Season 8 Episode 13

Everybody Hates Hitler

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 06, 2013 on The CW

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  • Golems and Nazi Necromancers

    It was great to see them continue the Men of Letters storyline from last week so soon and also change the foreboding heavy tone of last week into a more light story (even though it had Nazi Necromancers). The cold open followed a large man killing and punching through numerous Nazis and the lead one casting a spell to get away. An elderly rabbi is cataloging old books at a university library and finally stumbles upon what he's looking for. He is looking for an old ledge that contained records of experiments in a concentration camp in Belarus in 1944 where the Nazis had experiments done with dark magic. The rabbi spontaneously combusts in front of a group of students and when Sam and Dean investigate they find someone following them who turns out to be the grandson of the rabbi who had told him stories of how he would continue the legacy of the Judah Initiative which was a group of rabbis in WW2 that were major league saboteurs. But I digress, Sam and Dean find the headquarters of the Men of Letters and use the key from last episode to open up the compound and it looks like it's been out of use for many years. It being in Kansas simply ties the state further into the mythos of the show as a hotspot for supernatural stuff having the apocalypse battle between Lucifer and Michael there and their mother dying there all fits nicely into the "everything wrong happens in Kansas" thing and since the brothers are fairly isolated now that Cass is AWOL a home-base with a whole collection of never before known mythos on monsters without Bobby and not having to bring Garth into the equation is a good thing. But anyway, the necromancers were part of an ancient society called the Thule Society (probably misspelled so bite me) which no other hunters had ever heard of. Along with the grandson of the rabbi is a golem who was created back in the camp in 1944 and is made out of clay. The grandson admitting that he lost the manual that his grandfather gave him to learn how to use the golem as smoking rollers was a cool touch since he thought his g-pa insane anyway. But this episode paralleled well with the legacy storyline of following in their respective grandfathers' footsteps. In the library where the rabbi hid the ledger of experiments one of the necromancers shoots a decaying dart into Sam who begins to rot. The grandson is also shot with one and Dean spurs the golem to get the necromancer (for some reason he know that killing the guy will stop Sam from decaying completely but what if he had only known how to reverse the spell, what then?) but whatever the whole golem grabbing the guy through the bookshelf and breaking every bone in his body was pretty awesome seeing the golem on their side along with Sam and Dean still wanting to know how to do away with the golem if need be. The golem's frustration with the grandson's lack of faith in Judaism and knowledge was great since he had been locked away for so long and only wanted a master to claim him and use for the powers of good. Conveniently the rest of the Thules come to the Winchesters and the grandson and hold them at gunpoint. Also, burning the body and having a way to kill the necromancers was cool along with the grandson's declaring Sam and Dean psychos for burning the body and warming their hands. Also, the cake winner of the episode when the grandson told Dean, suspicious of being followed that he thought that they had shared a moment, and it had only been "a gay thing" was hilarious with Dean not knowing what to do. The society leader from the cold open, Ekhart, subduing the golem with commanding the scroll out of his mouth (since you have to get the scroll and write your name on it to own the golem) really was a regret to having smoked the pages of that manual back in the day. But Sam and Dean, while Ekhart is monologuing manage to get their guns and kill all of them before Ekhart says that there is more Thules out there in the world. They burn the bodies and the grandson claims the golem for his own and decides to continue his grandfather's legacy. Sam and Dean return to home-base and the episode ends with them looking at books. Great episode by my favorite writer Ben Edlund who is one of the best writers on the current Supernatural staff and gave a nice continuation of the Men of Letters story as well as changing the tone of this week's episode and giving us insights into ancient Nazi magic (which made me giddy thinking of Hellboy and other such Wolfenstein-esque fantasy fiction and the like).
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