Season 8 Episode 13

Everybody Hates Hitler

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 06, 2013 on The CW

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  • no angels:)

    so nice to have an episode with no angels :)
  • boys to MEN

    We have men now, no doubt about it. Each brother has his legacy and is willing to fulfill it for himself, his brother and for humankind. Onward to season 9 then 10!
  • Everybody hates political correctness

    And here they are.... the political correct government mandatory episodes are hitting Supernatural hard..

    With an blank moronic vilan on an predictable lazy writen episode.. I was afraid that this was gonna happen to my favorite show to and here it is,,, I don't really know if these are actual mandatory plots but in every show u see u'll find one of this forced political correct episodes with the stereotip vilan that means to drag a subject that's been forced on the viewers for over 20 years over 100 million times..

    Any 5 year old can write these and they probably are.. Just open the subject with an secret society and than add the vilan "nazi, racist, pedophile, or just a person who doesn't agree with the democratic way of life".. Vilans are not complex in these episodes, they are all whatever the curent political sistem thinks means a vilan, they are blank as an empty pice of paper and everything has to be black and white.

    Next: Hoomofob villans are attacking our hunters from a secret society that was fighting a secret war in desert storm;) And in episode 25 an old cotton field owner comes through time to opress the black people... Give me a break..
  • Golems and Nazi Necromancers

    It was great to see them continue the Men of Letters storyline from last week so soon and also change the foreboding heavy tone of last week into a more light story (even though it had Nazi Necromancers). The cold open followed a large man killing and punching through numerous Nazis and the lead one casting a spell to get away. An elderly rabbi is cataloging old books at a university library and finally stumbles upon what he's looking for. He is looking for an old ledge that contained records of experiments in a concentration camp in Belarus in 1944 where the Nazis had experiments done with dark magic. The rabbi spontaneously combusts in front of a group of students and when Sam and Dean investigate they find someone following them who turns out to be the grandson of the rabbi who had told him stories of how he would continue the legacy of the Judah Initiative which was a group of rabbis in WW2 that were major league saboteurs. But I digress, Sam and Dean find the headquarters of the Men of Letters and use the key from last episode to open up the compound and it looks like it's been out of use for many years. It being in Kansas simply ties the state further into the mythos of the show as a hotspot for supernatural stuff having the apocalypse battle between Lucifer and Michael there and their mother dying there all fits nicely into the "everything wrong happens in Kansas" thing and since the brothers are fairly isolated now that Cass is AWOL a home-base with a whole collection of never before known mythos on monsters without Bobby and not having to bring Garth into the equation is a good thing. But anyway, the necromancers were part of an ancient society called the Thule Society (probably misspelled so bite me) which no other hunters had ever heard of. Along with the grandson of the rabbi is a golem who was created back in the camp in 1944 and is made out of clay. The grandson admitting that he lost the manual that his grandfather gave him to learn how to use the golem as smoking rollers was a cool touch since he thought his g-pa insane anyway. But this episode paralleled well with the legacy storyline of following in their respective grandfathers' footsteps. In the library where the rabbi hid the ledger of experiments one of the necromancers shoots a decaying dart into Sam who begins to rot. The grandson is also shot with one and Dean spurs the golem to get the necromancer (for some reason he know that killing the guy will stop Sam from decaying completely but what if he had only known how to reverse the spell, what then?) but whatever the whole golem grabbing the guy through the bookshelf and breaking every bone in his body was pretty awesome seeing the golem on their side along with Sam and Dean still wanting to know how to do away with the golem if need be. The golem's frustration with the grandson's lack of faith in Judaism and knowledge was great since he had been locked away for so long and only wanted a master to claim him and use for the powers of good. Conveniently the rest of the Thules come to the Winchesters and the grandson and hold them at gunpoint. Also, burning the body and having a way to kill the necromancers was cool along with the grandson's declaring Sam and Dean psychos for burning the body and warming their hands. Also, the cake winner of the episode when the grandson told Dean, suspicious of being followed that he thought that they had shared a moment, and it had only been "a gay thing" was hilarious with Dean not knowing what to do. The society leader from the cold open, Ekhart, subduing the golem with commanding the scroll out of his mouth (since you have to get the scroll and write your name on it to own the golem) really was a regret to having smoked the pages of that manual back in the day. But Sam and Dean, while Ekhart is monologuing manage to get their guns and kill all of them before Ekhart says that there is more Thules out there in the world. They burn the bodies and the grandson claims the golem for his own and decides to continue his grandfather's legacy. Sam and Dean return to home-base and the episode ends with them looking at books. Great episode by my favorite writer Ben Edlund who is one of the best writers on the current Supernatural staff and gave a nice continuation of the Men of Letters story as well as changing the tone of this week's episode and giving us insights into ancient Nazi magic (which made me giddy thinking of Hellboy and other such Wolfenstein-esque fantasy fiction and the like).
  • Am I in the wrong season?

    This is another good episode from Supernatural, but it bugs me a little bit. I was assuming that last week's episode with Grandpa Winchester and the Men of Letters would be a self contained episode, but apparently it's begun a whole new story arc. But season 8 has been up till last week more personal, with no major end of the world plans or all-powerful Big Bads. Crowley is the established Big Bad of the Season, with Naomi possibly being a secondary nemesis and Benny being essentially the wild card. The Men of Letters arc seems really unnecessary to this season. I'm not saying it's bad; but it should be explored in it's own season rather than sharing the spotlight with the Gates of Hell storyline and Benny. Season 6 was a mess because they crammed to much into one season, and storylines and characters with such potential (namely Eve) got dropped almost immediately.

    And now the Batcave... I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand it looks AWESOME, but on the other hand a massive headquarters containing a library of resources seems so... un-Supernatural. Sam and Dean are nomads. Season 1 had them in a different hotel every episode. Season 2 gave them a headquarters with the Roadhouse, complete with sassy bar owner and cute daughter, but it proved to be unpopular and got burned down. The show's "headquarters" basically became Bobby's Junkyard, and really it was perfect. It was a normal, slightly messy house. Nothing fancy, but was the go-to place when the characters needed rest or information. And THAT got burned down! With a Batcave, Supernatural seems to be crossing the line into Power Rangers territory. All they need now is a giant robot with a Power Sword.
  • Yeah, this was a cool episode....

    It was very cool and interesting, good thing they continued the Men of letters thing, I was really interested on that part last episode, so I think the continuity of this episode is good.
  • getting better and better

    LOVED this episode and loving the man of letters arc. This was so well written and executed. Favourite part has to be when the not-rabbi says 'these guys are psycopaths' and we see sam warming his hands over the burning corpse from his POV classic :) - also him smoking the instruction manual lol

    PS HawaToo - re Loving the Music - It was pretty cool I agree, sounded exactly like Prince of Persia which I loved :)
  • Everybody Hates Hitler

    Evefybody Hates Hitler was a great episode of Supernatural and I really enjoyed watching because it was cool to explore the Jewish Golem. The story whens interesting and a great variation on the classical idea. There were some interesting references to ancient Jewish mythology. The Golem was like a hulk. It what is really cool how the Raiders portrayed the grandson as a modern citizen unaware of his own cultures ancient history, but he did eventually step up to the plate and prove himself worthy. I lliked how everything played out and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!
  • Everybody Hates Hitler

    Awesome Supernatural is moving on and in a good way this shows that Jeremy is a much better showrunner than Sera and the difference is huge between them while Serra ruined Supernatural Jeremy brought it back to life. The Highlight of this episode was getting a Batcave for the boys. FInally Sammy has something to do he will eventually become a man of the letters while dean will stay a hunter as he is much better at it and with them having a home they can live a good life and eventually have a family in the end .
  • The diamond in the rough.

    For those who have been following my reviews you may have detected a cynical tone in my words as I summarize my feelings and well mad ravings about a show I care so much about. Truth be told unless you havent been following along you may as well know I havent been in love with this show in recent years. In fact I think season 8 sucks major balls. It does. What have we gotten character revelations that ignore established continuity, ignorance of character growth, another tired demon angel conspiracy, and a secondary plot that deviates so far from course I almost forgot what the boys were initially after. However this episode itself was pretty enjoyable and shows us everything that used to be fun with the show.

    With that said my expectations for this episode were low, we're talking 6 feet under the surface low. So come to my surprise when we see an opening taking place in Nazi occupied Europe during the height of World War II. Also a 8 ft tall behemoth trashing said Nazis while their lead Commandant high tails it among a sea of fire. The sheer absurd nature of events A Golum trashing Nazis I knew this had to be a Ben Edlund episode. Thanks be praised it is!!!! This episode continues to showcase the best aspects of the show the formula is well used here. The boys find a new mancave Dean calls affectionately the Batcave, we have honest to god communication between the brothers that resembles a healthy relationship and a great villain legion to combat those of the Men of Letters. While I do admit that the MOL is a stupid concept that ruins established continuity, I do feel that Ben has put them to good use.

    With the new lair comes a new case a burned up rabbi, as well as a new evil villain for the boys to face the Touhl, a race of undead zombie Nazis and an unlikely ally a rabbi with a Golem a manbeast made of clay and brought to life by other rabbis to fight evil. Except this Golem isnt as well trained and would rather smash things than obey his new master, all because the new rabbi as a youth smoked the instruction manual. It doesnt get much better than this. Oh wait yes it does because our boys have to race nazis for possession of a leger that contains all the secrets of the new nazi zombies. How Indyesque!

    I do feel a whole season could have worked around this concept alone instead of the very dull cracking the code to send the demons back to hell using stone tablets. The other problem that lies with this is the fact that we're halfway into this current season and we've gone so far from the main plot that this new secondary arc is much more interesting because of the most talented Ben Edlund. It's a shame we're halfway down the rabbit hole that was this season and this is the first great episode we've seen so far. Not too heavy on comedy, a great antagonist, wonderful supporting characters and a macguffin that's similar to Indiana Jones you cant go wrong with this episode.
  • loved the music!!

    i know it's kinda a silly thing to say since i'm supposed to be reviewing the episode, but loved the music anyway. not that i'm saying the usual supernatural music is not awesome, because it is. either way, loved the episode as well - sam and dean as we knew them rather than what they had become. finding the 'batcave' - all awesome.
  • a clever title goes here

    boring, not much to say except that it was boring.
  • A twist and a half!!

    Well. So far Season 8 had been entertaining me, but it was having its issues. The Tablet plot was progressing at a rather slow rate. The Cas plot was very intriguing, but again was going just a little too slow. And Benny... well I think we can all guess where that is going to end.

    Now, I'm going to eat my words.

    It's like the past two episodes have done a huge U-Turn. Simply put, they have added an entire new mythology to the show that has potential to dominate it. And this new mythology is superb!!

    The last 2 episodes, introducing us to the Men of Letters, have taken this season in another direction. Yeah it's an 11th hour twist. We'd never even heard of John's ancestors before last week. But I don't care as it's been done so well it's taken a rather good season and made it a great one.

    The writers clearly agree. I cite one scene here, where the boys discuss Kevin and Cas. It just lets us know that while we are exploring all this new mythology, the writers haven't forgotten about the other plots at all, and it's keeping us up to speed with what is going on. However, in the mean time, we have this. What, when read about, looked like two stand alone episodes, which actually end up being the picks of the season.

    There was a hell of a lot to like here. The Bat Cave of the Men of Letters is awesome, and I love how they are kind of using that as a base/home. The brothers have been on the road for so long... it's nice to think they've found a place they can hang their hats. The actual episode, about Zombie Nazis and Golems... in one word epic! One reason why I love the Men of Letters plot is because of the infinite amount of new stories they can go down with it! In all honesty, I'm looking forward to some more stand alones now, which is something I never thought I'd say. I do believe the writers have found a way to make their stand alones just as intriguing as their arc episodes, which in all honesty they desperately needed to. Especially after last year.

    So a massive thumbs up! Roll on next week, and the return of the Tablet plot! Supernatural season 8 is in full swing, and has definitely won back an unsure fan.
  • That was great!

    That episode was fun in about every way. I love the men of letters aspect, I love that the brothers are talking to each other again :) It's making Supernatural really fun to watch again. Thanks!
  • Great episode!

    I am glad that they will be continuing the men of letters story arc. A great episode that finally has the guys getting along and working together as a team.