Season 9 Episode 2

Devil May Care

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2013 on The CW

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  • No military consultant?

    No one seemed to notice that the female in uniform that Kevin fooled claimed to be a sergeant (E-5) when she was wearing the rank of a PFC (E-3) on her headgear.
  • Crowleys back

    Super happy now Crowleys back! Kevin has had his day, time to retire the character.
  • Mostly disappointed.

    I disliked this episode. Kevin acted like a stupid with Crowley, Dean acted like a jerk with Kevin, not ready to help him free his mom and the new pretty huntress is not needed and I think taking Crowley to the lair is wrong.

    I did enjoy FBI Kevin Solo :-)
  • I don't know what to think

    I was mildly annoyed for the duration of the episode. It was like a background noise I could not get rid of.

    I loved the acting and it was not a bad episode but this whole arc of Dean turning into a more of an alcoholic because of a big secret that would cause a rift between brothers shtick is the same stuff in forest green we rehashed several times over already.

    And as much as I liked Dean including Kevin and Cas into the Winchester family his words rang false. I know he believes them but everything Crowley told Kevin about eh Winchesters is true as well. And I can't help but be wary. About his words and about this season.

    The good news is that Abadon is bad-ass. The bad news is Kevin bullying the navy lady into allowing the boys to examine the bus where Abaddon recruited her new mini army left a rather bad taste in my mouth.
  • come and get it you d***s!! :P

    damn loved dean when those above words on the mic recording.

    and yea good episode... nice to see crowley back and the boys in the fbi suits.
  • Ezekiel is giving Cas a run for his money

    This was a great episode explaining a lot of things and then really cool when Ezekiel/Sam spread his wings. I love it when they do that and blow every demon out of the water. Way cool. What was coincidental for me was that I had finally caught As Time Goes By from the previous season yesterday morning and then here is Abaddon again so I knew what the deal was with him/her. Kevin's run in with Crowley was interesting and finally Dean's talk with Kevin at the end was nice. All in all a darn good episode for explaining things and moving the arc forward.
  • Reigning in Hell

    With the stage set in the season premiere, it's time for the rest of the plot threads to get a bit of love. Towards the top of the list was the conflict over who ought to rule in Hell, and Crowley has some interesting competition in Abaddon. This ought to be a solid basis for a Supernatural episode, but for some reason, there are a few oddities along the way.

    I don't mind when other Hunters are introduced, and given the situation with the fallen angels and the demons still on Earth, it makes sense for the Winchesters to warn the ranks. What annoys me is when the writers don't bother to acknowledge that we haven't actually been introduced to these Hunters before. It wouldn't be difficult to have Dean work off a list, or mention that they've never talked directly, or something to that effect. Instead, they pass it off as if the Hunters in this episode are recurring characters that the audience ought to be familiar with, and that's just not the case.

    Even then, it would have been fine if they served a less meaningful role. But the audience is supposed to care that one of the Hunters caved to Abaddon. Wouldn't that be a lot more meaningful if we had actually met the guy before he betrayed everyone? It left the episode feeling out of sync to a certain degree, and considering that this storytelling tactic has been used repeatedly in recent seasons, it's an annoying trend.

    Meanwhile, there's Abaddon and her Hell Makeover plan. Crowley was all about the deal, the soft sell damnation bit, and given his background, that made perfect sense. After all, he was associated with the Crossroads Demons before he staged his power coup. Abaddon is more old school, though. She wants to get back to the notion of dispatching humanity and taking the Earth as their own playground. Which, from a certain point of view, makes Crowley a more amenable King of Hell. (Let's set aside that I consider Mark Sheppard to be a better actor,
  • Devil May Care

    Things kept rolling in the Winchester World continuing nicely from last week's surprisingly good premiere and jumping right back into "oh yeah Abaddon's alive" territory. Her little speech to the rank and file demons was great, especially the bit that Crowley was only a salesman. Speaking of, it looks like whatever broke through the Crowley last year seems to be bleeding over into this one (despite the Kevin threats and taunts of how the Winchesters are only using him). From what I remember of last season's time episode there are other Knights of Hell and I don't know if Abaddon is going to bring in one of her other cronies or something (I presume the others are dead now) to help bring down the brothers. The pursuit of new vessels (using Navy personnel) agreed with me right up until Kevin blackmailed an MP for an online "bodyshot photo" which I presume was out of uniform so it wouldn't've been on the ground of conduct unbecoming of someone in uniform so who cares? You'd just think of a more creative way to go about getting her to let them in. Damnit, where's Bobby's gruff voice when you need it to add credibility? The hunter network was nice to see back in action, even if Herb's "heroic redemption" was cut a little short by a sniper rifle. I had almost forgotten about Ezekiel in that scene where Sam was getting his butt handed to him. Gotta dig the way Dean sold it in the "I'm awesome" way. No Cass this episode but I presume he's up to much newly human shenanigans and he'll catch up next episode for sure. Dean's thing to Kevin about him being family was the show stealer in terms of emotional moments. And that one hot girl bringing back the mention of Lucifer's Cage from back in Season 4 and how her family was killed, don't get me wrong it's always nice to see the show reflect on the consequences of their past seasons, was tonally all over the place and seemed totally shoehorned in there just to give Sam an internal conflict for Dean to toast to at the end of episode. But for once Sam is happy and seeing loving faces of friends and family everywhere and it's sad because Dean's lie to him (for his own good it must be said) is going to be a constant reminder throughout with Sam's happiness being an issue of authenticity and how torn up Dean is inside about having saved his brother and done what he believes is "such a selfish thing" like his did when telling Zeke about giving up the Trials to save Sam's life. In closing, gotta love the pop culture references on this show from "Zero Dark Thirty" to "Breaking Bad" to the Marvel agent names I always get a good chuckle out of them. And it looks like Crowley made a deal, like he's never done that before.
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