Season 7 Episode 10

Death's Door

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 02, 2011 on The CW

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  • They're My Boys

    HOLY CRAP!! It takes a lot of guts to pull off what Sera Gamble did last night. Supernatural has the unique tendency to really pull at the viewer's heart strings, but HOLY CRAP!!

    This was without a doubt the most heart-wrenching and the BEST episode of Supernatural this season (if not the best of the series). Bobby has been the anchor Sam and Dean have come to rely on since, well, before Dick ate his first kidney. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Sam and Dean without Bobby is like Sam without Dean. Which is precisely why this episode packed such a wallop to our respective noggins.

    The relationship between Bobby and the boys is (I can't bring myself to say 'was') such a special one that it warrants a separate place in our hearts. Bobby's story has always taken a back seat throughout the series. The flashbacks about his childhood, his relationship with his wife, the bond he shared with Sam & Dean, all these revelations gave us a heart warming picture of the man and the Hero. To top it all off, Jim Beaver is an awesome actor!

    I don't think I've ever seen Sam and Dean so lost. The raw emotion on display was there for everyone to see. For seven and a half seasons, the boys have clawed, bludgeoned and blasted their way out of the most hopeless situations with one thing in common - Bobby was always there. The man's presence had such a calming influence on the boys, that the abrupt realization he's really gone leaves them pretty much in the cold.

    The last five minutes of this episode were arguably one of the finest moments in television this year. I kid you not, my heart was racing, there was a lump in my throat and I was staring dumbfounded at the screen, with my mouth wide open, unable to process (for a good 3 minutes) that this was real. The chemistry between the three actors was just brilliant. Even the death of John Winchester did not have as significant an impact on the boys' lives as this will.

    So what's next? Bobby is gone and the Leviathans are still at large. Sam and Dean have beaten the odds before, but without Bobby to steer them in the right direction, they will handle this the only way they know, sheer recklessness. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. Blind vengeance can be a powerful motivator. There's a reason why Crowley and his subjects have kept a low profile. If history has taught us anything, you don't piss off the Winchesters.


    - How badly did you want Dean to wipe out that sickening smile from Dick's face? I've already imagined 6 different ways in which Dick is gonna die. And all of them are long and painful.

    - I was stoked to see Rufus again. His character needed a lot more screen time in the series than he was given.

    - How pissed off was Dean? The Leviathans have another thing coming.

    - I kind of expected Death to put in an appearance. Although Bobby's demise had a certain finality to it, the Winchesters aren't exactly known for their tactfulness. I wanna see Julian Richings again!

    This season just got the kick in the pants it needed. And although it's five weeks away, the best is definitely yet to come!
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