Season 7 Episode 10

Death's Door

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 02, 2011 on The CW

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  • Bobby hangs in the balance...


    Wow! Sera knocked it out of the park! Way to go lady!

    This ep centers on Bobby locked in his own head, forced to face his life, from some of the best moments (teaching a very young Dean it's okay to have a little fun once in a while) to some of the most painful.

    The object? To wake up long enough to tell the boys what he learned in Dick's office (which turns out to be a cryptic numeric sequence to which the boys are going to have to learn the meaning). In order to pass the message along all he has to do is find the one memory he never wants to face, face it, (with his first hunting partner/mentor our very own Rufus, at his side) and evade his own personal reaper in the process. Fortunately Bobby's got more than a few tricks up his sleeve.

    We get to see I believe, Bobby's first hunt, a heartbroken ghost who kills men who break women's hearts... of course she goes after Bobby and later we do find out it's because he's afraid the apple didn't fall far from the tree. We also find out one of his biggest regrets wasn't necessarily having to kill his beloved wife, but that they never had a chance to get past their final argument. Exceptionally poignant stuff just brilliantly written by Sera Gamble herself, and even more importantly, more brilliantly played by Jim, who made it all too easy to taste those bitter tears of regret in the back of the throat.

    I must admit to being on tenterhooks with misty eyes that wanted to tear through the whole episode, and truly those tears almost came all the way out when our Bobby finally faced off with the abusive bastard he had to call dad, telling the pig that he was the reason Bobby never had his own kids, but (more importantly) that he, "adopted two boys that turned out to be heroes!" (I'm getting goosebumps and mist again just thinking about it... awesome! Man Jim... you just really... incredible!).

    Meanwhile in the not-coma world Dean vows amidst a slew of cell phone wielding witnesses to take Dick down. (gonna be interesting to see how that is put to use...)

    Sam tries to warn Dean they might lose Bobby, but Dean won't hear of it, he's still too fragged by the organ peddler who wants what their 'uncle' *ahem father figure!* is still using.

    "Walk away from me, NOW!" Dean orders the grief-leech and wisely, he does.

    Now... when Dean takes that walk to clear his head he leave Sam waiting... and fussing with his lucifer-spot again, of course leaving me to wonder what's exactly going on in that noggin of his and what exactly he thinks he can do... (I speculated that Lucifer, by sheer force of influence, will be able to get Sam to 'use' his demon-given gifts to somehow fix the sitch and heal Bobby?) But... we'll see what the show-runner has in mind.

    This was another incredible installment, just like the last ep, of course written by veteran writers who know the boys better than anyone other than the fans, so Huge Kudo's and Props to Sera for an excellently written ep.

    So, to Kast and Krew thanks as always for your hard work!

    However the truest accolades have to go to Jim! So for this week:

    Jim, Jensen, and Jared, special love gentlemen. Thanks for all you do for your fans.

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