Season 7 Episode 4

Defending Your Life

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 2011 on The CW

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  • Overall, a very good episode.


    I really liked this episode, all except for one flaw that really bothered me... the idea for the trial and bringing in Osiris was great, and seeing all the witnesses brought in and how Dean was dealing with the guilt also made this episode quite good. The single problem I have is Sam and Dean's conversation at the end; I felt like the first two episodes of the season were phenomenal and got off to a really strong and dramatic start. But I found it weird in "Hello Cruel World" that right as they were on their way to the hospital and Sam saw Lucifer again--and there was the promise that Lucifer "wasn't going anywhere"--the entire next episode Sam seemed almost totally fine. I thought it might just have been a weird week, but then this episode continued it. There was a dramatic shift between Sam hallucinating and being about to lose it and Sam talking about how his time in hell almost helped him get rid of his guilt. I just think it's really strange how so suddenly after he got back the memories that were supposed to have killed him, he's talking about feeling fine. It's odd. I don't think this is something that they should just shove off as being so suddenly solved; it's unsatisfying. They definitely could be handling this better... but who knows? Maybe they will.

    The rest of the episode was really good, however. I'm hoping Supernatural can survive the Friday death slot, because to be quite honest it's the only show on the CW worth watching, and I think they could and should keep it going for a lot longer. Us fans have to unite! :D

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