Season 3 Episode 10

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2008 on The CW

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  • The best performance of Jensen Ackles so far and and incredible episode that it is both heart-wrenching and pivotal in the overarching show's mythology.

    What do you get if you concoct a story by Sera Gamble and Raelle Tucker (before her departure toward the gory shores of "True Blood") and a script by Cathryn Humpris, renown for her mythological-intense episodes? A masterpiece is the answer, and "Dream a little dream of me" is just that!

    When Bobby gets trapped inside his dreams, due to a particularly disturbed and cruel Dreamwalker, addicted to a certain African Dream Root, Sam and Dean must enter his consciousness to free him. Not only we discover why Bobby became an hunter in the first place (his wife was possessed by a demon and he was forced to kill her when she got rabid), but we also get a chance to experience - thanks to Steve Boyum (director) and Serge Ladouceur (photographer) - one of the most visually beautiful episodes ever: the transitions between the dream and the reality are seamless, and the bright, vivid dream-like colors - already experimented in "What Is and What Should Never Be" (2.20) - are both mesmerizing to watch and yet subtly unsettling, too unreal to feel really safe and sound. But this isn't even the best part of the episode, because when the Dreamwalker starts persecuting Dean, the Winchester must get rid of him from inside Dean's subconscious and this is where the episode rises and becomes really unforgettable.

    We see that Dean is having dreams and thoughts about Lisa (from "The Kids Are Alright", 3.02) and her son Ben, and that's saying that he is dreaming of another life, much similar to the wish verse explored in WIAWSNB, a life where he can safely build a family and live his life. A dream of peace and quietness so distant from his current, hell-bound situations. Most importantly, we see a confrontation between Dean and his other self, his doppelganger who's saying to him that he is worthless, that he's nothing by John's faithful dog soldier, that he's nothing on his own. The doppelganger seems to be winning, Dean can't find the words to rebut it... and then he explodes! He says that John was a ravaging bastard that had no right to ruin his childhood and his life by putting so much pressure on him, and that he did what he did (care about Sam and his family) not because his father told him so but because John was so incapable of being a father that he had to be both a brother and a father to Sam. Dean shoots his doppelganger and right when he finally breaths in relief, the Doppelganger opens his black eyes and shows Dean how it will be to be a demon in Hell. The depth of Dean's character is astounding: when we first see him in the Pilot, Dean seems to be a carbon copy of John Winchester, a devoted hunter who idolized his father and wanted to be just like him. Then, slowly but steadily, Dean revealed many layers beyond that surface: he is a deep and complex individual that doesn't resemble his father and that can't be identified only with his mission to protect his brother. What really identify his character is his love. Sam and John have akin minds driven by a revenge obsession (something Sam will show also in Season Four), but Dean does everything - the hunts, the sacrifices, the renounces to his desires - out of love. It is in this dimension that he finally finds his inner value, and - in the end - he is ready to quit the masquerade and admit to his brother that he is scared, that he is the one to be taken care of, for once. All this complexity, depth and profundity are in the script, right, and I can't thank enough the writers for such an awesome character, but they are also in Jensen Ackles' outstanding performance. He would have deserved an Emmy for his work on this episode, because we see three Dean and each and everyone of them is just perfect.
  • Sam and Dean try their hand as Sandmen. (this Silene Capensis is 100% real by the way)

    Good episode, especially Sam and Bela getting it on in a dream, nice!! I also like the part where Dean confronts his subconscious-i guess you could call it-self. He thought it was a trick brought on by Jeremy, but it never was. And by the end of the episode, we find out Bela's real reason for helping them, why she asked to stay with them to begin with. It was her opportunity to get her hands on the colt while the guys were visiting the land of Nod. She could have even been responsible for Sam's dream. Even if she hadn't made the deal with the Crossroads demon, she would've wound up in Hell anyway because of her attitude. Then again, maybe it was all the money that made her so bad. And although i'm sorry for Bobby's loss, if he hadn't lost his wife, Sam and Dean might not be alive; sometimes these things happen for a reason. I can even sympathize with Jeremy and his inability to dream, but he shouldn't have gone as far as killing people, so his Karma caught up to him.

    I still can't believe this African dream root is real and as far i can tell, it's actually legal.
  • Sam and Dean track a dream killer.

    Good not great. After a few strong episodes the series comes up with a so-so episode. I did not like the coma angle, especially since the coma patient seems like she just came from a day at the spa. The actor who played the "bad guy" was very good and all, but the episode just never really jelled and seemed to meander all over the place. But I can excuse a just a good episode after the previous 3 episodes were so strong. Hopefully the episodes to follow are stronger then this average and not so thrilling episode. Up next.
  • title says everything

    One word: awesome! The concept, the script, the acting. I couldn't believe that this is a TV-series, I mean there are many major movies which can never build up such tension and emotions. I only saw the German dubbed version and still I'm blown away. (The German Dean sounds like a twelve year old before his voice break and you can clearly hear that the guy never had any actor training). The idea of setting the whole story in the head of the protagonists was incredible clever in many ways. First of all, the dreamy, acidy garden around Bobby's house, visually extremely interesting, because those are one of the first shots in this series I can think of, which do not have this Horror-movie blue/ dark filter. And the effect is enormous. They seemed completely unreal, though they're closer to reality than the usual frames. Secondly Dean facing his evil twin: This element is overused in so many film that it should be boring by now, but it wasn't! All of Dean's doubts, fears and suppressed feelings could be expressed without seeming to be forced into the story. And Ackles performance just hit it on the head. On top of it all, it still had great funny moments. I draw my hat to the authors and the director, perfectly done!
  • A trip into Bobby and Dean's subconscious

    I'm a huge fan of episodes of shows or even movies that revolve around dreams or dream sequences. I'm also a huge fan of surrealism, so this episode really played to my interests. Sam and Dean find that Bobby has been put in a coma by a mysterious man who can control people's dreams (a dream walker), so the brothers take it upon themselves to travel into Bobby's mind to help him wake up.

    This certainly wasn't the greatest episode of the show, but it was definitely interesting and kept me on the edge of my seat. Dreams are almost like a keyhole into a person's psyche, and seeing a little more about Bobby was very cool (especially since he's one of my favorite supporting characters).

    Perhaps the best moment was when Dean got a look at himself as a demon. It was very creepy and quite revealing. As for the villain, as powerful as his power was, it just didn't seem very exciting or scary. In fact, he wasn't even supernatural in the least; he just got used to tripping off dream root and ended up learning how to control his dreams.

    Overall, this was a pretty good episode. With a haunting image of Dean as a demon. Let's hope that doesn't happen..
  • Freddy Kruger style.

    We learn that Bobby killed his wife in this episode. We learn that Dean & Sam can jump & control people's dreams, the way Sam saved the day was a little stupid cause he could of escaped ages before, but he didn't. Bela returns & steals the colt. No surprise there. But seriously when will Dean & Sam learn that Bela is just in it for the money. Seriously. I like Bela & all but it seems like in every episode she is in, she steals something or gets the Winchesters in trouble. I guess Bella isn't friends with Sam & Dean anymore. The sex dream between Sam & Bella, that was hilarious. I thought it was real for a second. This episode would be better with Ruby though.
  • A regular monster of the week style investigation turns up a lot more about the season arc and characters' perspectives.

    The African dream root in this episode shows us Bobby's back story - long overdue and very well played - and Dean's internal struggle about his trip to hell. I liked this episode the first time I saw it, and it deserves re-watching for all the little clues about each character.

    The DVD special feature adds a lot more to this episode, intentionally or otherwise. In "Scene Specifics" Kripke mentions a few changes that had to be made to Dean's dream for various reasons. First of all, they wanted to have a chainsaw horror movie scene start it off, but couldn't get the rights to the movie they were spoofing. So they went with seeing Dean's one night stand offering him a romantic picnic while "their son" was off at baseball: a happy, "normal" life kind of dream. This shows so much about what Dean really wants and it's so perfect for the episode that I can't help but feel thankful to whatever company refused to give over the rights to the horror flick. That would have been funny, but much less interesting.

    Another change was that Jeffrey Dean Morgan wasn't available, so instead of facing off with his father, Dean faced off with himself. For the part of the conversation when he was arguing about being "Daddy's blunt little instrument" and all the ways he was treated as less important than Sam, speaking with John would have worked. Most of that was really about confronting his father, so I think it would have been an excellent scene. It still would have led to his realization that he didn't deserve to die.

    But for the finale of the confrontation, when the other Dean wakes from death as a demon, the fate our Dean really fears, John Winchester would not have been nearly as effective. Dean had to see himself as he might be. It was integral to the realization he voices to Sam later on: "I've been thinking. I don't want to die. I don't want to go to hell."

    Only someone as internally conflicted as Dean Winchester could make those statements actually sound like epiphanies. But there you have it.

    So thank goodness for last minute changes to the script. In this case, I think they really kicked the story up to fantastic.
  • The Winchesters enter the dream world to awaken Bobby from a mysterious coma

    After watching this episode, I think we can all agree dreams are deadlier then reality. I've also got to give praise to the Supernatural writers. they never seem to run out of ideas for the show. This episode really was interesting. The brothers enter the dream world to save Bobby who was put into a coma by a mysterious foe using some kind of dream root. I really enjoyed the bits of Bobbys past that were revealed to us. it finally shed some light on why he became a hunter. The best part, however, was the confrontation with "Demon Dean" and the revelation of what he has to look forward to in the coming months. It was cool to to see Lisa from 3x02 again. it shows Dean still has strong feelings for her. Finally, Bela Talbot makes another appearence. Is it just me or am I the only one who wants to throw her off a cliff. What seemed like a helpful act was actually an attempt to steal the Colt. Shes like a bug you can't squash. I hope the boys hunt her down with no mercy!
  • Pretty good episode.

    Dream a Little Dream of Me: This was a little confusing and a little out there for me, but overall I have to say they did pull it off. It wasn't my favorite sub-plot in an episode or it doesn't even reach that close, but it wasn't something I hated (season 1 sub-plots), so I might have given it a 7/10, but since the progression of the big story is going somewhere, I gave it a better score.

    You're Going to Hell Dean: Well, I have a feeling this is going to be a season finale thing, so I'm definitely looking forward to that. I'm still trying to understand if they're going to get rid of Jensen Ackles, he does a pretty good job portraying Dean Winchester, I just couldn't bare to watch the show without him. Ah well, I guess I'll just trust the fate of my two favorite demon hunters to the creators of this whole thing.
  • Another first rate epiosde.

    Dream a Little Dream of Me see's Sam and Dean try and take down someone who has gained control of Bobby's dreams. Supernatural delivers yet another close to flawless episode. Sam's dream of Bella and the beats with Dean after he wakes are hilarious. Bella on the whole is shaping out to be an interesting character. Dean's dream shows us a rarely seen side of him the picnic is beyond sweet plus the Dean on Dean stand off is outstanding and goes down as one of the coolest season three moment so far. I'm also pleased that Dean finally admitted that he did not want to die and it was not over dramatized. Dream a Little Dream of Me is classic Supernatural a perfect tension filled 40 minutes with some humor and character development mixed in.
  • Ever wondered what it would be like to be in someomes dreams....

    First class episode. Loved the way it started. Standard conflict plot of the show taken to a new reality, Bobby's dreams. He believes its the living world and is trapped in a coma, so there goes the neighbour as the boys are forced to enter his dream and combat the force that is keeping him there.

    The two seperate occasions that the boys enter the dreamworld are sufficiently different to keep viewers engrossed as after escaping the first dream, Dean is the one to dream next. There he faces himself and comes to terms that he doesnt want to die. What a great way to do this! Sams fight to the death with the anataganist isnt that great, and you expect the antags father to be involved - though you dont expect Sam to actually do the defeating.

    Takes us anothe step on the stairs leading us to whether Sam is really human or if hes inbued with demonspirit.
  • Possibly one of the best episodes of season three so far!!!

    i think finally the third season of supernatural has taken off! After a few far fetched episodes with too much blood and gore, and possibly a tad too much humour, an episode has come that is practically perfect in everyway. Season 3 is different thats for sure and its taken me all of ten episodes to come to terms with the new style it has taken on. The stories are more far fetched and certainly of the weirder kind, but hey, the show is called supernatural for a reason. The acting is at an all time high in this episode and Jensen Ackles who plays Dean portrays the character perfectly. I just hope that one day he is rewarded for his talents! Although the scenario of going into peoples heads seems a little extreme, well just think of freddy cruger and your soon except the idea. Bobby is put in a coma and its up to sam and dean to rescue there life long friend. Another strong element of the episode is the investigating that Sam and Dean have to do to find answers, appose to it be handded to them on a plate. This brought me back to past episodes of season one where they had to do a series of interveiws and research to find the missing peices to there puzzle. The answers are cleverly scripted and reasonably beleivable. When they enter the dream world it is cleverly filmed and genrally scary. The pace never lets up as we discover more about booby's past and Sams powers appear to return despite the YED has long been wasted. Dean faces his demon inerself and this is where his acting really pays off and the episode really acheives high on the scare meter. Dean finally excepts the fact that he's terrified of hell and wants to find an answer to save him, although he tells Sam nothing of the dream. Overall the episode is more or less fawtless! It is dramtic, compelling and yes the humour is still there, but a little more stylish this time. If the rest of season three is more like this i can't wait! At the end where Dean repeates the words 'your gonna die! and this, this is what your going to become!' will send chills down your spine.
  • Supernatural meets Dreamworld!

    A very well written episode, in which we get to know some of the characters even better. Dean and Sam get a call that Bobby went to sleep, but isn't waking up anymore. So of course the boys go to investigate this. They learn that Bobby is in a dream state of sorts and the boys go into Bobby's dream. This is were we learn why Bobby become a hunter. Apparently his wife got possessed once and he had to kill her, poor Bobby! When later in the episode we go into Dean's dream we finally learn that he doesn't really think that his life is worthless and he decides that he doesn't want to die. I was so glad when he told Sam that. I really do hope that Dean doesn't die, cause if he is I'm going to be mad!
  • What a travel to the dreamland! lol

    Sam and Bela! They'd make a nice couple if there wasnt the fact she's a biatch! She stole the colt!! What are they gonna do now?

    Dean's interior conflict was cool! Good to see he wants to live now! Maybe they will find an answer! i dondt quite understande what was Ben's mom doing there. Is the possibility of getting married a nightmare for Dean?

    Sam is colder after he "died". He is killing much more frequently! And his psychs powers are stronger! What if he is possesed?

    I think we need to see their dad helping them...Isnt he out of the hell? Is there any possibility he is Ruby? I pretty sure its not, but we never know whats passing through the writers head!
  • Wow!! What a brilliant episode! This has to be not only one of my favourite S3 eps, but one of the all time best!Dramatic, revealing, terrifying, suspenseful, hilarious, amaaaazing!

    Eeee! Totally worthy of a combination of dances 'happy', 'snoopy' and the 'Caritas dance of Joy'!

    Okay got to calm down, but wow! Thank you Sara and Cathryn (Humphris) and everyone involved, you guys totally rock! We have been hanging out for this episode, one where we see the inner turmoil that Dean is going through. It is so apt that we had to have a dream episode to be able to push past the wall Dean has built up, and get to those insights. Even more perfect is that even in his dreams Dean displays a level of denial and control. At least, until he finds himself trapped there unable to escape at the click of his fingers!

    Dean constantly pushes his true feelings to the back of his mind, in an attempt to escape them during the day. And then at night, when they have a chance to resurface in his dreams, you get the feeling he has used the snap of his fingers to avoid confronting them before.

    This constant cycle of running away from his feelings of anger, fear, guilt and worthlessness must have been unbearable for Dean. My heart aches thinking of the turmoil he must have felt. Especially in regard to his Dad! We know he has an incredible love and loyalty to John and until this episode (except for a brief word in Hunted) he has fought hard to stifle his feelings of anger and resentment. The guilt of feeling that way towards his Dad, combined with his self doubt, and the fear of what is awaiting him in hell would have been an almost unbearable pain for him to contend with, No wonder he has been constantly trying to avoid facing them. Plus he still feels the pressure to be all strong and stoic for Sammy.

    In a way we should be grateful to that psychotic little freak, Jeremy, for forcing Dean to stay in his dream and finally have to face his true feelings. Which are, after all, totally understandable. Jeremy acted like a kind of malevolent psychiatrist! On the other hand he was a murdering bastard who, hurt our Bobby and our Sammy! So he deserved what he got!

    Now that Dean has faced his feelings and battled his inner demon, hopefully he will be able to leave his doubts and guilt behind him. At least the process has begun, anyway! It would be great if he could share this breakthrough with Sam. But even if he is not ready to bare his soul publicly yet, at least he is being honest with himself and is therefore ready to acknowledge his fear and his longing to survive. He is ready to fight for his life!!! News we have all been anxious. We all knew it was coming, and even though I get the idea that there may still be a long way to go, Deans attitude is heartening and will be a very welcome change for Sam.

    I know I'm getting a little ahead of myself, there is so much about this episode to talk about, but for me, again, this is a huge episode for Dean (My Dean Girl bias is totally showing, but hell, who cares, obsessions a b#**h, but so much fun!)

    I can't forget Sam though, I loved the shift from super serious last week to the sweet, sexy, awkward comedy of his 'Bela' dream. In his first and last scenes with Dean he really has his 'little brother' look going on in spades. In the first, because he always looks like this when he is drunk, kind of helpless and pitiful too!, which is also how he is feeling because he is at a loss as to how to help Dean and can't understand Deans reluctance to help himself. And in the final scene, because he is hopeful and grateful and cautiously optimistic with Deans change in attitude. In fact they both have a similar look in the final scene, which helps to show how this whole ordeal has brought them closer together. Deans confession and the hopeful look on his face is beautiful, love to see this honest vulnerable side, it makes his bravery even more inspiring! The hopeful uncertainty in both their voices when they at last verbally announce their decision to fight for Deans life together is really moving. This is what I love about Supernatural, the brothers banding together, against the odds, without much hope (and NO colt!) and Sam has even admitted that he doesn't think even Ruby can help Dean. A fact Dean already knows, but hasn't told Sam. This brings up some very interesting points and a definite shift of character for Dean. Yes Dean is still being the protective big brother, not wanting to dash Sams hopes any further. But more interestingly, he is protecting Rubys relationship with Sam, so that they can both help prepare Sam for the possibility of life without him. Dean teaming up with a demon?! And doing it behind his brothers back?! Whoah!

    Okay, back to the beginning of the ep., it was wonderful to see Bobby again. His nightmare was truly scary, loved the tension and suspense. The frenetic glimpses of his shrieking attacker were very effective!

    Then we flick to poor drunk Sammy, this deceptively, simple scene reinforcing his frustration and sadness and setting up nicely the episodes ultimate resolution. It is always funny and sweet to see Deans reaction to a drunk Sammy, a little bit of shock and 'fatherly' remonstration which turns into amusement and brotherly concern. And couldn't help laughing at Deans pronunciation of the name he uses as Bobbys emergency contact alias! It's not often, or ever, that Bobby needs helps, so he can be forgiven for almost forgetting it! I love the dynamic that Bobby brings to the show. He brings out a deep love and loyalty in both Dean and Sam. They would do anything to save him, looking on him as a surrogate father. So it was no surprise what they decided to do, and no surprise that Dean suggested it in the first place. Of course, HE would be the one to think of jumping into a dangerous and completely foreign situation when faced with the possibility of losing his friend (once more he will do anything for the people he loves, which is why his unwillingness to do the same for himself frustrates Sam so much!)

    And once they got in there, despite the freaky surrounding, both Dean and Sam keep there emotions under control. Dean uses all his mental strength to convince Bobby that he is dreaming and to help Bobby bring himself back to reality. Love this scene, Deans love is fierce, Bobby is like a father to him!

    Also loved the way the dream world was portrayed. Even with his wifes influence Bobbys house was easily recognised. It was nice to get inside Bobbys head briefly and learn a little bit about his past. Poor thing having to carry around the guilt of killing his wife, and the reason that demons are his speciality is now pretty obvious. No wonder he and John were friends, they had a lot in common, both losing their wives because of demons. Even though John didn't kill Mary, he would have felt guilty, for not being able to protect her, and for the revenge fuelled obsession of a life that he involved his sons in.

    The gloomy, creepy interior of Bobbys house, that Dean and Bobby were stuck in contrasted nicely to the starkly bright exterior that Sam found himself in. The nauseatingly cheery surroundings were just as creepy as the darkness inside, and perhaps represented an exaggerated reflection of how Sam had always pictured his life being, prior to his return to hunting, that is, the cute little all-american house with the white picket fence. Also I don't think it is coincidence that he was the one able to communicate with the instigator of the evil. I know that Jeremy didn't have Sams DNA, so that meant he couldn't control Sams dreams, so that gave Sam some measure of control, but perhaps Sam is also more open to communicating with evil. Or his subconscious thinks he is, so in the dream he is! As he struggles with the continuing questions about his destiny, he feels slightly removed from Dean. And this is reflected in the dream. Of course Sams true core, his love of Dean (and Bobby), his courage and intellect enable him to push past those doubts to solve the case and eventually he harnesses his power (at least in the dream world, I don't think he is ready to even contemplate it or control it in real life at the moment, but one day he will probably have to) and uses it to destroy Jeremy before he can destroy Dean.

    And the following scene (after Bobbys dream, sorry went a little off track!) in the hospital is wonderful. Bobbys gratitude and sincere acknowledgment of Deans worth would have stayed in his mind (he values Bobbys opinion highly) and surely would have been one of the things that gave Dean the strength to fight his inner demons later on. Plus on the lighter side, loved the myriad of expressions which crossed Deans face when he admits to accepting the drink from Jeremy…. 'I was thirsty!' Very cute!

    Absolutely loved the 'Bela dream' scene and the post dream scene OMG! A huge thank you to the writers for giving us that sweet funny Sam again! The dream itself was pretty damn hot! (I could just imagine all the Sam Girls out there, steaming up the TV screen, trying to get up close, and push Bela out of the way to take her place …….oh…or is that just me when Deans Route 666 scene with Cassie comes on!lol!) but what came afterwards was pure comic genius! 'Sam! Sam!' The little smile on his face as he was dreaming was a perfect contrast to the look of disgust, and embarrassment when he woke up and realized who he was dreaming about.. wiping the drool of his face and trying to wipe the memory away as well..heehee.. but still to his dismay it felt good!…..Loved Deans quips and the knowing look on his face 'dreaming about Angelina?' and even better…'Brad?' heehee. Sams awkwardness was hilarious as was that little look down when Dean asked him to come over and help him! OMG! The mind boggles! And then when Bela turns up it gets even better! Loved the mirroring of her entrance. Sam watching Dean move and react in a similar way to his dream. Sams expectant look as Bela takes off her coat, and the, shoulder dropping, let down when she is actually wearing clothes! Then his super spazzy goodbye! Combined with Deans look of amazed 'what the hell!' I could watch this scene over and over (and have!) it's so bloody funny and Jared and Jensen are both perfect! Oh I know Bela was in there too, but I was laughing to much to take much notice! She was her usual self, helping the boys a little, so that she could get close enough to take advantage of them. Using Bobby as the reason for her helpful attitude, knowing they would buy it, because they too would do anything for him. A little careless, and out of character, of the boys to leave the colt, anywhere other than the boot of the chevy! But it opens up a whole new can of worms. Maybe Ruby can get the colt back off Bela, love to see that scrag fight! I'd be rooting for Ruby, Sam on the other hand……….oops sorry, did I actually say that!

    Speaking of ladies, I loved seeing Lisa again! (TKAA is still one of the best S3 eps for me) How gorgeous was her appearance! The song was perfect, the setting simple and romantic. You could really imagine Dean dreaming this scenario over and over again, longing for real love and a normal life. It was a very sweet scene which was way to brief. Loved Deans reaction to Sam discovering what has been on his mind. Denying that he had dreamt it before, as if he doesn't have the right to even yearn for happiness! He has to know this is a very natural thing to long for, but he feels he has to be tough and pretend he is okay with his lot in life in front of his brother. Sams reaction was so sweet, a little surprised, but then knowingly not making a big deal of it so that Dean wouldn't be uncomfortable. He knows all to well what it is to want a normal life and a woman to love him. As well as the pain of having it taken away.

    Love the way the tone of the dream changed so completely, the brothers gradually losing each other amongst the forest and the effect of Deans 'forest' becoming an indoor one. The way the sets changed was seamless and stunning. Great work guys! And then the freaky hallway leading into their hotel room. (It is SO sad and telling, that while Bobbys subconscious took him back to the home he shared with his wife, Deans subconscious takes him to a hotel room, similar to the last one in a long, long line of cold anonymous rooms!)

    What an amazing scene with Dean up against….. um Dean! (Double dose of Dean…mmmyumm even when one is evil (or maybe especially then! Angelus anyone! The bad boys are always hot!)) But apart from the obvious overload of salty goodness, the drama was brilliant! Loved the entrance, Dean walking into the room with his subconscious, 'evil' Dean, sitting at the desk flicking the light on and off (a clever combination of Deans usual little nervous habits eg The Usual Suspects, clicking his tongue, flicking his pen etc, with the usual effects demons have on electric lights! Obvious but subtle, I liked it!) I think Dean was hoping it would be Jeremy, so that he could focus his anger on someone other than himself and his Dad. But as soon as he got close, (and we saw those long eyelashes ..sigh..), it was obvious that he wasn't going to get out of it that easy. Typically he started off his usual cool, cocky self, thinking he had it all worked out 'I'm my own worst enemy' and trying to control the dream. Even though he knows that Jeremy is the one with ultimate control, he is still surprised and dismayed when he can't simply click his fingers and escape. Then the real drama begins, all the pent up feelings of fear and selfdoubt threaten to engulf him. Dean has to get past his feelings of worthlessness. He feels like he is not worth saving, especially at the expense of his beloved brothers life. It has been his job to look after Sam, and keep his family together, defending his father in his way to often absences, ever since he can remember, all the weight of this burden is bearing down on his shoulders and combining with his fear of an unknown future. The following struggle and the ultimate explosive conclusion left me breathless, the intense emotion in Deans voice as he screams out his true feelings tore through me. Even though his revelations about John were shocking they are totally understandable and do not negate his love for his dad at all, love and hate are two sides of the same coin, after all. The measure of his anger is comparable to the measure of the love he has for his Dad. Also don't forget John himself admitted to Dean (in IMTOD) that he had put too much responsibility on him as a child. Just after he had agreed to sacrifice his own life to save Deans. Somehow, I think this shows that John loved Dean just as much as he loved Sam!*sorry a little angry cynicism raising its ugly head* Of course his Dads sacrifice just brought more guilt down on Dean shoulders, and would have made it even harder for him to admit how angry he was at his dad! The fact that his inner demon is able to rise after Dean has supposedly destroyed it and takes actual demonic form is further evidence of Deans fears concerning the future (would he have imagined a demon Dean if Ruby hadn't told him that was exactly what was going to happen, I wonder) Thankfully because he has had the courage to be honest with himself, the vision of seeing himself as a demon does not stop Dean from making his plea to Sam in their final scene of the episode. He is now willing to fight for his life, and can see that he is worthy of being saved.

    Of course, nothing is that cut and dried, it would be boring if it was, both the brothers have a lot to work through, so the 'Nightmare on Elm Street' style ending was perfect. Demon Dean whoah! loved the venom in his voice as he spits out those last lines! Escaping our demons is not that easy, how can it be when they are waiting for us the next time we lay our head down on the pillow and close our eyes!

    I've already touched on how Sam, used his psychic powers, as well as intelligence, to destroy Jeremy, so I won't go over it again, but I wonder how strong his powers are, or potentially could be, once he embraces them? And hopefully he will be able to use them for good, rather than for what his demon disciples have in mind?

    All in all Dream a little Dream is a most amazing, well-rounded episode. First class drama, welcome resolutions, some very interesting developments and explosive revelations. Jensen seriously rocked! and Jared and Jim were not far behind! Loved the humour and the sweetness as well. As a matter of fact I might just have to go revisit it right now or go find my 'the Mamas and the Papas' CD, I've always loved that song, but now it means even more!

    I haven't even seen promos for next weeks ep. 'Mystery Spot' yet. I can only imagine it will be very dramatic and more than a little upsetting from what little I know. Wish I could say more but I don't want to spoil it for anyone. Once again I can't wait for Monday night!
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    Sam ( Jared Padalecki ) and Dean ( Jensen Ackles ) race to Bobby's ( guest star Jim Beaver ) side after he lapses into a coma and can't be awakened. While unconscious, Bobby battles his personal demons and the reason he became a hunter is revealed. Sam and Dean discover someone poisoned Bobby with a potion that will kill him if he doesn't wake soon. When the brothers decide to take the potion themselves to enter Bobby's dream in order to save him, they come face to face with their own personal nightmares. Steve Boyum directed the episode written by Cathryn Humphris .
  • It's funny that I never thought of a freddy kruger or dream type episode till this one. Although the bad guy didn't have that level of malevolence but the concept was great and on top of that all the dilemma of going after a human is raised.

    It's funny that I never thought of a Freddy Kruger or dream type episode till this one. Although the bad guy didn't have that level of malevolence but the concept was great and on top of that all the dilemma of going after a human is raised. Also it was nice to see that elements from the human world causing supernatural results. One of the most groundbreaking aspects of the showing was that not only the bad guy but the source of his power where all of this world and not the next. Seeing Dean go from death with honor to wanting and feeling as if his life is worth saving was great. Good episode and I hope the boys go after human enemies of good more often.
  • To stop a dream killer, the boys go hunting in Bobby and Dean's head where Dean must face his worst nightmare: himself.

    Sooner or later the series was going to deal with their surrogate father and this is it. But while learning about Bobby, we learn volumes about Dean.

    Sam drunk in a bar – he's certainly learned to hold his liquor, there was a time when one glass would make him pass out! And look at those red eyes, he hasn't been sleeping. Sam innocently says how Ruby can't save Dean - Dean's face! For someone so smart, Sammy hasn't figured it out yet. This is really the first time that Sam has openly confronted Dean about his disastrous self-esteem and Dean is speechless. Saved by the bell.

    Sam having sex dreams about Bela?! Dean maybe, but Sam?! That look on his face when Dean says he phoned her – his voice went all weird! Then he can't stand up! Why is Sam acting so weird around Bela, even Dean noticed. That was a bit off for me, he didn't even notice she existed before. She shot him!! However, it was hysterical!

    Visiting Bobby – shouldn't one of them go and the other keep watch? Really not a good idea for both of them to go. The exterior of Bobby's house is gorgeous! We finally found out what drove Bobby to become a hunter – his wife got possessed and he killed her. Talk about skeletons!

    Dean's dream – Dean dreams of having a life with Lisa and Ben and notice how guiltily he denies having the dream before? "Stop looking at me like that." Immediately you know there's gonna be trouble – this is Dean's head so we're dealing with Dean's very scarred psyche. Couple that with the things Dean has seen and done and this could be a terrifying world. Dean got off lightly given the horrors he could have faced. Dean was certainly relieved at the end when he realised Sam didn't see much inside his head.

    One of the aspects of SN that the fans love is Dean's fractured psyche and here we see it in all it's glory. Absolutely excellent scene where Dean must face a Dean who *is* him and who lays out all of Dean's hurts and fears. Some of what he said we already knew (that Dean raised Sam, that Sam is John's favourite) and some we should have realised (the car/jacket/music being John's but we've noticed Dean's 'resemblance' to John before) but what surprises me every time is when Dean vents about John. When we first met him, Dean worshipped John, would make excuses for him. Here Dean not only rails at John's failings but admits he blames John for Mary's death. Nightmare Dean hits the mark with every statement: "As mindless and obedient as an attack dog." ; "All he ever did was train you, boss you around… but Sam… Sam he doted on… Sam he loved." ; "Daddy's blunt little instrument." But the most important thing Dean did was display anger and acted in self-defence about himself and his going to Hell – this is without a doubt the healthiest behaviour we've ever seen from Dean. This is the first time he's said out loud what we already knew: "…who wasn't there for Sam, I always was!" And another first, he is actively doing something to save himself. Sam can breathe a little easier. Nightmare Dean is seriously spooky - so serious and focused, he's very unnerving.

    I *loved* the way they did the entire scene but Dean shooting ND stands out for another reason: 'Dean' died then came back as a demon! They couldn't have written that scene better. Then there's the fact that Dean shot himself... again.

    I've never believed Sam's powers are completely gone, they came from the demon's blood in his veins and just because YED is gone doesn't change that physical fact. No-one else could control the dreams except Jeremy and that took a lot of practice – Sam did it on his second try! From his destiny POV, he couldn't lead the demon army without his powers and they still consider him a contender so I have no doubt his psychic powers will rear their head, and soon. Though honestly, I knew Sam would kick the little cockroach's ass - Jeremy seriously didn't know who he's messing with. *Demons* call Sam the Anti-Christ! How's *that* for a CV?!

    Last thoughts:
    - "I don't scare easy but..." oh, you know the rest. That intro made me jump about a foot, though in hind sight, it is kinda funny to see Bobby running from a woman!
    - Incredible how neat Bobby's hotel room is, as opposed to a certain Winchester I could mention! You gotta admit, the man is subtle! Hiding the research in the closet behind the clothes!
    - Seems Dean has some drug-related experiences in his past, never would have pegged him for that, he's such a control freak. "Totally... I mean no!"
    - Dean really should know better than to eat or drink something that a suspect offers him! "I was thirsty..."
    - Caffeinated Dean, even Sam wasn't making any sudden moves!
    - Since John died, Bobby really has been a surrogate for the boys and Dean admits as much, "You're like a father to me!"
    - Last scene – Creepy! – Dean with the black eyes! The frightening part is Dean would make an excellent demon. Not to mention: really hot! Now *that's* how you leave your audience with a lasting and disturbing image! Brilliant!!!
    - Bela stole the Colt!!!
    - Unlike 'What Is', when you die in *these* dreams, you *don't* wake up again.

    A heavily psychological episode, one that explores a favourite topic: Dean. Important too because it shows the change of attitude of Dean toward dying. History about Bobby and Sam's powers creep up again. A bit of a simplistic storyline but fascinating and important.
  • Sam and Dean go to help Bobby who's stuck in a nightmare from which he can't wake up. In the process of finding the culprit, Dean is confronted with his own inner wishes, fears and Demons... and Sam makes us laugh a bit. All that with fine chosen music.

    Eric Eric Eric... *sigh* - TETIK you deserve to be called.
    Dean Dean Dean... *sigh* - my all time favourite character.
    Sam... Sam... really ?? Bela ? *sigh* - disappointment settles in but because the hilarious outcome of it... I'll forgive you.
    Bobby... my Bobby... Bobby bear... *sigh* - like a father... to me too. HUG

    Seriously now. I'm gonna be stuck with one word expressions : WOW... AMAZING... AWESOME... FUDGE... REALLY?? Can I please have some more?? Pretty please.
    I'm gonna go over the whole thing but first, let's say that I loved it... almost every part of it, apart from one thing I'll mention later... oh yeah and maybe the fact that we really need longer episodes... 38 minutes is really too short when the stuff is that good. A major bonus I kept noticing is the fantastic use of music. Rock or instrumental it fitted perfectly everytime.

    Now :
    Seriously that chick jumping Bobby in his dream scared me... I wasn't expecting it!! HAHA You got me... Nice how the dream melded with reality when the housekeeper was shaking Bobby to wake him up... good move guys.
    Just what's with those old cowboy style pyjamas Bobby??? Tell me it was just the top and not the whole long-legged one!

    Kicking start scene in the bar with cool music blasting in the air... just like old Season1 times : THAT's how I love my Supernatural... Bring it on Baby.
    "Down around the corner
    A half a mile from here
    You can see them long trains run
    And you watch them disappear
    Without love
    Where would you be now
    Without love"
    ... they wouldn't be far without love... and surely not facing that tricky situation. And now of course drunken!Sam, sorry sloppy!Sam is a major bonus !! Yah sure you always drink whisky at 2pm, alone in a run down bar waiting to hit on some not so sexy girl. We believe you Sam... nice try. Jared is really incredible at pulling that beaten-up-puppy face... you just want to run there and give him the biggest hug ever. Sam slowly considering giving up on his brother is heartbreaking, all that misery emanating from him... "maybe even Ruby can't stop it". Damm if you only knew... Glad Dean is finally able to keep that one secret for him so we get that added tension and unease. Those 2 guys are seriously doing an amazing job and they deserve so much more recognition than they're getting... it's a real shame. "How can you care so little about yourself... What's wrong with you?"... Oh man it's killing me. Once again though, they are spared the real serious conversation... and Dean is saved by the bell... damm sneaky writers! I love you.

    How wrong is it to see Bobby lying dead still in a bed... he is indestructible-and-always-there-to-rely-on Bobby. Now it's up to the Boys to save him for once. See how they manage. It's nice to see the difference between the mighty clean and tidy room Bobby kept, compared to John's in the Pilot !!! HAHA. That speaks volume about the characters. Well ok, maybe it's just strange that the "real" police force didn't check the room and find the documents pined in the closet, but well... I'm not gonna hold that against anyone. ;) "Silene Capensis, which of course means absolutely NOTHING to me"... well sure Dean, but it doesn't make you less smart as Sam kinda dumped that on you and he didn't know much more either.
    Sam gets to do the research... Dean gets to play detective again. Maybe not very up-to-date with his case, maybe not as much as "a very nice older man with a beard" (LOL Bobby... same tricks, Dean learned from the best who learned from the best... kind of...) but really quick to adjust: just like a cat, he always ends up on all fours. I always like that little insecure Dean trying to quickly think of something smart and efficient to respond. "hum... well... I'm not at liberty to say" But seriously, what girl could possibly resist Dean anyway, especially not "when it might go on you permanent record". Now a dude... that's another story.
    That little test subject student, Jeremy... well I guess an IQ of 160 does come in handy when facing Dean Winchester posing as a detective named "Robert Plant" (Hehe... "Zeppelin Rules"!!). Yeah, ok the beer was all he needed, even "on duty", check the door, no one will tell... And did you see how he opened that one, using his ring, finally live on screen... Cool Man !! Now did I get the impression that our friend Dean had the opportunity to test that "most vivid super intense dream, like a bad acid trip, you know? Totally... I mean. No!!" Dean... did John know about that one ?? LMAO !!

    Cut back to the Hospital on a nice little instrumental... and that look on Dean's face while sitting at Bobby's bedside... oh man... let me hug you (Yes, that epi made me want to give out free hugs all over). Little scientific stuff... geekboy is still sharp... and yes Dean, of course you believe in Legends, WTH ? If not you then who... which makes me think that maybe you guys should reconsider your position on unicorns... after all... sorry digression. Back to Bobby. My strong and valiant Bobby scared to (almost) death by a woman and left to hide in a closet... no that can't be right... screaming from the top of his lungs for help... That picture is so wrong, and yet it just makes me love the guy even more. Even Bobby can freak out and let the mask fall. Now we have to get Bobby out of there... of course usually the Boys would turn to Bobby for help. How ironic. But using the root... of course... entering Bobby's head.
    "You want to go dream walking inside Bobby's head? - Yeah, why not? Maybe we could help.- We have no idea what's crawling around in there. - How bad could it be? - Sam: Bad! - Dude... it's Bobby!"
    How much those 3 words can mean... "It's Bobby". Of course it's Bobby, Bobby Bear... the sweet, maybe a bit grumpy level headed guy that on the other hand knows so much about Demons that you might find interesting things in his head... but it's Bobby, and of course you have to do it for him. He would do it for you... He's the closest to a father you have now. No second thoughts.
    Now how to get there. That is my only negative point in the episode and I admit I'm probably not objective since everyone knows I can't stand Bela, but is it just me or did Dean think of Bela just a bit too fast... I mean first I would have tried to see how the doc might have gotten his hands on some... wouldn't Ellen have come in handy there, I'm sure she might have been able to find out.. or Hell even Missouri if only they had taken the time to stay in touch with them. But no... 2 seconds and who does Dean think of ? Their now worst human enemy... the one chick that repeatedly puts them in danger and cons them, steals stuff from her... Come on. Ok to call her, but at least not in first intention. But well, crap if it has to be Bela, let it be Bela.

    So Bela... nice idea to throw her in dream!Sam's arms... awkward... disappointing... but after all, I guess Dean is not the only one to be screwed-up in the head!! Well then of course how long has it been since Sam had some happy time. Hehe, guess he deserves the distraction and if it has to be Bela because they don't have that many chicks around... make it so.
    I'm accepting this because of the HILARIOUS post-dream scene... OMK how could you... From Sam's happy face to the drool on his hand that he spreads when he suddenly realizes the horrible truth of his dream, from the cocky smile on Dean's face to the Brad Pitt allusion "No...NO!", from the discomfort on Sam's face at the mention of Bela to the "give me a sec", from Bela's "stripping" resulting in a slightly worried then relieved Sam to the kick-Bela-out scene and Sam's "it was... nice... to seeing you...Bela..." with a hint of WTF face on Dean. I have to say there is not much I would have wanted different in that scene. Of course... who would show the Colt to Bela like that... it's like offering it to her on a silver plate... Really Dean...
    That scene though raises one question... Am I the only one finding that Bela's disturbing accent and over-articulating was very less noticeable in this episode than previously ?? Could it be that someone finally talked to her or that she found out by herself how annoying that was and that 90% of the fans were b!tching her for that... me first? I can't just have imagined that. It's like really the first thing I noticed in that scene... it made her a lot less annoying... Maybe because she was less arrogant as well. I don't know. I'm still not signing her up for more, but less annoying nonetheless. It's still a progress and better than nothing.

    So finally Bela makes an appearance and actually has a purpose... wow major breakthrough. (more about that later) Nice that Dean at least has the decency to kick her out not so nicely... But let's make a little trip shall we? Drinking Bobby's hair... Haha I love the idea, even if I find it kinda yuky.

    Entering Bobby's dream without noticing it and being in this strange place... heavy and dark atmosphere settling in slowly. Raining upside down, rooms changing when you turn around... it had this Twin Peaks flashback and I loved it. I'm wondering when the Boys will learn not to split on a hunt... lucky for them it turned out fine this time, but we came pretty close to losing Sam on that one again. Major kudos for Jim on handling scared Bobby so well and making the snapping-out-of-it moment so clear. Freaked Bobby one second and back-in-control Bobby the next one. Loved Dean asking Bobby to snap out of it while struggling with the door... funny touch in desperate situation. I'm not even gonna start on saying how touching Dean's speech was "I'm not gonna let you die/not gonna let you die... You're like a father to me". With the added echo effect... beautiful.
    Sam outside in this super bright colour version of "Pleasantville" with the birds singing and the flowers, an insect facing a god-like. Great contrast with the grey/sepia-ish inside of the house.
    What a way to wake-up freaked from a dream !!! Loved it, nice synchro there guys, makes me wonder how many times they had to redo that one !! Loved that Dean never let go of the mug... grants us another "what's that" face...

    Finally facing Bobby in the hospital. One more emotional scene... come on guys... hug !!! But that look spoke volume about what they both feel one for the other. *sigh* This is draining me and I love it.
    But thanks there's always Dean to bring back that touch of innocence and make us smile... dammed Dean... "Aww, I don't know. It wasn't that dumb. - Dean, you didn't. - I was thirsty." LOL!

    Who loves a caffeinated Dean driving the Impala while another nice piece of music is playing!! ME! Contrasting with pretty calm Sam and Bobby. "cause I don't want you digging around in my head. - Too bad." Let's go for another dream-ride. I'm still trying to figure out if this was really the first time he dreamt of Lisa like that or not. He did seem genuinely surprise when seeing her, but then that look after turning back from Sam leaves me confused. I guess it did happen before and he was just not expecting to find her at that moment in this dream like that. Whatever, the best is yet to come. Once more I can't help but notice how well the music fits when Sam and Dean are running in the woods and Dean finds himself in the stretching corridor. Master transition. A friend (Hi Shine) brought to my attention how well the corridor with closed door suited Dean's mind. I didn't notice it but it so true. A secret safely hidden behind each door... And a major one behind Door #1.

    Dean facing Inner!Dean. Time to let everything you kept bottled inside for so long finally surface. Your true feelings. About you, about your Life, about John, about your Death... Man Bobby was right when he said Dean was screwed-up in the head. Face your inner Demons... how more literal could that be. Still working on getting the whole story behind that confrontation scene. What Inner!Dean exactly represents, why Dean can't snap out of his Dream that easily. That's probably because he's really a part of him and not just memory brought back. You can't face and fight the truth that easily. Poor Dean when he realizes his actually trapped and not in control of his own dream anymore... you see him shatter right there, lost, insecure until he finally snaps. Man did you really hold all that back on John for so long... as much as it's true... it's painful to hear. "My Father was an obsessed bastard... *ouch*... I didn't deserve what he put on me... and I don't deserve to die" Finally !! There !! Was that so hard to see? Wow the intensity in that scene... goosebumps all over. But Dean you need to stop shooting yourself... I don't care liberating that feels, it's unhealthy. So Inner!Dean is dead... so of course it's time for Demon!Dean to show up. Things are never easy where Dean Winchester is concerned. I guess it's up to Sammy now to get you out of there.
    Sammy facing Jeremy once again... but Sam has more than one ace in his sleeve. Talk about a reversal of situation... was that really all the root doing... Bobby has a point. By the way, should we count Jeremy as Sam's first official human victim. Sure he was a psycho, but still very much human. The more we progress in this season and the harder it is to make the difference between supernatural evil and human evil... maybe Demons aren't all that bad after all.

    Now the big surprise comes in... Bela stole the Colt. Good that Bobby's there to punch in a nice line "check your pockets... Not literally". Lol... silly Boys. Don't we love them.
    Dean's final admission to Sam that he doesn't want to die and go to Hell... now things are gonna change. Until the last second this episode is playing with our nerves... what with that final tag... Demon!Dean snapping his fingers with a gorgeous evil smile and that ends things. WOW WOW WOW.
    Give me a second to breathe... I could watch those 3 seconds over and over again and still find it breathtaking.
    Can you tell I watched the episode more than once ? And that I wont stop there ?

    A few Questions & Sidenotes:
    - Sam says: "where you're going... what you're gonna become..." - are we talking Hunted-&-Tortured-Soul-in-Hell what or Demon what ? 'cause Sam shouldn't know about the Demon part thing... or should he ?
    - Why the raspy-low-unable to scream voices (Sam & Dean's) in Bobby's dream ? I'm having trouble figuring that one out.
    - Bela had a purpose in this episode. Fine. But, since I'm THE Anti-Bela fan, I have to complain and worry about it. A lot of fans are complaining that with the Colt rebuilt (for what it's gonna help now LOL) the Boys now have that easy way out of a lot of situations and wont have to worry so much about using other methods... to which I point that the Colt was only used once since it was brought back by Ruby, and that was to kill Tammi... and so much for the help... So no the Colt is definitely not the ultimate kill-anything weapon. But back to Bela... should I start worrying now that on every occasion when the Boys are gonna need something out of the ordinary they're gonna turn to Bela... Bela do you have African dream roots? Bela can you locate Jeremy? Bela where is Gordon?... Seriously... I hope her stealing the Colt will finally be enough to teach the Boys a lesson. How much more do they need before they learn to stay away from her or to decide to get rid of her once and for all (legally of course... or not in public)? They mention in Mystery Spot that they should be hunting her down... I hope it's for "good" reasons. But I have to wonder how the writers are gonna be able to make her fit in future episodes... any new interaction between them would be ridiculous. Would they go to help her if she called them asking?... reminds me of a Wolf story... I sure would not. Would they turn to her for help again? They would definitely lose major credibility points and I would be very disappointed. Whatever happens they should not willingly turn to her... steal from her, fine. Trick her, eventually. I just hope she doesn't turn out to be Dean's last hope out of the Deal because that would be the lowest and hardest blow I could receive. So please Mr Kripke... don't resort to that... whatever, please... no. That would crush me.
    - So Bela stole the Colt... of course, not much of a surprise there with the way they filmed the safe scene earlier, clearly exposing the Colt to her eyes. But wasn't Bobby last with Bela... so... shouldn't he have been paying attention to that while they were together in the room. Not that the Boys shouldn't have taken the Colt with them in the first place... you never know what you can come across... Some things not quite clicking together here, but well... Can't have a perfect world can we.
    - Once more I'm enjoying the guest stars. G.Michael Gray is very convincing and manages to switch between normal student, freakin' psycho and scared little boy with amazing ease. Nice job casting people.

    - 2 little continuity mistakes that are bugging me: Sam coming around the back of the house while in Bobby's dream & Dean closing his duffel and putting it in the trunk at the end. I know it's ridiculous, but it's jumping in my face every time. Can't we just cut those 2 scenes out :D

    I'm done now... Once again I'm sorry it was so long, but once I start with Supernatural, I guess I really can't stop... I just hope that expressing everything this show is doing to me might give someone, even just one person the desire to look more into it and make it a new fan. :)
  • Dean confronts himself and his feelings about John. And we learn Bobby's story!

    I liked most of this episode. I thought the writing was good, and the directing was superb, especially the dream sequences. What made this episode though was Jensen Ackles. When Dean confronted was just brilliantly done. I really don't have words to describe how much that scene got to me. All those feelings that had been bottled up for years, feeling we the audience have known he had to be feeling...finally Dean is able to confront them. And in the beginning of his dream, when he sees Lisa with a picnic, beckoning to him....he tells Sam he's never had that dream before, but you KNOW he has...he wants a "normal" life no matter how much he denies it. And when he turns to Sam and says, "Don't look at me like that," you know that Sam is feeling what we the audience are. The boys played that scene perfectly. I loved Bobby's back story. When he called his wife "baby." Seeing his house in his "before" life. The tragedy of knowing he killed his own wife...and when Dean told him he was like a father to him...Jim and Jensen have wonderful chemistry together. I loved this episode so much. Caffeinated Dean was funny. The only think I didn't like was...Bela. I honestly don't think that the boys would have even let her get a glimpse of the safe, not after what she's pulled in the past. In fact, I don't think they would have even called her for the dream was just an obviously "shoehorning" of the character into the episode. However, that said, she was more palatable in this episode than in the others she's been in. She didn't take away from the episode, and this is one I'll be watching again and again.
  • Dean confronts his feelings in his dreams about his father and about his deal he made, and we found out alittle about Bobby and how he got into hunting. How Dean really feels about thier father, and the resentment he has for him.

    This episode was awesome one showing Dean's dream and how he feels about his father, that he has some resentment towards his dad for putting so much on him. Realizing that he does not want to go to hell after seeing himself as a Demon, and letting his anger out for what his dad did to him as he was growing up. Dean has always been there for Sam and protected him, knowing that the dad should have been thier protecting them both. Dean holds no resentment towards Sam in anyway he loves his brother very much, Sam has been there for Dean and is the driving force for Dean.

    Bobby we finally found out how he got into hunting through his dreams, that he could not save his wife when she was sick. Feeling the guilt he had for that and seeing the pain he had, that is not the Bobby we normally see and it was good to see him that way. Having Dean telling him that he is a father to him to get him to listen, so he could get Bobby out of his dream to live. Seeing the respect they have for each other was very much there in the hospital, and seeing the same for Sam as he was asking Sam maybe using his physic powers and Sam saying no. You can see the close relationship the brothers have for Bobby, and how Bobby has a close relationship with the brothers like a father and sons.

    Then there is Bela who is out for herself helping the brothers by lying to them, saying that Bobby save her in Flag Staff when he did a favor for her. The only thing I like with Bela was the dream Sam had of her, making out with her when she came into the hotel room. Seeing his face was funny when Dean call him, then seeing the look on his face when she did show up was priceless.

    Over all this show gets better with each episode as it goes on, and this one was an eye opening on Dean and his feelings towards his father. Even all the stuff his dad put on him about Sam that he never stop loving his brother, and that he is always going to be there for his brother like he always has been.
  • I absolutely loved this episode; so far it's been the best of the season. That'll probably change because I've been saying that every episode so far. (Except perhaps for The Magnificent Seven - not one of the best.)

    Anyway, back to DaLDoM. Everything just worked. It could have been really naff, cos, lets face it, it's not exactly a new concept. But I thought they way they did it was fantastic.

    I loved Bobby being there. How great has he been this season? It was interesting to get a bit of insight into his character, how he got into hunting. I was impressed that it wasn't overblown and dramatic as it could have been. Nothing kills a moment better than a bit of melodrama. I liked that it was only a small part of the episode. And that scene between him and Dean was one of my favourites of the episode. The relationship between Dean and Bobby, with Bobby very much becoming a surrogate father, is really touching. Great acting by Jensen and Jim. The 'you're like a father to me' could have been really cringey, but it wasn't, thank god.

    One of my other favourite scenes was the face off between Dean and evil Dean. Again, it's not an original concept and could have been really really lame, but it wasn't thanks again to some great acting by Jensen. It was great to finally hear what Dean really feels about his dad and the position he's been put in. A great way to reveal it too, because he's never going to admit any of that to Sam.

    This episode was the perfect opportunity to get Dean to admit that he doesn't really want to die and he doesn't want to go to hell. There've been a few times this seasons where I've thought the same, but this was definitely the best, and most interesting, way to do it. The scene between Dean and Sam where he tells him he doesn't want to die was suitably awkward and kind of touching at the same time. This season just gets better and better. I can't wait for next week. Such a shame about the writers strike cutting the season short, when it's been such a fantastic season.
  • Dreams, personal nightmares... Woah. x)

    Alternate reality: Dreams.

    Yep. Dreams. That's basically what this eppy is focusing on. So we got to know a little about Bobby's background. His wife was possessed, and at that time, he didn't know what to do, so he had no choice but to kill his beloved wife. Sigh. And as he said, every hunter had been pulled into hunting...somehow. And before that, Sam had this really vivid dream and I'm like, Oh. My. Gosh. Sam + Bela? Pardon me, but major eeww. xD But the look on Sam's face when Bela showed up was so cute! Squeal! Sorry. Got distracted. :)

    Not forgetting our dear Dean. He faced Nightmare Dean, and exploded when ND crapped too much. And Dean blamed BDW for everything that happened. Woah. Okay, that took a pretty rough turn, I'll say. But one good thing was, Dean finally changed his point of view about him dying. He doesn't want to die and go to hell, 'cuz if he did, he'll become a demon. Think about this: Who wants to become one of the hunted?
  • When Bobby is found in a coma, the boys come to the rescue. They discover that a boy, Jeremy, deprived of dreams early in his life has been using African Dream Root to kill people in their dreams. And Dean comes face to face with his own inner demons.

    Can I get a collaborative sigh?
    This episode was pinnacle in Dean's character development. I have been dying for Dean to stop with the nothing-fazes-me attitude and finally admit that he doesn't want to die and doesn't deserve to go to hell! That little picnic scene with the woman from the changling episode who had the little boy who so resembled Dean was so sweet, revealing that Dean wants what everybody else wants...a happily ever after. And what is better than Jensen Ackles?...well, 2 Jensens that is! I was strangling my pillow during that scene. Very dramatic, I applaud Jensen Ackles for that performance!
  • Sam, Dean, and Bobby investigate a college professor's death.

    What an episode of Supernatural! We got to learn a little more about Bobby and how he got into hunting. Poor guy had to kill his wife :( We also go to see that Sam seems to have a little crush on Bela. When I first saw that I couldn't believe it I had to rewind it and see it again, and after that I still don't believe it lol. The face-off between the two Deans was pretty interesting. I was really happy to see that Dean faced off against his inner demons and that he was able to finally come to terms that his life is worth living, though he may not have much, at least he has his brother Sam and that should be enough to get anybody by. That's why it really pleased me to no end, that Dean finally, made up his mind and told Sam that he didn't want to die. That's kind of really ironic seeing what the episode for this coming week is lol.
  • In this episode Sam and Dean go dream walking to save a Bobby from a killer that kills people in their dreams. In the process both of the boys end up in nightmares of their own. Dean's nightmare makes him realize that he really does want to live.

    Dream a Little Dream is top notch all the way! We finally get to see a little back story on Bobby and learn how he got in to hunting in the first place. We really get to see how much Dean values Bobby as a father figure when Dean desperately tries to get Bobby to snap out of his nightmare before it is too late. The story is very well written and of course the acting is awesome as always! In Dean's dream he finally comes face to face with himself and his past feelings of self worthlessness. He sees himself as the demon he will become if he does go to hell,and thru it all Dean finally realizes he does want to live and does not want to go to hell. This is pivotal because up to this point Dean really seemed to not care and had a death wish. Dean finally admits to Sam how he feels and we can see the relief on Sam's face as his brother has finally reached the turning point. The use of black and white mixed in really helped create a cool mood for the Dean's demon scenes.
  • Can your nightmares kill ya? In Supernatural YES!!!

    The season in getting into its good swing!! MAllues was a great episode to start off after the hiatus!! So the episode itself!! Well I adored it!! Start off with Sera Gamble again, i make the statement again, i believe she is one of the best writers on the show!! She knocks the writing out of the park!! The plot was something different than the normal episode which is always good!!:D:D WE learn how Bobby got into hunting, poor fella!! The acting in the episode again was on top form, especially Jensen in his nightmare scene with his evil counter-part!! That scene has gotta be one of the best scenes ever in Supernatural!! Jared played the funny one this time, the dream of Bela!!LMAO so funny!! It's intersting that the boys have more chemistry with the women they have less screen time with!!LOL Jim did a very good job, interesting to see an emotional side to him rather then the tough and smart ass mouth from his character!! Overall one of the best episodes of Supernatural for me!! Hopefully the writers can keep these awesome episodes up when new episodes if writers strike is done tomorrow!!
  • I enjoyed this episode a lot. Missed last weeks episode, but its good to know the writers haven't gotten away from what makes this show so good.

    A very good episode in my opinion. THe actors are still giving us good work, and it was nice to learn more about who Bobby is and what got him into becoming a hunter in the first place.

    THis episode focuses on BObby who investigates the death of one Dr. Greggs. His investigation leads him into a dreamworld that he is unable to wake from. I won't say what that dreamworld is, but the storyline gives us some small insight on why BObby became a hunter in the first place. Dean and Sam have to save him, and end up getting locked in the same dremworld, and then later in another dreamworld where Dean has to face himself. I won't go into details about this, but I will let you know that this latest episode is taking us more in the direction of what is to become of Dean in less than a year when he has to face death and going to hell.

    I liked it as I always do, but it seemed to be missing something. As I thought about it, I figured out that it was the villian of the episode. He seemed sort of weak. THe fact that he wasn't a demon, but just another human with a special ability, I guess made him a little boring. THis than reminded me of Sam's own abilities which we haven't seen anymore since old yellow eye was destroyed. In this episode Bobby asks Sam a question near the end, and it made me start to think that maybe Sam still has those abilities, and maybe they will factor in with what he has to do for Dean. I missed Ruby last week, but I hope we get to see her again real soon. Overall, still a very good episode.
  • I dream of Deanie

    Wow. The "Supernatural" team sure wasted no time giving us an incredible episode such as this. There was so much that went on it's kinda hard for me to know where to start. But, as usual, I'll try not to let that deter me from attempting to comment about it.

    I guess I better start with the one thing that really p-ssed me off in the ep before I go on about it endlessly. And that's Bela, of course. I am so sorry, I know that the character has grown a pretty heftily sized fan base, but I simply can not stand her. Can...NOT. Just when I thought she couldn't go any lower, she pulls something absolutely insane, like, say, oh, she STOLE...THE...FREAKING...COLT!!! I was completely livid when she shot Sam (still not 100% over that one anyway). I hated her giving up the bros location to Gordon (although she did warn them nears afterward). And overall I've never really liked or seen the point of her con artist thief profession anyway. But this time she's gone a little too far in my book. If I were Dean I'd take a pair of pruning sheers and snip this thorn in the side off and flush her down the john. For real, how many times now has she helped the brothers only to turn around and screw them in the end? Sure, it may seem she's here to shake things up in order to give the guys some great dramatic moments and normally I'd be okay with it, but please! I think I could handle the demons and monsters better than this. Then again, maybe all this animosity from me is just from the fact that I simply don't like the character. Either way, that's the case and I'll shut up about it for now. But her taking the Colt, especially since it's one of the most valuable weapons the brothers own and especially given their dire sitch now? Seriously not cool. And what's the deal with Bela and Bobby in Flagstaff? Oh yeah, according to dialogue he saved her life....or so we're lead to believe. Right now, I don't really care, no offense to my beloved Bobby. Okay, now I'm really shutting up.

    And speaking of Bobster, how absolutely awesome was it to have an ep where he gets to be one of the main features for once? And although we've seen Bobby in action before, it was kinda nice to see him 'victimized' and needing the bros' help for once. And of course they're going to, even Dean said it himself in this ep: that Bobby was like a father to him. Plus, we got a special surprise about Bobby as we learn that he had a wife! I'm sure a lot have wondered about this, I know I have, and now we know. But the way we learned this was particularly intriguing as it pretty much sums up how hunters get into the biz. When Bobby told Dean that hunters had to start somewhere, he was basing it off the mere fact that he killed his wife because she was possessed yet he didn't know that at the time. And obviously the same happened with John, as well as Gordon, that hunter couple from this season's premiere, Isaac and Tamara, and even Ellen and Jo. Bobby points out the tragic M.O. of this also: that getting into the hunter's gig more or less means losing someone you love that stimulates the drive to do so. Perhaps this last thing is what is driving Sam to become more like Dean. Sam knows he's losing his brother, so he's trying to be more like him in order to be a more effective hunter once he's left alone. Now, Sam is an excellent hunter anyway, but let's face it: Dean is a bit more resourceful and stronger, not to mention he's been doing it longer. Also, Dean has more soloing experience than Sam. Very rarely since this series began have we seen Sam solo a gig, and even during those times it's usually when Dean is temporarily down for the count or Sam is held up by some other supernatural means (his possession last year, the thing with Max the first year, just to name a couple). But for the most part, Sam's vulnerability has always been his own spoil. Sam is more Dean's emotional savior whereas Dean is Sam's physical one. But make no mistake, Sam is getting to where he is really starting to make up for that in his endeavor to be more like big bro. It could also be this "change" in Sam that Dean is afraid of. For now, however, Sam is still feeling defeat for not being able to help Dean. Understandable, since he's gone through this before, like last year when he found out his destiny and, because he felt it was an evil destiny, he set out to save as many people as possible only to fail at about every turn. This time is worse because he's trying to save the one person he cares for more in the world than anything else and he's feels like he's failing again, only this time Sam himself is a part of the equation due to the fact that if Dean tries to get out of the deal then Sam dies. Ruby seemed like Sam's last chance, but this isn't really the case. I commented last week on a reminder of Dean's contract, which has yet to be presented again into the story. Hopefully Sam will remember this in soon time. Despite Bobby playing a major part of this week's story, I gotta say I believe this ep totally belonged to Dean. After all, he was the one dreamer out of all involved who got the biggest royal kick in the pants. And for what it's worth, it's way past due. After all season of getting berated by Sam for his self-loathing attitude, Dean finally sees the light by confronting - himself. Yes, what a metaphorically wonderful way to integrate this concept into an episode about dreams by having Dean REALLY confront his inner demons (in this case, quite literally). And for the record, that whole scene of Dean vs. Dean was very the good way, mind. Demon-Dean forces human-Dean to realize what he has lost, what he will lose, and what he will become if he succumbs to his self-destructiveness and loss of will to live. After all of Sam's pleading and the descriptions of Hell earlier this season, it took Dean to really listen to himself in order to really find himself and what he really does want. And what we get is Dean finally admitting he doesn't want to die. Which we all pretty much had to have suspected all along, but you can never be too sure. I mean, Dean has commented that he was tired of hunting, but that could've been just an excuse on his part to thwart off Sam, let alone trying to convince himself so it would make it easier on him to accept his fate. But I seriously doubt Dean would ever want to die just to escape hunting. He realizes he does have a lot to live for and he does have purpose in this life. So now it remains a question of time, something they are now running out of in order to save Dean. Folks, it's a-gettin' gooder!

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I better mention something about the weekly spook story. Episodes involving dreams almost always tickle my fancy. They are unpredictable and anything goes, the impossible becoming possible. How they are handled by the writers is what truly makes them successful, however. And the SN team did yet another superb job with the effects and the character involvement as well as set design. Super creepy stuff, yes even all the way down to that little picturesque sunny farm that Sam stumbled upon in his part of the dream. As for our villain of the week, not so impressed with him, but I did like the intro of African dream root incorporated into the story. Very nicely done, gave us some great comedic moments with Dean and Sam, especially when they had to drink that stuff with Bobby's hair mixed in. Once again, mega shout out to the SN team!

    Bits and Pieces:
    - Dean with black eyes? Hmm. Very creepy, yet still kinda sexy, just like Sam's last year.
    - Okay, Sam. I love you to death, but this little crush/lust thing you seem to be developing for Bela? HELL no! Oh no no no no no no no no no no no!! Just nip it in the bud right now, boy! Although it gave us one of the funniest awkward-Sam scenes in the history of the show, it still...just....HELL no!!! - Not that I really mind, but of all people, why did that Lisa girl from this year's ep 'The Kids Are Alright' appear in Dean's dream? I know he said he didn't want Sam messing around in his head for fear that Sam would see...something I will assume Dean believes would be kinky and embarrassing to him in front of his little bro, but...just...why her? Oh well, it doesn't matter, just curious.

    I'm rating this ep a 10 strictly because Dean finally opens his eyes (no pun intended here). Next week looks like Sam will step up to the front line and get involved in some bizarre Groundhog Day caper....and also looks as if it will be involving what it would be like if Dean died. Better break out the Kleenex for that one just in case.
  • The boys are on a hunt to save Bobby in a Dream World, Bobby is saved. Along the way they find out so much more about what may happen to Dean. The boys save the day with a lttle help from Bela and Dean realizes he doesn't want to go to hell after all!!!!

    Ok first of all this epy had a lot of twist and turns. Bobby was great, we finally got to here how he got his start in hunting. I loved the whole Dream world thing. Sam having a dream about Bela, which threw me for a loop and Dean making fun of him lol. I loved the Freddy Cruger refrence thought it was funny. Scary thought that Sam's psychic powers may be coming back. Oh No. I felt so bad for Bobby and his dream. I like how Dean got him to come back out of it. Dean telling him that he is father to him made me almost cry. Another Dean and demon Dean wow talk about more answers being thrown at you. Dean finally showed us his feelings about how John raised him talk about intense. Dean finally realizes he really doesn't want to go to hell and doesn't want to die and Sam telling him that they'll have to try a little harder and to save him from his fate. I felt so bad for Dean at the end of the epy. Great works keep it up.
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