Season 7 Episode 10

Death's Door

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 02, 2011 on The CW

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  • I always love the Bobby centered episodes and this was the best.


    Bobby Singer has always been one of the best characters on the series and this episode just proves it. Last season we had Weekend at Bobby's where we got to see just a day in his life. Here we got to see his past and his real feelings.

    Despite the show focusing on supernatural elements, the best parts of the series is when it focuses on the very real and human elements of its characters. Bobby's best and worst memories were very human. Not killing his demon possessed wife, but telling her that he did not want to have a family because he feared becoming his father.

    The best scene was when Bobby confronted his darkest memory of his childhood when he killed his father. The dialogue was strong here. Telling his younger self that this was when he realized that the ones he saves will not always say thank you.

    And the depiction of Bobby's relationship with the boys was amazing in this episode on both sides. Bobby remembering playing catch with Dean and defending himself to John. In the real world Dean refusing to even think that Bobby is going to die and basically calling out Dick. And my favorite part was Bobby telling his father that while he never had children on his own that he basically adopted two boys, referring to Sam and Dean and that he was proud of them seeing them as his sons. A touching end was that his final surviving memory was just sitting and watching a movie with them.

    I was also happy to see Rufus make an appearance. It is fitting that his memory would be the one to help Bobby. He taught Bobby how to hunt and was basically the closest thing he had to family.

    I see this episode as a focus on family. Not biological family, but the family you choose and sometimes care about just as much, if not more, than your blood. One of the best written episodes of the series ever.