Season 7 Episode 10

Death's Door

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 02, 2011 on The CW

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  • A World Without Bobby Singer (Spoilers Ahead)


    Bobby, shot in the head, must navigate through his memories to escape a Reaper coming after him so that he can tell Sam and Dean what the Leviathans are planning. He teams up with Rufus and rather difficultly navigates his way through the good and the bad. I'm appreciative of the episode itself giving us a glimpse at Bobby's past and how much he truly loves Sam and Dean and sees them as his own offspring. The scenes with his wife were an interesting biography point, and the Reaper telling Bobby how the bullet is tearing away all of his cells was a cool concept to keep the fleeing from the Reaper more difficult for him. Whatever the Leviathans are planning better be darn good if it's worth Bobby potentially dying for. Dean and Dick's measuring contest outside the hospital with Dean promising to make him wish he was dead was a great touch. If Bobby dies it will indeed be the thing this Leviathan storyline needs in terms of conflict. They have already killed Cass, and now Bobby, the Winchesters are now alone if Bobby follows the Reaper. For Bobby's sake, I hope he goes with the Reaper. The episode was a little stand still but it still encapsulated the main storyline while expanding the mythos of the world. Rufus joining him was justifiable and touching, but the real kicker is that Bobby wakes up and gives Sam and Dean the code for the Leviathan's plans and then slips right back under. One other thing, the Bobby kid shooting his Dad was way too obvious and the kid shot him way too easily. No matter how bullied you are by your father some sort of fear manifests itself in you when you're around him, and you stay afraid. The kid didn't respond to any of his father's presence or abusive personality and shot him as easily as if he would a deer, terrible acting kid F, quit while you're not ahead. Normally the kid actors are good on this show, like even the kid Dean for 5 seconds was better than that. Anyway, the cliffhanger of Bobby choosing to go with the Reaper or not was well staged for the episode what with the clock ticking and whatnot in the end credits, I'm torn because it's a great cliffhanger to end on to bring people back and it leaves it totally open for him to either come back or go away which is even more infuriating because after going through all of this and getting shot in the head, something that you rarely come back from, Bobby's life is still in the air but as the Reaper said Bobby deserves peace and this show will evolve from his passing despite his absence Sam and Dean will mourn him forever. If this is indeed the end of you Bobby, cheers to what you've brought to this show, if it isn't see ya after the holidays.