilers Ahead)


    Bobby, shot in the head, must navigate through his memories to escape a Reaper coming after him so that he can tell Sam and Dean what the Leviathans are planning. He teams up with Rufus and rather difficultly navigates his way through the good and the bad. I'm appreciative of the episode itself giving us a glimpse at Bobby's past and how much he truly loves Sam and Dean and sees them as his own offspring. The scenes with his wife were an interesting biography point, and the Reaper telling Bobby how the bullet is tearing away all of his cells was a cool concept to keep the fleeing from the Reaper more difficult for him. Whatever the Leviathans are planning better be darn good if it's worth Bobby potentially dying for. Dean and Dick's measuring contest outside the hospital with Dean promising to make him wish he was dead was a great touch. If Bobby dies it will indeed be the thing this Leviathan storyline needs in terms of conflict. They have already killed Cass, and now Bobby, the Winchesters are now alone if Bobby follows the Reaper. For Bobby's sake, I hope he goes with the Reaper. The episode was a little stand still but it still encapsulated the main storyline while expanding the mythos of the world. Rufus joining him was justifiable and touching, but the real kicker is that Bobby wakes up and gives Sam and Dean the code for the Leviathan's plans and then slips right back under. One other thing, the Bobby kid shooting his Dad was way too obvious and the kid shot him way too easily. No matter how bullied you are by your father some sort of fear manifests itself in you when you're around him, and you stay afraid. The kid didn't respond to any of his father's presence or abusive personality and shot him as easily as if he would a deer, terrible acting kid F, quit while you're not ahead. Normally the kid actors are good on this show, like even the kid Dean for 5 seconds was better than that. Anyway, the cliffhanger of Bobby choosing to go with the Reaper or not was well staged for the episode what with the clock ticking and whatnot in the end credits, I'm torn because it's a great cliffhanger to end on to bring people back and it leaves it totally open for him to either come back or go away which is even more infuriating because after going through all of this and getting shot in the head, something that you rarely come back from, Bobby's life is still in the air but as the Reaper said Bobby deserves peace and this show will evolve from his passing despite his absence Sam and Dean will mourn him forever. If this is indeed the end of you Bobby, cheers to what you've brought to this show, if it isn't see ya after the holidays.

  • Idjits. Perfect episode, but please, please don't let him me dead.


    In my opinion, this was the perfect episode, both for Bobby and the boys. But even though it was spot-on, I just can't come to terms with Bobby Singer's demise. Over the course of 7 long and mostly wonderful seasons, the minds behind Supernatural have slowly stripped them of all the people they loved: Mary, Jess, John, Jo, Ellen, Ash, Rufus, Anna, Cas (probably), etc etc.

    So far, this season hasn't wowed me, apart from the first episode which delved into Cas' character and Shut Up, Dr. Phil, which was great almost solely because of the guest stars. The episodes with only Sam and Dean have felt so lonely without Cas, and now Bobby could be next? In my opinion, the leviathan storyline has been the weakest big bad type plot ever on this show. I really don't want that to be what we get after the axed Cas and Bobby.

    This episode filled in so many blanks of Bobby's life, and each piece of the puzzle fit perfectly. Beaver's performance was beautiful and moving, I was actually crying when he was talking back to his long-dead abusive father. I have no problems with this episode, but even if his return may cheapen the heartbreak this episode left me with, I want Bobby back. He deserves it and the show will never be the same without him.

    Please writers, don't let this be the end of our lovably gruff and grumbly Bobby. He's all the boys have left.

  • wow and sad

    was an epic episode and sets up the remaining episodes and i hope he aint dead and hope cas comes back soon and who knows he might know something about the leviathans
  • WOW! Holy string of 10s, Batman!!! And well deserved, every one of them.


    The comedic episodes are my favourites, but I love that more serious episodes are thrown in to give the series substance. And Supernatural does angst supremely well. This episode is so full of anguish I felt like it had reached out of the TV screen and gripped me by the throat.

    If Ben Edlund is the King of Comedy on Supernatural, then Sera is the Queen of Drama. When she is on, she is on, and she has brought us such flawless gems as Appointment in Samara, Jus in Bello and Death's Door. Just sheer perfection.

    Ultimately what I love about this show is its ability to make me feel, no matter the emotion. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, it makes me jump out of my seat. And I felt so much for Bobby and the Boys watching this.

  • One of the greatest episodes. Great allusion of death's door and coma. *spoilers ahead*


    All episode was like allusion for when all your life fly by when you near death's door.

    Bobby lives his life worst moments. And he need to find the worst moment toget out of coma.

    You thought there can't be more character development in seventh season? Then you didn't watch this episode.

    We could see all episodes that Bobby regrets(family life), fears(his drunk father).

    The Reaper wants to take him, says he done enough. But Bobby doesn't stop fighting for his life. He faces his father issues. And his younger copy shoots his father. And that was it. He woke up so he can tell boys important information.

    And there were one of the most heartbreaking moment I ever see. Rest In Peace Bobby Singer!

  • Bobby hangs in the balance...


    Wow! Sera knocked it out of the park! Way to go lady!

    This ep centers on Bobby locked in his own head, forced to face his life, from some of the best moments (teaching a very young Dean it's okay to have a little fun once in a while) to some of the most painful.

    The object? To wake up long enough to tell the boys what he learned in Dick's office (which turns out to be a cryptic numeric sequence to which the boys are going to have to learn the meaning). In order to pass the message along all he has to do is find the one memory he never wants to face, face it, (with his first hunting partner/mentor our very own Rufus, at his side) and evade his own personal reaper in the process. Fortunately Bobby's got more than a few tricks up his sleeve.

    We get to see I believe, Bobby's first hunt, a heartbroken ghost who kills men who break women's hearts... of course she goes after Bobby and later we do find out it's because he's afraid the apple didn't fall far from the tree. We also find out one of his biggest regrets wasn't necessarily having to kill his beloved wife, but that they never had a chance to get past their final argument. Exceptionally poignant stuff just brilliantly written by Sera Gamble herself, and even more importantly, more brilliantly played by Jim, who made it all too easy to taste those bitter tears of regret in the back of the throat.

    I must admit to being on tenterhooks with misty eyes that wanted to tear through the whole episode, and truly those tears almost came all the way out when our Bobby finally faced off with the abusive bastard he had to call dad, telling the pig that he was the reason Bobby never had his own kids, but (more importantly) that he, "adopted two boys that turned out to be heroes!" (I'm getting goosebumps and mist again just thinking about it... awesome! Man Jim... you just really... incredible!).

    Meanwhile in the not-coma world Dean vows amidst a slew of cell phone wielding witnesses to take Dick down. (gonna be interesting to see how that is put to use...)

    Sam tries to warn Dean they might lose Bobby, but Dean won't hear of it, he's still too fragged by the organ peddler who wants what their 'uncle' *ahem father figure!* is still using.

    "Walk away from me, NOW!" Dean orders the grief-leech and wisely, he does.

    Now... when Dean takes that walk to clear his head he leave Sam waiting... and fussing with his lucifer-spot again, of course leaving me to wonder what's exactly going on in that noggin of his and what exactly he thinks he can do... (I speculated that Lucifer, by sheer force of influence, will be able to get Sam to 'use' his demon-given gifts to somehow fix the sitch and heal Bobby?) But... we'll see what the show-runner has in mind.

    This was another incredible installment, just like the last ep, of course written by veteran writers who know the boys better than anyone other than the fans, so Huge Kudo's and Props to Sera for an excellently written ep.

    So, to Kast and Krew thanks as always for your hard work!

    However the truest accolades have to go to Jim! So for this week:

    Jim, Jensen, and Jared, special love gentlemen. Thanks for all you do for your fans.

  • They're My Boys

    HOLY CRAP!! It takes a lot of guts to pull off what Sera Gamble did last night. Supernatural has the unique tendency to really pull at the viewer's heart strings, but HOLY CRAP!!

    This was without a doubt the most heart-wrenching and the BEST episode of Supernatural this season (if not the best of the series). Bobby has been the anchor Sam and Dean have come to rely on since, well, before Dick ate his first kidney. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Sam and Dean without Bobby is like Sam without Dean. Which is precisely why this episode packed such a wallop to our respective noggins.

    The relationship between Bobby and the boys is (I can't bring myself to say 'was') such a special one that it warrants a separate place in our hearts. Bobby's story has always taken a back seat throughout the series. The flashbacks about his childhood, his relationship with his wife, the bond he shared with Sam & Dean, all these revelations gave us a heart warming picture of the man and the Hero. To top it all off, Jim Beaver is an awesome actor!

    I don't think I've ever seen Sam and Dean so lost. The raw emotion on display was there for everyone to see. For seven and a half seasons, the boys have clawed, bludgeoned and blasted their way out of the most hopeless situations with one thing in common - Bobby was always there. The man's presence had such a calming influence on the boys, that the abrupt realization he's really gone leaves them pretty much in the cold.

    The last five minutes of this episode were arguably one of the finest moments in television this year. I kid you not, my heart was racing, there was a lump in my throat and I was staring dumbfounded at the screen, with my mouth wide open, unable to process (for a good 3 minutes) that this was real. The chemistry between the three actors was just brilliant. Even the death of John Winchester did not have as significant an impact on the boys' lives as this will.

    So what's next? Bobby is gone and the Leviathans are still at large. Sam and Dean have beaten the odds before, but without Bobby to steer them in the right direction, they will handle this the only way they know, sheer recklessness. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. Blind vengeance can be a powerful motivator. There's a reason why Crowley and his subjects have kept a low profile. If history has taught us anything, you don't piss off the Winchesters.


    - How badly did you want Dean to wipe out that sickening smile from Dick's face? I've already imagined 6 different ways in which Dick is gonna die. And all of them are long and painful.

    - I was stoked to see Rufus again. His character needed a lot more screen time in the series than he was given.

    - How pissed off was Dean? The Leviathans have another thing coming.

    - I kind of expected Death to put in an appearance. Although Bobby's demise had a certain finality to it, the Winchesters aren't exactly known for their tactfulness. I wanna see Julian Richings again!

    This season just got the kick in the pants it needed. And although it's five weeks away, the best is definitely yet to come!
  • My favourite episode yet!. no wondered it got 10 out of 10 from most people. it had me hooked. and as for bobby... could you ever imagine being inside that guys head. its true he is one of the darkest charaters on the shows. no tributs yet.bobby dont die!


    Cas and now Bobby! Wow the writters of this show are really fucking with the main charahcters. Poor Dean and Sam we really see them start to unravel in ths episode. Dean specially, shows how badly he needs Bobby. not just as a friend but as a father. We love bobby and we know how he feels about the boys. But he has never literally said it untill this episode!

    They are his boys! right from his mouth. Is he going to fight his way back? I am sure he will and he did when he gained consciousness. But i am sure that is the writers way of fucking with the characters again.

    What an emotional and enjoyable episode. I hope the rest of the season is like this. Excluding Cas from the equation has really brought the boys together. Bobby obviously is the glue that that holds them if he dies...

    Never thought we woudl ever go THERE..with Bobby. We knew he had history but this episode revealed the deepest and most painful memories. His douch of a father explains why he did not have kidS and why he keeps the boys close but not too close.It's a desperate situation for Bobby when he falls into a comma, the reeper is creepy and stubborn. Although the Reeper bearly shows any sign of backing down neither does Bobby; teamed up with Rufus. Bobby becomes his own saviour. But is it enough? and this episode leaves us in the lurch till next week all i can say is.. bravo!!!


  • It's a shame the Emmys completely snub the CW, because the performances in this episode are worthy of Emmy consideration.


    I was blown away by the acting last night.

    Both Jensen and Jared not only powerfully conveyed their fear and grief for Bobby, but also the weight of all the losses and tragedies they had suffered before that. It was all the more poignant because you felt that they just couldn't take anymore, they're both too hurt and damaged already.

    And Jim did an amazing job with all the hats he had to wear, traversing different eras of Bobby's life, and expressing everything from his love for the boys to his hatred of his father.

    They really deserve some kudos. What an emotionally intense episode.

    p.s. Sera deserves some kudos for writing this amazing episode as well. As does Serge Ladouceur for the cinematography. And the RL Bob Singer for the directing. Heck, they all did an awesome job! It was a perfect storm of talent.

  • wow fantastic episode but was in shock at the ending of it what will happen to sam and dean now what will happen next when the show returns in janurary only a month away how will we be able to wait that long go supernatural you rock as usual!!!!!


    wow can I say wow awesome episode what will happen when the show comes back in janurary we will have to wait and see jared jensen and jim fantastic job as always will castiel be back hope so go supernatural you rock as usual never a dull moment from our favorite show

  • Heartbreaking.


    My list of awesome won't be as long this week, not because the episode wasn't awesome, but because it's hard to make a happy list of awesome when the episode was so sad.

    -RUFUS! Even in a sad episode, Rufus is a barrel full of monkeys.

    -I love the interplay between Bobby and Rufus. Their adventures when they hunted together could be a series unto itself.

    -I think the reason I love Rufus and Bobby so much is that Bobby is usually the mentor who cuffs the boys over the head when they're being idjits, but in this case it's Rufus who is the experienced hunter teaching Bobby everything he knows and busting his chops whenever he's not up to snuff. I was going to say "pass on his wisdom" but that doesn't fit Rufus at all, which is one of the things I love about him.

    -"You're either laughing because you're scared or you're laughing because you're stupid."

    -Cool concept, having to find your way from your subconscious to your conscious mind through the memory buried the deepest in your subconscious.

    -I loved Sam and Dean fighting over Walker vs Jet Li and licorice while Bobby watches fondly. It was such a perfectly imperfect family moment. (BTW, I'm with Sam on both counts: Jet Li kicks ass and licorice sucks.)

    -"Idjits." That broke my heart right there.

    They certainly like to kill people on this show. I had at one point thought that, along with Sam and Dean, Cas and Bobby were safe. I'm at a point now where I would let Cas go (though I love the character) just to be free of the crap surrounding the issue in the fandom, but I really don't want to let go of Bobby. This episode didn't leave a lot of hope, but this is Supernatural after all. What's dead often doesn't stay dead.

  • Bobby!!!!


    Wow. Okay. *tries to put some coherent thoughts together*

    Bobby is the perfect case of a character that takes on a life of its own. And the beautiful thing about such characters is they grow organically within the story, they're not contrived or shaped by preconceived notions.

    At the end of season 1, Kripke had intended to bring back Missouri for Devil's Trap, but the actress was unavailable, so he created Bobby. Kripke said: "For me, the character was avuncular, paternal and crusty and at that point of the show I was sort of this young lieutenant in homicide, vomiting in the corner. The two people that were like father-figures and showing me the ropes were Bob (Singer) and Kim (Manners). Actually the character's name originally was 'Bobby Manners'"

    Bobby quickly became a fan favourite, and he had great chemistry with the boys, and so his small role took root and grew. His relationship with the boys and his backstory grew very gradually and naturally as the story evolved around him. What is revealed about him in this episode feels like the perfect culmination of all the hints that have been dropped before, about his wife, about his father, about his caring for the boys when they were young. It feels like it was all leading up naturally to the point of "I adopted two boys, and they grew up to be heroes."

    I was really struck by that moment. It's so perfect it seems like it must've been planned from the very beginning, and yet we know it couldn't have been--at the start he was just a replacement for Missouri. But it's like the word "idjit"--at the start it was just a throwaway insult, but it planted a seed and it stuck and it acquired more layers every time it was used until it had the depth it did tonight. There was so much meaning in that one word, it said everything. That's the way Bobby developed on Supernatural, the character grew with and out of the story. And now he is such a deeply intertwined part of the show, it is hard to imagine it without him.

    Did you hear that, show? It is hard to imagine you without Bobby!

    I can scarcely believe he could really be dead.

  • Heartbreaking, yet well-acted. Kinda of like Season 2 though.


    In this episode we see Bobby take a head shot. At the hospital the doctorsstabilizehim, but he's in a coma (Gee sound familiar?), when a reaper starts chasing him trying to accept his death (Gee, sound familiar?). Bobby realizes after talking to Rufus (who's still the man) that all he has to do is get through his worst memory and he'll wake up long enough to help the boys get the numbers they need (idk what for).

    He goes through all these memories, where we learn that he and Karen fought right before she died about him not wanting kids, seeing him play catch with Dean,the boysarguingwhether Chuck Norris or Jet Lee would win a fight, and his father in his alocoholic self (which puts in a bit of history on Bobby).

    He eventually realizes his father was his worst memory, as he sees his younger self shoot his father in the head (ironically the same place he's shot) after hitting his mother and dies, while his mother stands there saying God is going to punish Bobby someday.

    He finally wakes up, gets the numbers to the boys, calls them "Idjits", and his heart stops. Then we go to Bobby in his head again, in a memory with Dean and Sam playfully arguing and Bobby watching them, smiling at "his boys".

    The reaper asks if he's going to stay or go with him repeating that "the boys will be fine". We end with a clock ticking and Bobby staring at the Reaper.