Season 6 Episode 1

Exile on Main St.

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2010 on The CW
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Sam is mysteriously released from Hell and seeks out his brother, trying to have a normal life. Together the brothers must join forces with their maternal grandfather, Samuel, and begin the fight anew.

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  • Different thats for sure!

    The characters were all pretty far off except for Dean who was pretty much reacting to all this the same way that we were. Woa, what, and huh? the storyline is very confusing, as I suppose their going to release little by little. But to have an opener that is so confusing and with so little information about what is happening. Not to mention we are told not all of what we've seen is actually happening. How much is really real? Was the sulfur real? When do Djins leave sulfur behind?

    And where is Adam? Sam was brought back but not Adam ,who fell into the hole with Sam,moreless
  • A little different, but still our show, in my opinion. Nice start to the season... *spoilers*

    After the amazing season finale, I kind of wondered how exactly Supernatural could continue on. I mean, how do you top "Swan Song"? Part of me believed it just should have ended there, but another part demanded more of my favorite show. I was sure the writers would come up with more amazing episodes and they did not disapoint.*spoilers*

    It started off catching us up on Dean's life now, what he's been up to. I personally enjoyed how they blended together scenes from the past and present, showing how different, yet strangely similar his life now is compared to before. Many people complain about how their characters have completely changed, but I disagree. At his core, Dean is still Dean. He has girls falling all over him, he's friendly while still keeping his distance, and he still makes his sarcastic comments. Sure, he's a little different, but what do you guys expect? He's had to adapt to a surburban lifestyle, give up all he knows, and lived everyday thinking his brother was in hell. I would have been more upset if they tried to keep him the same.

    I was a little disappointed by the reunion scene for Sam and Dean, but that's mostly because I had hoped for more sappyness. We did get a hug out of them, but I somehow expected a bit more of a reaction. Thinking back though, when Dean came back from hell, Sam and Dean hugged, but that was it. They're just not touchy-feely people; if you want something different, go read fanfiction.

    I have mixed feelings about the sudden arrival of their "family", but I'm withholding jugdement until I know more about them. Afterall, I was against Cas at first; now I adore him. For everyone saying supernatural has completely changed, I suggest going back and looking at previous seasons. They all start off with answering some questions the finale left us with, and giving us new ones to lead us into the season. For those saying Dean would never settle into this new life and take Sam's return so well, did you watch the episode? Dean said he searched for months to find some way to save Sam, and he couldn't. He didn't return to hunting because he promised his dead little brother he wouldn't. And he was PISSED about Sam never telling him he came back. He did not just take it and go. He argued and yelled, and looked ready to kick Sam and Bobby's ass for keeping it from him. And as far as Sam hiding from Dean for that long, the Winchester's are extremely good at hiding and watching from afar. Besides that, Dean left the hunting community. He wouldn't exactly hear about them through there.

    All in all, I'm extremely excited to see what will happen next. I can't wait to see where Supernatural will take us this time, and I have complete faith that it will be amazing. The episode made me laugh, cry, cheer, and it pissed me off in various parts. That is why I love it, and I for one tthink this will be a good season.moreless
  • idk I liked it (:

    Sure the boys had some awkward chemistry in this episode, and maybe its just because I have seen the rest of the season so I know where it goes, but I really liked this episode. It could have had a more intense story line no question, but I though we got some neat insight into what Dean's life has been like for the past year and will soon get some insight on what Sam has been doing. I though Jensen did a terrific job throughout this episode, and idk I really liked it (:moreless
  • I am super happy to see Supernatural back, but damn, what the heck?

    I am super happy to see Supernatural back, but damn, what the heck? Seriously, Sam comes back and we get the same thing as before? "I am back, but I don't know what pulled me out". Seriously, it worked once, but after what happened last season, they expect us to believe that again? The episode was alright, I was seriously disappointed that it all lead up to just a couple of Jinn out for revenge. For a season opener, this was seriously sad, even for an episode it was not that great. I really hope that this is not the start of a downhill spiral for the show. As far as I know this is the last planned season and the show is going to be ending soon. I really hope they start to bring it back to what it was. I wouldn't mind if the whole demon and angle story line was taken back and things went back to regular hunting, but don't just throw the same old stuff back at us with a new face.moreless
  • this is not good for this show hope i didnt live to see this

    supernatural was the perfect series from season 1 till season 5 but this season is garbage without the creator the show is nothing i appretiat the actors trying to make a good episodes but the writing is so bad hate that it came to this supernatural should have ended in season 5 and served as a final season so they can wrap everything up. i really expected more from supernatural and sara shame that you became the follower after the epic eric krepke he was the man behind everything he was the show ofcourse with the amazing talents of our actor guyz i wont watch another episode of supernatural again this is a disapointment hope that they do well and i hear there is a good episode which death is in it i may watch it just because death is coming i loved death last season and he didnt appear only in one episode so im gonna watch that i hope for my sake and the shows sake that the episode is great if its not im not watching supernatural again i will still be a fan but a fan of the first 5 seasons not the 6th season. if you guyz agree with me give me a thumbs upmoreless
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Fredric Lehne


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Corin Nemec

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Jessica Heafey

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Cindy Sampson

Cindy Sampson

Lisa Braeden

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Nicholas Elia

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Mitch Pileggi

Mitch Pileggi

Samuel Campbell

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    • Lisa: You're an idiot. I mean, I know it wasn't greeting-card perfect, but we were in it together.
      Dean: I was a wreck half the time.
      Lisa: Yeah, well, the guy that basically just saved the world shows up at your door, you expect him to have a couple of issues.

    • Dean: Do you have any clue what walking away meant for me?
      Bobby: Yeah, a woman and a kid... and not getting your guts ripped out at age 30. That's what it meant.
      Dean: That woman and that kid, I went to them because you asked me to.
      Bobby: Good.
      Dean: Good for who? I showed up on their doorstep half out of my head with grief. God knows why they even let me in. I drank too much, I had nightmares. I looked everywhere. I collected hundreds of books trying to find anything to bust you out.
      Sam: You promised you'd leave it alone.
      Dean: Of course, I didn't leave it alone! Sue me!

    • Dean: There's not much to tell. Lived on the road. Took crap jobs that nobody else wanted.
      Sid: Like...?
      Dean: Like... pest control.
      Sid: Really? Pest control.
      Dean: Yeah. Get to work with a partner. You get to help people. You have no idea what's in some people's walls. Could eat them alive.

    • Sid: Dean! Is that a gun?
      Dean: No! No, yeah. well, I got a permit for it.
      Sid: What, to shoot the Glickmans' dog?
      Dean: I thought that was a possum. Remember when I said I was in pest control? Well, possums carry rabies, so...
      Sid: Wow. I did not know that.
      Dean: Oh yeah, yeah, possums... possums kill, Sid.

    • Lisa: So I just ran into Sid. Did you almost shoot a Yorkie?
      Dean: Technically.

    • Azazel: Hiya, Dean. Look what the Apocalypse shook loose.

    • Gwen: Hi.
      Dean: Hi.
      Gwen: My god, you got delicate features for a hunter.
      Dean: Excuse me?

    • Dean: Then how are you breathing air?
      Sam: Samuel had a cure.
      Dean: You had a cure for Djinn poison?
      Samuel: Oh, I know a few things. Stick around, I'll show you tricks your daddy never even dreamed of.

    • Bobby: Maybe you want to go upstairs. The TV's broken but there's plenty of Reader's Digests. Just don't touch the decor, okay? Assume it's all loaded.

    • Christian: Relax, Dean, we got it handled. Djinn are hard to draw out. Now, you've been out of the game for a while. Leave it to the professionals.
      Dean: Yeah. Sure. Tiny suggestion. You see, Djinn are easier to draw out when you got bait. They want Sam and me. They know where I live. Now, I haven't been hunting in a while, but I'm going to stick my neck out and guess that's a pretty good place for us to go. See, it's almost like I'm a professional.

    • Samuel: Nice house.
      Dean: Oh yeah, go ahead, say it, call me a soccer mom, whatever.
      Samuel: "Soccer mom," huh. I'll have to look that up on the "Intranet."

    • Samuel: You don't know what you're part of, Dean. You know, you had ancestors hacking the heads off vamps on the Mayflower.

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    • Title:
      Referencing the tenth studio album of The Rolling Stones, released in 1972, and ranked #7 in Rolling Stone magazine's 500 greatest albums of all time.

    • Dean: I just uh, I, uh, I got this, I don't know, Spidey sense.
      Referencing the comic book character Spider-Man's enhanced senses, which grant him a form of precognition capable of letting him sense and then respond to most things that would pose a danger to him.

    • Azazel: I mean, come on, Dean, you've never been what I'd call Brady.
      Referencing the primarily 1970s comedy The Brady Bunch, which was presented as a "typical" family, despite the fact they consisted of a husband and wife both previously married. Each of them brought three children into the new family, and the show chronicled their upbringing and family crises.