Season 5 Episode 5

Fallen Idols

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2009 on The CW

Episode Recap

Cal Hopkins brings his neighbor Jim Grossman into his garage and shows him that he found the car that James Dean was driving when he died. Jim goes to get a camera to record it as the new owner starts it up. Once he's gone, the temperature in the garage drops and the radio starts playing music on its own. Outside, Jim hears the car start up, turns on his camera, and goes to investigate. He finds Cal's head cut halfway open on the windshield as if he'd been in a head-on crash.

Dean and Sam are driving through the night and Dean explains about Cal's death. Sam thinks they have bigger problems to deal with but Dean insists that they handle it. He admits it's their first case back since they're back together, and they both need to re-train as a team. Dean explains he wants it to be a fresh start and

Canton, Ohio

Sheriff Rick Carnegie tells them that they've already booked Jim for the murders. Dean points out it would have been impossible and insists on talking to Jim. Jim tells them that Cal had bought James Dean's car. Dean insists on checking it out and explains that the car is cursed and killed everyone who has owned it, and vanished in the 1970s. After some hesitation, Dean finally gets under the death car and checks the engine number. He then gives it to Sam to do the research to track the previous owners and quickly gets away.

Dean goes to a bar and hits up on the waitress, passing himself off as an agent. Sam calls to tell him that the car is a fake.

Professor William Hill is working late when his nurse, Consuela Alvarez, bids him good night. The temperature drops in the room and Hill turns to see Abraham Lincoln standing behind him. Lincoln snarls and grabs him by the throat, and blood explodes as his head bursts open.

The next day, Dean and Sam visit the crime scene and Sheriff Carnegie admits he can't explain how Hill died of a gunshot wound to the head when there's no bullet or powder residue. The brothers talk to Consuela and she says that she saw a tall man wearing a stovepipe hat. When Dean mentions Abraham Lincoln, Consuela admits she saw the dead President.

As the brothers review the evidence at their hotel, Dean spots a reflection of James Dean in Grossman's video footage. Sam admits it's possible and notes that Hill was a Civil War aficionado. Cal was a James Dean fan and Dean figures that they have a case with two famous ghosts killing off their greatest fans. The brothers wonder why the ghosts are in Canton and Sam discovers that there is a wax museum in town.

The brothers go there and discover there are exhibits of Lincoln and James Dean, as well as Gandhi. The security guard comes in and admits that Cal and Hill were both regular visitors. He explains that the Lincoln mannequin is wearing Lincoln's actual hat. They also have James Dean's key chain, Gandhi's bifocal lenses, and FDR's iron lung.

That night, Sam comes in to the motel room to discover Dean is on the phone with Bobby discussing the case without Sam. When Sam admits it bothers him, Dean says he'll have to deal with it and they head for the wax museum. They prepare to burn the personal effects and split up to collect them. As Sam looks at the Lincoln statue, the doors close on their own and the room temperature drops. Sam's gun is telekinetically whipped away and the Gandhi ghost leaps on him. As they struggle, Dean arrives and burns the statue's bifocals. The Gandhi ghost quietly disappears

The next day, Dean is ready to leave but Sam thinks something is going on. When Dean refuses to accept his judgment, Sam points out that they need to work as a team and it has to be a two-way street. When Dean asks if they need to go back to the way they were, Sam says it has to be different and he went with Ruby to get away from Dean so he could feel strong on his own. He says that Dean is going to have to let him grow up. They're interrupted when Dean gets a call. They go to the sheriff's office and Carnegie tells them that two girls reported the abduction of their friend. They admit to Dean and Sam that Paris Hilton took their friend. The brothers realize they're not dealing with the ghosts of dead people since Paris Hilton isn't dead.

Sam goes to the morgue and realizes each victim had a seed in his stomach, and they had suffered a major blood loss prior to death. He does some research and discovers the seeds are from a forest in the Balkans that was protected by Leshii, a god who could take infinite forms and killed its worshippers and fed on their blood. The forest was cut down thirty years ago. To kill the god, they have to cut off its head with an iron axe.

The brothers return to the wax museum and find a room closed for renovations. They go inside and find the missing girl, unconscious but still alive. Suddenly Paris Hilton appears, knocks out Dean, and easily tosses Sam aside. Leshii ties them up and when they wake up, explains that she prepares to do the complete ritual. As Leshii talks of how people used to adore it, and how it was forced to travel the world until the Apocalypse began and it realized it could pig out. It found the wax museum and uses the forms to feed on second-hand fans. When Dean points out that he doesn't even like Paris Hilton, Leshii says that he knows who he does worship as a hero: John Winchester. As she touches John's axe, Dean breaks free of the ropes and attacks her. Sam grabs the axe and decapitates Leshii.

As the brothers leave, the sheriff calls to tell them the abducted girl will be okay and he's put out an APB on Paris Hilton. Dean admits that Sam was right and Dean also helped bring about the Apocalypse by breaking the First Seal. Sam figures that there may be nothing they can do about becoming vessels for Michael and Lucifer, but it's time to stop wringing their hands and fight back together. Dean agrees and then lets Sam drive the Impala.
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