Season 5 Episode 5

Fallen Idols

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2009 on The CW

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  • Lawl..

    This episode was funny, Paris Hilton did good as a guest star, i thought this episode was going to suck but to my surprise it actually turned out good, It makes me look forward to next weeks episode.(I believe children are our future). I hope this is not the last season of supernatural, because I love it. Gandhi attacking them made me Laugh out loud, it was pretty cool how they had to chop Paris Hilton's head off. i think this episode was well written and the acting was good. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki did good in this episode..
  • Kripke, stop making the writers smoke crack while breaking episodes!

    In short, this episode sucked ass. The "monsters" were just laughable. The brother moments were trite and overdone (haven't they had that talk like, I don't know, a gazillion times before?). And Dean was an ass (I don't mind him being an ass but this seemed out of character). Paris wasn't as bad as I thought she was going to be, but the whole thing was still dumb.

    The next episodes don't look any better. Kripke must have made it a requirement that all writers must smoke crack while breaking an episode. I mean...Japanese game show? Old!Dean? Really? I'm literally like dreading those episodes. I might just watch Cas's scenes and that's it. Speaking of...

    Oh Cas, where art thou? Come baaaack! Though it would have been a disgrace for him to have been in this tragedy. So maybe it was probably a good thing.
  • Producers pretty much warned us it was a throw away episode, however it still held my attention.

    I actually enjoyed this episode, yes there was no real plot line, but it was good to see some sense of humor back in Sam's and Dean's relationship. And Paris Hilton played herself very well. Dean getting beat up by Hilton was quite entertaining. I like Dean in this episode, because he's able to finally let go of the little brother Sam image he had. Now that Sam is somewhat on the same playing field as Dean, he better not disappoint again. I don't think he will though. And Dean taking some of the blame was well played, however I don't really find him at fault, he was in hell what's a guy to do but break. And Sam could've listened to Dean about Ruby, but he didn't but it's in the past and since they sort of kinda forgave each other they can start hunting like they use to.
  • Supernatural's version of a wax museum horror show.

    Well not really, but you get the idea if you saw the episode. A nice side track from the regular story plot, well placed might I add. I also liked how Sam and Dean are starting to bond again as a team! Overall this episode had a pretty good mix of everything, and as always Sam and Dean were excellent in it. What I thought was really cool though wasn't really part of the episode. The teaser of things to come at the end of the episode was really awesome. In it we saw some interesting and funny things that will be coming up in some future episodes, can't wait to see what the season has in store.
  • 'Fallen Idol' is a very enjoyable ball of fluff.

    You've gotta love a show that has the balls to get Paris Hilton to guest star in an episode as herself, and then gives her dialogue that basically states that she's a poor excuse for an idol for the younger generation because, well, she's an airhead... and then brutally hacks her head off in one of the most gratuitously bloody scenes this side of a Sam Peckinpah movie. It's a surprise that she actually goes along with it, but then, maybe that's a testament to her sense of humour, to how good a sport she is. Even more wonderfully, the fact that Hilton can't act her way out of a paper bag doesn't seem t matter, since she's playing a demi-God, playing the celebrity. Any woeful delivery can be chalked up to mere character traits of the person that the beast has adopted. Sheer genius.

    This is a delightfully playful episode, a sure-fire sign that the Supernatural writing staff are having the time of their lives, confident in the strength of their material and their ability to turn it into some of the best, and most fun, television you've seen in years. Julia Siege must have had a ball writing this: from the apprehension and fear that shoots through the absurd sequence between Dean and James Dean's 'car' to the mysterious, utterly OTT appearance of a poor man's Abe Lincoln in the professor's office, the entire production has a cheekiness about it, as if the narrative is actually winking, knowingly, at you. It's a far cry from the ultra-serious mythology-fests that we've been treated to for the past few weeks but therein lies its strength. 'Fallen Idol' feels original; it takes us to a place that we didn't really expect to revisit and it does it with gleeful aplomb. It's a hugely enjoyable ball of fluff, a much welcome diversion that allows you to sit back and laugh, while also offering up some delicious scares and lovely character moments.

    By virtue of its narratalogical minutiae, the episode is never going to make the list of 'all time greatest Supernatural episodes' but at this stage in the game, it's just the sort of self-referential, intertextual, comedic minefield that we need.
  • Cool and funny

    Season 5
    Episode 5: Fallen Idols
    Sam and Dean go to a town to investigate the death of a guy whose face was smashed into a windshield. Later, a guy is killed and a woman says it was Abraham Lincoln. Sam and Dean investigate and Sam is attacked by Gandhi. Later, two girls say Paris Hilton kidnapped their friend. They later discover that a pagan god is taking forms of idols and eating their fans.

    This was a rlly funny episode. It was grt. I laughed rlly hard while I saw it. I liked the part
    Dean: Is this Gandhi? He's really short.
    Sam: Gandhi was a great man.
    Dean: Yeah, for a snurf.
    Was also funny when Dean: Paris, you cant kill me. I'm not your admirer. I didnt even see House of Wax.
    (The camera focuses on Sam)
    This was a prtty good episode. If you like supernatural funny episodes, go and see this one.
  • Paris Hilton guess stars

    The episode starts out when a man dies in his porche, the little b@st@rd. The boys are led to believe the car that killed the victim was the James Dean car which is a cursed car. Meanwhile, another murder takes place, this time by someone who looks suspiciously like Abraham Lincoln. The brothers go to a wax museum, where they find figures of James Dean, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi and others. The brothers burn any remaining DNA from any of the fallen idols to stop fans from being killed. Turns out that Sam is a Gandhi lover. The fruitarian starts coming after Sam and tries to eat him, trust Dean to save his bacon.

    There's has been a new development in the murder case. This time, a girl has been kidnapped by Paris Hilton, but wait isn't she alive. The boys pop back to the museum where they find they her alive and well. Paris has abilities; really, she has both the boys tied up. Just as she is about to transform into John Winchester the boys break free and Sam decapitates her.
  • A silly episode, but it was nice to get a throwback plotline.

    I'm usually always the person saying that Supernatural needs to stick to the mythology of the show, but I have to say, this was quite entertaining. It's been awhile since we've gotten to see Sam and Dean sitting down in a hotel room in front of their laptops doing research on some strange unknown God. Everything has been all about the Apocalypse this season, so having an episode like this is refreshing. And judging on the "Soon to Come" segment they played after the episode's end, it seems like we're going to be getting some pretty entertaining plots.

    Sam and Dean, still on edge about, you know, Sam starting the Apocalypse and all, travel to a small town where somebody was killed by James Dean's old car.. only the car wasn't moving.. yet the person's head was smashed through the window as if he had been driving 80 MPH. Dean is intrigued, although Sam thinks they should be doing more important things. Sam and Dean have a tension that builds throughout the episode, and their relationship is one of the more interesting ones on television. The last two seasons have thrown every obstacle in their face, and this is no exception.

    They soon realize that it's not James Dean's car that's doing it but an old pissed off God who takes the form of people's idols and kills them afterwards. In an interesting turn, the god takes the form of Paris Hilton (she actually appears in the show, and doesn't screw up at all, surprisingly) and proves to be a formidable challenge for the brothers.

    The episode certainly didn't do anything in the way of leading towards the Apocalypse but it gave Sam and Dean a chance to have some fun for once and get the kinks out of their relationship. We'll probably be getting a few more of these, so I'll enjoy them while they last, because the stuff that comes after isn't nearly as cheery.. I mean, where else will you get Gandhi, Abe Lincoln and Paris Hilton all trying to murder you?
  • Whoa, quality dipped in this ep...

    OK, not every episode from EVERY show can be perfect. You will falter, eventually. This episode one just one out of I think 2 I haven't fully enjoyed throughout the ENTIRE series (this show is 10/10 for me, for a reason). The case was pretty crumby IMO. Yes, they had James Dean (or a brief glimpse from a hubcap?), Ghandi, Abe and *drumroll* Paris Hilton. Lord that was pretty LOLZ.

    That beheading was darn epic! But honestly, by the end of the episode I was like ahhhhhhh wth was that!? Not mention of Lucifer, Michael or all that. Just another hunt, only this time it was so plain, paled in comparison to other quality hunts these bro's have been on. 8.5 party people, and thats generous ;), may the next one rise up back to my usual 9.5 - 10's
  • finally the brothers is back to a decent hunting episode.

    i like this episode, simply because it reminds me of the good old days where the brothers hunts monsters and ghost with attitude - no angel and no demon. I've been waiting for this kind of episode to come back to the line. (It's really been a while since 'tall tales' or 'hell house')

    I'm not saying that angel and demon saga is bad - I am a huge fan of supernatural. What I mean is that, this kind of episode is what's make the fans fall in love to supernatural at the first place - hunting! So after a while, I'd really love to see some old actions in between the apocalypse. And I'm glad it did.

    This is one hilarious episode - the "house of wax" injoke is awesome. waiting for more, hopefully on the next episode!
  • Odd little episode. Neither dreadful nor Dynamic. Some spoilers.

    The good in my eyes was the resolution by the Winchester boys to see things through to the bitter end, together.

    After a shaky reconciliation, there was still mistrust between the boys, with Dean taking it upon himself to set their agenda and let his younger brother follow his lead.

    By the end of this ep it feels like a more equal partnership will be forged. Sam confessing that part of his longing to get away from Dean was actually a desire to stand on his own two feet and not in his brother's shadow.

    If this was to be the counterpoint to the main story, then it wasn't entirely successful, as it implies an idolising by Sam of his brother that we have not seen for some time. Or maybe something in Dean's idolisation of his father was what resonated and made him finally hear what his brother was saying to him. But it wasn't particularly made that clear.

    The plot itself was fine. Nothing overwhelmingly original but kooky enough and could have worked very well indeed. Except that I felt it didn't.

    There didn't seem to be any real sense of menace before the first two murders. The scene with the Spanish domestic could have been hysterically funny, it was mildly amusing. Even Paris, nicely performed by herself, was given little to do except sharpen a knife with her nails, which admittedly was quite a nice campy, evil villaness touch. The whole tone of the ep felt somewhat bland.
    Which is a pity as I was looking forward to Ms Hilton and expecting a great comedy/horror ep. There were a few references to her, and Jared's, past but not the amount of fun I was expecting.

    It felt almost like two shows. The one with the goofy, horror lite, plot and the one with Sam and Dean getting talky and emotional.

    Paris' speech was fine with it's allusions to celebrity overtaking more esoterical forms of worship. But why not let her be the mouthpiece that reminds Sam that Dean broke the first seal? Let them argue whiist she minces about laughing at their pain. And allow that argument to bring their focus back to what their purpose should be, killing the evil in front of them, not navel gazing and back biting. And then kill her. Rather than just give her some pertinent words and be done with it. Intergate her into the actual emotional story as well as the plot.

    It honestly felt a bit, rather like the central evil, undernourished. Not appalling but a missed opportunity. Gah. Not what I wanted to be writing at all.

    Thanks for popping by.
  • Not a great episode but not bad, and Paris was surprisingly good.

    Nothing spectacular but honestly better than I expected.

    Dean has wasted no time looking for the Colt, they've already started looking for it. Dean's not wrong about the 'training wheels', this is the first time in over a year where they are working a normal case together, back to basics – no agendas, no addictions, no freaky demon powers, no apocalypse. Quite simply, Dean just doesn't trust Sam and needs to see if Sam can handle a normal case.

    Loved Dean and Sam with the car, been a while since we've seen Dean's pop-culture trivia. Dean crooning to her the way he does to the Impala. Sam actually complaining about research?! He is rusty! Dean was totally justified with his "Then I guess I just made your afternoon." comment.

    Didn't take long for the personal issues to surface again and Sam actually does have a point. Sam was trying to prove he could stand on his own feet and Dean treating him like his nuisance baby brother obviously doesn't work. Dean hasn't told him about the future or Dean could have thrown it in Sam's face as a reason for the 'short leash'. I thought he'd tell him enough to keep Sam in line but maybe Dean decided that would result in too many questions he didn't want to answer.

    I had totally forgotten (and who could blame me?) House of Wax, which is how Jared knows Paris. She did a fine job surprisingly. It probably was unfair for us to assume the worst.

    Last thoughts:
    - Since when do they have two laptops? I thought only Sam had one, did Dean get one when Sam was gone?

    The 'Soon' section both excited and appalled me – excited because next week Cas is back and it looks awesome. Then there's what looks like a spoof episode which sends chills down my spine. Season 5 has been awesome so far, isn't it a little too early to do bizarre episodes that usually backfire – the obvious example being the utterly appalling 'Ghostfacers'?

    A pretty good episode overall and it did have some very funny moments.
  • bizarre, hilarious, and plenty of brotherly angst: The Apocalypse Paris Hilton-style

    Nothing makes two brothers grow stronger than Paris Hilton. Wait, what? Kripke promised the Apocalypse was going to get stranger and he wasn't kidding. Remember the teddy bear incident in Wishful Thinking? This episode tops even that. In the first anthology/standalone episode of the season, the brothers investigate "idol" killings and work out their little trust issues holding them back. A man is creamed by a car that was supposed to belong to James Dean, in all graphic detail. Dean chooses the case as the first "reunion" investigation for the brothers. Sam is confused why they won't take the apocalypse heads-on, even suggesting they try to find the Colt, but Dean informs him they're not functionally healthy to take it on yet, they got to take things slow, baby step by baby step, the apocalypse will still be around. And, is it me, or does that sound like an accusation? Sam takes it as one. They meet an incompetent lieutenent who is so close-minded normal, it's not even funny. He shows them to the suspect of the case, the victim's friend who recorded the incident, who informs them that the victim bought the "Little Devil" and according to Dean, the aficionado of all things pop culture, the "Little Devil" is the same car James Dean died in, who has its own urban legend that it kills all its owners. Dean takes a look around the car, scared out of his mind the car's going to impale him, and hey, that's reasonable. After Dean's been through, being impaled by a car would be ironically brutal. He checks the number on the engine and ships Sam off to research while he. . .uh, hits on bar girls pretending to be a movie agent and gets beer. Sam calls Dean, telling him the car isn't authentic. A man's is mauled by Abraham Lincoln in his house. Sam and Dean grill the Mexican maid and Sam shows off some decent Spanish chops and she tells him what she saw. Sam and Dean deduce the monster(s) is the ghosts of the real people who, thanks to Sam (Dean not-so-subtly implies), is roaming around, ganking off their greatest fans. Sam figures out something weirder, the "ghost" sightings have something to do with the town's wax museum. They go in and meet an overzealous manager who wants wax museums to make a comeback. Eh, not happening. Sam marvels at a Gandhi figure and Dean is repulsed to learn that Gandhi is Sam's idol. Hey, why not? The brothers figure out the manager owns authentic mementos of the actual figures and deduces they have to burn the "remains". They go back at night and Sam is savagelly and hilariously assaulted by Gandhi trying to take a bite out of his throat. However, the wax figure behind the attacker. Dean burns Gandhi's glasses and the "spirit" disappears. Sam knows something's not right because Gandhi was a fruitarian. Sam investigates the victims' body and finds some unusual seeds, seeds Sam has never seen before, earning a "can you get any nerdier?" from Dean. Hey, be grateful that didn't earn a gay joke:}. Sam pours through the research and figures out the truth. If animated wax figures wasn't enough, the actual monster turns out to be a fenshi or a Eastern European shapeshifting flesheating forest god who feasted on its worshippers. The seeds from the victims' bodies are from an extinct forest, which forced the god to come overseas for its appeitizing needs. The only way to kill it is to impale it with an iron axe. During the investigation, Dean pages Bobby, telling Bobby things are getting weirder because of Sam. Sam, hurt, finally vents. He understands why Dean's mad at him, Dean never will be as mean as Sam is to himself over what he did, and he doesn't expect Dean to forgive him. All he wants is for Dean to stop treating him like a child, like a druggie on parole. He informs Dean one of the reasons he betrayed Dean for Ruby was because when he was with her, he was all-powerful, he wasn't just Dean's little brother. Not that Sam blames Dean for his own faults, he's just telling Dean what he feels. If they're going to get anywhere, they need to be equals. I'm all for it. Dean thinks it over. The lieutenent calls the boys in and two girls tell them their friend was killed by Paris Hilton. At least she looked great, they say. Well, if you're getting murdered by Paris Hilton, at least you'll be glad to know she looks great while she kills you. Sam and Dean decide to stop it once and for all. They go back to the museum and sneak in to see Fenshi has taken one of the girls for a snack. They try to get her out when they're knocked out by Fenshi ala Paris Hilton, not before Dean peeks up her skirt:}. Fenshi prepares a knife, marveling at "her" appetizers. She laments how she got this far, that the people stopped believing in her, ditching her for the idoltry of celebrity and burning her forest to the ground. She snuck under the radar for over thirty years, careful to pick her food, but thanks to Sam, she decided that she could come out again and have a full-on buffet. Thanks a lot, Sam:}. Dean marvels it's kind of embarrassing, having to do the whole House of Wax getup. Yes, that was just to pass up. Brilliant. Fenshi wants to kill Dean in John's form since that was his idol but before she can, Dean breaks free and rams her. However, Dean in turn, gets the snot kicked out of him by Fenshi Hilton. Sam breaks free, takes the ax, and decapitates Fenshi Hilton to pieces. It's Sam's turn to laugh over how Dean got creamed by a weird monster. About time. The girl goes home, swearing off Simple Life reruns (sound logic:}) and now the lieutent now has an APV out for the actual Paris Hilton.:}. Before they leave, Dean finally vents about their dysfunction. He realizes he's just as guilty regarding the Apocalypse as Sam is. Dean started it and Sam finished it. He doesn't blame Sam for killing Lilith because that was what he would have done. It's hard for him but he's ready to accept Sam as an equal partner. And to prove it, he lets Sam drive the Impala, driving out to the tune of Stevie Wonder's Superstitious. What can I say, exactly? This was a wonderful anthology episode that made great use of urban legend lore, include James Dean. It's nice to know the monster-of-the-week format hasn't died out with the season arc and there still is plenty of lore out there to make it work. And it's great to see that after last season, where they weirdly shut out the overall conflict when they were on normal hunts, they're addressing the issues head-on. It was great having Sam and Dean vent out their issues and Sam finally being honest about himself, his personal issues, and his failures. It was wonderful to finally see Dean accept that his brother has grown up and are now on equal terms. It was also great seeing Sam being the one impaling the monster at the end, for once in a rare while. Regarding Paris Hilton, it's Supernatural we're talking about, although I'm sure they're getting some significant flack for using Paris Hilton, and it didn't wind up being the embarrasement it could been have been. In fact, it was fun seeing the actual Paris Hilton being a flesheating forest god. Hey, at least she's got a sense of humor. And just so you know, there was the House of Wax moment. And Jared actually did a double-take! Brilliant. And if Chuck could turn Nicole Richie into a kick-butt villain, it's not a stretch for Supernatural to have Paris Hilton be a flesheating forest god. However, points off for the wax models. Because, wax figures? Really? A little too weird and cheesy for my taste. Nice for the mention but I'd really, really, really, really love to see John again. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, come back! We miss you. And I know Sam and Dean have encountered some pretty simple-minded people but the lieutenent takes the cake on everyone else. Really, how dense can someone be? However, everything was solid. With Paris Hilton out of the way, how much weirder can the Apocalypse get? Well, there's a kid who can recreate urban legends and Dean pulling a Benjamin Button. Stay tuned for more drama and wackiness galore.
  • One Fright In Paris

    Fallen Idol-Sam and Dean head to a small town where people are murdered by famous dead icons. However the brothers come to a dead end when two teenagers reveal they saw Paris Hilton kidnap their friend. After 4 very plot driven episodes, "Fallen Idol" is a back to basics type episode where Dean and Sam go back to investigating strange, paranormal cases that involve people getting murdered by dead iconic figures. It's nice having Sam and Dean back together like the old days, even though there is still some subtle tension between the brothers. I like how the writers kept brotherly angst to a minimum this week by having the brothers more focused on the job because we can only take so much of Sam and Dean's friction. The whole Pagan God storyline has been done before on Supernatural, but it doesn't stop the episode from have some genuine hilarious moments like Sam getting attacked by zombie and of course, the now infamous appearance of Paris Hilton as the main villain herself. I have to admit, when I heard Paris was making an appearance on this show, I cringed and kinda cried a little. Surprisingly, Paris was actually tolerable during her scenes and I liked the whole speech about humanity once worshipping Gods but now, they worship pathetic celebrities like Paris herself. Also, the House of Wax reference, Dean getting his a$$ handed to him by Paris and Sam beheading then making fun of Dean about getting beat by her were priceless! I really love how the episode ends as Dean actually gets passed his resent toward Sam and lets him drive the Impala! It's a small but wonderful gesture that shows Dean really, truly wants to move on and have that relationship he use to have with Sam. Nice moment there, really! "Fallen Idol" is an above average hour with hilarious moments and some nice development. The next couple of episodes look great; we have Old Dean and Sam doing a hilarious imitation of CSI Miami's Horatio Caine. Is it Thursday yet?
  • Sam and Dean head to a small town where people are murdered by famous dead icons. However the brothers come to a dead end when two teenagers reveal they saw Paris Hilton kidnap their friend.

    The show dealt only lightly with the overall arc of doomsday but that was okay. I liked the fact that the show did delve into the relationship between Dean and Sam!

    This was the perfect episode to deal with their situation and each other. I loved how Sam stepped up about being treated second class in the partnership and how that had affected him and his erroneous decision to join up with Ruby.

    It was also nice to see Dean finally step up and recognize that he too also played his part in being responsible for the start of the whole thing while Sam was responsible for the end of it. They both came to see that they were both played in a much bigger game.

    I loved how Sam came to realize that it may be a destiny that neither can escape from but that they should at least go down fighting.

    The parts of the episode dealing with the fans being taken out by idols was okay and somewhat humorous but I enjoyed the communications between Dean & Sam much more!
  • Abysmal

    Jesus Christ , this is the first episode that I just couldn't watch till the very end . It was so craptastic that it left me a very bitter taste in the hollows of my mind . Poor acting , poor imagination in the pitiful excuse of a plot , poor computer animations , poor presentation , extremely bad idea to introduce Paris Hillton . And still "poor" is just pseudo word for what crap this episode was . The episode passed on a blur of imbecile events , like the super intelligent brothers passing as FBI agents completely unquestioned unlike other episodes , waltzing in the wax museum without precaution or such , again waltzing in the police precinct like they bloody own it, Sam being able to perform autopsy and finding the great scheme of the Leshi god in a matter of seconds(let's not forget Sam was a law school student not a medicine practitioner ) . Ofc like in any ridiculous case , the way to eliminate the god is also written in it's lore , yeaaaahhh riiiiiiight . Ok in conclusion to keep the review for this pathetic so called episode short , I wouldn't recommend this episode to anyone .
  • A MotW episode with a side dish of muy/muchos (Sam? Help?) important "character" development for Team Winchester.

    Finally the boys actually talked TO each other instead of AT each other, and more importantly also listen. Sam has been laden down with blame for starting the apocolypse, and yes technically he certainly did. And he's not denying it either. The guy is taking full responsibilty for it, even when it's not entirely his fault. Because Sam could never have broken the final seal if it weren't for Dean breaking the first.

    So, they're both to blame. And woe and behold, finally Dean actually admitts to this. Sam tries to downplay Dean's part in the blame but he won't have it. And that right there was a massive step towards what Sam has been longing for for a long time - a relationship were they're on equal ground. And I think Dean gets it now - they can't go back to the way it used to be. Because the old way didn't work. They need to start anew and on even ground.

    And that right there is what this epiosode is all about. Sure, Paris Hilton guest starred. And it wasn't the massive turkey people had feared. She was actually quite good I thought. With regards to the MotW, I thought this episode had an air of season 1/2 about it. Very nice!

    Oh and the teaser at the end of what's to come... Priceless! Love this show to bits!
  • It was fun..

    This episode was not so dense on the whole apocalypse theme going on this season. More like a case to show how the brothers' chemistry had been thorn and how both were dealing with it. The case itself was the typical ghost story mixed with an Goddess without kingdom thing who could impersonate people. lol Paris Hilton was fun..

    Like I said, not too dark and not too tense and biblical episode of the on going plot of season 5 but more like a crazy mission to put the boys back on the same page.

    Saw the preview for the next week's show. Wow, that seemed awesome!

  • Absolute faboulus

    This is the reason that I love Supernatural so much. The mix everything good in this show. Just love it. This epsiode was really good and as always fun. That "celebs" killed their biggest fans, was a little bit of a fun to have in the show. I really liked what "Paris Hilton/One kind of god?" said at the end. I think most of it is true. Why shall some people be better than us. Okay everyone shall belive or like whoever they want to but to do everything and wanting everything that celebs have, is not good. Just be happy with who you are, if you want to change something, change it. Don't think of it. Be your own rule model and set your own trends. Be unique.
  • Time to repair the brothers relationship, while making fun of modern-day idols.

    Our teaser starts out with 2 obsessed James Dean fans. They have found the elusive "Little Bastard" cursed car of James Dean. Well the curse seems to live on when one of the men goes to get a camera to record the historic turning on of the car, and while he is gone there is a car noise and when he gets back, his friend is dead on the car's windshield. The scene ends ends with the cars name being doused in blood.

    We then move on to the boys in the impala talking about the job. Sam doesn't really want to do this job because he thinks there are more important things to do but Dean thinks they need the "Training Wheels" back on, not hunting wise but as partners. A fresh start between the two of them, bringing forth the idea that the boys really are not getting along that well.

    At the police station the boys meet up with the sheriff and he informs them that the bad guy has been caught, the surviver, and the boys are completely suspious. The surviver tells the boys about the noises that he heard and the boys automatically thinkt hat he is telling the truth.

    Now we go to the garage and Dean gives the history of the evil little car. Dean's great love of classic cars shows through with his talk to the car as he tries to get the VIN on the engin of the car. Sam does not seem to have as much respect for the car and tries to "help" Dean but just succeeds in scaring the living crap out of Dean.

    Now we go to Dean hitting on a girl in a bar, because well it has probably been a while for Dean at this point. Sam on the other hand is doing the research on the VIN number and calls Dean to inform him that it is not the true "Little Bastard" and is pissed at Dean when he hears the bar in the background when Sam is doing all the research. So it is time for plan B.

    We now get to see a Ciivl War fan get slightly worried about being able to see his breath and then he gets really freaked by Abe Lincoln walking around and killing him with lots of blood. The boys come in during the initional investigation and get to see the sheriff starting to get really worried about the deaths in his little town. The boys then talk to the maid who saw something, and we get to see Sam stuggle through trying to remember his highschool spanish to get the description of the perp, good old Honest Abe.

    Now the boys go back to their home for the week, and suprise suprise both boys have lap tops for the first time in the show's history (a note to those who care Dean's is black, Sam's is white). While doing more research on the unknown bad guy of the week, Dean fines an image of James Dean on the tape that the survivor made of the death of his friend. This leads the boys to think that they are dealing with famous ghosts (all of the victums were super fans of their would be "killers"). Sam goes on to talk about the lore behind famous ghosts and how there is more of it than of standard ghosts. Then they find the ubber creepy, to me atleast wax houses are jsut really really creepy, wax house after all if you are going to make digs at your famous guest star you might as well start early. At the wax house we meet the very creepy, and really if you are running a house of wax why would you not be creepy, wax house director who thinks that he has happening business in an empty museum. He says that it is their busy time of the year, haha, anyway he goes on to tell the boys that the museum has actual items of the famous people, James Dean's car keys, Lincoln's Stove Top Hat, Ghondi's glasses, and so on. THis gives the boys something to work with.

    Then we cut to propably the most forced scene of the entire episode, Dean talking to someone, he says Bobby, about the case and about how Sam is to blame for Lucifer's freedom, not in a nice way. Sam over hears and tries to confront Dean but Dean doesn't really care to talk about it, making Sam unhappy because he thought they were getting a fresh start. Now come on Sam did you really think, seeing how as you and Dean really did not get back together that well that Dean was going to be over the breaking of the Final Seal that fast? Now you are just being silly, and I have to say that Dean is being a jerk, but atleast this is putting on the plate what the boys need to really work on.

    They then go to the museum and Sam gets attacked by Ghondi, because appearently he is a fan of the man in the white tunic. Dean torches the glasses and, I assume, torch all the other famous cool items. Back at the home of the week, Dean is trying to pack up and get out of the tiny town, thinking that the job is over. Sam on the other hand is not so sure. And then the boys have the fight that they have been needing for the last 2 seasons. Sam is all mad at Dean and Dean is still mad at Sam. Sam doesn't think that them working together is going to work because there is just too much history and that they are going to get back into the same old rut which is what sam thinks got them into this mess in the first place. Sam thinks that Dean needs to let Sam grow up and stop teaching him like a little kid.

    Now I digress again, really Sam's logic in his little rant is a little crazy, because Dean did let him grow up last season or Sam would not have been with Ruby nearly as much as he was. Also for Sam to blame Dean is just as silly as it is Dean to completely blame Sam for their current situation, this part gets dealt with at the end of the episode.

    Ok back to the recap, Dean then gets a call that our famous guest star has just kidnapped a girl. Sam then does even more research and finds out that they are dealing with a deity, Leshi, who eats his fans. They go back to the Wax Museum and find a neat little back room where the missing girl is tied up. The boys then get their butts kicked by our famous guest star, Paris Hilton. Now I know that fans were all up in arms about this guest star as I was a little, but my faith Kripke has not been shattered. She then ties the boys up and tuants them about the Apocalypse. Dean for his part then gets to mock fake Paris about the fact htat he is not a fan of her, therefore she can not eat him. There are definately some great digs at Paris during this little tuant and are worth watching the episode just for it. Paris or should I say Leshi, then tells Dean that all she has to do is touch thier dad's axe to make Dean get eaten by his biggest hero, his dad. I mean really show, why can't Dean be a fan of someone else, anyone else, I thought he had gotten over most of his daddy issues earlier. But then again it was what Leshi had at hand and it would have been the easiest for Leshi to become, so I guess I can let you off for now.

    Dean manges to break loose and attack Leshi, yes I will call her Leshi from this point on, and still manages to get his butt handed to him. But then Sam gets loose and manages to kill Leshi, therefore getting revenge on Hilton for the movie House of Wax by chopping her head off with the perviously mentioned axe. After which Sam has no problem ragging on Dean for getting his butt kicked by Paris Hilton.

    Now we get to the final scene, where they get to make more fun of their famous guest star and the boys finally talk about some of their issues. In this talk they both admit to being wrong over the last year at different times. Also Sam finally takes Dean's always point of view about destiny being crap and that the best thing that they could do is kill the crap that comes their way and try to make amends. Dean for his part to show that he is finally willing to start to try to forgive Sam lets him drive his baby, the impala. This is where the episode ends and then we are treated to a nice long preview of the next 3 episodes.

    Although having little to do with the big story arc, it was a fun episode with all the trappings of season one where it was mostly monster of the week stories. The jokes throughout episode are awsome and the way that the boys are constantly making fun of Paris Hilton is priceless. Although some of the dialog between the brothers is really stranded, which it whoudl be with what they have gone through, the episode was entertaining. Although not the best of the current episodes of the season, I think The End was the best so far, it is definately worth watching. Can't wait until next week when we meet another of Supernatural's creepy kids.
  • Some good old Winchester bros fun, Abe Lincoln and Gandhi going Charles Manson, and Paris Hilton decapitated. I'm not complaining...

    Paris Hilton decapitated, isn't that something everyone would love to see! I must say, the Apocalypse is much more fun than I expected! The writers are kind of fulfilling wishful thinking in this episode with the Paris Hilton storyline. Kudos to Paris however for accepting to participate, and for doing her part rather well, although not a very difficult task, but still, it's Paris Hilton... She acts better than I expected.

    The episode was well done, a needed break from the heavily loaded previous ones, where all the conflict and emotional drama and agony over the future surfaced all at once. Abe Lincoln, James Dean and Gandhi on a killing spree, and Dean delivering some of his most hilarious lines so far. The teaser for the future episodes preoccupies for some more mindless, sacrilegious fun. Can't say no to that! Supernatural's impeccable sense of humor is one of its major strongpoints, and ridiculing the Apocalypse was a challenge I was more or less certain the writers weren't going to pass on. Nothing wrong with some fun, after all Dean and Sam's disrespect on established genre savoir-vivre is what made them likeable in the first place. So we're in for some major craziness, such as sitcoms from hell, Sam and Dean turned MIB and poker games with life years as bargaining chips... We'll get a few of those and then we'll probably get down to serious business again, Lucifer, Cas, the Apocalypse, the angel war and the search for God.

    On a more sober note, the conversation between Sam and Dean was long overdue, Sam has felt restrained and confined by Dean's parental supervision since they started hunting together, and it's about time these two got on the same page and evened things out between them. After all, as Dean said at the end of the episode, Sam couldn't possibly have guessed that killing Lilith would turn out to be a bad thing. I loved the part where Dean offered the Impala's keys to Sam... Let's see how their relationship develops in the future.
  • A rare misfire for the Supernatural team

    Every season, the writers try to balance the darkness with the light, and the results are often mixed. For every smart send-up of the "Supernatural" formula that veils the usual excellent character study, there's a misfire.

    This episode is really about setting the stage for the changes in the Brothers Winchester dynamic that will drive the rest of the season and bring closure to their overall character arcs. Sam is absolutely right: while they are stronger together, they need to act as equals to balance out their weaknesses. And while Dean (and the rest of the hunters) have been justified in their distrust of Sam after all he's done, it's good to see him gain a bit of perspective on his own role in the apocalypse.

    It's easy to forget, but Dean was the one who broke the first seal, an act that allowed the whole "Free Lucifer" plan to gain momentum. As much as Sam's loyalties and perceptions had been twisted by Ruby, he still couldn't have known that killing Lilith was going to break the final seal. While this is the perfect example of good intentions paving the road to Hell, there are some mitigating circumstances involved.

    Being the more draconian of the brothers, Dean was going to be the one who needed to set aside the anger and resentment the most. Dean tends to see things in black-and-white, even if he's usually a lot more forgiving when it comes to Sammy. I suspect much of it was displaced anger and self-loathing. Considering how many of his own faults have been held up in front of him lately, it's not too surprising that Dean would focus more on Sam's issues.

    Sam, on the other hand, really gained nothing from his time alone, other than the knowledge that Lucifer wants to inhabit his body. Perhaps he didn't need more time to reflect on his personal shortcomings. His desire for redemption, however, has pushed him into a more self-confident stance. Hopefully it's not that he's been possessed by Lucifer already; luring Dean into giving up some control to gain advantage would be a subtle move.

    As amusing as the rest of the episode tried to be, it felt like window dressing to the core emotional conflict of the episode. Unlike many other examples, the antagonist and situation didn't seem to have a direct correlation to the character conflict. One didn't feel into the other beyond the fact that Sam was right and Dean was wrong. That meant both elements had to stand up on their own, instead of strengthening one another.

    Unfortunately, the whole "killer celebrity" idea didn't quite work for me. I appreciate the fact that Paris Hilton was willing to play along, but I really didn't care. Zombie Abraham Lincoln and Killer Gandhi were more fun, but even that felt forced. Add to that a number of scenes with little or no scoring, and it just didn't seem to have the pacing necessary to keep up the tension.

    The bottom line is that this was the first true disappointment of the fifth season.
  • that's great!

    there's a good moment in yesterday nitgh.

    First: I like it to see again in supernatural eventual legend urban like in season 1. I think this refresh the series on apocaplipse.

    Ssecon: I like to see our boys are playing like season 1. Dean goes back a flirting with the chicks and make a jokes, and sam goes back in your computer like nerd kkkkkk.

    third: I'm almost forget the how supernatural's death so crapy! I love it.

    Four: paris hillton is playing good. So many funny scens betwen her in our boys.

    Five: The boys build a new realashionship. I 'm really happy to see sam more mature and talk with his brother about dean let's sam grow up!

    Kiss cau!
  • It could have been worse...

    After last week's eye feast, Supernatural decided to take a break and get into the world of celebrities. Sam and Dean are together again, but that doesn't mean they're on the same tune. The brothers are still butting heads while investigating a small town whose inhabitants are being killed by famous ghosts, a famous car and... Paris Hilton. But, as it turns out, they're not dealing with ghosts. A pagan godess is having trouble finding people to worship her, so she takes the form of celebrities to lore the fans into their deaths.
    Being this Supernatural's possible last season, it's clear that the writers are pushing the envelope as much as they can. (Maybe the Hispanic maid was a little too much). I'm a part of those who threw up a little in their mouths when I read the words "Paris", "Hilton" and "Supernatural" in the same sentence and didn't have many expectations for this episode. However, it did manage to be better than I imagined. Paris Hilton was actually decent in her role.
    Even though the idea of celebrity ghosts sounds silly, they managed to produce a coherent episode with some very funny moments and I guess that was their main goal after an early season of very dark moments.
    In the end one thing is certain. I'm still eager to watch the rest of the season. I believe that, at this point, nothing is impossible to achieve on this show. It's really just like a relationship. Sure once in a while your boyfriend gets home at dawn smelling like all kinds of alcohol after being out with some strange and eccentric people you'd rather stay away from, but you'll just stick with it and love every single moment.
  • hmmm

    In a season that has thus far been unmissible, this is the first episode that makes me go slightly meh. It wasn't awful by a long shot; as always Jared and Jenson pulled out all the acting stops and once again their relationship is the best bit about the show, and Paris Hilton was pretty good at playing the God. However... was she needed at all? Why do I get the impression that she was forced into this script because one day in the writer's room someone raced in and went "OMG OMG Paris Hilton wants to do a guest appearence!" No new script... she can only do a certain date... what about that episode...

    So much sacrificed for Hilton. But hey... it was a pretty decent story. However, now I begin to worry. Lucifer has risen... should be apocalispe nowish. We've seen next to nothing of it, party for budget reasons but, I fear, if the boys do encounter Lucifer just how do they hope to possibly escape him before they can actually kill him? Is this why even now we still havent had a Sam Dean/ Lucifer proper meeting? Together as hunters? The "Soon" was unexpected. It looked entertaining. Argh I have to say it. I want more Luficer! (And Castiel if it isn't too much trouble).
  • A back to the basics episode.Some spoilers.

    Well the episode got a 9 for the ending scene. The car key exchange between brothers was perhaps the first true and honest step toward forgivnes on Dean's part, and also his acceptance of the fact that he was indeed to overbearing did a world of good for Sam. The action was well played, reminded me a lot of the first season when things were more laid back, but since it is Supernatural and it was a "light" episode I expect a disaster of epic proportions to strike the next time we see the boys.
    What I didn't like in this episode was the whole beheading, seemed like a lot of blood got on Sam's face, well it was unnecessarily gory. And I have to admit I kinda expected Dean to freak a bit about all that, but I guess tonight was a one chick flick moment episode. Paris Hilton as a God...well, I just don't think she was all that suited for the part, then again she did have a good point with the whole - you used to worship gods and ancient religion and now you worship US weekly.
    Not much else to say, except I did enjoy seeing the sheriff, he had a sort of innocence that lately has been lacking when new characters appear, they are all sort of jaded already.
    The episode was good, unfortunately it will have to stand comparison with last weeks episode, The End was remarkable so, there is hardly any contest. Next week we shall see what else can happen to our favorite supernatural hunters.
  • Unfortunate...

    When I heard that they were gonna do an episode with Paris Hilton, I was weary, but I loved "The End" so I was feeling hopeful that it wouldn't be too bad. While it could have been much worse, I don't think they were able to deliver anything special. **** spoiler alert **** The episode starts out okay. I enjoyed Dean's reaction to the Little Bastard (though I really didn't see the point in tracing the serial no. since it was visible and short enough to memorize.) I think Dean's skipping out on the research and getting a beer was supposed to feel more "playful" and just something a big brother does, but it felt too soon. I mean, they're supposed to be testing the waters, trying to get back to the way they were. It felt out of character for Dean and Sam's calling him out on it just made it seem worse.
    The Lincoln thing was just weird. Though, I did like the scene with the Spanish lady, where Sam shows off his freshman Spanish skills. I liked how Dean responded to that, even the bit with Sam correcting his Spanish.
    It's the next part where I really started feeling worried. The whole phone call with Bobby thing was so out of character for Dean. I don't think he really meant anything by it, but the way it played out, it made Dean look like a real jerk. I've been really annoyed with Sam for a while, but I still thought that was mean. Then they go to hunt down the "ghost" but while Dean is fooling around, Sam is all "let's just get this over with." I suppose the writers wanted to show just how they're not there yet… that the relationship still needs work. But it all seemed contrived. So they get the "ghost" and Dean's ready to leave town, but Sam stops him and tries to convince him that there's more to the story but Dean doesn't listen. So Sam is forced to confess what he's been feeling for a while. That he's tired of being treated like a kid. He even goes as far as to say one of the reasons he turned to Ruby was to get away from Dean. Just when things are starting to look bad, Dean gets a call and finds out Sam is right, there is more to the story.
    I get what the writers are trying to do (at least I think I do…). Have Dean act like the bossy, dicky big brother so that we can see how Sam is struggling or whatever. But I really think they could have done a better job with it. I have an older sibling so I understand the frustration Sam feels when Dean won't listen to what he's saying or treats him like a kid. But I could not feel anything for Sam when he said what he did. I mean, grow up! He says he wants to be treated like an adult but really, has he proven himself? To me he just sounded like a whiny kid brother. Anyway, Sam digs into some corpses (do they just let anyone with a FBI badge conduct an autopsy?) and finds the answer to the mystery. I guess he needed that to feel better about himself… I just found it annoying.
    The whole Hilton part was… pretty uninspired. The whole reference to House of Wax was too obvious, and forest god paris was… nutty.
    The episode ends with the boys loading the trunk and heading out of town. Dean tells Sam he understands and that he wants to make it work. As a final gesture, he lets Sam drive.
    This episode didn't do anything to help me feel more sympathetic towards Sam but it did reveal to me how much Dean needs for this work with Sam. I realize that they wanted to show the brothers struggle with their relationship while providing a breather for the fans. What they ended up doing was confusing us. We didn't get a chance to see Sam acting sorry (remember we left off with Sam being ever so thankful that Dean wants him back) because we jumped three weeks… Dean is being a dick one minute, then he's all understanding and willing to change the next.
    All in all, the final scene was great, the rest of the episode was a mess.
    I'm sorry but I expect more from the writers.
  • Not my favorite episode.

    I have never genuinely disliked an episode but, In my opinion, this was one of the worst episodes of the series. It wasnt particularly funny (it had a few good moments), it certainly wasn't scary, and it the brother scenes before the end felt forced. I have no clue why they would waste money on Paris Hilton. She did a fine job but I'd much prefer whatever money they paid her to go toward actually showing a little bit of the apocalypse.

    The positives: I really liked the end scene where Dean gave Sam the keys. I also liked the scene with Dean in the bar although it seemed out of character for him to go out and drink while Sam worked. The car scene was amusing, as was the House of Wax reference and a few other things I'm forgetting.

    Overall,I'm tired of episodes where it seems like the writers sat down and said "what is the weirdest, trippiest thing that Sam and Dean could encounter?" The humor used to be an added bonus, now the show is practically a comedy. It used to feel somewhat realistic. If ghosts and demons and chucky the doll were real, they would laugh at how crazy some of these episodes are.

    So far, this season is reminding me a lot of season 3 where they hyped up a big demon war and then never showed it (except for in Jus in Bello). They should have never started with the apocalypse storyline if they couldnt do it justice. Lastly, a few things about this season that have nothing to do with this episode that have annoyed me.
    1.) How is it believable that the entire apocalypse would take place in the midwest? (No one would notice if it disappeared).
    2.) Why is Lucifer just sitting around with his thumb up his butt. Shouldnt he be apocalypsing things?
    3.)How come the angels do absolutely nothing. There is supposedly a war but where are they fighting? No people have noticed it. Do they sail on over to the bermuda triangle and go all supersmash bros in another dimension? I'd at least like an explanation.
  • Dean and Sam go to Canton where famous figures seem to come to life and kill those that worship them.

    "Dude, you just got wailed on by Paris Hilton!"

    What a wonderful break from the heavy duty episodes we have had this season. Just about the perfect time and the perfect place. Dean and Sam encounter a being much like those from the first few seasons.

    ***** Spoilers *****

    Let's face it, the boys have been getting a little testy lately with the Apocalypse and all. What better way to get them back on track than a good ole monster/old world god hunt. This was reminiscent of a number of the different things they have run into in the past.

    They find out what is going on. Do a little research into the thing that is doing the killing. Figure out how to kill it. Try to kill it and then one of them bails the other out.

    Remember when they use to have to look for an iron object to use to stop ghosts when they first ran into them. Now they are carrying around a fricken Iron Axe. That thing looked like it would take a head off and was built for it!

    In general just a really fun episode to take the edge off and I think it worked. Paris Hilton was great and the idea was a really good one. Nothing bad about blowing off a little steam. It's nice Paris can make fun of herself and as she knows Jared from the movie Dean mentioned in the final scene I'm sure she was happy to do the show.

    The coming attractions were really good and it will be fun to see some of the different episodes. Personally I'm looking forward to the Supernatural Convention episode. Thanks for reading...
  • Hero's coming to life and then killing you...then it turned out to be a God..who takes the form of Paris Hilton..and the boys are trying to build back their relationship ..I liked the end where they show you what is to come.

    I found the whole episode a bit was good but still a bit sleepy and you are just waiting for something good to happen.. and well it does I got to see Paris Hilton be head.. I wanted to see how James Dean killed the guy in the car, and what did the Pez use as a gun.. and come on Sam Gundi really.. and we all knew Dean's would be his father.. I loved when Dean said he did not watch house of wax and then they pan to Sam..which I loved ...but that about it the rest I just dull
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