Season 9 Episode 5

Dog Dean Afternoon

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2013 on The CW
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To solve two murders, Dean casts a spell to bond with the German Shepherd that witnessed both crimes. However, the spell has an... unfortunate side effect.

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  • Talking dogs FTW!

    Love this episode, talking dogs FTW!
  • Trite, cliche and overall craptastic

    Wow, what can I saw. This episode was god awful. My title sums it up perfectly.

    Completely unoriginal and poorly written. The whole "barking at the mailman" was a complete ripoff of Malcolm in the Middle, where Reece joins a pack of dogs in his neighborhood and starts to act like a dog, even yelling "Hey! Hey! Hey You!" at the mailman through the window.

    Way off the mark on this one there guys and girls. Don't waste your time. I feel I'm being quite generous with my 5 rating.moreless
  • haha... damn so hilariously stupid


    ohh my god...

    hilarious episode!

    This is what supernatural is also all about.

    And the good ol Dean-amicks!! never get tired of those :)

    I dont think any other tv show out there could pull out a dumb script like this and make it awesome and hilarious!
  • flying rat

    oh my goodness I could not stop laughing at Dean and the pigeon :D
  • More like Dean Doolittle

    I'm a huge fan of one-off episodes. Especially Supernatural one-off episodes. No one does them better. Period. Giving the loyal fans a break from the constant dark and brooding plots of the series and the character diatribes about fate, hunting and setting the world right, it's always a treat when Supernatural gives an episode the one-off treatment. Not so much this time.

    This episode is a sad farce of a Supernatural one-off episode. Bad Day at Black Rock, Mystery Spot, Wishful Thinking and The Real Ghost Busters are much, much better examples of how Supernatural has shined with an episode one-off.

    In Wishful Thinking it was funny when the giant teddy-bear was drinking and contemplating suicide as he watched the horrors of 24 hour news coverage, seeing no hope for an existence in a world so wrought with pain, hatred and misery. It was humor and social commentary melded perfectly, yet it only worked because it was only happening because of some kids wish coming true. Not that we found out that Teddy Bears have a secret language, like we know have tied in to the Supernatural universe with animals being able to talk, and have Northeast accents as well

    We can all agree, or at least I can surmise that we agree, that the series has definitely taken a hit to it's lore and origins ever since the end of Season 5. Change isn't a bad thing. I mean, who besides AC/DC can turn out the same product ever year for 30 years and have everyone call it brilliant? But, I digress.

    Diverting from it's Christian-based roots and spreading out into the mythical has sent Supernatural spiraling out of control and into chaos. It seems the writers are cherry-picking themes and lore and throwing in everything from The Wizard of Oz (in that now we are to include that Oz as a dimension, is real, right along side Heaven and Hell and Purgatory) and now Disney themes, that animals have their own language and can not only speak English, but often communicate and know the make and model of Dean's car.

    This season is awful. I hate to hate Supernatural, but it's hard when they're on the streak they're on right now. Season 9 better pick it up and fast, or I'll wait for it to be on Netflix next year so I don't have to be disappointed every week, just all at once, like TV should be.moreless
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