Season 7 Episode 4

Defending Your Life

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 2011 on The CW

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  • A Dean for All Seasons


    On a stand alone episode of Supernatural following last week's solo outing, Dean and Sam are on the road to Dearborn Michigan to hunt what appears to be vengeful ghosts killing people who have committed crimes. When the pattern begins to add up to much more though it appears that the Egyptian God Osiris is involved and judging those with heavy hearts as in Egyptian mythology, so you get put on trial and if you have more guilt that necessary you get sentenced to die. While Sam tries to help a soon to be victim Dean drinks and tells his troubles to a bartender with Osiris listening intently who then grabs him and puts him on trial, when Sam manages to find them he volunteers to act as Dean's lawyer. Osiris calls Jo to testify against Dean, who says that she does not blame Dean and it is implied that she has feelings for him and that's why she followed him into battle all those times. Dean's heart is especially guilty after what he did last week when he killed the woman that Sam set free. The flashbacks at the intervals where they refer to the past were effective in parts such as Jo and Dean's history but also unnecessary at parts like Sam flashing back to Jess in my opinion. However the most effective use of them was the flash of how many people Dean believes he's hurt/killed in his life. Osiris explains interestingly that it is not up to him to decide but to what Dean feels is true as the ultimate verdict. This trial and Osiris reminded me a little of last season's "You Can't Handle the Truth" in that a higher being was revealing truths that the brothers are keeping from one another. Osiris sentences Dean to death and it turns out Osiris can be put down with a ram's horn which Sam gets and stabs him before Dean can get got. But the true heart-wrenching part of the episode was Jo confronting Dean in the salt circle, apparently Osiris can control ghosts but since he's a God it's not out of the realm of possibility. Seeing as it only puts him down for a couple of centuries is better than forever because we are talking about a God here. The fact that the truth isn't revealed to Sam regarding Dean's secret was a great to keep a wedge between them especially after Sam's confession that he no longer feels guilt over everything and how he's made peace with what he's done and I really believe that he was true to Dean in the trial. The truth will probably get out about Dean killing that lady last week (sorry not good at remembering names) but it's good for them to take a step away from Leviathans for a little while to develop more on the brothers. Good episode, looks to be a winning streak starting to happen here.