Season 6 Episode 1

Exile on Main St.

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2010 on The CW

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  • Different thats for sure!

    The characters were all pretty far off except for Dean who was pretty much reacting to all this the same way that we were. Woa, what, and huh? the storyline is very confusing, as I suppose their going to release little by little. But to have an opener that is so confusing and with so little information about what is happening. Not to mention we are told not all of what we've seen is actually happening. How much is really real? Was the sulfur real? When do Djins leave sulfur behind?

    And where is Adam? Sam was brought back but not Adam ,who fell into the hole with Sam,
  • A little different, but still our show, in my opinion. Nice start to the season... *spoilers*

    After the amazing season finale, I kind of wondered how exactly Supernatural could continue on. I mean, how do you top "Swan Song"? Part of me believed it just should have ended there, but another part demanded more of my favorite show. I was sure the writers would come up with more amazing episodes and they did not disapoint.*spoilers*

    It started off catching us up on Dean's life now, what he's been up to. I personally enjoyed how they blended together scenes from the past and present, showing how different, yet strangely similar his life now is compared to before. Many people complain about how their characters have completely changed, but I disagree. At his core, Dean is still Dean. He has girls falling all over him, he's friendly while still keeping his distance, and he still makes his sarcastic comments. Sure, he's a little different, but what do you guys expect? He's had to adapt to a surburban lifestyle, give up all he knows, and lived everyday thinking his brother was in hell. I would have been more upset if they tried to keep him the same.

    I was a little disappointed by the reunion scene for Sam and Dean, but that's mostly because I had hoped for more sappyness. We did get a hug out of them, but I somehow expected a bit more of a reaction. Thinking back though, when Dean came back from hell, Sam and Dean hugged, but that was it. They're just not touchy-feely people; if you want something different, go read fanfiction.

    I have mixed feelings about the sudden arrival of their "family", but I'm withholding jugdement until I know more about them. Afterall, I was against Cas at first; now I adore him. For everyone saying supernatural has completely changed, I suggest going back and looking at previous seasons. They all start off with answering some questions the finale left us with, and giving us new ones to lead us into the season. For those saying Dean would never settle into this new life and take Sam's return so well, did you watch the episode? Dean said he searched for months to find some way to save Sam, and he couldn't. He didn't return to hunting because he promised his dead little brother he wouldn't. And he was PISSED about Sam never telling him he came back. He did not just take it and go. He argued and yelled, and looked ready to kick Sam and Bobby's ass for keeping it from him. And as far as Sam hiding from Dean for that long, the Winchester's are extremely good at hiding and watching from afar. Besides that, Dean left the hunting community. He wouldn't exactly hear about them through there.

    All in all, I'm extremely excited to see what will happen next. I can't wait to see where Supernatural will take us this time, and I have complete faith that it will be amazing. The episode made me laugh, cry, cheer, and it pissed me off in various parts. That is why I love it, and I for one tthink this will be a good season.
  • idk I liked it (:

    Sure the boys had some awkward chemistry in this episode, and maybe its just because I have seen the rest of the season so I know where it goes, but I really liked this episode. It could have had a more intense story line no question, but I though we got some neat insight into what Dean's life has been like for the past year and will soon get some insight on what Sam has been doing. I though Jensen did a terrific job throughout this episode, and idk I really liked it (:
  • I am super happy to see Supernatural back, but damn, what the heck?

    I am super happy to see Supernatural back, but damn, what the heck? Seriously, Sam comes back and we get the same thing as before? "I am back, but I don't know what pulled me out". Seriously, it worked once, but after what happened last season, they expect us to believe that again? The episode was alright, I was seriously disappointed that it all lead up to just a couple of Jinn out for revenge. For a season opener, this was seriously sad, even for an episode it was not that great. I really hope that this is not the start of a downhill spiral for the show. As far as I know this is the last planned season and the show is going to be ending soon. I really hope they start to bring it back to what it was. I wouldn't mind if the whole demon and angle story line was taken back and things went back to regular hunting, but don't just throw the same old stuff back at us with a new face.
  • this is not good for this show hope i didnt live to see this

    supernatural was the perfect series from season 1 till season 5 but this season is garbage without the creator the show is nothing i appretiat the actors trying to make a good episodes but the writing is so bad hate that it came to this supernatural should have ended in season 5 and served as a final season so they can wrap everything up. i really expected more from supernatural and sara shame that you became the follower after the epic eric krepke he was the man behind everything he was the show ofcourse with the amazing talents of our actor guyz i wont watch another episode of supernatural again this is a disapointment hope that they do well and i hear there is a good episode which death is in it i may watch it just because death is coming i loved death last season and he didnt appear only in one episode so im gonna watch that i hope for my sake and the shows sake that the episode is great if its not im not watching supernatural again i will still be a fan but a fan of the first 5 seasons not the 6th season. if you guyz agree with me give me a thumbs up
  • Sam is back,and with help.

    Others are not giving it enough credit. Sure Sam came back different, but that is part of the plot. I really didn't get why until later. Now I just want to point out that the actors portrayed their character in a way that the fans would notice the difference. I think their great and should keep it up.
    On another note it's was nice to see dean experience being a dad. Ever science day one all he wanted was his family and as far as he knew his family would have ended when Sam died. However I guess it was a little to awkward for Dean so he never really put "hunting" behind him.
  • After a year since the showdown with the devil, Sam is back, and so is some other family.

    Was it a great episode? No. It's more like a premiere of a new show to set the tone, and that's really what this seems like: a new show. In reality, it's more like getting back to the roots of the show in a way, hunting evil stuff with family. I don't see what people were expecting out of this. Honestly, the show was supposed to end last year. A decent finale was written and produced and suddenly they got picked up again after the show's ending was made. There's not much you can do to top a story arc with the devil vs. Michael so it's like a restart.
  • Sera Gamble wrote herself into the show.

    Sera Gamble wrote herself into the show. That's what Lisa is. That's why Dean is playing the soccer mom, on one hand, saying that staying with her will hurt her but on the other hand, refusing to go hunting with Sam at the end. From the look of it, the soccer mom recipe will continue for quite a few episodes after this and before long, it will be dying from the bleeding fanbase. The fans want Sam and Dean together NOW because that's the single constant element that has brought them to the show in the first place. When the writer is too enamored with her own idea to the point of writing herself in and forcing the core characters to play puppets to fit her character, the show is on its way to shark jumping.
  • What happened to Sam? And Grandpa Samuel? Really?

    I love Supernatural. I have been a fan for a long time. But I cannot abide by this season premiere. I really was hoping to be pleasantly shocked by an awesome episode, but it is literally the worst Supernatural episode. It was slow and cheesy...and I can't believe I am saying that. There was nothing redeeming about. Lisa is extremely understanding and Ben is just a body. He says like five words. Dean has the Impala in the garage covered in a blanket. I know it is metaphorical to putting his old life away...but come on! Then Sam just pops in and no explanation, but "Hey, I am resurrected and have been hunting for a year!" And then they hug and Dean is all teary eyed and Sam does nothing. What happened to Sam? I liked his character, but he is boring now. Dean has all the angst and pain and drama...struggling with two different lives. Sam has nothing. No guilt, no frustration, nothing so far. On top of hunting for a year, he has been hunting with the Campbell family and...dare I say it...Grandpa Samuel. Yes, the Grandpa Samuel that died in the Seventies from ole Yellow Eyes. Why is he in the show? We don't need another worthless father figure. And the cousins bring nothing to the show either. I was hoping we could go back to the good ole days of Season 1 and 2 when it was Dean and Sam and the Impala out on the road, hunting whatever came their way. Now we have these brand new characters that just appear and don't enrich the show. I could go on and on, but I am going to sit back and watch the next couple of episodes before I decide to completely scrap Supernatural or not. And it hurts me to say that.
  • See Summary

    Exile On Main St. was definitely not the best season opener, or episode in general. For what happened at the end of last season, I thought there would be a little more bang or shock at the begining of this one. I suppose that is what happens when you have expectations. I guess the story lines that have revealed themselves may have promise. I would like to know who brought Samuel and Sam back, and why. The Jinn are pretty cool. Deans nightmares were pretty frightening. It was fun to see Ol' Yellow Eyes again. He is one scary character. I hope the season gets better.
  • Pretty good.. but it definitely had low points

    This was a darned good episode. I waited the whole freakin' summer to find out how the heck Sam made it back... and now I gues I'll have to wait a little longer to see the full mechanics, but this was still a good episode. Getting to see the way that things turned out a year later wass excellent, as was the re-introduction of Sammuel and introduction of his family. The only problem that I had was the thing with the Djinn. I think that, to introduce a season, you need something that stands out. This was a picked up plot line from a season and episode that hardly ANYONE remembers. Oh well. It was still pretty good. Sammuel and his family have something to hide (of course they do, doesn't every new character in this show) as does Sam (I mean, he and the old man came back from HELL and HEAVEN and claim to not know what happened), and Dean has a choice to make- stay with the loving hottie and her son or go off to do what he was born to (kill monsters and look sexy doing it) with Sam. In the end, the viewers know what that choice'll be, but it's still good to see it come up. It was also good to see that he hadn't given up on trying to bring Sam back and opted for the quiet life like he promised (but I was mad as HECK at Bobby for not having mentioned that Sam was alive, even though I do kind of see where he's coming from).
  • I'm still freezing ...

    O.k., I'm just about to break my promise to just pretend, that everything is o.k. with Supernatural at the moment after this episode. I'm not going to panic just yet though and I'm not going to join in with the "they shouldn't have made a 6th season" choir (I admit, that I had first thought it to be a bad idea as well, but what could I do, the closer season 6 got, the giddier I got about it coming back).

    I've most definitely seen better episodes of Supernatural and I've sure seen worse as well. There's one problem though: one rogue episode in the middle of a previous season wasn't something to worry about much, because we all knew, that nothing really could ruin this great show back then. An episode being that far from perfect in what was supposed to be a new start, is bad though, really bad, maybe even driving away a lot of fans claiming that they saw it coming and that nothing good could come out of making a season 6. If this episode was supposed to put all of those who didn't want it to be continued after season 5 at ease and convince them that things are going to be as great in the future as they've been before, it did a horrible job. This episode has failed to give what could have been some amazing scenes: there were some pretty little scenes about Dean and his new family, but it still felt cold somehow; Dean meeting Sam again could have been an emotional highlight, instead I expected him to shiver after hugging a block of ice there. Most everything about this episode felt frigid. There were no emotions, there was no warmth. Jensen Ackles was as good as ever. But that was about the only good acting this episode provided IMHO. The others just didn't get a chance to show what they're capable of or just didn't have it in them. I hope that the writers are going to remember, that Jared Padalecki can do more than just one facial expression and I really hope that the actors and actresses playing the newly introduced hunters and especially the guy playing Samuel are going to do a hell of an improvement next time because IMHO, they were plain awful or better yet, hopefully they're going to be out of the picture real soon, bringing back what I used to love the most: Sam and Dean hitting the road together again, some really great humour and and most of all, some real emotions ...
  • Just plain boring, period!

    What have they done? They went from a witty fast paced show to this slow nonsensical season premier that tried to ignore everything that happened last season? It is like they couldn't think of a story to get Sam out of hell so they pretend it never happened?!?! Dean, the badass, getting spooked by birds and noises? Crazy. They tried to show Dean as being in suburbia and having a close friend whotried to act concerned but there was no ground work laid in the episode to show that, so, when he was killed, we just didnt care! The whole episode made me go from, excited at the start, to wondering if I'll even bother sticking it out for another few episodes! Kripke has indeed left the building!
  • The worst season premiere of Supernatural.

    As any other season premiere, this was an episode which was expected by many people for more than 3 months, and considering the great finale in the fifth season, this should have been an episode that would add even more to the story. Instead, there was no sign of Castiel nor an appearance of the prophet (God).

    If I hadn't re-watched the last episode before I saw this one, I wouldn't have remembered were the story was left off, since almost everything that happened before remained forgotten (Lucifer, Michael (Adam), Castiel, God). Instead of finishing this story, they have opened a new one with Samuel and the brother's cousins.

    I hope that later on this episode would lead to one great connection with the new storyline with the already existing one, and that we would see much more than djinns in the following episodes.
  • The beginning of a new era.

    Sam is mysteriously released from Hell and seeks out his brother, trying to have a normal life. Together the brothers must join forces with their maternal grandfather, Samuel, and begin the fight anew.

    I'll be the first to admit that this episode had me feeling slightly dissapointed. Maybe it was the lack of Castiel. Maybe it was because the brotherly reunion felt rather cold rather than heartwarming. Maybe it's because it's hard to go back to the Monster of the Week roots that worked so well in Season 1 after you've seen the Apocalypse done! But if there's one thing that worked so well in this episode, it's Jensen Ackles' portrayal of Dean Winchester. Dean goes through a massive transformation after one year away from the hunting life, and Jensen plays it well enough that you feel like he's changed, but underneath it all, the Dean we all know and love is still in there somewhere. His story is the one I'm interested in. Sam seems like a different character, no longer the smirking, good old Sam we're used to (10 minutes of hell can do that to a guy). Overall, this was a lackluster episode. It was cool seeing Azael though...
  • wow great season opener for season six i know dean will eventually be back like he said you can't outrun your past great first opening can't wait for more this season is looking good can't wait to see more jared jensen awesome performance can;t wait!!!!!!

    wow can i say wow great first opening this season is starting out fantastic winchesters are back but what is up with their grandfather all clues will be relived over time can't wait to see this hole season to see how it pans out and see dean and sam back in the impalya as they should be. Supernatural is awesome we can 't wait for more thanks Jared and Jensen for all your hard work job well done as always supernatural is the best show around and still is to this day since it first csme out six years ago.
  • *Should've* been better....

    This review will contain spoilers. You have been warned. Let me start off by saying that I love Supernatural. I've watched it since it first aired and watch reruns every time I get the chance. However, this was a terrible premiere. This was quite honestly the worst Supernatural episode. There was no passion and very little action. Sam came out of nowhere and we were given very little details on what he had been doing for the past year. And what should have been a touching reunion between two brothers was overshadowed by the introduction of a host of new family members. The addition of the Campbells is a bad idea and was poorly executed. The writers seems to be veering way too far from what it is at heart - a show about two brothers fighting the supernatural. We all know the writers are capable of writing amazing episodes. In this case, they just didn't.
  • What was once a humorous, spooky, dramatic and entertaining show delivered a premiere that was none of the above.

    **Review contains SPOILERS**

    I expected this season to get better. Supernatural's been lagging for the last three seasons and I had hopes that they would finally get back to something consistently enjoyable. I guess that's what I get for being an optimist. I loved this show for the first two seasons, but the third was hit-and-miss, the fourth was mostly miss and after the sixth season premiere I can't figure out why I believed that this year keeping up with the show would stop being a chore and start being fun again.

    First off, there's no way Sam stays hidden from Dean for a year. There's no way Bobby keeps it a secret for a year. There's definitely no way Dean reacts as gracefully as he did. They acted like Sam just forgot to call to say he'd be late coming home from the mall. I get that it's a show about brothers who hunt paranormal beings, but once I've accepted the premise I expect the premise to be conducted with realism.

    Second, I had a hard time swallowing that Dean would even want to go live a normal life with Lisa way back when he first said he wanted it. She was a one-night-stand with a cool kid. How does that make Dean want to settle down with her? The issues raised when the djinns came knocking-- Dean endangering her, Dean being unable to lead a normal life-- were bordering on cliche. He's bored with suburbia, he knows there are evil things out there in the world tearing good people apart, his brother's confined to hell, and yet he sits around drinking beer with the neighbors? Come on.

    Third, the Campbells. Ouch. Long-lost relatives no one's ever heard of, appearing without preamble, obviously harboring some sort of secret, working with Sam for almost a year while Dean plays Suburban Dad.

    Fourth, isn't it a little early for there to already be vague dire warnings? Seriously. "No this is a new apocalypse and it's worse!" Uh-huh. Too little, too soon, too dull.

    Then we have all the minor touches. Sam chooses a car that completely does not suit his personality. Dean doesn't just tell Lisa what's up when she catches him in the garage even though he knows there's a demon nearby; why warn someone about possible danger when you can send them to the movies while you investigate? Dean offers Sam the Impala, and Sam turns it down... both are painfully unbelievable scenarios. I am so not buying Sam saying to just leave the neighbor family for dead. Didn't make sense anyway-- you know the bad guys are killing the family next door, so you sit on your hands, let the family die, and wait for the bad guys to come ambush you, rather than sneaking up on them while they're attacking someone else and maybe even get a chance to save their victims? Dean was poisoned so he'd die a slow death but everyone else the djinns attacked died quickly? Your brother was just resurrected from the dead (again) and you say "Well, if you're sure you don't want the car, keep in touch!" and wave goodbye? You see three djinns sitting in a tree watching you, you outnumber them, and you decide to split up to make better bait rather than, I don't know, charging them and maybe getting the upper hand? These djinns are watching you, and yet they are completely fooled into thinking you're not bait even though they saw you and your team stomped into the house and unloaded several bags which any idiot of a bad guy could guess were full of weapons and supplies? And maybe it's just me, but when Samuel said "Pack up," I didn't think it would take them several hours to leave; it was bright daylight when he said that, and full dark when the others left.

    I went into this episode expecting a decent premiere and hoping for an awesome premiere, but what I received would have been a disappointment as a mid-season filler, let alone a premiere. Pretty much the only thing I enjoyed was the special effects for the djinns' tattoos.
  • Basically this premier was about Sam returning and Dean out of action. Apparantely now Sam and Dean have unexpeted family. It's a great show and it will keep you watching to find out what happens next

    I have to disagree with the poster below that gave it a low rating. Personally I am glad that we don't have all the answers yet and it will keep me watching to find out how and what got Sam out of hell. That is what makes Supernatural so great that expense.

    Sure there are a lot of unanswered questions but be patient. The fact that you expected to get all your answers tonight is pathetic. Be patient and if you were truly a fan of Supernatural, you would understand why not everything was revealed tonight! Can't wait for the next episode!
  • no carry on may way wayward son at the beginning, no....

    i felt as if this was a spin-off from the original one, cause supernatural always had carry on my way wayward son at the beginning of the season, and by not having it, kind gave me the feeling that it wasn´t the same, and saddly i was right. sam and dean did not feel as them selves, they had totally diferent personalitys. their brothers chemistry wasn´t like the one they always had until last season. it just didn´t feel as the one i became a fan of. it just didn´t bring that feeling, that excitement, that i felt during the episode that i always had with the original.

    it´s kind of the same feeling as the one i felt when watching the FRIENDS spinn-off, joey premiere. worst episode EVER!!!
  • I love Supernatural seasons 1-5. The final episode of last season was a proper ending to the show and it should have stayed that way.

    I love Supernatural seasons 1-5. The final episode of last season was a proper ending to the show and it should have stayed that way.

    This episode began wrong by breaking the always eagerly anticipated musical Then/Now tradition that is a hallmark of the show. It didn't improve much after that.

    Sam made a life changing decision for Dean, pushing him into a 'happy' life, which he had no right to do. At the end of the episode he hopes that Dean will go with him… Seriously?

    The whole episode, including the villains--what, cave dwellers on the move?--were just blah. Dean playing golf? Oh, come on! More importantly, Sam had absolutely no right to joke about it.

    The bond is broken, they are different people now, especially Dean, and as they say you can't go back home again.

    It's very sad to see a great show like this brought to this state.
  • Abysmal is really an appropriate word to describe the start of the sixth season.

    I'm such a huge supernatural fan that it saddens me to see my favorite show reduced to this. There are always hardcore fans who will love anything supernatural puts out there good or bad. But myself and many others expect a little more from our favorite show.

    First off, death means absolutely nothing anymore. Remember when ellen and jo died? That was an emotional moment. What if ellen and jo came back next episode? It would make their deaths completely meaningless. I know this is "supernatural" but whats dead really should stay dead with few exceptions. I bring this up mostly for samuel. Sam and dean's grandfather is now back and hes been dead for what 40-50 years?

    djinn are pissed off that one of their own was killed over 3 seasons ago? now they are coming for revenge? really? That's the best you got? rehashed monster from years ago? Cheap way to throw a monster into an episode and just not creative.

    The entire show didn't even feel like the supernatural I know. It was slow, uninspired, just boring. I really feel now last season should have been the end. All good things must end. When you drag it on, this is what happens.

    I seriously can't put into words how bad it was. The writing and creativity just wasn't up to par, was awful in fact. I went from supernatural being my favorite show ever, to giving up on the show completely. I'm done. Not to make a point or anything, but I just don't think I could sit through anymore of this.
  • Too soon to abandon all hope.

    *Warning may contain spoilers*

    Ok we all no it sucked, there's no denying it. And Sera should have started with Carry On My Wayward Son, she had no right to deny fans that.

    But after watching it twice - as painful as that was - I believe that there is still a chance.

    So here's what I'm hoping for:

    Samual was brought back by rogue angels that still believe they can create paradise on Earth even though Lucifer was defeated. Dean hates Samual, refuses to work with him and Sam dumps the Campbells and goes off with Dean. They go back to fighting weekly baddies, but with the overall story arch being the Winchesters vs the Campbells who are not what they seem. If the show goes down this path then there is hope.

    But the first episode was butchered - too rushed. And the reunium scene between Sam and Dean was pathetic with no chemistry what so ever. There was one shot at getting this right and it was butchered. But there may still be some hope for the season as a whole. I really hope that it turns around.
  • Tad harsh...

    I don't think this episode deserves 1 ratings... but then agian everyone is entitled to their opinion. There was alot to like about this episode.
    Is it the weakest premiere since the first? Yes, but how can you top last years rising of the Devil, or Dean returning from hell? Seasons 2 and 3 had alot more to work with, with the seven deadly sins demons and John's death. The first 10 minutes of this episode dragged; Sam took too long to turn up. I get what they were trying to show but it lagged.
    I thought I would disagree with this season because its going to be monster of the week alot but I actually am intrigued for the storyline. There are a hell of alot more things to hunt than just demons. Azazels return was fun even though it seemed to be shoved in there; I'm glad he's not alive as it completly ruins the end of season 2 if he is. The glaring problem for me was it did feel rushed. Sera Gamble had alot to get through and while still giving us an enjoyable episode and an exciting look at where she's taking the show it still felt rushed. Samuel's return and Sam's ressurection plus introducing new family members. I hope this lot get some more lines in upcoming weeks because atm they are cut out cliches I don't really care about. But the biggest problem was Sam; he would rush out to save the family. He's always been the one with the biggest heart. What's changed about him? As he picked up any Lucifer traits?
    All in all I did enjoy this episode and am excited for season 6. Very good to see the brothers again and it's still as exciting as ever. It could have been alot worse (a small part of me thought it would be). Looking forward to the return of Castiel and Crowley. Welcome back Supernatural!!
  • I think this show is still good, and some of these reviews are a tad harsh, its going to be a good long season and i think we just have to give it time to pick up.

    I think this show is still good, and some of these reviews are a tad harsh, its going to be a good long season and i think we just have to give it time to pick up. The show is moving into a new direction, and remember how many people though the show was boring when it first came out, well look how well it has turned out, cant wait to see cas and crowley back, and some good shootin episodes. Like i said just needs some time to blossom and explain everything new that is going on. I am not going to give up on supernatural, its one of the best shows on tv right now, maybe if you dont like it you can go watch gossip girl, good luck with that
  • Urgh! No, just no!

    Dear god what happened to supernatural. My once favorite show has been replaced with some sort of bodysnatchers home movie.

    This episode was the worst one I have ever seen of supernatural, not to mention in my bottom five of worst episodes of all time. Firstly the beggining dragged on and on and on. The enemies were boring and contrived, and will someone please explain what Azazel was doing there? Most of all, what is with the Campell's? Wherever they came from will they please return as soon as possible. I'm so sorry I criticised you Ellen and Jo.

    I could go on and on about what was bad about the episode, but essentially it was just not supernatural. I was bored. I have never said that about supernatural before, but there it is. I couldn't care less about what happened.

    I'm not sure whether I should keep watching to see if it improves or to drop it now whilst I can still enjoy the boxsets of past series. I have been a fan ever since the beginning,I just don't think I can watch supernatural destroy itself.
  • New benging!

    Hello dear here we are back to our beloved series!

    I must say I expected more of a season premiere. A little confusion set in because we face a dean tod householder (loved the music but preferred AC / DC) as opposed to her old life. I want good old Dean back that fake it does not work, not to mention lisa and he family is totally clueless, she does not contribute anything in the series and thischemistry? it away once in the 2 eps! Not to mention getting the sam our brother in love against them did not have anything else. The family Campli back without a plausible explanation. The genius of hist scares would not be another malignant

    But what broke my heart was poor impala in your retirement!

    But who really saved the eps on their participation in May I was our Bobby!

    In the end I hope that going forward Seara and gang know that the fans expect more from the series!

    kiss cau!
  • Bad. Just bad. Sam's back and he doesn't know how or why???? Really???? Really lame. Oh, and he's a jerk now who doesn't care anymore. Not good. Not believable.

    Even though Sam used to care sooo much, he's not talkative and his whole personality is different. It's just not very believable, and not creative at all. Where's the explanation of how Sam hooked up with non-dead Grandpa? You don't just introduce new plots with no explanations like this. There has to be more details and/or more mystery. The old "Dawn's always been here" thing just doesn't work. That was at least a creative oddity. This just comes across as creative laziness. Not as great storywriting and great plotting. Not up to the previous standards. Sera had better improve the storyline or she's going to lose her audience. Great actors won't save her. This show had best improve from here or it's not going to remain my favorite show or anybody else's.
  • It was way too rushed and i was confused half the time

    First of all, Sam came in way too late and that whole reunion between him and Dean? it was retarded there was no chemustry whatsoever. I know Dean mustve been shocked to see sam but still, he's his brother! The scene when they introduced the campbells was all wrong. It seemed like the whole thing was planned. I'm hoping sam and dean ditch them. I think there was too much going on with this epeisode, with the campbells, sam coming back, a dijis, deans hallucinations, it was all to much. This seemed more like a fianl episode than a premiere after comparing it to the 2nd and 3rd and 4th premeires. its too early to abandon it cause i love the show, i just hope it gets better.
  • Without a doubt the wrost episode ever donne

    As me, i guess pretty everyone else was waiting for this episode. I was not reading anything before to do not ruin myself the sourprise, but i guess i should have;

    Lst season were amazing for a crescendo of pathos, storyground and innovation.

    This episode is a sadly try to concentrate (old) great ideas in a messy thing...

    - Sam alive, brought back by something misterious (does it reminds you any other cliché?)

    - The mother's family (disgusting waste of characters, brought in the story in the wroste way ever seen, with a ugly try to shock the spectator)

    - Djin, one of the best idea of other season, wasted in a inuseful episode.

    - Sam, Dean, Bobby, treated as puppet, in a ugly revival.

    - Great character as Crowly or Castiel, lost in some mentions, to give space to a sad spin off about the mom's family.

    I genuinly hope that authors gonna find the lost road, beecause i'm pretty scared that a wonderful series like that is alredy on his sunset boulevard beecause the ideas and the history, are now owned by the god of tv: Mr. $

    Sorry if i have maden tons of grammar mistake, but englisch is not my motherlenguage
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