Season 2 Episode 2

Everybody Loves A Clown

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 2006 on The CW

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  • how to watch???

    How to watch supernatural in this site?
  • I actually found myself being bored with this episode.

    This episode was okay. I thought that this episode was really boring. Maybe it is because I do not have a fear of clowns. I did like that they had Sam and Dean deal with their feelings towards their father's death. The best part of the episode was when the killed the creature. They did a good job hiding who was the clown creature. I didn't suspect the blind guy. I just hope that this season picks up. Last season I thought that Supernatural was better than Smallville. This season both shows have just been okay.
  • Clowns, ugh!

    The episodic nature of the first season wasn't so bad, but it got kind of played out and I was hoping that the second season had a more story centered plot. The way this episode opened up it looked like another random hunting quest, but then it does a great job of incorporating the story with the hunting quest. Towards the middle it looks like Dean and Sam are gonna get right back on their feet on hunting the demon, but then the 51 hour time limit really gave them an excuse to go hunting. Although the story of the killer clown isn't as well developed as some of the stories, it did enough to be entertaining and the twist of who the true culprit is. Not to mention this episode was thoroughly amusing and funny, like when Dean gets punched in the nose after thinking he's slick for stealing the gun from the girl, Dean joking to Sam about getting that bearded lady's number, amongst other funny moments.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show supernatuaral it takes place after the events of the hospital and they are tring to track down the killer of there mom and while doing that they happen to come across a killer clown that is taken peoples lives and they must figure out a way to deal with it and that is why i gave a 9 it was very intense and very interesting and i think it was exciting to see this kind of story and i thought the main plot is heating up but this story about the lcow was just avarge
  • Two plots: one weak and the other very strong.

    I knew that at some point, Sam and Dean would get back to taking individual jobs and tracking down to supernatural entities, but I didn't like how little they focused on it. For me, it's all or nothing: I would've rather seen them focus the whole episode on finding the clown or focused the episode on Ellen and Ash. The entire clown sub-plot seemed to exist simply to fill in time.

    Despite my opinions on it, clowns creep me out more than anything, so I liked they finally chose a killer supernatural clown as their next job. Every time I saw him outside of the children's house, I would get chills.

    I think the most powerful part of the episode, as well as the most effective, was Sam and Dean arguing about how they're dealing with their father's death. They obviously had very differing views on the man and are taking it in different ways, but Dean's cathartic release, where he smashes the crap out of the car, was powerful, emotional and a perfect way to end the episode. It's almost like a season's worth of anger and rage built up and finally released in those thirty seconds. Plus, it helped to have Ash, a "Lynyrd Skynyrd" roadie who looks like an idiot but is actually extremely smart. He really stole the show here, in terms of humor.

    So far, Season 2 has been solid. Only two episodes in, and it's bringing the same amount of chills, thrills and tension that I've come to expect from the show.
  • The Rakshasa part is a bit weak; the rest of the episode, fortunately, is great.

    First of all, I want to raise the glass for Philip Sgriccia, who managed to direct a wonderfully looking episode out of a not-so-brilliant, at least in my opinion, script: visually, "Everybody loves a clown" is awesome, scaring and cleverly shot. Plus, the cinematography - as stunning as ever - and the art direction (brilliant!) concur to create the proper hallucinated atmosphere.

    Then, I must say that both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki deliver some amazing performance: they cope with the loss of their father believably and struggle with each other and with their grief very touchingly. In the final scene, when Sam confesses his sense of guilt and Dean gives vent to this sorrow by raging on the Impala, they acted masterfully: I was really moved by their chemistry together and by the diverse way with which they express their inner pain. Seeing Dean attacking furiously the Impala was shocking and explained his insanity more than any word.

    Unfortunately, the episode is weak in at least two points: first, the presentation of the Roadhouse and its inhabitants left something to be desired (the registered message on John's cellphone was a little too obvious gimmick, in my opinion) and the whole Rakshasa affair was a bit silly, very black-and-white (here's the evil monster: kill it!) and unchallenging. I agree with Eric Kripke when he says that episode worked much better when the clown was simply a clown: much, much scarier.

    All in all, not my favorite storyline. The episode scores above average only thanks to Sam and Dean's character development.
  • Dean's scared of flying...Sammy is scared of clowns. I can't blame him, some of them are F.R.E.A.K.Y!!

    So we start this episode with Dean and the Impala! (After they burnt John's body) Lovely car when it isn't smashed to peices! Dean is trying to rebuild it and Sam is more worried about how Dean is taking John's death. There was a message saved on John's voicemail from Ellen talking about the demon. So Sam and Dean track Ellen down to the Roadhouse, where here daughter Jo (she better stay away from Dean!!) and Ash stay. Ash needs 55 hours to build this computer thing that will track all things asociated with Yellow Eyes. So Sam and Dean go on a hunt at the circus! Yeah thats right a killer clown! Sam isn't happy about the hunt or the killer clown but goes along anyway. They get jobs at the circus and start tracking the thing. Finally after a dead end in who they thought they were looking for, Dean accidentaly sumbles across they real killer. They end up in the funhouse and he dissapears. Dean has knifes thrown at him that stab his clothes into the wall so its all up to Sam..Dean turns on the steam thing and the killer is visible. Sam stabs him and he dies! They end up back at the Roadhouse with Ash and his computer thing is complete. Anything happends that has something to do with Yellow Eyes and Ash will know. Good story, would of been a full 10 if they made Sam more obviously scared of clowns like Dean in "Phantom Traveler" now that was funny! But it was funny in place and Ash is another fave of mine now - "Buisness in the front, party in the back"....
  • A great combination of comedy and drama, very well done ... and I'm not that crazy about clowns either, never really understood the point of their existence!

    Last episode (season premier) we saw John's death, now we saw his funeral pyre, a very personal, family ceremony with just the 2 boys, and they were both crying, it was heartbreaking. Sam asked Dean whether his father has said anything before he died, Dean simply answered "no", whatever John whispered in his ear, whatever it was that freaked him so much, he wasn't about to share it with his brother.

    We met Ellen, her daughter Jo, very strong female characters, and Ash, the cyber-genius, three characters that will recur many times during this season (I wish they'd brought them back for upcoming seasons but nothing so far) and all three of them are ready to help our boys with the demon search, well at least Ash could. I liked them all, Ellen had a strong motherly vibe, but she was also fierce and you could see she can hold her own. Jo had an air of freshness, she was young and beautiful, and even though the character was originally intended as a love interest for Dean the dynamic between them was more of a sibling relationship, she did seem to have a crush on him here but later you'll see they only work as a brother and sister, and it's very sweet (many people speculated that Jo might actually BE their sister, John's daughter, but nothing to substantiate that). Ash is a geek, a very "groovy" geek nonetheless! We were told they were staying at Bobby's, he gave them a car, but we never got to see him, it'll be awhile before he pops up again.

    The entire hunt seemed forced, but I guess it was intended to look that way, to emphasize the conflicting emotions the boys had to deal with. It had an interesting concept but it wasn't that special. The emotional turmoil however was very real and touching, every argument between the boys was well-founded and very sad at the same time.

    The thing I love the most about this episode is the combination of extreme drama with comic relief without either of them undermining the other. A great job by the writer.
    And of course a brilliant job by both actors … the Winchester boys are certainly far from alright.
  • Fun House!

    This episode started out really slow at first, didn't hink I was going to like the episode after a while, Dean fixing up his car meeting Ellen, Sam mentioning their father every 2 seconds which is only making Dean more & more angry. But then the real plot submerged, the clown plot which was really creepy by the way. MY favorite part is the climax, when they were in the carnival in the fun house, the whole smoke sequence was amazing, them fighting the clown. The nerve wracking part is when Sam couldn't get the bronze blade out of the fun house to kill the clown. The most powerful scene is when he is destroying the car in the end, I was like wow. Anyways a great episode with a slow start.
  • Good

    This started off good with a agreat ending.This week's episode took place a week after John Winchester's death. Both Winchester boys are devastated, and both are handling it in different ways. Dean tries to hide his pain, but it's obvious he isn't 'okay' as he's telling everyone.

    I didn't care much for this episode because the premise just seemed kind of odd and a little cheesy. However, the acting made it watchable. This is the first time we meet Ellen, Jo, and Ash. Ash is hilarious, I have to say. And it's sad that he's not in a lot of episodes because he is just off-the-wall funny.

    I think that "Everybody Likes a Clown" focused more on Dean's character than anyone else's. It's so hard to see someone go through someone's death like this. It's hard and he's not handling it.

    The episode ends with Dean taking a crowbar to his car. It's a deep moment as he finally expresses himself. Did anyone else want to just hold him after he did that? *Raises Hand* Excellent performance, Jensen Ackles, excellent.
  • Killer Clowns make for an excellent episode!!

    I absolutely loved this episode. I thought it was amazing. I also think the actors did an amazing job in this episode. They keep getting better with each episode. I can't wait for the next episode, to see what happens with the story line and the characters. The brothers find Ellen, a friend of their dad's, who is to help them with the demon. Ellen has information about a killer clown. Sam tells her that they can help. So the brothers get a job at the Fair to figure out what is going on. I think one of the funniest parts in this episode is when Sam and Dean race to get the normal chair, instead of the chair shaped like a clown. One of the most powerful scenes in this episode is at the very end. When Dean is hitting his very beloved Impala with a crowbar, I thought it was so powerful. I love that car so when he was hitting it, I kept screaming, "No. Why would you do that to your car?" This episode was full of emotion and character developments.
  • Who doesn't love a clown?

    For some people, this would be their worst nightmare. Clowns are meant to be friendly, but the myth that clowns are evil and deadly comes to life in this episode. The one thing that bugged my was that Sam was meant to be seriously afraid of clowns, but he didn't really express any of that fear, where as Dean showed that he was really freaked out of planes in a previous episode. This episode was also a breathe of fresh air, because there was a break from the main story-line of searching for, and killing the demon.

    Overall, another great episode, I loved the way the episode ended with Dean letting out all his frustration on the car,he started the episode with a car and ended with one. No words needed, his actions said it all. It was nice meeting Ash, he is a very strange and interesting character you cant help but love. And now, Papi's death is sinking in, and the characters are taking it in slowly and confronting their emotions, which is without a doubt, a revolution of their character.
  • Dean and Sam grieve for their father, in their own separate ways, as a clown is killing people. Creepy clown and the brothers' grief packs an emotional wallop.

    I love the recap being set to music. It is pretty powerful to see the events of previous episode set to such appropriate and powerful music. Little recap videos are a big plus.

    In the beginning of the episode, we see the boys burning their father – and if this scene isn't an homage to Luke burning Darth Vader in "Jedi" than I don't know what is. Sam, the one who is relatively comfortable with his emotions is crying, but Dean just looks dead. Like the grief is too much for him to keep feeling – one look at Dean and you want to cry because he looks totally bereft, Dead Eye Dean. Kudos to Jensen Ackles on that front.

    I also like that Dean's way of moving on is to fix the Impala. Sam's concern for Dean is really sweet. The junkyard scene between the two of them is simply fantastic, Sam's concern, Dean's sarcasm. The dialogue is really well written and the characters are so well drawn that I never cease to be impressed.

    I love the way this episode deals with grief. Dean is pissed off about it, which reads true to his character. Sam has been grieving for Jessica the whole of season one, so he is pretty comfortable with grief seeing as it has been his way of life for so long. Dean snapping at Ellen when she offers her sympathies is great and true to how many people react in similar situations. Sometimes when people tell you how sorry they are, and ask if you are all right, you just want to choke them until they shut up. Dean illustrates that particular aspect of grief.

    Oh, and watching them drive a minivan "This is humiliating! I feel like a frigging soccer mom!" couldn't be funnier.

    I am fairly neutral about the introduction of Ellen, Jo and the roadhouse. I know that a lot of people were annoyed by these additions, but they didn't seem like a big to me in this episode. I wasn't wild about them, but I didn't hate them, either. They are kind of recurring plot device, but so much else is so well written, I don't mind the writers using the Road house/Ellen/Ash thing as a leg up now and again.

    There are a lot of little touches that are good here, such as Sam's fear of clowns. When going to get a job in the circus, Dean runs to the chair so Sam has to sit in the clown chair. Things like that are the little touches that make the show so great.

    The fight with Sam and Dean (or should that be fights?) about Dean moving on and letting go of the "tough guy" attitude was particularly well done. Dean wasn't wrong with what he said to Sam in return, but he was harsher about it than he has been in the past towards Sam, which gives more insight to his anger over his dad's death. Sam calling him on it in the end is another great moment as Dean shows that the person he is really mad at is their father. That is why he takes his emotions out on the Impala – the car was from his dad and is a symbol of their relationship in a lot of ways so Dean beating the **** out of it rings true.

    Very good episode!
  • MIT... yeah, it's a school in Boston

    When I first watched this episode (and the next 10 or so after it), I had no idea who Chad Lindbergh was. I do know now, however, and it was for him that I watched almost the entire second season of Supernatural over again. I guess you have to see him in other roles or without the mullet to appreciate how brilliantly he portrays Ash, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

    The funeral pyre scene at the beginning of this episode was really beautiful and a fitting farewell to a demon hunter. A burial simply wouldn't have done. I must say, Jared Padalecki cries really, really well and the boy's devastation was palpable in this scene.

    Meeting Ellen and Jo for the first time has to be one of my favourite scenes of the series so far. Jo is so beautiful; I wish she had a much bigger role in the season. Ash too actually (wish he had a bigger role, not that he's beautiful).

    I liked the idea of the Rakshasa and how it lends itself to disguising as a clown. I must say, it has nothing to do with IT, but I don't like happy clowns at all.
  • Killer clowns, freaky!!!!!

    I really love this episode b/c know we find out the wired quark that Sam is afraid of (like with Dean and flying). This was kind of one of those emotional episodes that you finally get to see Dean's emotions and how he is shielding himself and at the same time blaming himself. Well Sam is wearing his emotions on his sleeves but trying to move on. It is nice to see a few new characters in the show. Killer clowns always a classic and always creepy to (at least since I watched it when I was like 6 bad idea hat clowns.) Just to top it off it had to be in my home state where the killer clown was residing go bloody figure. But still they handled it with class and it was a nice look at it. Overall a good episode emotionally but a little lacking in excitement but still ranks in the 9's.
  • apparently clowns do kill...

    Ah... The killer clown episode. How creepy. Anyway, I thought this was a good epiosode to follow the season opener. It had the funeral, a hunt, and some new characters tossed into the mix. A great way to get heated up for the new season. We saw a lot of how Dean was shielding his emotions from Sam in this episode, and might I add, Jensen did it very well! I thought that it was great how Dean finally let all of his anger out in the end. This part was well done, and it had a lot of meaning to it. I also like the humour in this episode. It was just what everybody needed after a lot of seriousness from the past few episodes. So overall, I think this episode has everything going for it, and it turned out very well.
  • Why little children are so plain damn stupid? XD After this episode I don't want to have children anymore...

    I was thinking how would be like see them when they final season of Supernatural is shown! XD Well... that is not the subject! A lovely freaky clown... They know how to scare us! XD (As long as they don't show zombies... I will be ok! XD) The story is original! A clown... that is not a clown! And the final is too! When he is throwing knives all over the room, the effects were quite remarkables! Anyway, the story could have been a lot more, it started too late in the episode so it was kinda a small story! Anyway, the only things that were truly great were the final and the clown scary scenes. For example, the scenes of the knives were too much, I'm sure that he probably would have get the right side! XD So lots of scenes, for example, the ones in the bar were too much out of the story. About the dead father: The first episode that continues the season opener, they are dealing with his father dead and fighting with each other...

    The camera is good, but I still remembering the camera from the season opener so I cannot say anything! The filming is normal, not bad planes but there are not especial ones neither. The photography was great in the episode... At last some light! The scenes are in exterior so tecnicaly it would be imposible to make this episode look like a crepy one all the time!:D

    The scenes... whoa! This is the kind of episodes that really scare me! The two first scenes with the clown (the two first ones boys) we so scary! They filmed it very well! The scene with the blind guy and the little one was so funny! They know how to do the funniest scenes ever! That is cool, that way the show is not only about terror... It's a hybrid... a 50%.

    The final was awesome! The chat between Dean and Sam and then... Deam freaking out!

    So my puntuation is a 7, was a good one, but it could have been a lot better and some scenes were too small (like the clown in the house when the only thing they did was a shot!)
  • Little Kids see a clown at a carnival. Very amusing episode.

    After the events in the last episode Dean and Sam have to deal with their fathers death. They go see Ellen ( a girl who left a message on their dads voicemail 4 months ago) They go and realize that she too knows about demons and hunters. Sam asks to see a case about a murder. Turns out it is a case of parents being murdered by a clown and then the clown disappears. Sam and Dean catch a little girl in the act of saying she sees a clown when no one is there. They follow her home and when the light turns on in the house they go in. Sam grabs the girl and they shoot the clown. He gets up and jumps out the window breaking the glass. They suspect that it is Cooper (the man who runs the carnival is the one dressing up in a clown costume).Turns out it is the blind man. The stab him using a pipe he disappears leaving his clothes behind. Ash (one of the guys at the Saloon that Ellen works at) comes up with a tracking device that will go off if the demon that killed Sam and Deans father ever pops his head above ground. Sam apologizes to Dean about acting like he hated their father all these years. Dean bashes in the hood of his car in anger that his father is gone. End of episode.
  • A Killer clown that the Winchester boys are tracking is very dangerous.

    Very creepy. Acting is absolutely wonderful though. The boys really brought their character into play. Extremely sad at the beginning though. I cried...literally. Actors kept up their end of the emotional speel. If those are the right words to use. I loved the acting it fit in well with an emotional episode. I loved Dean's sense of humor toward the creepy clowns. Also loved the stop when he was running away when he first figured out who the clown was and Sam goes "hey!".Very funny. Hope to have the same effort and emotion throughout Season 3. I have to say. This was a pretty good episode. Love the anger at the end. Keep up the great work!
  • The brothers investigate a clown that is targeting young children so they will let him int their houses so he can brutally murder their parents.

    I gotta admit that I hate clows. Always have and always will. I never thought they would come up with the idea of hunting down one which for me proves to be very clever. Had lots of funny scenes my fav one being the misunderstanding between Dean and two of the circus workers (the blind man and a little person). The mini van was hilarious, I never thought I would see the day Dean would drive one. I love the whole Sam-Dean working issues after their father's death. Also the ending where Dean is tacking his anger, sadness, guilt and other feelings out with the remains of the Metallicar. Amazing episode.
  • awsome for me

    This was the first episode I ever watched, and it got me hooked. (Came in late) The one where Sam kind of says that he kind of likes hunting demons and evil things and Dean takes his anger out on a car. The clown thing was creepy, and I first I though clowns were over played, but they wrote it nicely and it worked!
  • The brothers investigate a clown that is targeting young children so they will let him int their houses so he can brutally murder their parents.

    Everybody loves a clown has the fear factor up to a high 10/10. Those who are scared of clowns would already know this but this episode delves into one of the most fearful things for poeple which, is ironic to its actual purpose, but THE CLOWN!!!!The viewer will be able to be relieved that their not the only one cos of Sam's hidden fear comes apparant.
    This episode is wikidly funny specially with scenes such as, when Dean runs to sit on the normal chair leaving Sammy to sit on the clown chair and also when there is the 'little misunderstanding' between Dean and a two circus workers.And in true Dean style there are typical one liners like 'did you get her phone number?'. The episode contains i think one of the scariest scene which has taken place in the programme.....the scene where the clown is outside the house and is walking towards the door. (reminds me of Halloween)Scared the crap out of me but i was sitting by doors exactly like the ones the lil boy lets the clown in by.
    Anyhow,, this episode is an A grade in the entertainment department and is rewatchable and shows us just how ace supernatural is!!
  • Can't sleep, the clowns'll get me. ...Via my children?

    Contrary to the above, and to what is apparently the accepted societal outlook on clowns (as evidenced by poor Sam’s reactions throughout the episode), I have never been afraid of clowns. I remember when I was a little kid and my parents had tickets to go to the circus. I really wanted to go, but I knew that kids were supposed to be scared of clowns, and that clowns were at the circus; so I refused to go. Dad and my older siblings went and Mom got stuck home with me. I think she really is scared of clowns, though.

    My question for this episode: what does Sam do while Dean is tinkering on the Impala? (I do have to admit that I miss the lovely growl of its engines as they sit outside in the dark.) Chilling with Bobby, making some protective circles on the ceiling? Mwahaha. Poor Meg.

    Before I say anything of actual substance about this episode, I just want to reiterate that I am kind of late in the Supernatural game; I’ll be caught up to the episode I’m reviewing, but I’m desperately keeping away from spoilers. In this episode, I think it was really important for The Boys to learn that there is a community of hunters out there. Not that I think they ‘didn’t’ know it before; in Wendigo and other episodes Dean mentions other hunters – but there’s a big difference between exposing the audience to something and referencing it. That whole “bring on the fat lady and let her sing” thing Mark Twain loved. Both of The Boys are very empathic in their own way; Sam is obviously a much more literally and archetypal dreamer and empath, but Dean shows his own capacity to be nurturing, especially where the family is concerned. With their father gone, it will be necessary for The Boys to reach out to the Hunter community as a surrogate family.

    I gave this episode a high rating but in all honesty I felt the plot was rather inconsequential. The important parts were a) that they found other hunters, upon which I gave my opinion above, and b) the two scenes in which The Boys bickered about how they deal with their father’s passing. (Oh, and Dean obviously was lying at the cremation [anyone say Darth Vader?] when he said their father told him nothing of import while Sam was getting coffee.) When Sam left at the end of the episode to do...whatever he does when they’re hanging with Bobby...the depiction of Dean smashing not only the window, but his precious Impala was wonderful. (This is the English major talking. Angst? Hurray!) It was almost brutal to watch the way that he was pounding and beating upon it; it seemed that he would never be able to reach the point at which he could let the anger go – which is obviously the case, it will take a lot more than shattering a few trunks and windows to get over the pain of losing his father.
  • killer clown...creppy!

    i really love this episode because it remember us old fears, how many of us didn't cry when we went to the circus and saw our first clown.

    Talking about the episode, it was very good, not excellent bescause i think that the end was a little too simple, but it was a decent épisode, and i love how dean keep bothering sam the whole episode for his fear to clowns...
  • Killer clowns? Awesome episode! Jo? Um . . can I retract my previous statement?

    Firstly, I apologise to any Jo shippers out there, I like her a little more in later episodes, but in this particular one she bugs the Hell outta me.

    Geeesh, first Cassie and now THIS. Those of you not familiar with the term Mary Sue, should look it up immediately, where you will find a picture of Jo's grinning face. Her character is simply all wrong for the boys, if she had to be with someone, it would be Sam, but noooo, she goes after Dean. As a little sister role she's fine though, so she should just realise that and stop perving on the guys.

    Okayly dokily, Ellen on the other hand is kick-ass! Definitely a permanent character. Oh, and the actual plot of this eppy, right. Killer clown, loved it! I'm really freaked out by clowns so I was actually scared by spn for once, and the story was well written.

    All faults were forgiven by me though in the last scene. Wow! Angst to eat with a spoon. I watched it on repeat for about an hour, now that is wanted more of on this eppy!
  • A humorous and also painful episode.

    We begin this episode with Sam and Dean burning their father's body. We learn that an old acquaintance of John has left a message on his phone and the boys head to see her where they learn that a clown has been attacking parents but leaving the children unharmed. They make this episode quite humorous by revealing that Sam has a fear of clowns and cleverly insert some really funny lines and situations into the episode. We also have the boys trying to deal, each in their own way with the passing of their father and the episode culminates with Sam trying to talk to Dean, but Dean being unwilling to let his feelings show until Sam leaves when he then loses it. This episode had many highs and lows and was well written and acted. I loved it!
  • God, I hate clowns

    I liked this episode even though clowns freak me out, the way they smile and look.. Anyway overall it was funny to see that Sam is scared of something for a change, like Dean is scared of flying in the episode "Phantom Traveler". I have to say that this episode is one of my favorites.
  • After the events at the hospital, the brothers have no idea where the demon that killed their mother is hiding. While biding their time trying to come up with an idea, they investigate murders committed by a killer clown.

    After the events at the hospital, the brothers have no idea where the demon that killed their mother is hiding. While biding their time trying to come up with an idea, they investigate murders committed by a killer clown.

    great episode! i could definetly relate to sam and his fear of clowns..they're creepy! and apparently they DO kill!!so dean is fine..but the metallicar?!waint and see! of course it'll come back!
  • Gripping episode but man that clown freaked me out, i wont be going to any carnvials lately.

    Sam and Dean do it again, they beat the bad guy.
    I loved this episode its was a great storyline, with great twists and turns.
    They really did their research for this episode.
    The clowns were scary and were very convincing, and made me jump more than once!
    It really made you think aswell like, was it that guy and how is he involved?
  • This was a fantastic episode but man, clowns freak me out!

    May as well get this out of the way – I hate clowns. They freak me out, I won’t go as far as to say they actually frighten me, it’s more I find them incredibly creepy. So the beginning really made my skin crawl – seeing that clown by the side of the road in the dark, I still cringe. Worse even than that was when the little girl looks out the window and sees the clown on the front lawn, looking up at the window. I had to look away. The worst was the father waking up and seeing the clown standing over him. Okay, now I’m just scaring myself! I actually find this clown more disturbing that It, and that’s saying something.

    The bar: when I first heard about the hunter bar, I worried – the most powerful aspect of the series is Sam and Dean, no-one else can be added to that combination… with the exception of their father. (R.I.P. John. I loved that man!) Ellen is great, she’s obviously going to be a great character. Now Jo’s another story – I like her as a character, I don’t like what she represents: a love interest for Dean. That the writers better nip in the bud fast – they can flirt all they like, but they get together, I’m going to throw a fit. Dean with a girlfriend, man, that would be distracting, not to mention get between Sam and Dean. Now, ignoring that – the hunter bar opens tons of possibilities – allies, info sources, group hunts, John-related background. There’s major questions needing answers – how long’s John known Ellen since the boys have never heard of her? If it’s a long time, how did the boys not know and what did they fall out over? Gotta say, I love Ash, he’s a freak, he fits in well! The bar could be very interesting… as long as it remains a background story. I love the boys too much on their own. Demon Hunters Quarterly – that’s actually… not funny anymore! There are actually a lot more hunters than we ever suspected.

    The big Winchester scenes: Sammy hovering, worried sick about Dean. Sam’s actually handling his grief healthily, whereas Dean’s bottling it up so tight he’s a ticking timebomb. Loved the confrontation on the road, where Dean lashes out – “I’m handling Dad’s death – are you?!” For Sam, it really is ‘too little, too late’ – he fought John all his life, they did fight the last time they spoke, and Dean was right to challenge him about it. At least Sam acknowledges it, it’s completely a conscious choice. The scene where Dean went at the Impala was heartbreaking. On one hand, I’m grateful he’s at least releasing some of that rage and grief, but what scared me is how controlled it was, he never lost control - he only lost control as much as he *allowed* himself to. Dean is really starting to worry me.

    Last thoughts: Loved the scene where Dean and Sam applied for jobs, Dean kept sticking his foot in it and Sam just stood back, loving every second! Hysterical with Dean having to drive the minivan – oh, the humiliation!! Oh, the poor Impala! She looks so wounded!

    Now we know what Sam fears - the look on his face every time a clown came near him! Loved the whole 'planes crash'/'clowns kill' bit - very funny!

    This episode was really great, genuinely scary and the writers are handling the boys grief like pros. Nicely done.
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