Season 5 Episode 5

Fallen Idols

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2009 on The CW

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  • Unfortunate...

    When I heard that they were gonna do an episode with Paris Hilton, I was weary, but I loved "The End" so I was feeling hopeful that it wouldn't be too bad. While it could have been much worse, I don't think they were able to deliver anything special. **** spoiler alert **** The episode starts out okay. I enjoyed Dean's reaction to the Little Bastard (though I really didn't see the point in tracing the serial no. since it was visible and short enough to memorize.) I think Dean's skipping out on the research and getting a beer was supposed to feel more "playful" and just something a big brother does, but it felt too soon. I mean, they're supposed to be testing the waters, trying to get back to the way they were. It felt out of character for Dean and Sam's calling him out on it just made it seem worse.
    The Lincoln thing was just weird. Though, I did like the scene with the Spanish lady, where Sam shows off his freshman Spanish skills. I liked how Dean responded to that, even the bit with Sam correcting his Spanish.
    It's the next part where I really started feeling worried. The whole phone call with Bobby thing was so out of character for Dean. I don't think he really meant anything by it, but the way it played out, it made Dean look like a real jerk. I've been really annoyed with Sam for a while, but I still thought that was mean. Then they go to hunt down the "ghost" but while Dean is fooling around, Sam is all "let's just get this over with." I suppose the writers wanted to show just how they're not there yet… that the relationship still needs work. But it all seemed contrived. So they get the "ghost" and Dean's ready to leave town, but Sam stops him and tries to convince him that there's more to the story but Dean doesn't listen. So Sam is forced to confess what he's been feeling for a while. That he's tired of being treated like a kid. He even goes as far as to say one of the reasons he turned to Ruby was to get away from Dean. Just when things are starting to look bad, Dean gets a call and finds out Sam is right, there is more to the story.
    I get what the writers are trying to do (at least I think I do…). Have Dean act like the bossy, dicky big brother so that we can see how Sam is struggling or whatever. But I really think they could have done a better job with it. I have an older sibling so I understand the frustration Sam feels when Dean won't listen to what he's saying or treats him like a kid. But I could not feel anything for Sam when he said what he did. I mean, grow up! He says he wants to be treated like an adult but really, has he proven himself? To me he just sounded like a whiny kid brother. Anyway, Sam digs into some corpses (do they just let anyone with a FBI badge conduct an autopsy?) and finds the answer to the mystery. I guess he needed that to feel better about himself… I just found it annoying.
    The whole Hilton part was… pretty uninspired. The whole reference to House of Wax was too obvious, and forest god paris was… nutty.
    The episode ends with the boys loading the trunk and heading out of town. Dean tells Sam he understands and that he wants to make it work. As a final gesture, he lets Sam drive.
    This episode didn't do anything to help me feel more sympathetic towards Sam but it did reveal to me how much Dean needs for this work with Sam. I realize that they wanted to show the brothers struggle with their relationship while providing a breather for the fans. What they ended up doing was confusing us. We didn't get a chance to see Sam acting sorry (remember we left off with Sam being ever so thankful that Dean wants him back) because we jumped three weeks… Dean is being a dick one minute, then he's all understanding and willing to change the next.
    All in all, the final scene was great, the rest of the episode was a mess.
    I'm sorry but I expect more from the writers.