Season 7 Episode 10

Death's Door

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 02, 2011 on The CW

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  • I'm enjoying some of these earlier season callbacks. While one could argue this episode is a complete copy of Dean's S2Premiere. But I think it's extremely interesting to see it from a Bobby perspective. Face it, w/o Bobby; they'd be Totally Screwed.


    He is the brains of the operation and is always prepared for just about anything. Quick example: when his house got burned down and all those one of a kind books got lost. He didn't sweat it because he had Xerox copies of them all over. Only Bobby would be smart enough to do something like that, because it's about the information not the special rareness of the book. That and the fact that he runs Logistics for just about Every Hunter there is.

    So it was interesting to see a Rufus guided tour of the memories that make Bobby Singer who he is. I also enjoy the Rufus coming back like I enjoyed seeing Joe again (except the Joe guest star annoyed me as the entire episode was filled with people getting cut off right before they were about to finally say a secret or how they felt).

    And don't forget that this show isn't just Supernatural Action. It's about People that are stuck what seems to be a never-ending cycle of Destiny. Or just plain Bad Luck combined with their Inability to do nothing, knowing what they know.

    I think it's Extremely Important for them to return to the roots of what made the show so great. And try to find the proper blend of great stuff from season 1-5 without trying to Extend what was planned out as a 5-season arc ending in the apocalypse by Kripke.

    So far season 7 has had its hits and misses and while I'm still on the fence about whether it should have ended after season 5...

    ... To Quote Neil Young, "It's Better to Burn Out, Then to Fade Away."

    This episode however I think was Extremely Important if the show is going to escape the perils and trappings of season 6. And it really puts the Winchesters up against the wall but in a different way then the 5-Season-Arc destiny thing.

    This is a Good Thing if you ask me.

    We don't want Supernatural to run on for so long that it becomes one of those bad joke rock bands where all you remember is the crappy years where they just wouldn't STOP PLAYING! [*Cough*Aerosmith*Cough*]

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