Season 9 Episode 2

Devil May Care

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 2013 on The CW
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Dean has a surprise for Sam and Kevin: Crowley, locked up in the trunk of the Impala. While they try to track down the demons on Earth, Abaddon continues with her plan to rule Hell.

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  • No military consultant?

    No one seemed to notice that the female in uniform that Kevin fooled claimed to be a sergeant (E-5) when she was wearing the rank of a PFC (E-3) on her headgear.
  • Crowleys back

    Super happy now Crowleys back! Kevin has had his day, time to retire the character.
  • Mostly disappointed.

    I disliked this episode. Kevin acted like a stupid with Crowley, Dean acted like a jerk with Kevin, not ready to help him free his mom and the new pretty huntress is not needed and I think taking Crowley to the lair is wrong.

    I did enjoy FBI Kevin Solo :-)
  • I don't know what to think

    I was mildly annoyed for the duration of the episode. It was like a background noise I could not get rid of.

    I loved the acting and it was not a bad episode but this whole arc of Dean turning into a more of an alcoholic because of a big secret that would cause a rift between brothers shtick is the same stuff in forest green we rehashed several times over already.

    And as much as I liked Dean including Kevin and Cas into the Winchester family his words rang false. I know he believes them but everything Crowley told Kevin about eh Winchesters is true as well. And I can't help but be wary. About his words and about this season.

    The good news is that Abadon is bad-ass. The bad news is Kevin bullying the navy lady into allowing the boys to examine the bus where Abaddon recruited her new mini army left a rather bad taste in my mouth.moreless
  • come and get it you d***s!! :P

    damn loved dean when those above words on the mic recording.

    and yea good episode... nice to see crowley back and the boys in the fbi suits.
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Jesse Hutch


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Paul Rae

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Olivia Ryan Stern

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (10)

    • Sam: Wait. So Crowley is... alive?
      Dean: Oh, yeah. He's the junk in my trunk.
      Sam: Huh.

    • Crowley: Torture. Brilliant. Can't wait to see Sam in stilettos and a leather bustier. Really putting the S-A-M into S&M.

    • Dean: He will break, okay? When he does, we'll hold him down while you knife him. Then we all go out for ice cream and strippers.

    • Abaddon: So maybe you can tell me what the hell happened to Hell? And demons. I mean, you call that a meat suit?
      Grandma Demon: I closed 72 deals last year. Kids love grandma.

    • Dean: What, so this whole place is poison?
      Sam: Yeah. (Dean covers his crotch) That's not going to help.
      Dean: Doesn't hurt.

    • Sam: They're coming.
      Dean: Good.
      Sam: They've got assault rifles.
      Dean: Okay, less good.

    • Crowley: What's on your mind, Kevin? You can tell me. We're friends.
      Kevin: You tortured me.
      Crowley: I torture all my friends. It's how I show love.

    • Abaddon: I so appreciate you boys coming when I call. That's what I like most about you Winchesters. Obedient... and suicidally stupid. I like that, too.
      Dean: We going to fight or make out, 'cause I'm getting some real mixed signals here.

    • Sam: You killed three demons, alone?
      Dean: I took 'em by surprise. I got a little messy, I got a little lucky. Oh, and, uh, I'm awesome, so there's that.

    • Sam: So you ready for it? Falling angels. Abaddon. Cas losing his halo. Crowley in our basement.
      Dean: Crap. We're living in a frigging sitcom.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Dean: Things go Breaking Bad, he knows our number.
      Referencing the popular AMC series (2008-2013) with a chemistry professor who turns to manufacturing meth to make sure his family is financially secure after he's diagnosed with lung cancer.

    • Dean: Well, I figured the King of Hell might know a few things, so why not Zero Dark Thirty his ass?
      Referencing the 2012 movie of the same name, which dealt with the manhunt for Osama bin Laden concluding with his death in 2011. The movie generated controversy because it presented torture as an effective tool in determining Bin Laden's location.

    • Dean: Because you're a crappy shot... Katniss.
      Referencing the 2008 novel, the first in a trilogy written by Suzanne Collins. It is set in the distant future and has one district, The Capital, dominating 12 districts and forcing them to send youngsters from ages 12-18 to fight in a gladiatorial-survival game set in a wilderness environment. Katniss, the main character, is an expert archer. The first novel was made into a movie in 2012.

    • Sam: I'll take demons for a thousand, Alex.
      Referencing the popular game show (first aired 1964) with host Alex Trebek, where three contestants are presented with clues in the form of answers, and must give a correct response in the form of a question. The game is typically divided into three rounds: Jeopardy Round!, Double Jeopardy Round!, and Final Jeopardy! The basic point values are 100-200-300-400-500, and 1000 points is the top question in each category in Double Jeopardy.

    • Dean: Agent Stark, Banner, FBI.
      Referencing the civilian identities of two Marvel Comics superheroes, Iron Man (Tony Stark) and the Incredible Hulk (Bruce Banner).

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